Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fu amusement park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu amusement park by the Weifang New Group Tillich Asia and the U.S. entertainment company has a joint venture to build the world's advanced level in today's modern large-scale amusement park, located in the "World Kite" Weifang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Paradise by the United States design center design undertake love clindamycin, and a total investment of 300,000,000 Yuan, covers an area of more than 300 acres, the size of its investment, functional facilities, with an average water level of domestic advanced, to enjoy the "Qilu Garden in the first" reputation. Large and medium-sized amusement park has more than 000 items, from the United States, Japan, Italy and other places to introduce, with a typical style of Europe and the United States. There are 50 large-scale amusement project -Meter-high Ferris wheel, the thrills of the double loop roller coaster 888 meters long, 46 meters high Tiao Santa, space flight, train, Central Park, the Crazy Mouse, Liu Yong Jin, merry-go-round and dynamic changes of thousands of cinemas, and so on. 1,000 million investment in the water in the world, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, equipped with standard pool games Long-made pond, 18 meters in the high-profile slides, spiral slides, children's leisure pools of water more than a dozen recreational projects. Golf Club covers an area of 60 acres, Europe and the United States to adopt standards for the construction of advanced design, has a unique charm. Park has an American-style malls, there are all kinds of tourism products for visitors to enjoy the election ; Of which are equipped with a number of restaurants, mainly in Shandong, in line with Western-style fast food, at different levels to meet the food needs of tourists. In addition, Fu and the amusement park were matched Fu Hotel (five star), as well as team travel Fu, into housing, health, leisure, and other means of transport service functions, the set of food, housing Travel, entertainment, to buy six elements in one, full-featured, full service. Fu amusement park and convenient traffic, Rinzai Green Road North, south and the Weifang airport, Xu Wei, Shi Wei, and other important route from the station to Fu amusement park less than a half hour's drive. As the cold northern winter, winter outdoor projects more affected to Tourism is the best summer and autumn. Paradise match with a kite museum is home to the only kite museum professionals as the main body, and its unique appearance, like a head centipede kite flying. Museum's collection of woodblock prints and all kinds of kites, and other non-governmental arts and crafts, embodies the Weifang ancient culture and art, You know the history and Weifang Kite customs ideal place to go. Weifang Fu amusement park with its advanced, new entertainment facilities, high-taste of the cultural atmosphere, warm and considerate service, Qilu become a land of bright pearl.

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