Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stephen Foolish Old Man of the area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Foolish Old Man-chuen, located 13 kilometers north of Xinxiang City, located in the suburbs. In the 1960s, the people of North Station to play Yugongyishan spirit of hard struggle, Zhantiandoude, which lasted for nearly 10 years, from artificial cut, named the "Foolish Old Man-chuen." Foolish Old Man-chuen, although it is artificial cut, but the unique natural landscape. Stephen inside the stone cliffs above Rock, Xianyao addition to steel frame; bridge Youquan, a roadside river, winding streets. Although the artificial cut, but Shen He Canyon, a few Cheongdam-hong, the magnificent, the concept of Dayton by a sense of man will triumph over nature.

  From 1974 to 1975, there have been 17 heads of state and 130 countries and regions on behalf of the Lin Quan calluses visit, spoke highly of the miracle knew. Inside the area by the relevant state departments to identify water quality analysis; Foolish Old Man of the spring water is enriched, natural mineral strontium compound. The main element selenium has anti-cancer, anti-aging, beauty, and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as the effectiveness. Visitors can also enjoy the main attractions : For the year two thousand people at the same time the number one pot meal; three well-chuen, Stephen falls on the 3rd, Tomb, the spring-ting, ting old Stephen, Stephen booths in Kazakhstan toad stone, stone fish, Shenxian Dong, Dong Lingquan , Wang Chun-Sea, the Majestic, Xuan rain, the Foolish Old Man-chun, general and the Foolish Old Man of the statue, and so on as more than 80 cultural attractions.

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