Sunday, March 1, 2009

Songjiang Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Songjiang Mosque, also known as Temple really is in Shanghai's oldest Islamic temple. Is also home to preserve more of an ancient Islamic architecture. Founded in positive million years (in 1364-1367) Monastery is a fusion of classical Chinese-style palace in the Arab and Islamic architectural style of the temple. In the layout of the Songjiang has maintained a mosque in the Yuan, Ming period of Islam, Temple, the traditional tomb-in-one style. Hall of the mosque kiln and the gatehouse of the bunker (also known as Xuan Li tower) for Yuanmo created for the Arab "al-arch" construction, on the west side of the hall of worship is the main hall of Ming Dynasty architecture. Address: Songjiang District No. 21 Lane Cylinder Beng phone 57823684 opening hours :8:00-16: 00 tickets: 2 yuan

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