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Yi Shan scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yi Shan scenic spots including the main Yi Shan National Forest Park, East Zhenmiao, Qilu the Great Wall, Yi Shan Reservoir Hill mark for the Treasury, and so on. Mountains in the region and downs, peaks overlap range upon range of hills, Podou a deep valley, the river rapids. Terrain of environmental and forest impact of climate Forest Park Obviously, the average annual temperature of 10.8oC, annual precipitation 849.5 mm. Yishan for the quality of magmatic rock mountain to granite, gneiss mainly rare sandstone rock weathering better, there are more than loose soil under the parent material.

Yi Shan, also known as "Little Mountain"-to enjoy the "Mountain of respect for the Sacred Mountains of China, Yi Shan was the first of five town" reputation. King not only beautiful naturally As well as ancient human landscape. There are spectacular beauty of the forest landscape, forest green area of 2043.2 hectares, the coverage rate reached 91.2 percent, to song-type, black locust, as the main types of oak trees, and water-yu Sorbus, Sam A rare bird species such as medicine.

There are strange dangerous mountain Concept, more than 800 meters above sea level, Yuhuang Ding, Gushan Waitoushan, such as the Lions Gushan Qi Gushan different. Looking up at the Yuhuang Ding, the sun falls, Mount Baiyun top, looking down at the scenery around baili, glance; Waitoushan Gushan stands towering, high-rise space dome, if steep cut in the very top of Gushan, stacked stone, as if on its board Who purchase the air; Gushan son like a huge lion, Yu Huangding recline in the side, like King of the Hill in the town. Juan Xiu Hydrographic scene in the landscape.

Bai Zhangya falls between 68 meters for the Linqu one of the Eight. The river twists and turns of jade belt, the man wearing a stone-gap, arise from time to time, then suddenly urgent relief. There are odd vagaries of Sky . At the foot of the white clouds rolling in from time to time, from time to time between the rise amid heavy fog in the serial, blue skies from time to time, Fei Fei rain from time to time. Three years beginning of the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu Yi Shan in person for religious shrine, built in Yuhuang Ding Dong Zhen Miao, "Mount Tai temple," Wong Sui Wendi open for 14 years, moved to the temple on the Temple side of the law goes, "Dong Yi Temple Hill. " Kin Lung , Moved to the site and build a temple 93 of Ying Road homes. Yun Yu Huangding law at Temple in the northeastern part gentle, was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty between East. There was permitted a hundred Seng She Ying, the two Jinyuan La, Hong-scale profile, magnificent, it is not only the ancient temples of the first Dong Yi Shan, Green Island during the Han and Jin is the largest temple. Yi Tai Forest Park self-contained power and water supply. Have been incorporated into the program-controlled telephone network. There are now three hotels, which can accommodate 150 people dining, lodging. Three car park area of more than 7000 square meters, travel goods, an integrated outlets, Yi Shan Forest Park to facilitate the traffic outside, the five county region trunk road, Three (the Provisional sheep, Thailand Xue, Wei Fu Road) from Park East, West, North, through, have access to good condition.

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