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Chinese, "a" club-houses - Chinese tourism scenic spots

For the first time the Chinese Communist Party National Congress held in declaring the establishment of the Communist Party of China is an epoch-making event. Since then, China's revolutionary new look.
Communist Party of China, "a" memorial at the site of the Shanghai Municipal Huangpi District No. 374 (the former French Concession Road, Wang Zhi, Shuter 1 6). The memorial, "a" is the site of two two-storey brick building Shikumen (Shanghai during the 20 typical residential), a representative of a major Li Hanjun of the house and the other is building a home in Shanghai on behalf of the - Girls and archaeological research. Their style is of Chinese and Western style.

A "conference room downstairs is the living room, about 18 square meters and furnishings are as imitation.'s White walls, the floor of the red, bright and clean. Placed in the middle of a rectangular table covered with a white conference table, the table Cup and placed matchbox planes, around the table has 12 round wooden bench, east and west sides by Among them a coffee table and two chairs, the entire site appears to be very solemn.

Chinese Communist Party National Congress for the first time in 1921 July 23-30 held a secret here, around 7 communist group sent 12 representatives, who represents the National 53 Communist Party members, on behalf of these are: Shanghai, on behalf of Li Da, Li Hanjun; on behalf of Beijing Zhang. Liu Renjing; on behalf of the Wuhan Dong, Chen Tanqiu; Guangzhou on behalf of Chen Bo; Changsha on behalf of Mao Zedong, He Shuheng; on behalf of the Jinan Wang Jinmei, Deng Enming; Zhou Fohai on behalf of Japan, in addition Huiseng package sent by Chen Duxiu Also attended the meeting. Marin?????on behalf of the Communist International and attended the meeting.
"A" in Shanghai, Wang Zhi-road rally by the French Concession authorities to monitor, on July 30 was the venue search Xunbu France, was forced to suspend the meeting. During the stop, deputies at the home of Li Da agreed to the meeting South Lake in Jiaxing to continue to be held on the cruise. Early August, the delegates came to train in Jiaxing, with some representatives from Ms. Li Da Wang Wu will lead, the first urban Zhang Yuan, get settled Lake hotel to rest up and hotel accountant hired boat.

A major Chinese Lake resumed in a medium-sized cruise ships to hold on, Meeting agenda: consideration of the draft Program of the Communist Party of China; the Communist Party of China to consider the draft declaration; elections the Communist Party of China national leadership. After serious and heated debate in South Lake cruise on the adoption of the Communist Party of China's first "Program" and "the Communist Party of China first resolution," the party's election Central Bureau leadership. At this point, for the first time the Chinese Communist Party National Congress in South Lake on the successful conclusion of the cruise.
The main content of the program are: to determine the party's name, "the Communist Party of China"; provisions of the party's goal of the proletariat by the bourgeois revolution to overthrow the military to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, the abolition of There, until the eradication of class differences; also provides for the organizational principle of democratic centralism and party discipline. The Assembly also adopted a resolution on the current practice of the resolution, to determine the party after the establishment of the organization is the central task of the working class, the leadership of the labor movement. The General Assembly elected the party's central organ of the Central ? ? Bureau, the Central Chen Duxiu Secretary, Ren Li Da, director of publicity, Zhang Ren, director of the organization. Since then, in China there have been completely new to communism, by Marxism-Leninism as the guide to action, unified political party of the working class.

Chinese Shanghai, "a" site of the memorial is divided into two parts, one leather History exhibition (this will be the next revolution in the Shanghai Museum of History); Second, the site of a major. Museum is very modern, very rich in cultural relics. Also paid their respects on behalf of a large photograph of King's life and in accordance with the original copy of the lifelike wax figures, and when the party's precious cultural relics, literature and so on hundreds of exhibits, referred The birth of the Communist Party of China's historical process, as well as the establishment of the post-revolutionary activities.

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Fuzhou Road Cultural Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Compared to other busy streets, as the "First Street of Chinese culture," the Fuzhou Road, Shanghai Bookstore (at the junction of the North Sea), the ancient book (near South Fujian), foreign language bookstore (near Shanxi South Road), science and technology Bookstore (Intersection of Henan) of the rich literary atmosphere more people stop nostalgia.

  In 1846, a Founded by people from outside into the bookstore opened one after another, Fuzhou Road, Shanghai has become the source of regional culture, Chinese culture also influences the development and progress. In 1897, the opening of the Commercial Press, China marked the rise of modern publishing industry. In the near future, along with the West devoted to the social sciences, natural sciences and so on The emergence of a large number of shops, Fuzhou Road Cultural Street begun to take shape. After more than five decades since the founding of the building, Fuzhou Road, Chinese culture has been to First Street to the reputation of the world's Xiang Yu.

  Work on the day of rest, to roam in Fuzhou Road, visit the bookstore and out of various kinds of new books published in the Journal, Apple all kinds of miscellaneous books , Shanghai has become a public fashion. Fuzhou Road rich cultural atmosphere and adjacent to the People's Square, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater, the city's Cultural Palace to pay workers matched hui to form a Shanghai cultural landscape.

Shanghai Conservatory of Music Bookstore Address: 365 Tibet Road, Tel: 6322 213

Shanghai Ancient Books Bookstore Address: 424 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63223453

Shanghai art supplies store Address: 402 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63528706

Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore Address: 390 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 632 3200

Yang Zhenhua pen store Address: 290 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63223117

Paper HSBC Bank Address: 305 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63215389

Shanghai Book City Address: 401 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63,200 51

Shanghai Cultural Building Address: 355 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63266588

China Science and Technology Book Company Address: 221 Henan Zhong Road, Tel: 63234567

Shanghai Book City Address: 465 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63 22222

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Xu Guangqi cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xu Guangqi-word first, was born in 1562 in Shanghai, China in the late Ming is an outstanding scientist. He translated the "Elements" of "big test" and other books, and edited by China's ancient agriculture and a relatively complete scientific masterpiece, "Encyclopedia of agricultural affairs." Xu Guangqi of the Catholic faith during his lifetime, so after the death of his tomb built in the Catholic Church South and was listed as a "national heritage unit."

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Songjiang Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Songjiang Mosque, also known as Temple really is in Shanghai's oldest Islamic temple. Is also home to preserve more of an ancient Islamic architecture. Founded in positive million years (in 1364-1367) Monastery is a fusion of classical Chinese-style palace in the Arab and Islamic architectural style of the temple. In the layout of the Songjiang has maintained a mosque in the Yuan, Ming period of Islam, Temple, the traditional tomb-in-one style. Hall of the mosque kiln and the gatehouse of the bunker (also known as Xuan Li tower) for Yuanmo created for the Arab "al-arch" construction, on the west side of the hall of worship is the main hall of Ming Dynasty architecture. Address: Songjiang District No. 21 Lane Cylinder Beng phone 57823684 opening hours :8:00-16: 00 tickets: 2 yuan

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Taoyuan Folk Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanhui main venue of the Taohua Jie, a fusion of local folk style of a house in the village are a habitat of China's rural areas showed the vitality and simple. A large number of peach trees planted in the park, each of Peach Blossom and opening up, then the local organization "Nanhui Taohua Jie", content-rich and attractive. This is the search for local history in Pudong, the largest since the reunification The best travel sites. Address: Hui Zhen village north of the city Tel: 58011777 opening hours :8:00-16: 30 Tickets: 5 yuan, weekends, holidays, 10 traffic: You take the Shanghai Stadium Line 2 (6:30-19:15), the Shanghai train Station Dragon Hotel) by far-bus (5:30-19:50) Pudong Dongchang Ferry Road, Zhoujiadu by Shanghai and the southern line, Zhou Nan Line (4:45-19:00) direct Nanhui County. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - Nanpu Bridge - Longyang Road - Shanghai South Highway

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Qiu-xia garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiu-xia garden at 314 Main Street East, southern China's famous classical gardens, Shanghai is also one of the five ancient gardens, only 15 years Koji Ming (1502), Ming Dynasty was the Book of History and Industry Gonghong of private gardens. Built in the early hours in the park a few rain fasting, three hidden together, structure-Ling Feng, Orioles language embankment, Suihan Drive, Taiwan Baiwu Ten Taohua Tan, and so, after going through the vicissitudes of life after the expansion and changes of the main existing Shuiting head, and so there are more than 20 historical sites, beautiful scenery charming, as well as the layout of the rockery, a well-known for Huadu plant in Jiading Stone hands of artists. Temple scenic town hall of the Temple of Shanghai Folk Culture Expo Center "endemic in Shanghai Custom photo "showroom. Address: 314 Main Street, Town, Jiading Tel: 59531949 opening hours :8:00-16: 30 Tickets: 5 yuan

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Department of Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

And a garden adjacent to the Confucius Temple, as a result of the five Hengli River water in this convergence, like, "Chu Wu-long drama," named Longtan Department. Park Hill, water, kiosks, an integral whole House, the elegant beautiful, with the magnificent temple of the ancient Xiangyingchengqu. Tan Zhong Shan's name should be Kuishan Island, was constructed on a four-year-shun tomorrow (1460). A Mountain , Who Lingyun Ting, Li kiosks may be overlooking the panoramic view of the Longtan Department. There are other attractions Kuixing Court, Bainiaochaofeng Taiwan and so on. Address: Jiading District No. 299 Tacheng Road Tel: 59529604 opening hours :7:30-17: 00 Tickets: 5 yuan

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Shanghai Ocean Aquarium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is located in the Pudong Lujiazui financial and trade center, adjacent to the famous Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, Pearl Park, Riverside Avenue, bounded by the Huangpu River, downtown Puxi and the Bund across the river; planning for the South even with the high-level Pudong Buildings; the east planning to retain Convention and Exhibition Center. Pudong area will constitute Travel, shopping, sightseeing gold region, in Shanghai has become a very unique set of tourism, leisure and entertainment, popular science education in one multi-functional tourism and leisure attractions. December 5, 1997, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium held a grand ceremony, Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his wife attended and served as the main Guests. At that time, became vice mayor of Shanghai, Pudong New Area, Zhao Qizheng, director of the CMC, the current vice mayor, Zhou, director of the Pudong New Area Board have arrived at the scene and made a speech. After two years of operation, on June 11, 2004, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium also held a grand opening ceremony, the honor to once again go to Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew, and Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew, the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the Pudong New Area District: Mr. Du Jiahao, Mr. He Ping, general manager of China Poly Group, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Co., Ltd., Chairman Wu Xue-ray Mr. co-chair of the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium of the opening ceremony! Asia is the largest modernization of the marine aquarium, adjacent to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower, Pudong is another sign of the cultural tourist attractions. Aquarium covers an area of about 13,000 square meters with a total construction area of over more than 20,000 square meters, is known as "the second in the world, Asia in the first" water Museum. "Through the water across the five continents of the world," This is the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium of the theme of the show. Museum's 28 large-scale theme exhibition area of biological, sub-Asia, South America (Amazon), Australia, Africa, cold water, polar, sea, ocean depths of the eight major exhibition. On display from five continents, four oceans More than 00 varieties, more than an article of rare fish and endangered species of rare animals. One of the most unique is the frog Du Jian, jellyfish, bluegill, Ye Hailong, the emperor penguins, albino Agkistrodon perch, and so on. There are 4 aquariums in the world can be called the Cross Harbor Tunnel, the total length of 168 meters. Unique auto-foot sea Tunnel, 180 and 270-degree all-round landscape window, so that tourists feel a sense.

  --- --- Biological recommended
Aquarium hours Asia, South America (Amazon), Australia, Africa, cold water, polar, sea, ocean depths of the eight major exhibition to display the seven continents, four The more than 300 varieties, more than an article of rare fish and endangered species of rare animals.
* In the water of "dragon" Ye Hailong
From the coastal waters of South Australia, the body like the legendary Dragon, its body covered with a beautiful leaf patterns, the lifetime is staggering.
* Equipped with the skills drift "Mom" jellyfish
The crystal body as if the folder with a beautiful umbrella. What is more interesting is that it has accurately forecast the typhoon unique.
* Animals in a "poppy" curare frog
It has a beautiful color and charm of a very severe toxicity, it is believed that many of the difficult biological The running counter to its.
* Ocean "Messenger of Peace" Sunfish
Ting Zhao spheronization like floating in the belly of the sea in the sun, moon, to attract seabirds at the chubby belly on its habitat, the reputation of being a "sea of sun, sea and the moon."
Aquarium of the most --- ---
China only Have a "China Pavilion" of the aquarium
The world's only exhibition in the same cylinder keeping grass Dragon, Ye Hailong
Hippocampus, the blade of the longest-surviving fish aquarium
In Asia's largest exhibition of electric catfish
The world's only exhibition at the 6-cylinder has a golden grass carp aquarium
The world A display of the Amazon rain forest tourist tunnel
China's most successful training the whole process of development shark egg project
China is only the most expensive show jellyfish tank
China only a pair of Sawfish
China Aquarium Aquarium of the most animal species (more than 320 kinds)
Asia within the framework of Show a sand shark tank in the largest number of aquarium
The only Chinese can enjoy the underwater seal in the attitude of the exhibition tank


Autumn 2004, with a world-renowned "World Wide Fund For Nature" (WWF) in cooperation with the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium hosted for the first time at home and abroad Rare Yangtze River Aquatic Show. "This is the first aquarium from the Yangtze River Basin will be landmarks, as well as the geographical environment, water resources, as well as the Yangtze aquatic organisms to survive the crisis faced by the centralized, organized the exhibition for visitors to watch Rare fish at the same time, be able to understand the importance of the protection of the Yangtze River Water Resources . "Rare Yangtze River Aquatic Show" as a permanent exhibition hall has received over 1,000,000 visitors, but also from around the world access to the aquarium industry peers at home.

  October 1, 2005 began, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium with world-renowned "WildAid" WildAid) to cooperate, plan for the first time organized a national "care for the shark" as the theme of the exhibition, the exhibition's slogan is "I love the shark", the exhibition period from Japan, South Africa, China Taiwan one after another in recent introduction of 10 kinds of domestic Only to see the shark species, so that the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium shark species have become Most of the domestic aquarium. The introduction of a shark exhibition, so visitors can better understand the sharks at close range in order to join the ranks of the protection of sharks in the past.

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Fisherman's Wharf - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Macao Fisherman's Wharf in December 31, 2005, held the opening ceremony, took a five-year, investment by Macao people, design and management, a new concept of comprehensive leisure area has been formally established.

Macao Macao Fisherman's Wharf is the first theme of the design of integrated entertainment tourist attractions, with a total investment of about HK 1,900,000,000 yuan. Outer Harbor is located on newly reclaimed land coast, an area of more than 93,000 square meters, entertainment, shopping, restaurants, hotels, Marina and one in the HKCEC facilities, combined with different architectural features Chinese and Western cultures and to ensure that visitors break geographical boundaries, experience In different parts of the feelings. Macao Fisherman The first will not have any admission fees, and round the clock, round-the-clock for local residents and visitors to travel with his family to provide a good place.

Macao Fisherman's Wharf is divided into three main parts:
- Chinatown
- East and West together
- Lai Chun Terminal

Chinatown is an imitation of the Tang Dynasty architectural style in the Tower, inside the tower to the main shopping malls, all over the set of goods as well as the high tide of cuisines.
East-West blend together the traditional concept of Eastern and Western architectural style of design characteristics. A wide range of facilities in the region, whether the children like mobile games, multi-purpose performance and exhibition venues, resulting in video games and shopping Heart, are everything. Inside of a volcano, visitors can make use of Asia's first Indiana Jones-style "Dragon Express" and the single-track indoor roller coaster called the "Flame torrent" of the tourist boat rides, so that visitors can experience the surging heat of the lava The region. Night will be 40 meters high appreciation of the man-made volcano melt Boiling and ready made magnificent landscape. Arab bastion of the children who will become the preferred location. This area is equipped with four children for the use of mobile games, known as the "Flying Camel," "Magic Carpet" and "Aladdin Express" and "Arab DanceDance tower." In addition, in the same district also has a game booth, snack bar And a souvenir shop and so on.

Convention and Exhibition Center covers an area of 5000 square meters, which will be the main exhibition hall covers an area of 3000 square meters, 6.3 meters in height lobby with column-free design, suitable for Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition, the company banquet, a private party or wedding celebration. Roman Arena is a capacity of 2,000 The outdoor audience Arena, with top-level stereo audio-visual equipment and covers an area of 200 square meters of multi-purpose arena in order to create an unprecedented audience for the unforgettable memories.

Li-Chun terminals to European and Latin American-style buildings, visitors can find various countries in the region, Food & Wine characteristics, but also in the forest The overall specialized brand-name store to buy goods and more performers to bring you a different street performances. Distinguished visitors will be parked in a private yacht pier in the seaside to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Marina call for up to 20 of the 150-foot yacht, the more special for you in your special agent with the Customs and Excise out Procedures.

Water in the world, professional performance will be using all means to offer visitors exciting speed boat stunt.

Rice 72 hotels have well-equipped, Victoria-wide sea view rooms, each room balconies are attached to an independent, so that you enjoy the scenery of the Outer Harbor. Buren Casino magnificent, all-encompassing entertainment facilities, to provide you with all the other leisure good place to go.

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Ring leader - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taipa Island is the oldest one of the names. Taipa Tien Hou Temple, Pak Tai Temple, and other temples of stone couplets have emerged in Central Long, words such as the ring leader. Taipa Island by Australia and the Macao Peninsula, Taipa Bridge connects Taipa with a beautiful environment, well-known University of Macau, race track in this small island. Lung Yun, Central Portugal is the back Taipa Bay area Lu charm, where in the past by the sea, beautiful scenery, the municipal garden and the stars during which the distribution of the garden. Gulf for the past seaplane landing points in 1968 after the formation of the beach a vast area of mangroves. Shima bang the shore side of the road 5 of a Portuguese architecture, built in 1921 and now in the shade of trees, as Hi to visitors, with wedding photography has become a good place. Portuguese restaurant on the island and many, many Hong Kong tourists to come here specifically to the taste of Portugal feast.

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Shek Pai Wan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shek Pai Wan Park is located in Macau's Coloane Island in the northwest side of Shek Pai Wan Road, covers an area of about 200,000 square meters, Macau is one of the largest country parks. This park, formerly a farm, which in the 1940s, Jesuit priests who were in the nurturing orphans Wai village, until 1985, called to Shek Pai Wan Country Park, Portugal President, General Ennis kick-off.

Country Park covers an area of vast, the mountain Bang Hai Lin Tsui Shuilv. This park has a variety of health facilities, including: a healthy track; a small park for children; two nursery grounds; a small lake; a bird-watching area; exhibitions and a projector room; a small Camping sites; medicinal a botanical garden; a botanical garden flowers; a restaurant; a Department inquiry. Is a comprehensive park.

Aviary occupies an area of 1,000 square meters is a big bird cage, the cage has more than 100 species of birds. Animals and Plants Exhibition Center, a collection of various specimens of animals, and the Macao A detailed description of the types of plants, for young people to learn a natural and intuitive knowledge of place. Park also displays a small plane crash in 1987 is the return of Macao from Portugal aircraft, after repairs to Macau, as a display.

This feature of the park for visitors to Local plants, close contact with birds, which the city set aside Fan Xiao, once again into the embrace of nature, leisure and tourism is an excellent place. This park to open in the form of, and a festive holiday park visitors, such as carp. In addition, according to legend in the park near the valley, a famous Qing Jiaqing years, the sea Cheung Po Tsai to hide the hole.

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