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Dongting Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yueyang Dongting Lake is the ground floor of the ancient ruins of the Yunmeng Ze, its lake is too broad, since ancient times, "?????" said that although it is now the area has been smaller than doubled, but it is still the country The second-largest lake, the vast Yan Bo, Shuitianyise, said Fan Zhongyan it, "the title of Toyama, swallowing the Yangtze River, is so vast and Dang, Wang Ya boundless. "

You can not miss three Jiangkou Dongting Lake, Xiang River, Dongting Lake and along the Jingjiang where billowing into the Yangtze River, is seeing open-minded. In addition, Junshan Island, Xiang Lufeng acres of flowers and plaster are also worth a visit.

  Dongting Lake is China's second largest light Lake, Hunan and Hubei provinces cross, which the Yangtze River north, south Hunan, the capital, Yuan, Feng Shui IV, known as "Lake?????." Dongting Lake is the meaning of fairy Dong Fu, we can see the beautiful scenery of charming. Its greatest feature is the lake outside Lake, Lake in the Shan.

  Lake of the most beautiful scenery Many are state-level scenic spots, such as: Yueyang, Junshan, the tomb of Du Fu, Confucian Temple, Lung, and other relics in the State College. The most famous lake is Junshan, Junshan beautiful. It is one of the Dongting Lake on the island, the island the size of 72 peaks, where the ferry every day to and from a range of about one hour. Junshan 000 Dongting Hill, Dongfu mean to be a god. Legend has it that in 4000, Shun southern tour, his two Feizi Queen E, F and Britain as the recovery of climbing bamboo cry, tears trickling in bamboo, the owner has become. Later, two died in the mountains Princess, Princess There are two generations into the tomb. They also known as Xiang Fei, Xiang Jun, to commemorate the Xiangjun, they hole Hill read a Junshan. Second Princess tomb of the existing monuments, Xiang Fei Temple, 10 minutes flying, and so on. Junshan the famous bamboo, owner, Ocean's bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra, such as bamboo. Held here every year, the grand dragon boat festival, He Huajie and water sports.

  Dongting Lake is a famous land of fish and rice, and its products is extremely rich. The products have Hebang, eels, crabs, and other precious Dongting He Xian. Dongting Lake "Lake Lake" Lotus Lake, the famous rich Xiang-lian. Xiang-lian full particles, fresh meat, is considered ancient treasures in the lotus.

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Yueyang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yueyang Baling Gu Cheng, also known as Yuezhou, is a 2,500-year-old cultural city. Hunan Province is located in north-eastern part of Hubei and Jiangxi provinces adjacent, is a rich (rich in resources), excellent (excellent location), the United States (scenic). 4 dominates the city of 2 County District 4, with a total area of 15,000 square kilometers The total population of 5,245,400, of which urban area of 824 square kilometers, population 780,000, second only to the comprehensive economic strength of the provincial capital Changsha, Hunan, home to the second place.

  Yueyang, Linjiang is the only city in Hunan Province. One is located in the Lake (Lake) of the original two (Jianghan Plain and Dongting Lake Plain) Province (Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi) four-lane (Jing-Guang Railroad, the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway, the 107 National Highway, the Yangtze River) of the convergence of multi-point, second only to the middle reaches of the Yangtze River in Wuhan is one of the "Golden Cross", especially in the Dongting Lake The bridge opened to traffic, constitutes a "joint east of the West," "north-south through the" convenient traffic network. 1992 , Yueyang has been identified as the State Council, opening the first batch of cities along the Yangtze River. In 1996, the Yangtze River, one of the eight major deep water port in Hong Kong Chenglingji approved by the National People's Congress, officially opening round. So far, the city's total of more than 600 projects to attract foreign investment actually utilized foreign capital 1,500,000,000 U.S. dollars. Hunan Province in the east Department of the lower reaches of the Xiangjiang, which is in the convergence of the Yangtze River and Dongting Lake area, from the three countries when there is an ancient city - Yueyang, the Northern Song Dynasty written by Fan Zhongyan "Yueyang in mind" Mingyangtianxia here.

  Yueyang is the rise of a prosperous industrial city. The city's total industrial enterprises in 2000 , In which more than 90 large and medium-sized enterprises. 52,400,000,000 yuan industrial output value. Shape the chemical industry, building materials, refrigeration, paper, fodder, medicine 6 pillars of the industry. South Africa has the largest petrochemical enterprises Baling Company (annual production value of 6.8 billion, annual sales of 6.6 billion) and the long-chain group (annual production value of 90 Yuan and annual sales of 9.0 billion), Asia's largest ramie textile enterprises Dongting ramie textile printing and dyeing plant (annual production value of 200,000,000 yuan, annual sales of 180,000,000 yuan), the country's largest manufacturers of air-conditioned bus Hengli Company (the year Production value of 180,000,000 yuan, annual sales of 200,000,000 yuan), the country of the 10 paper mills, one of the Yueyang Group (annual production value of 770,000,000 yuan, annual sales of 780,000,000 yuan), the largest thermal power plant in Hunan Province Huaneng Yueyang power plant (annual production value of 776,000,000 yuan, annual sales of 776,000,000 yuan). In recent years, there have been Yueyang Hengli, Zheng Hong Science and Technology, Yueyang Hing Cheung, Tianyi Science and Technology, Yueyang Paper, and other five companies Gong listing, Yueyang has become a vital force in economic development.

  Yueyang is rich in resources and long enjoyed a good reputation of base products. The city has 542 million mu of water surface, water volume in the first of the province. The territory of more than 60 kinds of mineral deposits, in particular, rare metals and non-metallic mineral-rich reserves. Which alone The first stone reserves in the nation. High-quality kaolin reserves of more than 100,000,000 tons. Yueyang is not only of the three "of the rare villages," one of the country or grain, cotton, oil, Sheng Zhu production base, including four counties and cities to enter the national grain, cotton, pig production ranks the top 100 counties. The city's agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry output value of 13.9 billion . Grain, cotton, oil, bulk agricultural products such as pig production in the forefront of the province's home. Aquatic products for 11 years, the province's first home, the Yangtze River Crab, Dongting nipponense, Carassius auratus (carp) into the aquatic products industry in our city in the characteristics of the three brands, high-quality special aquatic products output value accounts for more than half of the total value of aquatic products, precious China also sturgeon fish, whitebait Soft-shelled turtle.

  Yueyang is a well-known tourist and cultural city. There is broad cross-Ya, the Meteorology Series Dongting Lake, Liufangqiangu, the famous Yueyang, a drop of tear owner, Liu Yi-book of fairy islands in Lake Junshan, and Peng led Pingjiang the former site of the uprising, the former residence of Ren Bishi To commemorate the revolution, most famous set, the name of water, 000 F, celebrities, as one of the text. 1994 is listed as national historical and cultural city, in 1998 the first batch of China into the ranks of the best tourist cities. Year reception for Chinese and foreign tourists more than 450 million tourism revenue 1,020,000,000 yuan. Since reform and opening up, economic and social development in the city of Yueyang into the "fast lane" of the party and state leaders are very concerned about the construction and development of Yueyang, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Li Ruihuan, Li Lanqing, and so has to inspect the guidance of Yueyang, Yueyang given Greatly encouraged by the spirit of the people, has been States as an integrated City sets reform, optimize the capital structure of the pilot cities, as a civilized nation's most advanced cities, urban construction, the city through science and education advanced cities, urban civilization-the-art health.

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Dongyue Temple Fair - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongyue Temple Fair in Dongguan city of Xinxiang. Five years Qingtai Later Tang Dynasty (935 years) to build. Song, Jin, Yuan and Ming dynasties rehabilitation. Angle of the existing hall building, Bai Dian and the gatehouse, and so on, are built in the Qing Dynasty. One of the most magnificent building in the great hall, a positive Ming Miankuo between late middle level, hanging, "Dong Yue Qitian" He's one plaque, the word Vigorous strong. On both sides of the plaque and sub-Blastophagus between the amount of late, there are plastic color of the Yan-Erlongxizhu with a large number of birds and animals, such as peony flower pattern. Skilled and vivid. Kim Joo-hall species dragon relief, carved exquisite work, rich color.

  The whole building design magnificent, well-structured Liang Jia, Dutch balance of power. On both sides of the axis for the new gallery, the Northern Dynasty to the Ming dynasties built-in multi-stone. Temple is now a new restoration, cultural relics exhibition hall there for a visit.

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The old course of the Yellow River Wetland Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The old course of the Yellow River wetlands located in Xinxiang City, 25 km north-east, an area of 12 hectares, the North China Plain to retain the original natural state. North China Plain is the largest of a state-level wetland nature reserve.

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White Swan Wetland Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

White Swan wetland nature reserve is unique scenery of the Kingdom of birds, there are a number of 10,000 swans, red-crowned crane, Grus, rare birds such as egrets, and numerous wild ducks in the water and habitat, which is a natural park is refreshing.

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Oldies Geopark - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Oldies Geopark is located in the south of Taihang Mountains. Huixian City, Henan Province Bali territory, an area of about 34 square kilometers, 25 million years ago is a geological formation Shanbengdilie odd sites, scenic areas in order to Yixian Tian, columnar peak forest, Tianshengqiao, steep as the main body, staggered ditch, Taiwan, surrounded by cliffs, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths and quiet stream with Tam Embraced the South Pacific has a line of unique geological landforms and Oldies Park. Oldies Geopark in Henan Province is located in the territory of Huixian, the South Pacific line of turn-side arc, so there is "when Kazuo customs, Fumo million opening of" wedge-shaped pass, so-called eight-track line of three. When the appropriate clearance sunset, shot Zixia, shiny glory, Guan Zi Xia said. This Prior to the Spring and Autumn begins, as the Ming Dynasty, Guan has been in the history of the military will fight for the fortress, which got its name and Oldies.

Oldies Geopark River from Pangea, Huashan, all three major scenic spots Bao-dong, west border of Shanxi Province, Shek Mun River to the east, south from Piedmont, north Bali Gou, covering an area of 34 square kilometers It is a stone pillar to Lin, Yi Xiantian mainly Tianshengqiao, supplemented by cliffs, the valley to cross, surrounded by cliffs Taiwan, and the stream You Artesian Bore Baths Fei Bao Tan Cheng Hui matched to the geological characteristics of the landscape type of geological park. Huixian City administrative divisions under the jurisdiction of the town of Bali.

Park with the outside world to facilitate the traffic flow is from Rural City 40 km, 60 km east of the city of Jiaozuo, Zhengzhou City, 100 km north. Coke (for) - Hui (county) road from the south through the park, there is direct access to the Park Avenue. A tourist park up the road in each area, the park is more convenient traffic.

Oldies risk-hung spectacular landscape, since The South, more than 1600 meters from the Sun Yat Sen in straight sets and, with the North China Plain intersection directly in front connected to form a whole giant peaks, deep-hung its trend of non-comparable Tai Yue, the shape of Jun Ji Hua Yue contend with. Plain from the north, too like a huge rock where they stand, East-West Cross-Island extension of more than 20 kilometers, more recent concept of momentum pounds , Awesome heart.

Landscape Gallery, Shanbengdelie landscape, ancient monuments, such as mining, the typical geological relics, as if this constituted a record of millions of years of evolution Cangsang walking dictionary, they are a lot of information and evidence and accurately reflects the customs area's geological development The evolution of the landscape and history. At , We can not only enjoy the magnificent mountain and water scenery, but also insight into the power of Shanbengdelie, that the working people of ancient mining wisdom, so that only one of its wings do not know why natural scenery tourism, sublimation To a higher level of knowledge of popular science tourism.

This is known The halls of the landscape here is a gallery, here is a treasure of art, here is the marine vegetation. Oldies landscape with surprising Yixian Tian, Tianshengqiao, Lin pillars, stones, cliff, mined ancient, natural cave, and other forms of special geological landscape colorful, Artesian Bore Baths Fei Bao Pan River, the river You Bitan, the Beach map Wen, and other water Landscape is more attractive fine. More than 1,000 kinds of plants and animals, or plants, beautiful verdant; rare bird or beast, wandering the forest; blend of landscape, dependent spirit, both Airbus and pulling force, and the magic of the dangerous state, hung in the show with , You-qi and white, like a shaft of three-dimensional landscape painting scroll.

Oldies is a superior natural conditions, geological tourism resource-rich geological parks, it's natural scenery resources, with comprehensive, diversity of characteristics. From the mountains, water, vegetation, animals, and other components of the system and Oldies complete system landscape. In the whole of the various local, have a high scientific and aesthetic value .

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Stephen Foolish Old Man of the area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Foolish Old Man-chuen, located 13 kilometers north of Xinxiang City, located in the suburbs. In the 1960s, the people of North Station to play Yugongyishan spirit of hard struggle, Zhantiandoude, which lasted for nearly 10 years, from artificial cut, named the "Foolish Old Man-chuen." Foolish Old Man-chuen, although it is artificial cut, but the unique natural landscape. Stephen inside the stone cliffs above Rock, Xianyao addition to steel frame; bridge Youquan, a roadside river, winding streets. Although the artificial cut, but Shen He Canyon, a few Cheongdam-hong, the magnificent, the concept of Dayton by a sense of man will triumph over nature.

  From 1974 to 1975, there have been 17 heads of state and 130 countries and regions on behalf of the Lin Quan calluses visit, spoke highly of the miracle knew. Inside the area by the relevant state departments to identify water quality analysis; Foolish Old Man of the spring water is enriched, natural mineral strontium compound. The main element selenium has anti-cancer, anti-aging, beauty, and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as the effectiveness. Visitors can also enjoy the main attractions : For the year two thousand people at the same time the number one pot meal; three well-chuen, Stephen falls on the 3rd, Tomb, the spring-ting, ting old Stephen, Stephen booths in Kazakhstan toad stone, stone fish, Shenxian Dong, Dong Lingquan , Wang Chun-Sea, the Majestic, Xuan rain, the Foolish Old Man-chun, general and the Foolish Old Man of the statue, and so on as more than 80 cultural attractions.

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Lu Capital Cities - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Tomb is located in Xinxiang City, Henan foot of the Phoenix Capital Cities Lu, China is currently the best preserved, the largest area of the Ming Dynasty tomb Fan Wang is also the State Council published in 1996, the fourth of the national key cultural unit. State Administration of Cultural Heritage proposed to be included in the royal mausoleum of the Ming and Qing Dynasties expansion projects, Xinxiang Municipal Government is Lu extremely Capital Cities declared world cultural heritage.
In November 2004, Henan Provincial People's Congress Working Committee agreed with The Guardian Education, Science, Culture and recommendations will be put forward by the deputies, "Lu Tomb of the legislation to protect" the motion included in the agenda of the Henan Provincial People's Congress session, and added into the Of the 10th Henan Province The Standing Committee of the legislative plan to speed up legislation to carry out the work. In early 2004, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, Wang Shouxiu such as the 11 Provincial People's Congress have put forward the motion should be stepped up to the Tomb of Lu protection legislation.
Lu Ming Dynasty Imperial Tombs of China (1368 ~ 1644 AD) tomb of Wang Chien Lu. Lu Wang Zhu Yi Liu (1568 ~ 1614 AD) is the fourth-ming MU cases. Lu Jian Wang from the grave of Shinto, the Tomb of Lu Wang and Zhao Fei at the tomb, with a total area of 400 mu. According to experts, Lu Jian Wang tomb of the main building and the layout of Beijing Ming imperial tombs of the same to the grand scale, beautiful stone Said the study areas in the late Ming Dynasty Fan Wang, as well as the shapes of the mausoleum at the time of construction, sculpture and art, is of great significance. It is its exquisite stone art, folk magic, attracts visitors of the Quartet.

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Hill alliance - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhouwu Wang Shan alliance at the Walker County, 16 km east Xinxiang, adjacent to the new Coke Road. Walker ride to Xinxiang, Jiaozuo to Xinxiang, Xinxiang Wu Zhi to the various bus, the alliance between Walker Hill area that is to get off. Hill Alliance for the division cutting the rate of previous years Zhouwu Wang Zhou, Makino areas are to be held in pre-war League of oath-taking Taiwan, history Records for the soldiers holding feudal land of the closure, that is, "Shang oath, animal husbandry," the Patriarch of the oath, but also Wang Jun Makino, held in the War of the existing surface of the only material evidence.


  Its rich cultural layer, to test for the Longshan culture site Shangzhouwenhua, Henan Province is a key cultural unit. "Feudal Yanwu field "Well lords", "Zhouwu Wang Chi Yin Ma", "Jiang Taigong Review Taiwan," and so on monuments and relics of the Hill (Tan) linked to dependency, intertwined to form a retrospective war Makino King, Xungu Probe into the landscape through the ages.

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Jiang Taigong Hometown - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang Taigong hometown, located 15 km north-west city urban Department. BC in 1210 and third lunar month, Jiang Taigong Hui was born in the village of Tai Gong Quan Lu. Jiang Taigong also known as Lu Tai Gong, who Sasser, Ziya words, bears, flying. China's Western Zhou Dynasty, a famous statesman, military strategist.

This is legendary Thick historical figures, the name alone, many name such as "Records of the Historian written from dozens of tables set up," recorded in his name: Tai Gong Wang, Lv Wang, Zhou Wang, Lu teeth Lvshang, Jiang Wang , Still hope, hope that the division, Jiang Gong, old ginger, and so on Lu. Jiang Taigong Chiang's native place was a big tribe. Stephen Tai Gong in 1995 Turkey's tombstone in the Tang Dynasty, had a record of the original Stephen Tai Gong "Jiang plateau."

According to the "Bamboo Annals", Jiang Taigong die, "Wang Kang six years" on October 20. 139-year-old throughout the year. Hui Quan Tai Gong buried. Stephen Tai Gong has retained many of the territory of Jiang Taigong of historical sites, which are more well-known : Jiang Taigong tomb, Jiang Taigong Temple, the Temple Jiangtai Gong, Jiang Taigong Lvwang, and so on.

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School Kong temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kong temple is located in Changyuan County Hall, 5 km north of the city's rural school material over the East Village, released in 1978 for the protection unit at the county level. As far as "Chi spots" set: "Xi Confucius and itself, you recruit disciples IV (Lu, who hold fast to Ran You, the public and West China) this string of Deng Xiaoping, Gu Yue Kong University. "

  Future generations Kong, the temple was built on as a memento. The temple was built in the Han, Tang, Song Sheng gradually, by Bing Huo Yuan-free survival, tomorrow, three-shun (1459) reconstruction, the Ming and Qing dynasties tenth amendment several times, gradually become a large-scale North Henan Ancient buildings. Its main building are: lattice Star Gate, Dacheng Hall, the ancient altar pavilion, "the spring breeze, Rain, "the second-ting, tang, and other studies. Xingtan the existing kiosks and kiosks Xingtan, Xingtan Beiting and the Ming and Qing Ke-6.

Confucius (551 BC to 479 BC in) 000 Hill, Confucius words, the Spring and Autumn Period Lu ap corner (this Qufu, Shandong) people. Song is his noble ancestors, as a result to avoid mixing with, Lu home. Confucius studious life, proficient in ceremony, music, radio, Royal, the book, "Six" in the political ideology to defend slavery, that "benevolence" and "ceremony." Confucius lack of juvenile and youth had a minor official, when 55-year-old Lu has done great Sikou. And as a result of hand real power of different political views Jihuan Zi, Confucius Qi Guan Walk, to lead his disciples to start traveling. He went to Wei, Lu Zheng, Song, Chen, Cai, Chu and other countries in an attempt to politicize be ideas, but not by the monarch national attention. After his education, specializing in books and the preparation of preparation works, ancient China's private education of the pioneers. Hall, the post on the temple Confucius in the lecture to defend the country.

School Changyuan County Kong temple in this city of 5 km north of the city, after the man was here to give lectures to commemorate Confucius built. Tang and Song Dynasties large-scale, destroyed in the fighting in the Yuan Dynasty, tomorrow Shun-year period (1459 AD) to re-build, and then amended several times, the main building is the star lattice door Dacheng Hall, Xingtan booths, the booths, study hall and so on. Great hall from the pink-gold, Fu Qin and Confucius of sitting as both sides stand by Zhong, who hold fast to Ran You, the public and four disciples of the West to China. Most of the building had been destroyed, is the only ancient tablets and kiosks Xingtan-6. Xingtan booths are located in the middle of the temple, built on the platform of 2 meters high, flat Was square, Pavilion 6 meters high, 1.40 for a sharp save Huiwa (with a small amount of inter-glazed tile) roof, supported by 12 wooden pillars, the corridors outside the building, there is Tingzhong Xingtan monument-1, 1.99 meters high monument, wide 0.77 m, the top part of a tablet Zhuanshu "Xingtan", and the shapes of the Confucius Temple in Shandong "Xingtan monument," the same. Other important Tablets "Monument impact through"-2, a "Changyuan County Gang refurbishment school in mind," the monument; as a "Gang refurbishment Confucian school," Monument for membership in the Ming Dynasty Bingbushangshu Changyuan, Shanxi Ancha Shi, Li Bu Shang author. The whole temple covers an area of 1200 square meters, ride south, the towering pine and cypress in the hospital, Hanyantucui, excellent view, commonly known as " Tan Pavilion "," Eight Changyuan ". Now, after a temple Gang refurbishment of schools, in order to start a new look to welcome visitors of the Quartet.

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Scenic Baoquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huixian Baoquan Scenic Area is located 60 km northwest of the trench Baoquan, the steep mountains, ravines China; Qi rocks, lifelike statues, such as the spring falls White falling off; quiet in a deep valley, unpredictable; Zhu Jing A Celebration of the Arts, the charming landscape.


  Baoquan Scenic Area is a pleasure boat, into trench Beautiful environment, the summer tour of fairyland on earth. The main attractions are: Lake Baoquan, Longwangmiao, Erlongxizhu, Tam falls in the first, four Xigou waterfall, and curtain Daxigou, and so on.

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Scenic Bali Gou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bali Gou Huixian located in the scenic city 25 kilometers north-west of the Taihang Mountains Shihmen trench, the area covered by forests 90%, more than 1100 kinds of plants, there are seven insurance scenic valley, 36 Qi, there are many strange mystery of Sense. Tribute here's the essence of the Taihang Mountains water, odd collection, insurance, Jun, the show, in a secluded valley Is a tourist destination since ancient times. Ji Kang Jin, Fan Song Dynasty, Jin Yuan, Xu Heng Yuan Dynasty, Yu Qian and Meng-yang Li Ming dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, Sun Quan, and other famous people throughout history have left many in this beautiful poem. Niu Shou Zhen Yuan Dynasty poet Chan said: "Shimenshan show color, true-scenic spots. Mindanao risk prone Tigers, spring drama Dragon. Buddhist temple Doo-stone, high-pile Yunyan shot. Kwame King Island off Peng, do not have a pot of days. "Meng-yang Li Ming Dynasty poet, said:" Hugh Hanoi boast Pan Sheng, the city has also Shimenshan. "The main attractions here are San Tan, the three niche in the Shihmen Reservoir, Yao Jia Fen, Bali Gou Great Falls, monkeys more than 40 nature reserves and so on. In 1990 in China Lin experts to study this, that in the original Bali Gou your area, the United States in natural, said Cijing "Asia-way."

Bali Gou of the mountain, Bali Gou water, or even the Bali Gou every stone has aroused the curiosity of the world. Today, the area has become a Bali Gou many avant-garde, fashionable tourists Often yearn for an earthly paradise, Shangri-la. Bali Gou Fat in the area south of the Taihang Mountains, at the junction of Henan, Shanxi and Henan Huixian, the mountains here, the water here, are suffering the traditional Chinese culture, bathing, but tens of thousands of years lived in the mountains of the world is not known, although only from Zhengzhou 120 kilometers away from Luoyang only 16 Km, only 130 km away from Kaifeng, only 140 km away from the Shaolin Temple.

Bali Gou five scenic goods (five items include: Ancient Italy proudly Shan Temple, Hongyan For peach drop Bay, clear spring stream flow, sheep, Wonderland Piaomiao Hongshi River, Xi Lian Yi Xiantian people of God), more than 150 scenic spots, in the north Very See the group falls. Drainage only waterfall, waterfall curtain, ditch Falls waterfall, and so there are more than 100 large and small, is the only one in north China's population falls. King Bali Gou main river Hongshi the most talented of the clean water, matched red and green, colorful, picturesque Ming-li, as a result of 1100 meters above sea level as the "Taihang Tianhe"; boarded the Jade Emperor Peak Mount Taihang, East view of the sunrise, sea of clouds Seomang south of the Yellow River Vision 9, North Shiqianfeng access to competing show.

The restaurant inside the hotel area were built Yishanbangshui, Qin and Han dynasties for more antique-style building. Resort shade in the forest belt, were a small stone farm house, outside of which has been able to rid itself of high-rises City restraint, taste himself Shangri-la, like, "I do not know the Qin and Han, Wei, Jin, regardless."

No. 1 Bali Gou goods: Ancient Italy proudly Shan Temple

Temple Hill Office many years ago there was a temple, dedicated to mountain, land, have destroyed old, but especially names kept. Many around the mountain, Jun grand, grotesque, and endless fun. And then a mountain, like a old, after the draft hair, chest Cangran Gone with the Wind, is the team, which is "Lao sermon." Wong Tai Shan Temple shrine is one of the main attractions. Can see that the Taihang mountain cliffs, tall and straight in a critical situation, in-line roller, a magnificent view. Here there is a natural Boulder, you can worship. Imperial shrine to the north at the top of a deep valley, the gentle landscape, also known as "Nu Wa Valley."

Bali Gou goods No. 2: For Hongyan drops of peach Bay

Peach into the Bay, surrounded by mountains and rivers here, the charming scenery, the mountain is covered with peach, peach blossom in full bloom spring, and Hongyan wishes to drop So called "Peach Blossom Bay." As the far mountains in the late spring, Huakaihuaxie than foot of the mountain night. Tang Dynasty poet Po Chu-i "on earth do Fangfei April, the Peach Blossom Temple began in full bloom," this is a good story. Xiantao when ripe, fruity overflowing, covered with branches, crystal bright, sweet and delicious. Bay peach Waterfall through Jingying . "Baodu Falls ditch," Sophie if Qingsha.

Bali Gou goods No. 3: clear spring stream flow to the sheep Chau

Great Falls to visit Bali Gou two paths to choose one is above the road formation, and the other is a newly built trail. After parking, the Goudi from the forward of the bridge can see the flow , Its winding streets, Bieyoufengwei. Goudi large waterfall Tam, Tam is Wu Buyi, a ten-step waterfall. Longtan disk is a pit, stone dam in the large number of quite charm. Lake south of a stone in the growth of elm, strong growth. There are a large lacquer tree, the sap can paints, but toxic, can cause allergic Zhanshen. "Wo Niu "Valley of static trench quiet, like entering Wonderland. Groove is coming to an end, Fei Bao just listen to thunder and saw a Bailian appear out of the blue, its magnificent potential, not its face and its voice heard early. Bali Gou This is the area's main attractions -- - Great Falls Bali Gou.

Bali Gou Falls from 1,500 meters above sea level, since the flow of Shanxi The entry Hongshi River, between 170 meters and a maximum width of more than 20 meters when the most hours are also 5 meters. The river flows through the deep canyon with, literal-minded rock cliff, rolling Kuanglan, Pentium bluster, Fei Liu down to form a sensational wave, Chien Zhang in straight sets, tremor cliff, the bottom Hong Lei, deafening, Savaka few years, shock A few meters high into the sky and the water spray, such as floating clouds piled snow Baiwu diffuse; Yousi Galaxy was spilled, Bailian vacant. Falls as a whole, dressed in white like the fairy Xia Fan, jasper stand before the screen, it is born, floating in the air, the whole Sunian extinction.

Bali Gou goods No. 4: Wonderland Piaomiao Hongshi River Hongshi he got up at the end of the Bali Gou Ya Shang, a source of Shanxi, 20 meters in width, 0.6 m deep, 1,500 meters above sea level as a result, it is also known as the "Taihang Milky Way." Deep valley, the water gurgling, the smooth formation along the river, Cuoluoyouzhi flow of red stone. Cave has a natural river, 000 Blue Dragon . Dog days in Liangqiqinren. Cidong continue to spring all the year round, transparent color, unscented, no impurities, including a variety of health benefit from the wide range of trace elements. Valley has a huge rock, stood under the Shek Pik listening, you can hear the gurgling sound of flowing water, or people's voice, "Whispering Gallery." The north side of a mountain valley, spring Out from the rock fall, such as jade beads, it seems like needle line, a string, and his line, named "Zhenzhu Quan." Finally, there is one attraction of a huge mountain, From a distance, such as Guanyin of the South China Sea, near a stone to see the two separate stone, "Yin line."

Bali Gou goods No. 5: The God who first Xilian This is the last Bali Gou scenic spots. Following the formation of the newly built mountain road back, we can see in front of a mountain in isolation. A roadside viewing platform, different Qi Gu, panoramic view. Since then, to sheep to the state to crack a high of about 200 meters past the village repair a winding trail, Wan Qu Shen, looking like a dragon, hovering in the mountains Weiyi, the "Pan-long ladder." Yixian Tian spots, cliff and straight, like a Daopifuxue split from a stone, is very narrow. People come from, look at the rise of days, only to see the sky line, named "Yi Xiantian."

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Temple dry - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taishi dry Yin Temple is located in Henan Province, China Hui City, seven kilometers north of the city, from the tomb of dry ZHOU Wu Feng and Wang Keyan, so far, more than three thousand years, the temple was built in Northern Wei Tai 18 (494 AD), as a result of Li Miao tomb. Covers an area of 44,000 square meters, the main building there Zhaobi, Mountain Gate, 2, Fang Wood, Bei Lang, Bai Dian, Hall, Shihfang, tombs, such as booths, row upon row, has its own characteristics to the surrounding wall Zhu Wai Wan, Ko pay Cooper, the stele forest, and dry in the south temple there as dry stone, Shinto, of St. Paul, the environment deep, is the world Yu Lin and dry descent Festival Ye sons and daughters of the Holy Land.

  Dry, sub-family name, Yi Ren Mo (now River North Province, Hui). Yandi Yi was born in the Rat-seven of worship (1092 BC traditional Chinese calendar four early April), 32 Tiger Di Xin Dong Si King Zhou was killed on October 26, throughout the year (1029 BC), 63-year-old. Tang praised the "public Valiant Ones", is a politician and try to improve on the court. Dry - Public, Zhou Wuwang Ci Xing Lin, Lin's too dry to become ancestor.


  Temple dry stele hospital buildings, there are more than 100 buildings. In particular, Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Wang Tuoba "on the dry text of the" monument, in 1963 as a key provincial cultural relics. This is a set-literature and calligraphy of the high value of the stone treasures. Text Dry praised the "far more than his daughter Jane Wu Xi, Emperor Bao and more than" patriotic festival parade. Ancient stone collection containing many, Luoyang, Longmen and twenty-par goods.

Year in 1917 and 1934, Lin has twice sent representatives to Hui Ye Festival, to be re-construction of large-scale, the creation of "great national essence "Dry promote" people-you-ching, who addressed in the Road ", said Jia. Henan provincial government in 1963 included in the text of a number of key security units in 1996 included in the national heritage unit. Since 1993, Hui City held dry for the birth of Activities 3085 ? 3090, there have been 6 countries and regions in more than 60 groups, and tens of thousands of descendants of Lin Hui Xungenwenzu in domestic and foreign tourists, and tourism. In recent years, with finding the "root" and the rise of the tide of tourism, the city's Hui Municipal People's Government at all levels to mobilize units and extensive public financing, construction of an integrated, brand-new outlook at home and abroad to meet YOU Lin and their children visit.

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Baiquan area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiquan scenic 2.5 km in the urban areas in the northwest, Henan Province for the key cultural unit, Castle Peak-to Xiushui, its heritage-renowned Central Plains. Baiquan interesting scenery in the spring, the United States and the Soviet Union in the door, in the spot-hing.

  Baiquan Huixian at the center of the Northwest Village Hill south of Sumatra, as a result of spring around the lake, the Baiquan, spring water from the crypt Flaring, such as through numerous beads, also known as Zhenzhu Quan. Baiquan as early as the Shang dynasty 3,000 years ago that the cut line, 15-year-Qing Emperor Qianlong (1750), in order to prevent discharge, the masonry around the coast, into a rectangular Stephen Lake. Lake area of over 34,000 square meters, the regular flow 4-5, the most up to three meters deep, All the year round temperature of about 20 degrees, Dongnuanxialiang, Four Seasons green lake water, clean Qinglie; lake to fish for crab, cross-species cross-Nymphoides; pavilions spread all over the lake, Quqiao phase; Cooper Lake towering week, Lvliu whirling, Rendezvous making the other more beautiful mountains and rivers, thousands of years, won the majority of the people's favorite, as a result of Baiquan Baiquan Lake is named after It traced back to the period of San Juan, known in the Shang Dynasty. China's first poetry collection "Book of Songs", working people have been sincerely Baiquan sing the praises of the poem. After the working people of the renovation, alteration, so that the Central Plains region Baiquan become famous classical gardens, large and small, all types of buildings up to 9 In many of its architectural style of both the South slim, sleek, fresh and beautiful as well as the North's magnificent, magnificent, the North-South as an architectural art, together with the beautiful natural landscape, has been hailed as the "Central Plains Summer Palace," " Small West Lake in the north. "

Baiquan Lake, built around the history of the Pavilion Temple Temple Temple hospital pavilion, built in the Qing Yuan Ge, Calocedrus around surrounded by magnificent. "Yong Jin" and "Yu-spray" and "source of Hope" and "let the fish" and "wash" and "dropped" from old lake pavilion, design simplicity and exquisite design visible. Of which: "Yong Jin Pavilion" for the most, Tingzhong embedded block more than 50 tablets Great Northern Song Dynasty doubt be extremely restricted in Yuanyou tour this year, the disease brush "Su Yong Jin Shan Pavilion" in six Chinese characters. Shu-kai in the possession of soft front line, praised the visitors do not have.

?? ?? from Baiquan Su Shan Baiquan and composition of the lake. Su Shan is a branch of the Taihang Mountains, is a million mountains to the east into the roots of this form A mountain top. The Taihang Mountains in the River Road along the rock mountains million Feng Jian squeezed from the east, to Dasu Hill Gate, the mountains south of the Yang Tian Shi Dou up smoke on the formation of the rippling blue waves of Lake Baiquan. Yamaichi the water, cross-matched to form a beautiful natural scenic landscape. For thousands of years, A majority of the people's favorite.

?? ?? as a result of Baiquan Baiquan Lake is named after. It traced back to the period of San Juan, known in the Shang Dynasty. China's first poetry collection "Book of Songs", working people have been sincerely Baiquan sing the praises of the poem. "Xun Zi. Confucianism chapter effect": "Wuwangfazhou, in a hundred places in the morning . "Eloquent testimony to Baiquan as early as 3,000 years ago, is the scenery pleasant tourist destination. Well-known Chinese scholars have referred to the" on the landscape in the form of the concept, development, and the nature of the special features of the aesthetic thinking of the problem "in an article also said that a hundred Stephen Scenic Area is more than 3,000 years ago, "Game for the quasi-spots . After the working people through the renovation, alteration, so that the Central Plains region Baiquan become famous classical gardens, large and small, all types of buildings up to 90 multiple, the architectural style of both the South slim, sleek, fresh and beautiful, and the North The magnificent, magnificent, the North-South as an architectural art, The beautiful natural landscape, has been hailed as the "Central Plains Summer Palace", "Small West Lake in the north."

?? ?? Baiquan year to maintain the lake in about 17 ?, Dongnuanxialiang, clear bottom, hair to be learned. Since the lake water spewing out of rock crevices, and many do not like strings of pearls can, sunlight, golden light shines Keke, Si Yu Jin, and therefore "Jin Yong", "Zhenzhu Quan." Wang Qing Yuan pronoun in the "Wing-ling Baiquan source," Chan said: "Seventy-two of the Jinan chuen, in San Po-chuan winding Barry did not like the water a total of Temple City, thousands of nest and draw a bar before." October 1996 , Professor of Qinghua University School of Architecture, Landscape of the Ministry of Construction Mr. Zhou Weiquan expert consultants praised the scenic Baiquan: Landscape with the combination of very human characteristics, not only has a long history, renowned Humanity, and as much as spring, a magnificent view across the nation and the world are extremely rare. As the "dog day" In the summer, the lake sat a stone, sweat dripping fishes were suddenly Liangyibizou; " "Cold, mist steaming up the lake, the Nana of diffuse wave in between the pavilions, such as in Wonderland. Boating lake, decorated pavilions in Pinghu in Toyama, it is refreshing.

?? ?? on the north shore of the lake is a 184 meters above sea level, only the doors Soviet Union Hill, but Hill is not high, there were 000 cents. As a result of numerous dynasties Noble-minded people, stop seekers can explore the brush to make it across the country a place among the many famous mountains and rivers. There have been born son of one of the five Northern Song Dynasty, a famous Confucian scholar, Shao Yong generation to learn and master the three late Ming and early Qing China, one of the famous Confucian scholar Sun Qi Feng. Shanguangshuise, enchanting charming, and has attracted the ages This noble-minded people live, visit and give lectures, such as high relevance of the Jin Dynasty, Tang Sun; "Seven Sages of bamboo"; Jia Dao in the Tang Dynasty poet, painter of WU Dao; doubt be extremely restricted in the Song Dynasty, Confucian scholar Zhou, Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi; Jin Yuan poet; Chucai Zhongshu Ling Yuan Dynasty, Xu Heng, Yao literature; Tang Yin Ming, Huang Hui, Yun-ching; Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, Zheng Banqiao, and so on, they are charming blue Castle, Chujingshengqing, give or poetry text, or splash-ink painting, leaving the precious treasure of the ink. Today's Baiquan area, as many as 350 tablets of various blocks at the provincial level in order to focus on heritage conservation unit 8, more than 45 city-level, a Protection point more, so that Baiquan into a rich and colorful art treasure-house, showed a higher historical, scientific, artistic value.

  Baiquan cut through the Qing Emperor Qianlong 15 years, the masonry around the coast, into a rectangular Stephen Lake, Lake Center, a Qing Shiban paved path, the twists and turns, in the Lake Pavilion Small bridge link. Fishing booth, Hu Xinting, South Hall, under the palmatine, Sang-ting class, Ting Yong Jin, Yu-ting jet, the source of Ling-ting, Cuolayouzhi embellishment to the lake, Yuli and originality in the lake, exquisite beauty, Shashi Good-looking.

  Today's Baiquan Lake, beautiful scenery, the pleasant scenery, blue water rippling Pure clear. Lake restoration of the just-sprayed, the source of Hope, put fish, dismount, Zhu Yan Ting Lake stand. Sushi in the Northern Song Dynasty writer Yongjintingzhong brush disease "Su Yong Jin Shan Pavilion" of the six characters, a famous patriotic general Feng Yuxiang in 1928 by the construction Hu Xinting high in the stands, "the people of Baiquan" monument, cut out of a hundred Full-chuen The curriculum vitae of vicissitudes. Was built in the Qing Dynasty Fai House, was the Zhong Guo Yuan Garden, Ge Zhou Cooper surrounded by whirling Lvliu.

  Veranda standing on the bridge, lean on a railing Vision South, South Lake scenery glance. South Lake area of 29,000 square meters, the lake within the national standards for the construction of a swimming pool and children's swimming pool, lake Central various yachts, recreational facilities, and so everything Boating, embodies the "Tour North Lake, South Lake Recreation," "Static North Lake, South Lake from the" characteristics of the area. North-south Hunan and Hubei and Qing Lian waves, as two of the water Bingdi Lian Hua, Yan Du-fight, even comparable. During the festive season, the Lantern Festival, ducks, such as non-pyrotechnic entertainment From high tide, ran, the crowds.

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Longgang site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The site is located in Longgang Township Suixian Polygonum embankment north of the village of Zhou Long, the higher ground, 300 meters long from north to south and 200 meters wide things, the cultural layer of about 2 meters. Excavation of 1978, found Huikeng 6, Tao Li disabled, ceramic pots, pottery, and so on. Longshan culture for the lower layers and found Huikeng 6, Tao residual embarrassment and a number of cultural heritage . And collected some of the Shang Dynasty cultural relics and 2 during the Yangshao culture of painted pottery piece. Huikeng with pottery, stone, bone, clam shells and animal bones, mud mixed with grass, Hong Shaotu, and other pieces of relics. The unearthed pottery, clay-based Hui Tao, Tao of sand, mud as part of the black pottery, polished black pottery and small terracotta mud. Another found "Eggshell pottery" film. The main decoration for the patterns baskets, Check side, the cord chord pattern, decorated with hard steel hole. Forms include deep pot belly, ding, rice pot, small, bowl, pot, and so on. The site is listed as provincial-level key protection units.

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Sui embankment - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sui embankment located in the central city of Cheng Yong (state) Wing (City) online Highway, west Mamupu Zheng rural shops, rural east Hou Ling Hu Chong, 45 km long, were mound-like, above the 0.5 to 2 meters on the ground Range. The first year of the great cause of the Sui (605) to open relief channels, the two sides are embankment Tao Zhi, Liu, Yang Tai-yang for travel by boat when the Jiangnan Tours. Northern Song Dynasty, said Bian River, not after the river silt, the site still embankment. This is the former site of the embankment for some of the more obvious. Old, "Sui Yan Liu embankment," one of the Elite Eight city.

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Taiwan-made law of the site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taiwan-made law of the site is located in the city Wing city 25 km southwest of the ancient town in the southeast. Legend has it that the prime minister of the Western Han Xiao in the formulation of this law, named. The site of the existing round-mound. About 7 meters, 54 meters long from north to south at the bottom, 34 meters wide, the thickness of the layer accumulation of 8 to 9 meters. Remains of the Shang Dynasty to the upper and the lower for the South Longshan culture relics. Now the provincial-level key cultural unit.

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Eight Guan Chai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guan eight studio at Shangqiu city south of the ancient Song Yang River. Is stone buildings in recent years, according to the Department of stone and remnants of the original film Beituo re-engraved.

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Chong Temple Law - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chong Yong-law at Temple Chengguan County Dongbei Yu Chong-law the former site of the Temple (this as a revolutionary martyr cemetery). Temple built in the Tang and Song tower was built in 2002 Santa (1095). Temple spent a long time, the absence of Tasha. In 1958, a new repair and restore old-generation Song 2. Reflect the 34.6 m high tower for the provincial key cultural one .

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Yiyin tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yiyin tomb is located in Yucheng County, 22 km southwest of the village of North Wei heap. Yiyin name Zhi, soup and file out the summer power, respect for the A Heng (prime minister). Tom's death, outside the calendar and file C Zhong Ren, who Taijia exile. There are, left, and other articles. After the death to the emperor buried in the ceremony. Old cemetery covers an area of several mu, the temple mound before, as in the plastic, and repair history. Tsukamoto 3 meters high, the circumference of 46 meters. Qing two tombstones. There are big tomb of Chow Cooper 183, of which the southwest corner branches and leaves like a bird, commonly known as "Sapium." In 1978 have unearthed the tomb of the West, weeks, the Han Dynasty pottery. In 1984 the tomb of rehabilitation like building next to spend a Xilou. For the protection unit at the county level.

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Magnolia Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mulan Temple Temple, commonly known as filial children. Yucheng county is located 35 kilometers south business profile Town 1 kilometer. Was built in the Tang Dynasty, Jin, Yuan and Qing generations has been the expansion of rehabilitation, to the early Republican era, Mulan Temple covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, door, hall, Xiandian, after the House and the vicinity, such as a total of more than 100 inter - .

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Cangjie tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cangjie tomb is located 12 km northwest Yucheng Village Xibei Yu heap. According to legend, the historian of the Yellow Emperor, the originator of the text Cangjie buried here after death. Cheng Yuan-shaped dome of the existing Metella, more than 3 meters high, the circumference of 45 meters. The tomb of a temple, hall 3, the Qing Emperor Kangxi for four 916,659-Yucheng county magistrate in this section to build. Hall, who had a plastic Like Jie, after the waste. Dianqian 1952 Emperor Kangxi of the new legislation there is a single stone, incised "Cangjie ancient tomb," 4. East Side has two towering Cooper. Temple Court was "convex" shape, is now the primary occupation of Cangjie. For the protection unit at the county level.

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Chen Sheng tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chen Sheng is the tomb of China's first leader of a peasant uprising of Chen Sheng tomb, located in the northeastern city of Mountain Wing Dangshan peak south of the West. Metella of the existing 5 meters high, 50 meters long week. Around the walls of buildings which have Qingshi, high-top, under Xu Mizuo, Guo middle of the book inscribed, "Qin Mo peasant uprising leader Chen Sheng's tomb." Chen Sheng-related words, City, the first year of Qin II (formerly 209) imposed by the Tuen Mun-Yu Yang Xu, Yang and Wu were in the summer of Qi County Rural Daze cut wood for the soldiers, Jiegan for the flag raised for the first time in the history of Chinese peasant uprising banner. Chen at the county (now Huaiyang) Zhang to build political power, massive, Baoqin shock. After the uprising failed, the driver was killed Jia Zhuang, Lvchen will also cut Jia Zhuang, Chen Sheng Qianzang in Dangshan Mans. Chen Sheng initiated by the Western Han Dynasty's Fan Qin Gong, when the emperor for home-related Shou-30 mass graves, their tax-free fatigue in order to protect the cemetery, after the gradual abolition of the Eastern Han. In 1975, renovation repaired with State funds, to provide 4000 square meters, the tomb of masonry Wai, Bai Zhi-song set, Chi Shou-person graves, Provincial-level key protection units.

Chen Sheng to Dengfeng, Henan, who peon. In 209 BC, he and Wu Jie bar uprising, and raised the banner of Fan Qin, the establishment of China's peasants power of the first - one for Zhang, Wang Chen. After the loss as a result of the war, the father of the city under the back, the driver was killed in Jia. For a long time, Chen Sheng Lvchen his men took over the city and then kill Chen Jia Zhuang, and Chen Shengan buried here. Chen Sheng buried Dangshan Mountain, "Historical Records" and "Han", "Shui Jing Zhu" has a clear record, and this position fits cemetery.

  Chen Sheng (? - 208 years ago), the characters involved, the Yangcheng in the Qin Dynasty (now in Henan Dengfeng county) people. II, the first year of the Qin (BC 209-year) in July, led by Wu and his 900 porters to Yu Yang (now Beijing Miyun County) Frontier, Su County line to Daze Township (now South East Su County in Anhui Province) rain delay. At that time, according to the decree, the delays were cut. As a result Chen Sheng, Wu Ze in the villages, "as the soldiers chopped wood Jiegan flag for the "uprising, Fen-arm called" the world will respond to the cloud, "Suo Zhi Yi-jun, the masses" and win food from the King ", Gongchengluedi, Shirupozhu. Uprising military occupation of Chen County (now Huaiyang County, Henan Province) established China's first regime, a farmer, Hao Yue: "Zhang." Chen Sheng was support for Wang. Legitimate military force the peasant uprising Qin Xianyang victory ever, due to internal Yijun from entering into a dubious nobility, combined with a strong counterattack from Qin. Chen Sheng is also the father of soldiers under the city (this Guoyang County, Anhui Province) Jia Zhuang driver was killed. "Therefore, Wang Chen, General Juan who Lvchen soldier for the military, from Xinyang, under. Kill Jia Zhuang Chen Chu to resume, buried in Dangshan Wang Chen, Yi said, 'Hidden King'. "(See" Mirror ").
  Mang Yang Chen Sheng buried on the mountain, there are many historical records. The authority of the geography book, "Shui Jing Zhu," also wrote; "Shan Chen Sheng have to see chaos Qin, Qin Bing Fa in the first, missing mou end fees, Dangshan dead buried." Chen Sheng as a result, Fan Qin Guang the first intifada, in its Under the influence of the uprising after Liu Bang of the Han Dynasty set up on each year to the festival, such as Zhu Yang Chen Sheng, and in accordance with the treatment of the nobility were 30 mass graves Ding Shou-service. As of today, near the Yaocun Ding Shou was also recognized as one of the descendants of the tomb. Chen Sheng, when the Eastern Han tomb is no longer protected, Huainan people of the Northern Song Chen Gang Tangshan Mountain has seen a "fox-ming Chenshegufen bad, the best air Liang Shishi." On the eve of the liberation, Chen Sheng tomb is the last remaining vestiges. 1976, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage special funds to repair the tomb Chen Sheng, the same year on May 1 to Mr. Guo Moruo tombstone inscriptions.

  Chen Sheng-hung magpies-minded ambition iron railings Ge Jin Gallop battlefield, touched Jiang Qin, who after the death of Castle Peak burial for thousands of years people still respect, I Buwang generation of heroes.

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The Return of the Native Hall of Confucius - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Historical records, the ancestors of Confucius is the Song people. Western Zhou Dynasty in the early years, unsealed in micro-Song. After his death, his brother Chung Ji-bit microcontroller. Micro-Zhong's death, Ji-Song Gong Li. Ji Song Gong's death, Shen Dinggong son. Shen Dinggong death-Min (min) of public legislation. Min after the death of the public, the public and Yang Di-li-hee. Public carp second son Min Yang Si-kill public Prince Vladimir the father of Li Ho. He is not the father of Inverness, crucian carp to worship self-Li Gong. He was the father of Inverness on Song Qing, the fief in Li (that is, the city of Shangqiu Xia Yixian). What is the father of Li to settle in Inverness, the father of Song Sheng Zhou. Father Song Sheng Zhou prince, the prince wins Health Research is the father, Wang Sheng-hole test the father of the father of Kerry. Kongfujiawei Song Sima large. Shame public 10 years (in 710 BC) was killed by Governor Taizai China. And 30 years, Song and the outbreak of a civil strife. Kerry's father-hole hole anti-tert-great-grandson Ben Lu seek refuge from war. Anti-tert-Bo Xia Health. Bo Xia Shengshuliangge. Shulianggesheng Confucius. Xiayi because it is the ancestral home of Confucius, the Confucius of the first Zufu He and the father of the following six weeks on behalf of Father Song Prince wins, the test is the father, the father of Kerry hole, the father of Kim Wood, Gao Yi are buried here. Since the beginning of 1994, international ancestral home of Confucius Culture Symposium held in xiayi three times and set up a Confucius Institute ancestral home culture. 6 km north of the city Xia Yixian Wang Village, there are the graves of Confucius. Chang Sheng Mu ancestors back to Confucius After the man returned home to commemorate Confucius, in this large-scale construction, built a temple to return home. According to the test, return home was built in Early Tang Dynasty temple, destroyed many times. Its shape like Confucian Temple, sitting north to south. Yibi there, four-door, one altar, the two veranda, the two Hall, and the Office of Forest of Stone Tablets. Song Zhenzong, on behalf of 45 Confucius, Sun Liang Kong shop, Kong Yan Fu from the song To settle this, the return home of the expansion of the temple restoration. Jin and Li in the Great Hall of Xingtan monument before. First year of the Qing dynasty, the additional four generations of Temple (shrine Chong). The Return of the Native Hall of disrepair due to the gradual destruction. The current government is on the gradual restoration of the old system.

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Zhuang Hui Tong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhuang Hui Tong Tong, formerly known miscellaneous helpers. Liu Shangqiu in the county in a corner of the first East Rd South, the Ministry of households Ming Shang Jiu Zhai Xun Hou. The building was built in the Ming Dynasty, the northern two-story building as the main body construction, ride north to south, three out of five dark, after a pre-pack, brick, brick wall for the gray, blue tile roof ridge deduction. For our traditional hard-Hill building . Jade East and West on both sides of the original building, floor, Xiangjun, the exercises had been gone.

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Shangqiu Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shangqiu City, Henan Province is located in the eastern part of Shangqiu located to the east coast, briefly West Central Plains, north of Qilu, South Jin Jiang, known as "Yudong portal" that is an important distribution center for goods and the eastern and western China Office areas of convergence.
Shangqiu is the birthplace of one of the Chinese nation. She has a long history Renjiedeling, splendid culture, extensive and profound. As early as the legendary Five Emperors of the times, Zhuan Xu, was in the Ku Timor capital. 16th century BC Shangtang out here in the summer of the establishment of the Shang Dynasty, Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126 years) had as a Capital. A long history and splendid culture left to the large number of human Shangqiu King . Was built in 1511 in the ancient city of Shangqiu, the outer side in style, to preserve integrity, and Yongcheng Dangshan Mountain in Shanxi Han (202 ? 8 years ago) with Capital Cities Graves is listed as national key protection units. Dangshan Han Jin Lv unearthed jade clothes in the United States, Singapore displayed a strong sensation. Liangxiao Wang tomb, Hill cutting of the tomb mound and into the large-scale, stunning, the tomb murals by experts as "Dunhuang Manuscripts ago." Shangqiu is the ancestral home of Confucius, the hometown of Zhuang Zi, Confucius Temple in return, Zhou, and other relics in the cemetery is away. From west to the east of the old course of the Yellow River scenery and beautiful simplicity, is also open mind of God .
Shangqiu is the source of fire. As early as 1 million years ago, here in the Sui Renshi invented artificial make fire, create a new era in the history of human civilization, as the fire was Suiren Shi ancestors, the main Shangqiu fire. Sui imperial tombs have been erected on the land in Shangqiu.
Shangqiu is the first and made the commercial Manner. As early as 4 years ago, Princess Di Ku times as a result of Mr Kan-sheng and stop eating Xuanniao Bo, the "Song-poem business," says: "Xuanniao fate, while the business down." Wide primary business is the ancestor. Bo Sun's wide territories with the invention of the first carriage, six Wang Hai Shi Sun has invented a cart. This is what the history books, "Building on the soap in prison, serving Ma cattle to the people "The records.
Shangqiu Renjiedeling. Here is not only a large number compared to the emperor, and the emergence of a large number of politicians, thinkers, strategists, writers and artists, scientists, etc.; here not only appeared in a number of special contributions to the gifted scholar, and emerged from the profession's Women and heroes M. This is the ancestral home of Confucius; Zhuang is, Mo, women's Hometown Hero Mulan; is Sima Xiangru, Han Yu, Ouyang Xiu, Yan Shu, Su Che, and other literature to our Huanyou; Datang is Zhang Xun's The Valiant Ones To the martyrs; is Li Bai, Du Fu, Gao Shi, Su literary giants such as unlimited long for the Feng Shui treasure. Shangqiu many places, spread all over. Here are the first in the San Juan Sui imperial tombs, to commemorate Confucius Taiwan's gentle, green hills of the tragic love Taiwan, Taoist Master Tomb Zhuang Zi, there are three picturesque hills of Taiwan, the famous group of Han Shan Mountain, Women have heroes to commemorate the word magnolia, hand-Yan Zhenqing Shenpin entry of fasting, there are four Central China temple, one of the Baiyun Si, Fan Zhongyan study of college days, the Ming and Qing Dynasties of the Yellow River "water of the Great Wall", there are wonders of the world, "gossip city", Hou Fangyu strong regret Church House, There are world-famous ruins Liang Yuan, papaya wonders Park, West Pei villa, South Wind Park , With Gan Lin Shen, a charming landscape of the old course of the Yellow River; There are more than two years, Liang Yuan Furuki, Zhang Fei, Zhao Kuangyin Shuanma the tree ... ...
  Shangqiu of the strategic location, very convenient traffic. Beijing-Kowloon Railway and the Longhai Railway, 310 and 105 national highway in the crossroads of Shangqiu, from the East-West Link, from South North of the gold-shu traffic button. Zheng business and across the highway from Shangqiu, around the ancient city of Shangqiu Highway Route 9-of ease of access network.

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