Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yinlou million - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yinlou million in Weifang City is located 1 km, covers an area of 370 square meters, construction area of 380 square meters, 7 km away from the Weifang airport, train station 1.5 kilometers away from Weifang, China and India million is the floor, Chen-chi-ching in the light of the creation of 30 years Because it had more than 10,000 pieces of cultural relics collection of treasures, it said Yinlou million. Since opening in 1993, its reception 8 thousand people, including thousands of overseas visitors more than 2. Chen Qi (1813-1884) in Weifang City Weicheng district, the word Shou-ching, a famous Qing Dynasty stone of Jurists. 25 light years of examination, the Academy award editing, in Xianfeng Village to the resignation of four years. Over the next 30 years , Addressed to concentrate on the collection and study of epigraphy, to become master of their golden generation. He tirelessly to the spirit of the stone for examination and released, wrote more than 50 kinds of books, antiquities authority of the profession: an argument with his criticism, not only was higher than first-class peers, it can be said that "without parallel in history, no to those who "" Shi Shulin "unique, simple dignified and enriched the art of calligraphy in China. His life-long efforts, China's epigraphy has made outstanding contributions to winning the admiration of experts and scholars at home and abroad. Yinlou million complex with a typical Qing Weifang behalf of the characteristics of the building, and the court of the Qing Dynasty architectural style. The East Building Is well-known both at home and abroad Yinlou million, two-story East Building 10, introduced the collection on display, the academic achievements of the West Hall between 3 and antique items on display hall, the collection of 11 bells, the whole of Lent take "ten minutes three Housing. " Collection of rare treasures: Maogong Ding, Bolin had feasts.

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