Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ring leader - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taipa Island is the oldest one of the names. Taipa Tien Hou Temple, Pak Tai Temple, and other temples of stone couplets have emerged in Central Long, words such as the ring leader. Taipa Island by Australia and the Macao Peninsula, Taipa Bridge connects Taipa with a beautiful environment, well-known University of Macau, race track in this small island. Lung Yun, Central Portugal is the back Taipa Bay area Lu charm, where in the past by the sea, beautiful scenery, the municipal garden and the stars during which the distribution of the garden. Gulf for the past seaplane landing points in 1968 after the formation of the beach a vast area of mangroves. Shima bang the shore side of the road 5 of a Portuguese architecture, built in 1921 and now in the shade of trees, as Hi to visitors, with wedding photography has become a good place. Portuguese restaurant on the island and many, many Hong Kong tourists to come here specifically to the taste of Portugal feast.

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