Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lu Capital Cities - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Tomb is located in Xinxiang City, Henan foot of the Phoenix Capital Cities Lu, China is currently the best preserved, the largest area of the Ming Dynasty tomb Fan Wang is also the State Council published in 1996, the fourth of the national key cultural unit. State Administration of Cultural Heritage proposed to be included in the royal mausoleum of the Ming and Qing Dynasties expansion projects, Xinxiang Municipal Government is Lu extremely Capital Cities declared world cultural heritage.
In November 2004, Henan Provincial People's Congress Working Committee agreed with The Guardian Education, Science, Culture and recommendations will be put forward by the deputies, "Lu Tomb of the legislation to protect" the motion included in the agenda of the Henan Provincial People's Congress session, and added into the Of the 10th Henan Province The Standing Committee of the legislative plan to speed up legislation to carry out the work. In early 2004, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, Wang Shouxiu such as the 11 Provincial People's Congress have put forward the motion should be stepped up to the Tomb of Lu protection legislation.
Lu Ming Dynasty Imperial Tombs of China (1368 ~ 1644 AD) tomb of Wang Chien Lu. Lu Wang Zhu Yi Liu (1568 ~ 1614 AD) is the fourth-ming MU cases. Lu Jian Wang from the grave of Shinto, the Tomb of Lu Wang and Zhao Fei at the tomb, with a total area of 400 mu. According to experts, Lu Jian Wang tomb of the main building and the layout of Beijing Ming imperial tombs of the same to the grand scale, beautiful stone Said the study areas in the late Ming Dynasty Fan Wang, as well as the shapes of the mausoleum at the time of construction, sculpture and art, is of great significance. It is its exquisite stone art, folk magic, attracts visitors of the Quartet.

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