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Yang Zhifu main temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang main temple is located in China's largest land Zhifu Island sunny island, some built in the Spring and Autumn Period, Qi is dedicated to "Yagami will be" one of the temples. Yang Jinyuan La There are four main temple, the Hall of room 136, were "workers"-shaped arrangement, the magnificent building is a typical ancient buildings of the East layout. Yang main temple is recorded in the history of our country One of the oldest temples. "Beautiful mountain a few shade main fan Jinping, Yang You-Fu Liang beam of water a jade belt." Yang Zhifu Island and the main temple with its long history and beautiful scenery, attracting numerous visitors to explore this Xun You win.

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Navy House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Zhen at the Navy House on the north side of the door, for the binary symmetry axis antique-style buildings, block the distribution of south, an area of 3220 square meters, construction area of 1100 square meters. The door to the south, is on the door Yang Zhen, things were built on both sides of the four-post brackets Beiting cornices, kiosks and separate the "good guys" and "filial piety" monument, opposite the word All three meters high monument, engraved monument were back on the life and Qi-Qi Jing (jiguang father) life. House navy for binary-type compound, each of the main hall into a room and the one thing, and there is a link with the gallery. Main hall, rooms are Dan Yan, glazed tile cladding, Ridge home six animals, there are not even in the gallery before the next gallery. Mountains in the main hall roof, the car Housing Xie Shan. Qi is turned into the memorial.

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Lake Qingyun leisure park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anqiu City Lake Qingyun leisure park is located in the city of Anqiu City, North, with a total area of 800 hectares (600 hectares of which the lake is the largest in Shandong Province artificial lake), according to the State AAAA tourist-class standards of planning and construction, relying on Paradise Wenhe Natural landscape, pay attention to ecological protection, all embody the "people-oriented" The idea to big water, forest, grassland, Golden Beach co-Wai is a set of tourism, leisure, fitness and entertainment as one of the large-scale, comprehensive water features high-grade tourist areas. Taiwan has a customs area, botanical garden, the beach, eco-wet areas, fishing center, water park area, water sports area 8 holiday villa features large area. At present, Taiwan has been completed and customs areas, botanical gardens, the beach, eco-wet areas of the four spots. Park and pleasant weather, abundant vegetation, beautiful scenery, Shuitianyise. Rippling blue waves, sand gull Xiang Ji, sun, sand, boat raft through, and constitute a picturesque lake Qingyun beautiful scenery Lake Qingyunshan according to Qingyun tight, matched landscape, Huguangshanse, Anqiu become the city's ecological landscape garden a beautiful landscape. The park is rich in folk customs performances, colorful activities for the Performing Arts. Ethnic songs and dances, local operas, such as exotic dancing performances, worship Matsu, Taiwan (Gaoshan) Min-Min Display, perform, such as customs red lovers, sea lions, crocodiles, peacocks, Wren songs such as animal shows, watch the swans, egrets, kingfishers, cormorants, and other wild animals, swimming, sunbathing, boating, motor boats, water paragliding, water Bicycle, boat, fishing, and other fitness entertainment, giving the tourists away. Taiwan customs zone in the area are the main island and the Deputy Island, form the main island like Taiwan Island, and Alishan in the light of the landscape was decorated layout, built in Sun Moon Lake View Pavilion on the Taiwan residents, regardless Gaoshan fish statue , Temples, "the success of" ancient warship, water stage, the cruise terminal, and other attractions 8. Local transplant Trees, trees, landscape planting and greening the waterfront and medicinal plants, with Taiwan's customs, as well as folk song and dance performances, people enjoy the late philosopher and the holy sites in the perfect combination of natural beauty; in memory of Zheng Chenggong recover Taiwan built " The success of "antique ships, so that people felt was a national hero when the recovery of Taiwan Song of the heroic feat may be weeping. Vice Island Russia has 14 cabins, so that visitors accommodation, leisure, entertainment and an ideal venue for visitors to the dedication of the Russian romantic atmosphere. Beautiful and comfortable boat will take you to enjoy the charming island customs, gave you a happy and stimulated. Botanical Garden is a Scientific research, ecology, tourism, entertainment, leisure, manufacturing, and other functions of the integrated landscape. The park is divided into 18 categories of special eco-park, old and valuable trees are planted, and plants. Qiaoguan plant in the park, needle and broad, white flowers, grass lawn, there are mixed addressed to the garden to watch the best of the arts Fruit. Bonsai Garden is one of the park's "Garden of Gardens", combined with the modern style of landscape architecture mainly emphasize realism and romanticism using a combination of means of artistic expression, concentrated essence of human nature and reach of man and nature Harmonious unity. Bridges in the park, Xiuzhu stones, calligraphy and painting landscapes, food Wins, exotic flowers and trees, Chaziyanhong, which will let visitors walk through the physical and mental pleasure. The Golden Sands rely on the original topography, local conditions, in Joe Green, irrigation, grass and Botanical Gardens phase, the use of high-quality Wenhe fine yellow sand to create a "clear water, blue sky, golden beaches," the casual atmosphere of summer. The unique style Services for visitors shower room, dressing, tea parties, such as take-away service. At the same time, set up swimming, sunbathing, sand therapy, beach volleyball, and other items. Livistona waterfront area near there, Araucaria, and other plants in the South and the setting up of man-made part of the South Coast species: coconut, betel leave, the beautiful beaches of Lake give the visitors a pleasant Country scenery. Ecological covers an area of 4,000 acres of wetlands with a total length of 3,800 meters, in the maintenance of the plants on the basis of the combination of Wan Tong Gate, the slight adjustment of the terrain, Metasequoia configuration, bamboo, Liu, the Netherlands, Po, such as hi-wei water plant To form a large area of wetland ecological good for the swans, egrets, Tsui , And birds such as ducks, fish paradise. Tourism and construction are terminal, with bamboo, wooden, boat raft through, the rippling blue waves, and improved the ecological environment, but also for sightseeing tourists. Shore-based fish farms, water park and other projects, with local flavor characteristics of the snacks, tourists sightseeing in the body at the same time Fishing family life.

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Um, Shihfang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Um, Shihfang Anqiu city, located 35 kilometers southwest of the town of Om Om on the village. Dynasty light on behalf of the nine-year (1829), is on the village of Um wife Maruo Yu Wang Xiao-built section of the Square, for the most extreme of the stone carving art of architecture. In 1992, the Shandong provincial government as a provincial-level key cultural unit. Shihfang sit east of the West, high pass about 15 meters, 9.35 meters wide and 2.55 meters thick, as a whole by the huge number of pieces of limestone base from overlapping, tight joints, an integral whole, magnificent. Originality of artists of different objects were used bas-relief, high relief, Toudiao, Yuandiao art and other means, fine-blade , Beautiful images. Place the entire top 12 vertical ridges, each of the vertical angle of the ridge, in the lower part of both engraved with a view of the head leading a total of 36. In the second floor of the inscription below, there are 4 homophonic auspicious blessing images of animals and plants. In two columns in what both sides are engraved with a lion Yuandiao, brave bold, shape Differences in the high base of the cornerstone on. In short, the entire contents of the Shihfang are numerous, complex and not arbitrary, primary and secondary public that the appropriate arrangements. Is not only an ancient tall buildings, but also a variety of carving techniques of organic combination of technology is Maria. "Place goes for the world, apart from Yanzhou is on the Um," This is a Minyan Upper Um Of the community.

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Longwan old tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longwan old tourist areas, including the old Longwan, Ye source reservoirs, Lau Fau Shan Hai, suspended Stephen Temple, Hot Spring River, Wind & Fire, and other holes, located in the plains and mountain areas handover, to the southwest mountains to the northeast piedmont alluvial plains and hilly terrain south North high-low four seasons, the annual average temperature of 12.4 � C, to 750 mm of precipitation. Old Bay of the ancient rule of smoked lake, located in the northern Lau Fau Shan Hai, the Department of underground springs Stephen Chung veins from the surface sinks, the water area of 80 acres, the surplus water depth of ten feet, clear bottom, the Four Seasons temperature 18 � C, aquatic birds play in the lake, the shore Surrounded by bamboo. The height of summer heat, cool spring water Ganlie, skin immersion; beginning of winter frost winter, transpiration fog, ancient Left, "Ye source Yanai three Winter," the poem. Longwan old with Stephen Hsu million dollars, the main cast are Stephen Jian Chi, Stephen Wan, Qin pool, good income-chuen, Zhuo Ma, such as Tam. There is also snow-bridge, the monument Chen Zhu, Qing Yi-ting, ting Jiangnan, Shangtianti, Song Festival Pavilion, Xi Lou, and other ancient sites. Jian Chi-chuen, the main cast, a water Shi Kan, Chung if boiling, the Spring and Autumn Period legend Europe has been the rule in this sub-quenching swords. Rock on the southwest side of the pond, Juan "Zhu Jian Chi" Doufang three characters and "Guarding the world of Yin and Yang Jian-ming, a ghost Fuzao open pool of chaos," the poem for the next snow Jiajingnianjian Mino Road, the chic bold font for the ages The calligrapher praise. Ming Feng Wei-Min well-known educator (1511-1578), Yu-word line from the sea, Lau Fau Shan, He Qi Guan the later years, live in Lau Fau Shan Hai River Longwan under the old building, "Jiangnan Pavilion", he has been the subject of "Hong Guizhi" 10, praised here, "the sea three-Xiu Shan, the world vancomycin surprising that the southern see, not fear Jiangnan" ?. Improve the infrastructure of the area, there are 9 hotels and restaurants, which can accommodate 760 people dining, lodging 150. There are a number of car parks and integrated outlets. Accessibility, provincial trunk highways sheep temporary way through this, there are nine temporary road across the road and Wei Ye. Tour all year round good season.

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Yi Shan scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yi Shan scenic spots including the main Yi Shan National Forest Park, East Zhenmiao, Qilu the Great Wall, Yi Shan Reservoir Hill mark for the Treasury, and so on. Mountains in the region and downs, peaks overlap range upon range of hills, Podou a deep valley, the river rapids. Terrain of environmental and forest impact of climate Forest Park Obviously, the average annual temperature of 10.8oC, annual precipitation 849.5 mm. Yishan for the quality of magmatic rock mountain to granite, gneiss mainly rare sandstone rock weathering better, there are more than loose soil under the parent material.

Yi Shan, also known as "Little Mountain"-to enjoy the "Mountain of respect for the Sacred Mountains of China, Yi Shan was the first of five town" reputation. King not only beautiful naturally As well as ancient human landscape. There are spectacular beauty of the forest landscape, forest green area of 2043.2 hectares, the coverage rate reached 91.2 percent, to song-type, black locust, as the main types of oak trees, and water-yu Sorbus, Sam A rare bird species such as medicine.

There are strange dangerous mountain Concept, more than 800 meters above sea level, Yuhuang Ding, Gushan Waitoushan, such as the Lions Gushan Qi Gushan different. Looking up at the Yuhuang Ding, the sun falls, Mount Baiyun top, looking down at the scenery around baili, glance; Waitoushan Gushan stands towering, high-rise space dome, if steep cut in the very top of Gushan, stacked stone, as if on its board Who purchase the air; Gushan son like a huge lion, Yu Huangding recline in the side, like King of the Hill in the town. Juan Xiu Hydrographic scene in the landscape.

Bai Zhangya falls between 68 meters for the Linqu one of the Eight. The river twists and turns of jade belt, the man wearing a stone-gap, arise from time to time, then suddenly urgent relief. There are odd vagaries of Sky . At the foot of the white clouds rolling in from time to time, from time to time between the rise amid heavy fog in the serial, blue skies from time to time, Fei Fei rain from time to time. Three years beginning of the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu Yi Shan in person for religious shrine, built in Yuhuang Ding Dong Zhen Miao, "Mount Tai temple," Wong Sui Wendi open for 14 years, moved to the temple on the Temple side of the law goes, "Dong Yi Temple Hill. " Kin Lung , Moved to the site and build a temple 93 of Ying Road homes. Yun Yu Huangding law at Temple in the northeastern part gentle, was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty between East. There was permitted a hundred Seng She Ying, the two Jinyuan La, Hong-scale profile, magnificent, it is not only the ancient temples of the first Dong Yi Shan, Green Island during the Han and Jin is the largest temple. Yi Tai Forest Park self-contained power and water supply. Have been incorporated into the program-controlled telephone network. There are now three hotels, which can accommodate 150 people dining, lodging. Three car park area of more than 7000 square meters, travel goods, an integrated outlets, Yi Shan Forest Park to facilitate the traffic outside, the five county region trunk road, Three (the Provisional sheep, Thailand Xue, Wei Fu Road) from Park East, West, North, through, have access to good condition.

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Zhucheng Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhucheng museum built in 1979, covers an area of 9900 square meters, construction area of 2500 square meters, the entire area for the museum courtyard-style layout, is a nation with the characteristics of the buildings. St. Paul-entered the entrance tower, through the title of "old Langya County" and "state secret" of the moon gate, along the spacious flat Road, into the open courtyard of the scenic area is Minzuxingshi with the Office of the magnificent display of relics. Office of the display off by the Office of the North Hall, South Hall consists of three parts, and display a total of Zhucheng collection of modern and ancient cultural treasures were 1.5 million cases. At the national level in which more than 40 pieces of cultural relics, the Heritage 70, three more than 400 pieces of cultural relics, a representative of more than 700. Hall use the maps, photographs, diagrams, models, etc., in order to ancient times, primitive society, slave society, feudal society as a dividing line, the system introduced Zhucheng geography, history, the evolution of the territory, ancient sites , A variety of cultural relics, history, and other celebrities, vividly demonstrated in various historical periods Zhucheng political, economic and cultural development, show people Zhucheng created a splendid culture. Zhucheng museum's antiquities collection, starting in 5000, before the cultural relics of primitive society, down to the last Of a wide range of items. Not only reflect the development of social productive forces and production of a variety of tools, appliances, life, but also the expression of human civilization, the original text, painting, production of exquisite bronzes, a wide variety of pottery, porcelain absolutely beautiful, but also shows that social development Field of culture and art as well as the brilliant scene in the decoration , Stone carvings and the vast number of rural states with the historical literature classics. The essence of human civilization, which fully reflects the Province's oldest civilizations. The most precious collections of cultural relics in a collection of mainly 7: 1. Warring States period, the first Ti Liang Ying copper pots, strange shapes, and exquisite production, is the rare thin Treasure. 2. Warring States period for copper, a total of 7, heavy style, ornamentation harassment, superb technology, well-preserved, there are inscriptions cast on it for the study of Qi and Lu have important cultural value. 3. Reflect the Southern Song period, "the military Hongao" anti-Marshal Kim activity right Jianjun India, China and India for the Copper, was a square-shaped monument India Zhuanshu Permian Brunei for the body, "Marshal right Jianjun India", inscribed the back, "Xin Mao years," and "Shandong Huainan line chancery building." India is the peasant uprising in Shandong, Hong Ao loyalty and military organizations to carry out the struggle of the evidence against Kim. 4. Daming Xuande years, blue-and-white bowl, form thick, tight patterns, colors, Dai Qing, moisturizing enamel, for the next On behalf of the porcelain works. 5. Balcony of the Han Dynasty stone - Kun sentence diagram, map-ming title. 6. Tomorrow Ding Yunpeng Baimiao "Ocean's 18 picture", Volume 7 meters long, two hours before and after, as part of the pre-Ding Yunpeng copy of the different attitude, life-like Ocean's 18; after Liu-Fang Li Xing Shu is part of the body Tiba, "Chan 18" Law delicate and pretty, rich in content, can be treasures. 7. Shandong Province in the Qing Dynasty scholar Gao Fu South Shigao books, books for folding, the Department of the South by Fu draft of the poem written by right-hand man, Gao and the possession of ancient Indian sculpture and personal seal, an impression, such as "Hou Kuan "," Liu Ling of China and India "," Dongfang Shuo India "," Fu old South, "" Han Feng and India. "Pottery in the collections include more than 1,300 pieces of stone block more than 50, more than 1,700 pieces of jade, calligraphy and painting more than 700 pieces (copies). Museum keep ancient books and documents include the rural state of about 4,000 copies of this Beituo More than 400 books.

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Camel Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Camel Hill is located in the southwest Qingzhou Cheng, the town 6 km, the main peak of 408 meters above sea level, as one of the eight ancient Qingzhou, known as the "camel Ridge Away." It stretches several city, on top of confrontation between the two peaks, looked in the distance, really a bit like the camel Wozhao miles! Tak Ming Dynasty years, Bingbushangshu Guanju, Prince Edward Taibao the people Mr Qiao Yu Paper "Camel Hill," two characters, inscribed in front of the Shek Pik, still looms in the head. The word alone, visitors will feel the extraordinary momentum Hill camel!

In fact, the camel was eye-catching Hill, Seoul ya famous, not only because of its steep peaks, ancient pines and cypresses, as well as Hwan and the "Ladder" and, more importantly, there are a large number of caves and statues, "Haotian Palace" and other high value of cultural relics. Now it is a provincial-level key protection units.

  Piedmont, towering cliffs space, lofty cliffs, summer and fall seasons are often filled clouds, the famous Camel Hill Cliff group of statues in the grottoes Lane. Between the cliff side by side with the five caves and a Cliff, a total of 638 small statues. The largest are as high as 7 meters, the smallest in less than ten centimeters. These sizes of stone, sculpture skilled, lively and beautiful style. According to experts, which as early as the birth of the Northern Dynasties in the latter part of the Northern Zhou Dynasty and later Etched in the Tang Dynasty in China's ancient statues of treasures. These statues, not only can be found in the Shandong Peninsula Buddhism spread of history at the same time, is also a very good access to the arts. You see, in the second cave that wear like a Buddha statue are carved with complicated patterns and the GAO Guan Aquarius, there are two sides of crown Gone with the Wind Sag; Lianzhu neck, wearing a necklace, Luo Ying from the minor has been left shoulder down to the legs, dress in drag, in order to give generous simple, realistic image of a sense of a distinctive feature of the Sui Dynasty art statues. Look at the fourth as the Cave of the Buddha, his chest Therocephalia wear a ring-shaped ornaments, slightly bent posture, which is typical of the Early Tang Dynasty statues special .

  The first is the most beautiful caves in the left side of the Buddha statue that arch as the Goddess of Mercy! Her round face, an air of dignified, the first comb-string Law Gao Ji, a horizontal neck, chest there is a very delicate necklace for Luo Ying, a shoulder cape towel down ramp, next to the skin under the dress, just as the water in general, the waist Again Socks to the liver, gauze-like cicada's wings seemed to float gently, pointing, beautiful figure and interjection oblique curve. According to research, the open-made caves in the Wu Tang Chang'an, now has 1200 years of history.

Camel Hill, not far from the grotto, the top of the existing "Haotian Palace," is over The prevalence of traces of Taoism. Haotian Temple, about 150 meters north-south, east, about 100 meters, is a large group of ancient buildings. It is divided into Qibao Court, Yu Huangdian, Xi Lou, and the side hall in a palace Langfang, and other things, for a total of Temple, Church, building, room, such as between more than 50. Yu Huangdian for wood and stone structure, Diaolianghuadong, magnificent momentum Qibao Pavilion line will be double-arch stone-free beam loft-style architecture, unique structure, strong durable. Hospital on the south side, eyes deep pools of Tianquan day. Stands beside the pool with a piece of stone, cut out the Ming Dynasty, Green Island prepared Zhifudusi "Tianquan" two characters.

  Outside the South there are "Milky Way" and "bridges" and " Longchi. "Outside the east gate of a nearby rock," sea-net pool ", clear water bottom, such as flat-out, simply do not see the springs outside the Bay, but the pond is surplus over the four seasons, and how to use JI But also less, and this is more local records recorded? Quot; Qiushui Dragon. " Hill outside Jiadao Cooper, from under the tree Qingshi scattered as the stone bench in the past a few of those pilgrims who worship the mountain is a must here's a short break. Haotian era palace was built in what is now not known, but people from inside and outside that more than 120 stone blocks on the investigation to know that in the Yuan Dynasty over 27 years to repair. Even from this re - You run, there are now 690 years of history.

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Fan Gong Park Pavilion - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fan Gong booth at Green Island Park, 300 West outside a small basin of the Great mu, including the former residence of Li Qingzhao and Ting Fan Gong, Yang Lake, Yongji and pier full of scenery, such as kiosks, where low-lying, tree-lined, Nanyang River flow through During this period. While here in town and only separated by a wall, but is located in the basin, climate , Dongnuanxialiang, not freezing cold winter, without heat of summer, the temperature difference of 3 to 5 in the city, is a unique tourist destination. . 2002 Queen (1050 AD), the "world's first and worry about the latter enjoy" Fan Zhongyan famous for the government when the Green Island, Green Island in the vicinity of a popular " Eye disease ", spread quickly, to that end, Fan Zhongyan personally Shui pharmaceuticals, non-payment, will soon put an end to the Plague epidemic, people are not grateful. Just at this time, the Nanyang-spring water has poured out, and clean water, Sweet and delicious, affordable drinking is Pharmaceuticals, people thought it was the moral Fangong moved heaven and on the name Liquan. "Son of Stephen and on the construction of a pavilion, Fan Gong gratitude later, they" Liquan, "called the" Fan Gong Well ", the pavilion called" Fan Gong Ting. "Fan Gong as a hexagonal pavilion, an open-top hole, and up and down Jing-quan The relative, the Pavilion of wood under the stone pillar, and style. In the face of the post engraved with a Couplet: "Well Lai Yun Zhao Min Yang-infinite, inexhaustible source of the world, Sir David Lau-fong." Tung Ting-yin temple there are three, three of worship for future generations to know Qingzhou, Fan Zhongyan, Fu Bi, by Ouyang Xiu's Fan in the middle temple, built in the Qing Fan Gong from in the near future, the rich and OUYANG Ancestral Hall Guzhi Ancestral Hall in the west of Jian Baoshui Side. Are built in the late Ming Fan Gongci move around "Three-yin temple." Fan Gong Ting Tang hospital a few catalpa trees, Songhuai, although have lived for thousands of years, but still Climb vitality. On the south side of house, planting thousands of Bamboo Pole, this group appears to be the oldest building more quiet elegant, dynamic. Old trees, next to the bamboos, and erected a stone block, or the ages of Inscription cherish the memory of the sages. Fan Gong Ting out the door to the north, through shade over the small bridge about 100 meters into the former residence of Li Qingzhao. China's famous Song Dynasty poet Li Qingzhao and her husband Zhao Mingcheng stone of Jurists, living in Green Island for 14 years, collected a large number of valuable books, calligraphy, stone objects, wrote the famous "Golden Recorded "30 volumes of poetry and many of choosing fame.

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Weifang Campbell Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weifang Campbell Park is a tourist's comprehensive large-scale amusement park. Shandong is located in Campbell trade zone across the business, the Civil Aviation Airport west Weifang, east on State Road 206 Road, Wei Zhou, a unique geographical advantage. Shandong Group, Jinbao since August 10, 1996 start-up Campbell park, built at the same time Campbell Hall, Campbell and Campbell bus travel agencies, has received more than 100 million visitors, of which overseas tourists received more than 10,000 people. Campbell Park with a total area of 400,000 square meters, into entertainment, watching, stimulating and participatory as one. Rich folk customs, unique style garden. Entertainment areas, ecological You tourist areas, suburban areas of agricultural tourism, leisure zone 4, most of the good tourist sites. Park has played the smart guy that streams down, the cable car, 10 minutes of the century, Central Park and more than 120 trams, and other entertainment attractions, there is Gimcheon Temple, Kim Soo-lake fishing to stay down to watch, and other centers of leisure services facilities, hotels Campbell, Bao travel agent, Bus Campbell, you can come to study the best tourist services.

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Yinlou million - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yinlou million in Weifang City is located 1 km, covers an area of 370 square meters, construction area of 380 square meters, 7 km away from the Weifang airport, train station 1.5 kilometers away from Weifang, China and India million is the floor, Chen-chi-ching in the light of the creation of 30 years Because it had more than 10,000 pieces of cultural relics collection of treasures, it said Yinlou million. Since opening in 1993, its reception 8 thousand people, including thousands of overseas visitors more than 2. Chen Qi (1813-1884) in Weifang City Weicheng district, the word Shou-ching, a famous Qing Dynasty stone of Jurists. 25 light years of examination, the Academy award editing, in Xianfeng Village to the resignation of four years. Over the next 30 years , Addressed to concentrate on the collection and study of epigraphy, to become master of their golden generation. He tirelessly to the spirit of the stone for examination and released, wrote more than 50 kinds of books, antiquities authority of the profession: an argument with his criticism, not only was higher than first-class peers, it can be said that "without parallel in history, no to those who "" Shi Shulin "unique, simple dignified and enriched the art of calligraphy in China. His life-long efforts, China's epigraphy has made outstanding contributions to winning the admiration of experts and scholars at home and abroad. Yinlou million complex with a typical Qing Weifang behalf of the characteristics of the building, and the court of the Qing Dynasty architectural style. The East Building Is well-known both at home and abroad Yinlou million, two-story East Building 10, introduced the collection on display, the academic achievements of the West Hall between 3 and antique items on display hall, the collection of 11 bells, the whole of Lent take "ten minutes three Housing. " Collection of rare treasures: Maogong Ding, Bolin had feasts.

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Yangjiabu folk art Grand View Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangjiabu folk art Grand View Garden, was built in May 1986, Parks kites set up plants, Folk Museum, the Museum New Year, Kite Museum, the ancient street of shops, the Museum, wrapped in dozens of scenic spots such as Taiwan. Area of 200 mu, building area of 100,000 square meters, set a kite production, printing New Year Folk travel together, the product was "Hundred Flowers Award for Arts and Crafts Shandong" and "Chinese folk art must show a silver", "Chinese export commodities fair excellent Product of the Year" and "International Kite Expo Gold" and other awards. Kite content auspicious Geely, birds, animals, insects, fish kites, and Plate, hard-winged wind , A string-type, soft-wing kites, kite making will be 350 meters long centipede leader, known as "the world" woodblock New Year is more popular, the myths and legends, folk tales, opera characters are lifelike. Every year more than Zhaocaijinbao, Liu Kai-century, but also a reflection of the working people of Look forward to a good life, and the pursuit of yearning. Grand View Garden to a kite, led New Year, the theme of folk customs, folk to carry out tourism, with its unique folk customs of the people, a strong local flavor, attracted Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, dozens of countries and regions Tourism tourists, ?????more than 25 people. Beautiful, ancient folk art of the Yangjiabu Grand View Garden, the strong local flavor, rich folk customs, folk quality of tourism services, waiting for the arrival of tourists at home and abroad. World-famous kite, the New Year, the hospitality of the folk art Yangjiabu Grand View Garden, will you Health and good luck.

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Fu amusement park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu amusement park by the Weifang New Group Tillich Asia and the U.S. entertainment company has a joint venture to build the world's advanced level in today's modern large-scale amusement park, located in the "World Kite" Weifang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Paradise by the United States design center design undertake love clindamycin, and a total investment of 300,000,000 Yuan, covers an area of more than 300 acres, the size of its investment, functional facilities, with an average water level of domestic advanced, to enjoy the "Qilu Garden in the first" reputation. Large and medium-sized amusement park has more than 000 items, from the United States, Japan, Italy and other places to introduce, with a typical style of Europe and the United States. There are 50 large-scale amusement project -Meter-high Ferris wheel, the thrills of the double loop roller coaster 888 meters long, 46 meters high Tiao Santa, space flight, train, Central Park, the Crazy Mouse, Liu Yong Jin, merry-go-round and dynamic changes of thousands of cinemas, and so on. 1,000 million investment in the water in the world, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, equipped with standard pool games Long-made pond, 18 meters in the high-profile slides, spiral slides, children's leisure pools of water more than a dozen recreational projects. Golf Club covers an area of 60 acres, Europe and the United States to adopt standards for the construction of advanced design, has a unique charm. Park has an American-style malls, there are all kinds of tourism products for visitors to enjoy the election ; Of which are equipped with a number of restaurants, mainly in Shandong, in line with Western-style fast food, at different levels to meet the food needs of tourists. In addition, Fu and the amusement park were matched Fu Hotel (five star), as well as team travel Fu, into housing, health, leisure, and other means of transport service functions, the set of food, housing Travel, entertainment, to buy six elements in one, full-featured, full service. Fu amusement park and convenient traffic, Rinzai Green Road North, south and the Weifang airport, Xu Wei, Shi Wei, and other important route from the station to Fu amusement park less than a half hour's drive. As the cold northern winter, winter outdoor projects more affected to Tourism is the best summer and autumn. Paradise match with a kite museum is home to the only kite museum professionals as the main body, and its unique appearance, like a head centipede kite flying. Museum's collection of woodblock prints and all kinds of kites, and other non-governmental arts and crafts, embodies the Weifang ancient culture and art, You know the history and Weifang Kite customs ideal place to go. Weifang Fu amusement park with its advanced, new entertainment facilities, high-taste of the cultural atmosphere, warm and considerate service, Qilu become a land of bright pearl.

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Green Camel Ski Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Camel Hill Ski Resort is located in the Green City in Shandong Province and South Xihuan Lu at the junction of South Loop 200. Green Island is one of the ancient Kyushu, historical and cultural city, Green Island territory Cloud Gate Hill, Yang Tian Shan, Camel Hill, exquisite mountains, beautiful museums, such as the natural and cultural history of landscape. The camel Ski Resort for the Green Island Light beautiful country of outstanding tourist city, has added a winter leisure and resort holidays. Skiing is exposure to fresh air and quiet environment of the snow-capped mountains, the return to nature, to relax physically and mentally a very attractive outdoor winter sports. Public skiing in the early 19th century, the rise in Europe, after years of Chin, now all over the world. Camel Hill Ski Resort to invest a total of 5,000 million yuan, covers an area of more than 500 acres. Is the design of our province the largest and most advanced facilities, a full range of services to the most comprehensive winter on the project is to ease the physical and mental fitness of leisure and entertainment spots. Among them, in accordance with international standard 800 meters long, 130 m gap between high-level ski cable car Road 2; 300-400 meters of mid-level ski Road 4, designed for junior skiers length 100-250 meters of primary ski Road 3. And designed for professional skiers long 1800 meters of snow Road, a roundabout. For the full Different levels of ski lovers and children's fun skiing has opened up a special slip ring, Mara sledge, sledge dogs pull, snowman, snowball fights. Motorcycle Road steep and rugged, glacier adventure to stimulate more. Visitors can be put on ice climbing shoes km walk, climb 100 meters Hill House, no matter how you surf the more off each item you have the heart . Finland to introduce the company is equipped with high-tech snow and Germany's snow-machine Road, the advanced system overnight snow skiing had become Linhaixueyuan Road. After a day of the Winter run an ice-crushing machine in the snow-Road after the danger passed intact. Japan imported from thousands of sets of skiing Wood, skiers when we walked into the room when all the snow will be simple and generosity of Health Services to guide you towards the counter, according to the size of your feet and help you choose the size of ski boots, skis, ski stick, you put on ski boots Department of good ski better help ski stick, and then the coach under the guidance of the ski venues, coaches will guide you He skiing, ski in the process, if slipping, the Services immediately Health and lifting you, encourage you to continue to work under the guidance of the coach in you will soon be racing in the vast Xue-Hai. Snow in the room are at the top of the resort hotel-the-art equipment and comfortable environment for tea, hot and cold drink, when you need to break in The sound of music and drink a glass of hot milk, products of a excia goods south of the panoramic view of the ski, Calocedrus pines and pure white snow, snow sports Ana scene of impromptu performance artists, so you will Do not feel good music to and from, at the same time be able to accommodate more than 500 people supporting the restaurant, Chinese restaurant, and so on to allow hot fat and sleek Chang Jin delicacy. At the same time, after the snow season in the resort will become a sea of green, then you will realize that this Hua Cao, Hua Sha fun, we will make every tourist favorite nostalgia. Time to vote holidays (booking discount) weekend ticket (reservations discount) on weekdays votes (booking discount) Hours of 100 yuan 80 yuan 60 yuan 3 hours 140 120 80 yuan a day 180 yuan 160 yuan 100 yuan tickets 10 10 5 yuan more than the price includes rental of a set of ski equipment or a snow ski flying saucer and the use of Tuoqian. Waidao of skiing Cost, time consumption Over a 10-minute press time calculation.

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Scheduled to ship much spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"As far" ship area, located in Shandong Province, Li winding scenic coastal city of Weihai City's downtown area, the main landscape for the historical reproduction of the original copy of the Northern Navy flagship "as well". Boarded the ships, across Huangruo Time and space, remember the past 100 years, Sino-Japanese War hero story, the armored Ju Jian Feng Huang The tragic World War II, the first Asian country's dream will meet with you here.

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Harbor Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Harbor Park on April 25, 2002 the official opening to the outside world, is the Weihai municipal utilities to attract social capital for the success of the operation of the market to try. The park is located in the bustling urban area with a total area of 43,600 square meters, connected with the harbor terminal pier for access to the port of visitors provided a good Scenic coast. Green Park area of 30,000 square meters, 13,600 square meters on the ground pavement, to build 2,000 square meters of leisure and cultural square of 1700 square meters health field, embankment 300 meters. Park-like natural gardening practices with a view to the performance of the freehand brushwork in the form of large, will seas some of the natural View of the sea, as well as the enrichment of man-made landscape in the park, to the formation of the sea as its theme, showing the charm of the sea, is set to become the leisure, fitness and entertainment in one of the Harbor-style, open park.

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Admirals Department - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu island to the east of the city of Weihai in the sea about 4 kilometers. Weihai port of the Central recline, and the city of Weihai are dependent on one another to form a natural barrier to well-known city of Haiphong. Hill negative sea, sitting south, to Wai Changyuan, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. Along the axis built into the three halls. There are three things Kuayuan there promenade-performance, all-style Qing Wood brick structure. Yashu on both sides of the door, there are two Laoting, things Zhili. Department admirals in the northwest 200 meters there is the Northern Navy Ding Ruchang the site, formerly known as the Dinggong House. West House is the former site of the naval college, the existing east and west Yuan Men, and the battlement wall of the stage. Western naval school try dock is outside the cadres for the repair of ships Southeast iron ship terminal, when the Northern Fleet naval ships nearly 50, that is parked here. The building now houses the Department of admirals Sino-Japanese War naval relics showroom, are on display at the Northern Fleet naval ships to pursue on the scene and will be far, the second Chen-yuan and Ding Ruchang majestic ship, the portrait of Deng Shichang, such as photographs and other information related to in-kind.

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Shen Diao Hill Wildlife Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shen Diao Hill Wildlife Nature Reserve is located in the Shandong Peninsula at the eastern end of the Shan Shen Diao arms, covers an area of 3800 mu, there are areas beast, the district herbivores, Bainiao Yuan, Lang Shan Xiong, Ye Zhulin, the monkey mountain Tourist attractions

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Shi Huang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengshan into the scenic landscape of the first, located in the mountains as under sunny, Qin Shi Huang was in 210 BC in the East Chengshan patrol when the construction of the palace. Later, local residents in memory of Shi Huang had come here, into the temple Shi Huang. Is the only one to commemorate the National Qin Shi Huang's temple. There are day Qiandian temple Temple, Shi Huang Temple in the main hall, East Hall East Temple, the Ancestral Hall, clock tower and the stage. Hong Zhu brick hall, the air cornices, crown surface gold statue hall, an air of authority. Ancestral Hall with Emperor Guang Xu Chao Chang Northern navy patriotic general of Deng Shichang and Yu Bei Xiumiao generation, the first long-Road Xu Fu-chang emergence of the coffin to sit (Qing Archaeological finds). Tickets: Chengshan to buy tickets can be visited free of charge.

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Liu Gongmiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi, according to records, Liu Gongmiao built in the Ming Dynasty. 14 years of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1888 AD), Liu in the Northern naval forces into the island, the island's care Zhang Wenxuan Jun Tongling, in order to obtain military and civilian Liu's Liu Mu Hu You, Liu Gongmiao repair funding. Secretary of the Navy of the Qing government Yi Wan Li and Wales, in reviewing the Navy's Northern Instrument Jinmiaokoubai in cotton, the Northern Navy officers and men of the voyage of war or are Koubai pilgrimage to the temple. Britain in 1898 leased Weihai Wei, Liu land on the island and all of Britain to buy houses, forcing residents to move off the island, Liu Gongmiao Suiqian off the island, the temple is no longer keep, but leave a monument containing the "God of the According to people who move outside the temple " Liu Liu Gongmiao the original site of the island still. In order to enrich the human landscape of the island of Liu, Liu Gongmiao in 1994 to build, covers an area of 800 square meters, into the pre-Mountain Gate, about 10 minutes Drum Tower, the last step into the front yard of homes on the eastern side of Hall of title reads "Qiongdaocangsang "Hall of the west side of the title reads," Lau-fong, through the ages ", the two Hall Plastic five-color clay sculpture group, described Liu Liu and Liu Mu miracle island two thousand years of history changes. Hanging in the main hall, "the light of the sea" important, Liu Liumuzuoxiang plastic, plastic on both sides of the two-meter high wind, rain, Ray, flash, clairvoyance, the wind ears, is that evil statues 8. Content fully reflects the spirit of the island and folk customs. Liu Kung Temple is the understanding of the origin of the name of the island's history and attractions, Liu is also planning the development of the island's first construction project. Liu Gongmiao to build, tourists come here especially, an endless stream. Admission: 10 yuan

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Northern Navy admirals Department - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weihai Liu is the most important monuments on the island of the Northern Department of the Navy admirals. 12-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1887), the establishment of the Northern naval court, and Du Shu located on the island, the study said the Northern Navy Yamen, is the Northern Command's naval authorities. Department admirals Mountain sea, sitting south, to Changyuan Wai, an area of 10,000 square It is an ancient brick buildings. Along the axis of three Jinyuan Luo, points before, during and after the Office of the three. Before the Chamber is in the banquet hall, the Festival Hall in the back. East-West corridor linking Kuayuan asked. In front of the turret around for the big Ming Jin, observation and play music, something that both sides of the Yuan Men. Cornices of the entire building houses paintings, hung Spectacular. Yamen admirals 200 meters outside the south-west is the Navy Ding Ruchang site. Moreover, the island still preserved the old bureau, piers, docks, schools, playgrounds, storage buildings and so on. 20 Guangxu (1894) Sino-Japanese naval battle in the Northern and Japanese naval battle in the Yellow Sea. Ding Ruchang admirals and ship Deng Shichang heroic struggle, the last heroic martyred. Admirals are within the Department of Sino-Japanese naval battle Piyou Heritage Gallery, Ding Ruchang Wax Museum and the martyrs, with China the Sino-Japanese War Museum. 200 meters at the eastern end of the pier, there is a "Sino-Japanese War Museum Battle", to the Museum's electricity, light, sound and other modern means of science and technology, represents a Battle of the soul-stirring scene, only to see domestic.

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Rushan City Yintan Holiday Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rushan City Yintan Holiday Resort is located in the southeast coastal city of Rushan, Weihai, east, north of Yantai, Qingdao West near the south She Huang Hai, located in Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai three downtown locations, aviation, maritime and land conditions very convenient.

  Resorts in July 1992 to start construction in July 1994, Shandong Provincial People's Government for the tourism resort. Yintan Holiday Resort has a unique tourism resources, is a typical warm temperate maritime climate, with cold winter, not summer heat, the warmth of spring and autumn cool, the average annual temperature of 11.4 degrees Celsius. In a total length of the coastline of 20 km strip of the planning area , Lin Hai Bi, Qi reef beach music, mountain, sea, islands, reefs, beaches, Stephen Lam, he and taste. 20 km stretch of beach, beach-Pohuan, fine sandy soft, white as silver, "Silver Beach" and thus got its name.

  The natural landscape, rich cultural, Pearl Bay, Silver Bay, the island home Palace and third concept Pavilion Fairy bridge, Suo-Long Shi, Gushan stack, the monks holes, such as Lin million for the Yintan credit to the luster. Yintan Holiday Resort complete infrastructure facilities, has invested 300,000,000 yuan for infrastructure construction has been the realization of the "five-a-ping." 46 km of existing roads in the region, the formation of the two vertical cross-six of the road network in the region, Located 45 km pipeline in the region reached 10,000 cubic meters daily water supply, electricity supply lines to set up 43 kilometers, construction of a 35,000-volt substations, communications facilities, open international and domestic program-controlled telephones, mobile phones and phone cards.

  Yintan Holiday Resort in the development and construction, always insist on high Quasi, a high starting point. Planning control of the entire resort area of 65 square kilometers, 8.5 square km area of planning, starting area 0.8 square kilometers, the total length of 20 km East-West, North and South average width of 3.25 km. To the present, the zone has approved more than 100 development projects, a total contractual investment of 1.5 billion people Currency, the actual investment of 500,000,000 yuan, with a total construction area of 200,000 square meters, built in the region of 15 independent tourist resorts and a dozen or so units in high-grade hotels have been built in various types of high-end villa more than 400 houses, home and abroad to silver Beach inspection of the investment business stream, so that the Yintan Holiday Resort has become increasingly brigade , Vacation, leisure resorts, known as "the best in the world beach", "Oriental Hawaii."

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Croucher Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rongcheng recline in the southern Yellow Sea, 100 km from Weihai, cool roof peak 539 meters above sea level, even as a result of peak 9, Dai, such as its color, it is a "9 Iron Hill fell trees." Croucher Hill fell 9, Wei Wu Li-feng, towering Junba, matched mountains, magnificent, have since ancient times, "Cable Shengjing." Croucher Is an important birthplace of Taoism. According to historical records: Jin Dading years, Wang Chongyang to the East and apprentices, Taoism was founded Quan-Zhen Religion, East Wangchu Yi Mou, Yang Yu word on al-dong Wang Chongyang haze Kunyu Mountain Division for the exercise Road Act, the creation of a Quan-Zhen Religion send Kunshan, a doctrine known as "light cloud" and a lot of sites that will remain. Later, Guang-dong Department of visitors on Fan, Yu Yang over the disturbance, was moved to the top cool, in a north Shek Pik on the thousands of real drilled holes and continue to practice law Road.

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Bay Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bay Bridge, located in the northeast end of Shandong Peninsula, Weihai Tsui tourist district at the provincial level, both of which were standing on both sides of the sculpture of Adam and Eve, spectacular scenery, momentum-pound weight.

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Sino-Japanese War Battle Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sino-Japanese War Museum opened in 1985, based on the Northern Navy and the Sino-Japanese War as the theme of commemorating the site of the museum, based in Fort Liu 4A level scenic island of the Northern original navy admirals Department. In 1994, China and Japan hundred anniversary of the Sino-Japanese War, Comrade Jiang Zemin at the Sino-Japanese War Museum, wrote the name of the museum. Before the Museum's possession of more than 1,000 historical photos, and the Sino-Japanese War of the Northern navy relics more than 200 pieces of information, the salvage ship more than 300 pieces of cultural relics.
  China Sino-Japanese War of the Sino-Japanese War Memorial Museum is dedicated to the management, conservation agencies, the Northern jurisdiction of the Navy and the history of the Sino-Japanese war relics 28 In January 1988, Liu has been to the island to commemorate Sino-Japanese War of the State Council announced a national key cultural unit. Since the hall, there has been rated as "national outstanding community education base", "national patriotism education base for young people", "100 demonstration bases for patriotic education." Sino-Japanese War Battle Memorial Hall Liu on the island off the East Pier 200 meters, was sentenced to a building, sculpture, painting, video art, and other means of a comprehensive display of moving and tragic history of Sino-Japanese naval battle of large-scale memorial.

  Sino-Japanese naval battle sequence from the memorial hall, into the Northern naval forces, naval college in the Summer Palace, the sea battle on the peninsula, Pyongyang's war, Huang Great sea battle, the fall of Port Arthur Base, Weihai bloody battle, the Office of the end of nine major components, reproduced from the navy into the Northern army annihilated the whole process. Museum to electricity, light, sound, and other modern technology to create the atmosphere, vivid, in which visitors stay, the head heard visions of the Sino-Japanese war and the tragic tragic.

  The whole sea battle Great momentum, looking like each other several weaved impact of the hull, then located in the flagship, will be stranded far from the place, suspended in the sea. 18 meters high main building on the shape of a 15 m high-ranking officers such as the Northern Navy, for most of the domestic figure sculpture.

  At present, the display on display in the Museum of The largest indoor sculpture figures; have the most substantial of the sea landscape oil painting; domestic memorial, museum display, the only collection of a group of large-scale oil painting (Northern portrait masses martyrs), as well as the marks of peace, culture, a large stone " Monument for peace "and so on, the end of the Office of multimedia computers equipped with multi-media equipment inquiry Visitors can query the history of Sino-Japanese War of the integrity of the data.

  Sino-Japanese War Museum Battle improve its tourist facilities, comfortable and satisfied with the visit of the environment, distinctive souvenir shopping places, strict internal management, a full range of quality services, has been national, provincial and municipal named "national patriotism Yu-base "," excellent tourist spots "," provincial Youth Civilization "and" national-level Youth Civilization "," Shandong Tourism consumer unit trust "and other honorary title, Weihai has become one of the major tourist attractions.

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France and China Chishan Hospital - Chinese tourism scenic spots

France and China Chishan Hospital in Shandong Province is located in Rongcheng Ishijima town south of the northern part of the Chi Shan, was built in the Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty is Jiaodong largest Buddhist temple, has a long history, destroyed after the Tang Huichang years.

Japan in 1987 academic study of eminent persons to Chishan in Rongcheng City People's Government Foreign Affairs Office Help rebuild homes France and China, has invested 200 million yuan. In the process of reconstruction, has been the higher authorities and international friends with the strong support and funding. France and China in the reconstruction of the main hospital project covers an area of more than 5000 square meters, the entire Department of the Tang-style architecture, its layout and the "Law for income Tang pilgrimage trip in mind," described in the Text. South Main Hall and take the mountain face, the middle hall has a statue of Buddha Sakyamuni, vivid style, the exquisite sculpture of the CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman of the National Buddhist Association Mr. Zhao Puchu hall for the title of "Main Hall", describe.

  Datang peak, Zhang Bao Luo new candidates into the Tang Gao, a former Ning (Xuzhou today) to small and medium-sized army, he Maria martial arts, fighting bravely, by Datang will love the land, after the return of Silla, Ambassador Ren Hai town, during which he laid a \ "Silk Road on the Sea \ "Has become a well-known local maritime trade at home. In order to protect its maritime his cause of prosperity, are attracted to Chishan Lane set up the first major local temple, and invited the monks chanting. Please as a result of the first group of monks chanting the roof is sectarian, Dusong classic "Lotus Sutra", so named to the House \ "France and China Chishan Hospital \." Chishan Hospital in France and China in the Tang Dynasty famous in its heyday, there were more than 30 monks living here, food and clothing By Gao Chang should supply security. Temple incense very wang, to listen to the people through regular up to two hundred people, in order to provide temporary relief Sheng.

  Tang Hoi Sing, 2004 (839 years) in June, the Japanese yen monk Master Ren Tang and his party into the method, the guest house here two years and nine months, local officials and Buddhist monks of the concern and support, so that To understand at the time of the Tang Dynasty's political, cultural, economic, religious and other aspects of the knowledge of many, into the Tang method to take place. After returning, Master Ren-round obsession for China's huge gains, for a "pilgrimage to Tang for law firms in mind," a book on France and China Chishan Hospital was described in detail so that France and China Chishan Hospital Young at home and abroad. At the same time, in order to thank the people's deep friendship Chi Shan, Yuen Ren responsible for their disciples in Kyoto, Japan, Koyasan small to Chishan in the name of the construction of the \ "Chi Shan Buddhist Temple \."

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Chengshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengshan Scenic Area is located in Rongcheng City, Shandong Province Gracilaria Island town, eastern end Chengshan the mountains. This is the Qin Shi Huang said, "at the end of days" and therefore got its name: Chengshan. Chengshan an elevation of 200 meters from east to west 1.5 km wide, 2 km long from north to south, covers an area of 2.5 square kilometers. South Korea across the sea and only 94 , Is the easternmost point where land and sea, to see the first sunrise at sea, so as the "Sun Kai or place", "China's Cape of Good Hope."

This is the Qin Shi Huang said, "at the end of days", 75 km from Weihai. As a result of Chengshan located at the eastern end of the range named after. Chengshan Sea surface, then a land, and South Korea across the sea, only 94 sea miles apart, China is the most eastern end of the junction of land and sea, known since ancient times, "where the sun rises", "China's Cape of Good Hope" The said. Here continuous green peaks, vast blue sea, cliffs Wei-ran, snow waves, the magnificent, is the rationale for The summer resort tourism. The main attractions are the sea donkey Island, Temple Shi Huang, Li Qin Shi, al-Japan-Taiwan, Qin remains of the bridge, Hai Ting Wang, Guan Tao House, Stone Town and Safari Park, and so on.

  Chengshan is considered to be Japan since ancient times by God to the UN. According to the "Historical Records" set: Jiang Taigong Zhouwu Wang agreed to help The next, in the worship of God on Sunrise, repair on the main temple; 219 BC, 210 years of the First Qin Emperor, your visit to this place twice, the famous temple ceremony, the search for eternal youth of medicine, left, "Qin Bridge Relics "," Li Qin Shi "and" shark Radio Taiwan "," Shi Huang Temple, "Li Si and hand-written" Tianjin Tou, Qin "Monuments; 94 BC, Emperor Liu Che Tour East Sea, al Chengshan on the main temple and watch the sunrise, Hill built concept, and red for wild song.

  Chengshan since ancient times is the battleground, the three countries, Sui and Tang dynasties, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Bingshi have taken place. Sino-Japanese naval battle that shocked the world of Halo Battle of the Yellow Sea, took place 10 nautical miles east of the Chengshan outside surface of the sea. Northern navy patriotic generals on Deng Shichang martyred here. In recognition of Deng Shichang oath with a total of warships to the survival of the heroic spirit, Emperor Guang Xu Royal Secret Inspector inscriptions, posthumous title, "Armstrong Day", Deng monument has been preserved in the imperial temple.

After the founding of the party and state leaders Hua Guofeng, Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang, Wan Li, Qiao Shi, Peng Zhen, Tian and so on, as well as domestic and foreign writers, artists have this tour. Comrade Hu Yaobang was also personally wrote the name of the "Tianjin Tou," and "an upsurge of emotion," the bracket digit.

Three Chengshan Sea, land and then a green peaks while cotton, blue ocean wave-ho, Weiran steep, snow waves, the magnificent million, is an ideal summer resort tourism. In 1988 was to be approved by the State Council as a "state-level scenic spots."

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Thousands of real-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Thousands of real hole at Rongcheng Croucher Mountain northwest of the top cool. Jin Dading years, Wang Chongyang to the East and apprentices, Quan-Zhen Religion in the creation of Taoism. East Wangchu Yi Mou, Yang Yu word on al-dong Wang Chongyang haze Kunyu Mountain Division for the exercise Road Act. Cheng Road, Wang Yuyang hew to the East Hill, live in the light goes inside the cave, continue to study law Road, Li had Quan-Zhen Religion send Kunshan, a doctrine known as "cloud-light" and later, cloud-light an increasing number of visitors, Wang Yuyang over the disturbance, top Chinese and cool this invaluable piece of land, it will only lead people to move here Road, In its North Shek Pik on a hole cut, fine-sounding name of "real hole." Taoism decline of the Ming Dynasty, the rise of Buddhism, Wanli, So far people travel far and wide, see-wide hole really extraordinary scenery, it is now inside the cave Shek Pik on the 1000 Buddha, so "the whole truth hole" will be renamed the "thousands of real-hole" or "Thousand-Buddha Grottoes." Thousands of real-hole to the south, house size, the wall of the numerous statues Keman, who, small surplus of boxing, Diaogong fine shape True, thousands of, life. Buddha sculpture in an orderly manner, the left side of the line nine, eight right side of the line, on both sides of the portal have a large statue of Buddha, is a total of 998. Also 2 North in a hillside known as the "Ladder" on the wall. Legend, the Buddha may be a small refuge misfortunes, the increase in the wisdom and strength.

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Resorts of seawater Game Zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Domestic first-class natural beach, Dongnuanxialiang, fine sand beach slow, clear water, surrounded by pine forests. Flowers and decorative stone on the shore, it is a new open Shen Yi. Beach amusement park with water in the world, and other entertainment facilities, as well as speed boats, cruise ships, pleasure boats, and other water projects. The beach restaurant and accommodation facilities Shi complete, comprehensive services to meet the needs of consumers at different levels, each year in May -9 on the tourist season is here.

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Liu Island National Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

It is a famous, natural scenery and cultural landscape in one state-level forest park. Here in the park are the Northern Navy monument, flag-top Fort Hill, Fort monument Here, after the Fort, like Liu, a zoo, like Liu, Shek Wu Hua, Kikunami cliff, Liu Quan, cypress three brothers, Shi Hua Yu, Jiang board Stone, Tony grass mouth, Fort Island 15, and other scenic spots and natural attractions attractions. Wild deer can be seen everywhere, there are all kinds of beasts more than 30 kinds of birds. Verdant trees in the park, Yamahana brilliant, towering old trees, the forest coverage rate of 85%, more than 60 kinds of trees growing race here. On the main peak, the panoramic scenery of the island, Huangrugeshi heart Shen Yi, history has given to visitors, "ten must dust", "Dong Tian is here to" reputation. Admission: 10 yuan, the top flag Fort Hill paying 8. Liu Gongmiao - Flag Hill cable from the top 25 yuan (ropeway to buy votes in big ticket-free 10)

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Rongcheng Swan Lake Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The world's largest habitat for swans, located at the eastern end of the Shandong Peninsula of Rongcheng Chengshan Wei inside the town, now the provincial tourism resort. Legend of Swan Lake is the Qin Shi Huang's wife from the tears pooling. The water clear, golden beaches, clear water, blue sky, the beautiful scenery. Every year in November to April the following year, 10,000 large swans, a few Only wild ducks, geese traveled from Siberia, Inner Mongolia and other places, to come here in large numbers wintering habitat, as a result of "Swan of the Kingdom of the Orient." And the sea from a lake 100 meters wide, separated by a major barrier to form a 10,000 meters of natural beach and sand beach to. Now this place has built large-scale sea Music companies, large-scale entertainment city, the race track and the high-end hotels such as Hotel. Summer visitors to this summer, enjoy the cool air, seafood, seaweed wash and watch the waves; swans can be seen in winter, snow concept.

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China Sino-Japanese War Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Museum from 1985 until now received more than 110 countries close to the tens of millions of viewers, including more than 90 Party and state leaders. In 1994, China and Japan hundred anniversary of the Sino-Japanese War, Comrade Jiang Zemin at the Sino-Japanese War Museum, wrote the name of the museum. The museum is now open to visit scenic spots there are admirals Department, the Long Temple, Ding Ruchang home, the Northern officers and men of the Navy Memorial, the naval college, East Fort-hong, the hall after the Fort, Fort Hill top of the flag, with a total area of more than 100,000 square meters. At present, the Museum's possession of more than 1,000 historical photos, and the Sino-Japanese War of the Northern navy relics more than 200 pieces of information, the salvage ship more than 300 pieces of cultural relics China Sino-Japanese War of the Sino-Japanese War Memorial Museum is dedicated to the management, conservation agencies, the Northern jurisdiction of the Navy and the history of the Sino-Japanese war relics 28. In January 1988, Liu has been to the island to commemorate Sino-Japanese War of the State Council announced a national key cultural unit. Museum to a wealth of historical sites and features fresh Audio-visual display, attracting the majority of the audience at home and abroad. Since the hall, there has been rated as "national outstanding community education base", "national patriotism education base for young people", "100 demonstration bases for patriotic education." China Sino-Japanese War Museum with its unique audio-visual display, later to become their Old haunt Sino-Japanese War, patriotic officers and men of the Burmese King, bearing in mind the lessons of history, to accept an important place for patriotic education. Millions of viewers learn the power of the spirit of patriotism, have had a huge social benefits.

  Liu on the island of the Northern Navy admirals Department of Weihai is one of the important monuments 12-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1887), the establishment of the Northern naval court, and Du Shu located on the island, the study said the Northern Navy Yamen, is the Northern Command's naval authorities.

Department admirals Mountain sea, sitting south, to Changyuan Wai, an area of 10,000 square meters, is an ancient brick buildings. Along There are three Jinyuan La axis, points before, during and after the Office of the three. Before the Chamber is in the banquet hall, the Festival Hall in the back. East-West corridor linking Kuayuan asked. In front of the turret around for the big Ming Jin, observation and play music, something that both sides of the Yuan Men. The entire building cornices painting houses, magnificent. Yamen admirals 200 meters outside the south-west Navy Ding Ruchang home. Qing Emperor Guangxu 20 (1894) Sino-Japanese naval battle in the Northern and Japanese naval battle in the Yellow Sea. Captain Deng Shichang Ding Ruchang admirals and heroic struggle, the last heroic martyred.

China is now the Department of admirals into the Sino-Japanese War Museum by the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State I Comrade Jiang Zemin wrote the name Museum. The museum is also responsible for the management and protection of the Dragon Temple, the naval college, the Northern officers and men of the Navy Memorial 28, and so on the former site of the Northern Navy. In 1988 the State Council was announced as the national key cultural unit, and was named "national demonstration bases for patriotism education." National Museum of Cultural Heritage, the Communist Youth League Central, six national ministries, the Central Propaganda Department were named as the "national outstanding community education base" and "national youth education base", "national patriotism education bases in primary and secondary schools", "national patriotism education The base model. "

Museum Collection in a large number of precious cultural relics, the seabed of the two giant water guns, each weighing more than 20 tons, the world only. Through artifacts, photographs, wax, sand table, in the form of exhibitions, and other models and video means, vividly recreates the time the Navy and the Northern face of the history of Sino-Japanese War. Is launching a display of 22, indoor Chen Display area of 5000 square meters, opening up 6 spots to visit the area more than 60,000 square meters. The library opened all the year round, not closed at noon, the service of civilization, and on the cycle, and guided visits.

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Tien Hou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tien Hou Temple is located in the town of Rock Island, and South Block area, for the three-structure of the temples, the unique layout of the strict, ancient spectacular style. Since the 1991 opening, visitors. Tien Hou Temple in China, many can be seen fishing village. According to legend, Tin Hau Lin Yan Dai for the prime minister, living in Hong Kong and Fujian virtuous Kamata, The father of Lin Fujian South is willing, so that the inspection of Quanzhou, well-off. Song Taizu build-up in the first year of his mother on March 23 gave birth to this woman, as a result of the full moon does not hear the sound of crying, named the "silent." Seven-year-old Lin will be able to know the context solution, there are 12-year-old Taoist priest Xuan Xuan Wei to teach her magic bullet. Lin, 15-year-old that day, his father and older brother to the sea To the wind and waves, weaving in her eyes closed when all of a sudden, Soe hand, foot bamboo look abnormal. To wake her mother, the shuttle landed, she said, "my father was out of danger, brother Shen has been the sea." The next day, find out the facts as fruit statement. As a result, she said to God regardless. 28 years old lunar calendar September Ninth, she bid farewell to the crossing Zhongjie Mei Meizhou Island peak, people have heard the faint sound of music, see Choi flew, she disappeared. Late Ming and early Qing, Shanxi, Wang Hong Tong County, Germany, in the Qianlong in 16 years to build the Tien Hou Temple, the palace is divided into three, then along the Jiaodong one of the larger temple, was reported pilgrimage pilgrims flocked to have Popular Who was away. For the protection of monuments, to spread national culture, early in 1991, Rongcheng people to invest 500,000 yuan a day to repair well after the floor of the palace hall, the door, Xi Lou, Hall, today, hospital colorful stones were carved to attract many visitors Watch for another new King Ishijima

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Mountain Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taishan to being the best option Mingyangtianxia Sacred Mountains of China, China's famous mountains of the top 10 in the first.
  Mountain 1532 meters above sea level in China is not high in the mountains, Sacred Mountains of China Xiyue Huashan lower than in the last 1,000 meters, so this lofty status, geography and history are two reasons prompted.

Geographically First of all the lower reaches of the Yellow River for the Taishan Mountain in the first, the Shannan Prefecture of Dawenkou Culture Hill and the North fully cultural Longshan Mountain region is the birthplace of one of the ancient civilization. Frequent flooding of the Yellow River Basin, by the early Tarzan to escape floods, in their heart that they Taishan life, race, life based on the geographical Formed to rely on the psychological Taishan, Mount Tai's help so that the ancients have a fear, the myth has been gradually. Second, the ancients as a result of a narrow understanding of the natural world, that all the world thanks to the sun, resulting in a mysterious cult. Mount Tai Tai Hao Shaohao tribes live, "ho" in the sky there is not only the meaning of the day, less Taihao Also the title of Apollo. In order for a better day to know their respect and prayers, Alpine is the best option, as the person activities at the time of the limited scope of their activities in the region, Mount Tai is the highest mountain, "Thai" "Dai" in the ancient word In the same, are "big", is the Taishan mountain. Therefore, Hill is the nearest days, Dawenkou unearthed on the volcano's image, the image is displayed at the time of the ancient psychological, the Taishan Mountain to make this feature more to the myth.

Historically, because of their ancestors and the scope of activities in the region of Mount Tai in the first height of Mount Tai appeared to make worship Heaven This does not worship with the productivity and knowledge of the disappearance of progress, but because the ancient Chinese emperors to strengthen their rule, the same propaganda "theocracy Tianshou" theory, in order to prove this theory, it is the closure of the activities of Mount Tai Shan So that the role of the Heaven Mountain continued, the feudal rulers of this Mount Tai in the act so that kamiyama the hearts of the people to further strengthen the status and subsequently became the emperor on behalf of every life must be one of the event. Although no longer carried out after the Song Dynasty to the Feng Chan, but the cult has further expanded activities, Lai Man-free people do not know Taishan Mountain.

Shandong Taishan is located in the central part of modern science and determination, As in 25 million years ago the Earth orogeny, as the emergence of front-orogenic zone, the steep mountain Yamagata focus, together with the surrounding terrain is relatively low, so that their ancestors have hung on the Mount Tai, heavy feeling.

Gu Cheng Tai Shan "Daishan," "Zong", covering an area of 426 square kilometers, 1545 meters out. Taishan both magnificent scenery, which rise amid ups and downs, Shen He Valley, vigorous pine and cypress, waterfalls flow-ming, the four seasons changing landscape of the natural landscape, and the "rising sun" and "sea of clouds Yu Pan," "Yellow gold belt" and "sunset evening light "Ten, and other natural wonders, Hill peak from where they stand proudly, surrounded by well-known mountains are the main peak of 112, Cliff Ridge 98, 102 Valley, the peaks form the arch-dai, the magnificent mountain Taishan.

Mountain view, Shannan from east to west have Dongxi, in the river, three major Xixi Valley, North East and the West since there are large, r. Candle-day peak, three Taohua Yu Otani, six large natural valley of Mount Tai will be divided into six irregular regions, formed a well-known Taishan six spot. "You, Kuang, Austria, the show, Miao, Li" is the essence of Mount Tai Shen Xiu, it is natural that there are countless thousands of years of building workers.

Mount Tai is the natural and human landscape wonderful combination, Goldenthal Emperor Qin Shi Huang Shan who began, there have been Emperor, Emperor Guangwu, Emperor Guangwu, Emperor of Tang Dynasty, Xuanzong, Empress Wu, Shinshu of the Song Dynasty, Qing Dynasty The Kangxi and Qianlong Emperor, and so on, all the Taishan parade, leaving a lot of cultural relics. At the same time, and Taishan is the Buddha Road to teach two popular place, so the temple, famous all over the whole mountain, Mount Tai natural scenery and cultural reasons, but also attracts seekers can explore history, such as Li Bai, Du Fu Tai roaming and so on, leaving behind a lot of beautiful poems.

Taishan has a 2000 multiple Cliff stone, and its scale, quality as much as Age-old book of the whole body, which is famous both at home and abroad unmatched silent, just like Mount Tai Weiwei a national monument standing in the vast land of China, attracted worldwide attention. Taishan abundant precipitation, fruits, animals, medicinal variety of trees in the area, with the exception of Mount Tai natural growth, as the historical importance of history, Many plantation workers, so many old trees along the road. More than 100 years old and valuable trees of more than 30,000 trees, including planting of the Han Dynasty emperor of the Han Bo 6, 2100 years old has reached, and in 1300 the former Tang Huaijing, 500 years of the former Pine Point were five doctors Song, and so on.

From One point of view, the emperor to Mount Tai Feng Chan, for political purposes, people come to Mount Tai, Mount Tai is pray to bless the mother Xia Yuanjun, Buddhism and Taoism to Taishan, Mount Tai is to use the well-known to carry forward their own theories, come seekers can explore Mount Tai, Most travel for the purpose of the landscape. Therefore, they should be the pioneer of modern tourism, Taishan 987 years been recognized as World Natural and Cultural Shuangyi Chan, their credit.

Taishan culture, the concentration of ancient Chinese culture, it is worth every Chinese person's experience. In that case, the essence of this culture, what is it? Is the integration should be unified, hard-working Efforts to move forward.

Integration of unity, of Mount Tai Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism, such as the perfect fusion of cultures, such integration is a concrete manifestation of unity. The Great Hall of the People's Heroes Monument and the cornerstone of Stone Mountain is used, not only because of the quality of Stone Mountain, it also implies that the integration of a unified fine .

Hard-working, self-improvement. Porters Taishan is the best representative of that spirit, when you witness the pace they are, can we really understand what it is step by step.

Efforts to move forward, each person had Teng Tai, will be a profound experience.
Goldenthal mountain, only to see its magnificent, a deeper understanding of experience is included in the Mount Tai and the national spirit to be baptized.

By the magnificent Mount Tai is a symbol of the Chinese nation, from Sima Qian's dictum: "a natural death, or weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather." To " Tarzan did not know "and" non-bending Taishanyading "... ..., are deepening our longing for the Mount Tai. Taishan board, like climbing the Great Wall, many Chinese people's dream.

Mount Tai is the most attractive place in the history of Mount Tai is the only Chinese emperor who Fengchan mountains. Mount Tai is also the time Buddhism and Taoism teach prosperity of the two, is on the dynasties emperors to worship Hill. Imperial dynasties went, the temple was built statues, stone inscriptions, left a large number of cultural relics. Master of Masters history Taishan also to the utmost admiration, one after another around here. Tai Shan's poetry, a tribute to history, Gough as many as 1,000 in the first one. Tai Shan walked into that entered history. Thai city from the south-west of the agency's first Jide Hill, where Artemisia Hill to come Yuhuang Ding-day, just to name a few scenic spots and historical sites, Cliff in the mountains around the stele. Daimiao, Emperor of planting cypress Cui Ying whirling; Red Gate Palace, Confucius, "Hill Goldenthal small world" feeling, wind around residual sound; back to the horse , And back before it is too late emperor's cowardice, especially now look; Cloud River Bridge, step-by-step, five of the Chi Feng Qin Shi Huang Olofsson, the thin bone Angcang; 18, Li Bai, Du Fu's history scholars, "smiling for pictures of the new Redcliffe Wing" Mexico not intended, as high winds in Utah; Xia Temple, a grand ceremony Feng Chan Chao Chao at the beginning. In addition, there Daimiao, shines , The Queen Mother of the pool, Yu Shi, Xia Temple, the Japanese concept of feng, Nan Tianmen, Yu Huangding major historical sites.

Mountain scenery is attractive Taishan, Mount Tai Junba peak, the magnificent scene in both "natural Mountain Park" and a "microcosm of the history and culture of the East." Taishan deep valley, song Man Shan, a famous scenic spot Tianzhu Feng, the concept of peak day, Baizhang Ya, fairy bridge, five Olofsson, who look loose, Longtan Fei Bao, Yun Fei Pu Bridge, Santanfeibao and so on.

You look at the four wonders of Mount Tai: Sunrise Mountain, Yu Pan sea of clouds, sunset evening light, the Yellow River with gold.

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Sorai Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sorai mountain, located in Tai'an City and the city of Xintai the junction of east-west mountain range, 100 Wei Yi, Tai Shan and distant relative, the top 1028 m peak at peace, heavy mountain monuments, of which Taiwan was drying Ying Wen Song of the Department of Confucius , Zhuxi Tianbao for years and Li Chao Fu-hole, Zhang Ming, and other gathering place. Fan Chong-year leadership of the Western Han Dynasty did not Yijun have camped here, when the Qing Nian Army had defeated the Qing. Culai Mountain View Om existing temple and a number of stone stele, which is located in the concept of hidden cents tea stone valley, built in the Ming Dynasty, including the construction of the main six-Tang Yi, Lvzu Temple, and so many others in the vicinity of Shek Pik Inscription literary history. Sorai most famous Cliff Hill, Ling Xiang yellow Sorai Shandong section on the south side of the top young Foshan and Guanghua Temple in the southeast for years, the Northern Qi Dynasty (570 years) by Lishu carved with stone valley as Mount Tai and Zouxian Tieshan famous stone.

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Bringing the Lutai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

She Shenya Zhan Lu in Taiwan, Confucius had Teng Chuan Lu are looking to this Qufu. Zhao Shi there: "good luck Shenxiu 10 minutes," Zhou Erfu title, "Wang smoke cloud upon" all engraved.

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Tin Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Street days - the city in the sky, here is not only beautiful scenery and prosperous trading, is the feature of the top 10 markets. The firm's history there is to be marked by the kind of traditional, colander, got up, two-house fighting, and so on. Days into the street, whether shopping or viewing are very happy.

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