Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Return of the Native Hall of Confucius - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Historical records, the ancestors of Confucius is the Song people. Western Zhou Dynasty in the early years, unsealed in micro-Song. After his death, his brother Chung Ji-bit microcontroller. Micro-Zhong's death, Ji-Song Gong Li. Ji Song Gong's death, Shen Dinggong son. Shen Dinggong death-Min (min) of public legislation. Min after the death of the public, the public and Yang Di-li-hee. Public carp second son Min Yang Si-kill public Prince Vladimir the father of Li Ho. He is not the father of Inverness, crucian carp to worship self-Li Gong. He was the father of Inverness on Song Qing, the fief in Li (that is, the city of Shangqiu Xia Yixian). What is the father of Li to settle in Inverness, the father of Song Sheng Zhou. Father Song Sheng Zhou prince, the prince wins Health Research is the father, Wang Sheng-hole test the father of the father of Kerry. Kongfujiawei Song Sima large. Shame public 10 years (in 710 BC) was killed by Governor Taizai China. And 30 years, Song and the outbreak of a civil strife. Kerry's father-hole hole anti-tert-great-grandson Ben Lu seek refuge from war. Anti-tert-Bo Xia Health. Bo Xia Shengshuliangge. Shulianggesheng Confucius. Xiayi because it is the ancestral home of Confucius, the Confucius of the first Zufu He and the father of the following six weeks on behalf of Father Song Prince wins, the test is the father, the father of Kerry hole, the father of Kim Wood, Gao Yi are buried here. Since the beginning of 1994, international ancestral home of Confucius Culture Symposium held in xiayi three times and set up a Confucius Institute ancestral home culture. 6 km north of the city Xia Yixian Wang Village, there are the graves of Confucius. Chang Sheng Mu ancestors back to Confucius After the man returned home to commemorate Confucius, in this large-scale construction, built a temple to return home. According to the test, return home was built in Early Tang Dynasty temple, destroyed many times. Its shape like Confucian Temple, sitting north to south. Yibi there, four-door, one altar, the two veranda, the two Hall, and the Office of Forest of Stone Tablets. Song Zhenzong, on behalf of 45 Confucius, Sun Liang Kong shop, Kong Yan Fu from the song To settle this, the return home of the expansion of the temple restoration. Jin and Li in the Great Hall of Xingtan monument before. First year of the Qing dynasty, the additional four generations of Temple (shrine Chong). The Return of the Native Hall of disrepair due to the gradual destruction. The current government is on the gradual restoration of the old system.

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