Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kom Tong Hall Court, Bell-Drum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kom Tong Hall Court, 10 minutes Drum Tower, built in scenic areas in Shan Zhou Shan Zhou of the original old city of North Main Street, an area of 12,000 square meters, is one of the original site in the reconstruction, human-landscape garden and art into a tourist attraction.
Kom Tong Hall Court. Zhao also said that the public benefit. In the early Western Zhou Dynasty, Wang passed away, the young King into that By Zhou Zhou Wang's two uncles, Shaanxi cm-call rule, the assistant court, "Zhou Luo public, Zhao Shan Princess." Kan name of Ji-seok (shi), a well-known politicians in the early Western Zhou Dynasty, one of the Three. According to the "Shi Ji Zhao Yan family of the public" records under the public response and more inspections in the fields of public affairs Officials of the masses to let him break free housing, meals prepared Shaocha entertain him, he said: "The workers do not (I) a, and the labor people, is not benevolent." Response to the nearest public sitting of the mountain to rest under a tree Tang Li, Tang Li pick to eat fruit to quench their thirst, is pleased to praise, said: "It's nice tree Kom Tong Hall, concentrated Meng Yu Cong, sour fruits of palatability, Labor surname tired, rest is available to quench their thirst, it is necessary to properly protect the trees, not cutting firewood when the deforestation. "Wenting people, the public response Doukua sympathize with the people, extensive charity governance, popular. Subsequently, the common people" Zhao Shi-Tong Hall South, "poem to praise the response of the public and fund-raising and construction of the on-call Ancestral Hall, the hospital planted trees Kom Tong Hall To show that The public commemoration, it is also known as Tong Hall Shanxian County, the old rule. Ancient poet was also an emotional tribute to Fushi, poetry HAN Xiong said: "Yang Liu Chun-qiao should Qi leaves, the ancient county tong also make sweet flowers."
  Drum Tower 10 minutes, Qiao, also known as (qiao) building, built in Tang Dynasty, built cross-Street, momentum. Daqing is downstairs from the large brick arches, There are drums, the ancient system, "Zhong drum" percussion. In 10 minutes of the Drum Tower is plane Department calligrapher Qi Gong personally wrote the "Bell-Drum" and written by Fan Zeng, "Yunfu future"; is on the back of the van had written "Wangsan vancomycin," both sides of the box by the book writer to write Jia Pingwa The couplets: "World growth potential in the short Dian Qi Shi, who more Hui choose to be less people. "Today, the reconstruction of the bell and drum tower Tong Hall Court skillfully integrates Guci carry legacy, pavilions, Qushui path, rocks Xiuzhu, reliefs persons Cuolayouzhi important, so beautiful. Contemporary calligraphy and painting master Qi Gong and Fan Zeng, Zhong Shan, Prince Junior Smith, Gui Ru, and other masters of the house were Dan Mexico Kom Tong Hall Court, 10 minutes Gulou point of collection for the eyes.

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