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Zhucheng Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhucheng museum built in 1979, covers an area of 9900 square meters, construction area of 2500 square meters, the entire area for the museum courtyard-style layout, is a nation with the characteristics of the buildings. St. Paul-entered the entrance tower, through the title of "old Langya County" and "state secret" of the moon gate, along the spacious flat Road, into the open courtyard of the scenic area is Minzuxingshi with the Office of the magnificent display of relics. Office of the display off by the Office of the North Hall, South Hall consists of three parts, and display a total of Zhucheng collection of modern and ancient cultural treasures were 1.5 million cases. At the national level in which more than 40 pieces of cultural relics, the Heritage 70, three more than 400 pieces of cultural relics, a representative of more than 700. Hall use the maps, photographs, diagrams, models, etc., in order to ancient times, primitive society, slave society, feudal society as a dividing line, the system introduced Zhucheng geography, history, the evolution of the territory, ancient sites , A variety of cultural relics, history, and other celebrities, vividly demonstrated in various historical periods Zhucheng political, economic and cultural development, show people Zhucheng created a splendid culture. Zhucheng museum's antiquities collection, starting in 5000, before the cultural relics of primitive society, down to the last Of a wide range of items. Not only reflect the development of social productive forces and production of a variety of tools, appliances, life, but also the expression of human civilization, the original text, painting, production of exquisite bronzes, a wide variety of pottery, porcelain absolutely beautiful, but also shows that social development Field of culture and art as well as the brilliant scene in the decoration , Stone carvings and the vast number of rural states with the historical literature classics. The essence of human civilization, which fully reflects the Province's oldest civilizations. The most precious collections of cultural relics in a collection of mainly 7: 1. Warring States period, the first Ti Liang Ying copper pots, strange shapes, and exquisite production, is the rare thin Treasure. 2. Warring States period for copper, a total of 7, heavy style, ornamentation harassment, superb technology, well-preserved, there are inscriptions cast on it for the study of Qi and Lu have important cultural value. 3. Reflect the Southern Song period, "the military Hongao" anti-Marshal Kim activity right Jianjun India, China and India for the Copper, was a square-shaped monument India Zhuanshu Permian Brunei for the body, "Marshal right Jianjun India", inscribed the back, "Xin Mao years," and "Shandong Huainan line chancery building." India is the peasant uprising in Shandong, Hong Ao loyalty and military organizations to carry out the struggle of the evidence against Kim. 4. Daming Xuande years, blue-and-white bowl, form thick, tight patterns, colors, Dai Qing, moisturizing enamel, for the next On behalf of the porcelain works. 5. Balcony of the Han Dynasty stone - Kun sentence diagram, map-ming title. 6. Tomorrow Ding Yunpeng Baimiao "Ocean's 18 picture", Volume 7 meters long, two hours before and after, as part of the pre-Ding Yunpeng copy of the different attitude, life-like Ocean's 18; after Liu-Fang Li Xing Shu is part of the body Tiba, "Chan 18" Law delicate and pretty, rich in content, can be treasures. 7. Shandong Province in the Qing Dynasty scholar Gao Fu South Shigao books, books for folding, the Department of the South by Fu draft of the poem written by right-hand man, Gao and the possession of ancient Indian sculpture and personal seal, an impression, such as "Hou Kuan "," Liu Ling of China and India "," Dongfang Shuo India "," Fu old South, "" Han Feng and India. "Pottery in the collections include more than 1,300 pieces of stone block more than 50, more than 1,700 pieces of jade, calligraphy and painting more than 700 pieces (copies). Museum keep ancient books and documents include the rural state of about 4,000 copies of this Beituo More than 400 books.

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