Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Guo cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guo Sanmenxia urban cemetery at the village on the northern side of the ridge, the Zhou Dynasty is a feudal aristocracy and the monarch Guo cemetery. 1956 - 1957, discovered 234 tombs of various nobles, Juma Keng 4, the precious cultural relics unearthed up to 9179. In 1984 to preserve the integrity of the Juma Keng, 1727 on completion of the Guo Juma Keng cultural relics exhibition hall. From the beginning of 1990, also found that various types of noble tomb 142, of which 19 large and medium-sized tomb, Juma Keng 12. On the cleared 9 burial tomb monarch 2, respectively, were classified as 1990.1991, the country one of the top ten archaeological discoveries. Many archaeological finds Objects.

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