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XIONGERSHAN Tanghe hot spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

XIONGERSHAN Tanghe scenic hot springs, is located in Lushi County, Wang Jian rural territory, 30 km from the county seat for the Yangtze River, Yellow River Basin and the boundaries between the two Ling, China is the North-South geological, climatic, biological Ridge boundaries.
"Shui Jing Zhu" XIONGERSHAN record, "King show two peaks, well-Ming Wang-ear", "Shang Yu Gong," "self-guided Luo Ear, "named after the open XIONGERSHAN. Taoist to the Holy Land since ancient times, the famous Central Plains. Xionger peak ridge 1569 meters above sea level. There is no one to turn the first day or two doors, three doors, fairy bridge, the sky-hole, the wind tunnel and so on the landscape. XIONGERSHAN grand dangerous , The extraordinary momentum. Cloud cover peak fog cover, or jade belt wrapped around the waist or to Daiding crown. The door the previous day, Mun-day, three-hung door and wait, SHU Xiu Longtan waterfall. A precipice between a canoe fairy bridge, years rotten no trace, the word of God for the people to set up, not close to the visitors. Ten straight hole, the hole can be seen after days of white clouds. Wind tunnel to the ice melt is not summer in July, August into the snow still.
Tanghe hot, place XIONGERSHAN more on the streets south of Tanghe, commonly known as "Tang Chi." Guangxu nine years, "Lushi County," it reads: "In the Tang Chi XIONGERSHAN enough, the summer can be smoked chicken, Mu Dong ulcers can be." Its cause, There are different theories. Myths and legends Quanshan under pressure for a Sun, shot by Hou Yi is on the day. Determination of experts: all the year round water temperature 49.5 ? Right, when 10 tons of traffic, there is Taiwan, sulfur, fluoride, calcium more than 20 kinds of trace elements. Chang Tang bath water, Sichuan rheumatoid arthritis treatment, skin diseases, as well as paralysis, neuralgia and other diseases, acne, eczema have a better effect. , After bath skin smooth and elastic.
Tanghe from the local people Since there is the custom of bathing naked. It is said that in ancient times, local men and women often struggle bathing pool, for which the father of Cao Cao Jing Hua Fu from mediation, the final agreement of the woman's bath time for the Lunar third, the six, Ninth and tenth should be grateful, and the rest are men Bath. Since then, throughout the year, according to the men and women will be able to make an appointment River shore, the Japanese round of the nude bath, toward the blue sky and white clouds, showers enjoy, in full view, Pangruowuren, showing a "harmony between man and nature" of the original style. From afar, such as an ink flow of the human body, so many foreign tourists vacationing sigh, amazing. Province, Yuan Mu SIN well-known historians to study after Tanghe Shi Yishou: "Tanghe overnight Castle, Taosheng night for pleasant to the ear, on the bare cliff dozens of Yu Nu, in the early morning light rain to wash culture."

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