Sunday, March 1, 2009

Department of Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

And a garden adjacent to the Confucius Temple, as a result of the five Hengli River water in this convergence, like, "Chu Wu-long drama," named Longtan Department. Park Hill, water, kiosks, an integral whole House, the elegant beautiful, with the magnificent temple of the ancient Xiangyingchengqu. Tan Zhong Shan's name should be Kuishan Island, was constructed on a four-year-shun tomorrow (1460). A Mountain , Who Lingyun Ting, Li kiosks may be overlooking the panoramic view of the Longtan Department. There are other attractions Kuixing Court, Bainiaochaofeng Taiwan and so on. Address: Jiading District No. 299 Tacheng Road Tel: 59529604 opening hours :7:30-17: 00 Tickets: 5 yuan

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