Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dongyue Temple Fair - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongyue Temple Fair in Dongguan city of Xinxiang. Five years Qingtai Later Tang Dynasty (935 years) to build. Song, Jin, Yuan and Ming dynasties rehabilitation. Angle of the existing hall building, Bai Dian and the gatehouse, and so on, are built in the Qing Dynasty. One of the most magnificent building in the great hall, a positive Ming Miankuo between late middle level, hanging, "Dong Yue Qitian" He's one plaque, the word Vigorous strong. On both sides of the plaque and sub-Blastophagus between the amount of late, there are plastic color of the Yan-Erlongxizhu with a large number of birds and animals, such as peony flower pattern. Skilled and vivid. Kim Joo-hall species dragon relief, carved exquisite work, rich color.

  The whole building design magnificent, well-structured Liang Jia, Dutch balance of power. On both sides of the axis for the new gallery, the Northern Dynasty to the Ming dynasties built-in multi-stone. Temple is now a new restoration, cultural relics exhibition hall there for a visit.

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