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Dongting Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yueyang Dongting Lake is the ground floor of the ancient ruins of the Yunmeng Ze, its lake is too broad, since ancient times, "?????" said that although it is now the area has been smaller than doubled, but it is still the country The second-largest lake, the vast Yan Bo, Shuitianyise, said Fan Zhongyan it, "the title of Toyama, swallowing the Yangtze River, is so vast and Dang, Wang Ya boundless. "

You can not miss three Jiangkou Dongting Lake, Xiang River, Dongting Lake and along the Jingjiang where billowing into the Yangtze River, is seeing open-minded. In addition, Junshan Island, Xiang Lufeng acres of flowers and plaster are also worth a visit.

  Dongting Lake is China's second largest light Lake, Hunan and Hubei provinces cross, which the Yangtze River north, south Hunan, the capital, Yuan, Feng Shui IV, known as "Lake?????." Dongting Lake is the meaning of fairy Dong Fu, we can see the beautiful scenery of charming. Its greatest feature is the lake outside Lake, Lake in the Shan.

  Lake of the most beautiful scenery Many are state-level scenic spots, such as: Yueyang, Junshan, the tomb of Du Fu, Confucian Temple, Lung, and other relics in the State College. The most famous lake is Junshan, Junshan beautiful. It is one of the Dongting Lake on the island, the island the size of 72 peaks, where the ferry every day to and from a range of about one hour. Junshan 000 Dongting Hill, Dongfu mean to be a god. Legend has it that in 4000, Shun southern tour, his two Feizi Queen E, F and Britain as the recovery of climbing bamboo cry, tears trickling in bamboo, the owner has become. Later, two died in the mountains Princess, Princess There are two generations into the tomb. They also known as Xiang Fei, Xiang Jun, to commemorate the Xiangjun, they hole Hill read a Junshan. Second Princess tomb of the existing monuments, Xiang Fei Temple, 10 minutes flying, and so on. Junshan the famous bamboo, owner, Ocean's bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra, such as bamboo. Held here every year, the grand dragon boat festival, He Huajie and water sports.

  Dongting Lake is a famous land of fish and rice, and its products is extremely rich. The products have Hebang, eels, crabs, and other precious Dongting He Xian. Dongting Lake "Lake Lake" Lotus Lake, the famous rich Xiang-lian. Xiang-lian full particles, fresh meat, is considered ancient treasures in the lotus.

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