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Du North Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

North Tower, also known as Du qianfoensis Tower, in Xianyang City, 15 km from the northern town of Kindu. 10 a square tower, 33 meters high and 3 meters wide margin, cast iron, there are layers of windows, doors to the south, a hollow ladder to climb, the four corner posts into a cast as King Kong Book, the top legislature floor, particularly appropriate . Central floors weeks have cast iron Buddha statue and more, so . Between plants in order to cast, rare birds and monsters, sophisticated casting. A tower inscription: "Da-ming for 18 years Wanli (1590 AD), walk south study Dumao eunuch" casting. A eunuch could cast such a huge investment of the Eiffel Tower, its wealth and power, can be built to see. Protection of the tower in good condition, but Tasha Tilt. Now the provincial-level key cultural unit.

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Oasis palace ruins - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Oasis at the palace ruins Chunhua Xian Xianyang City, north of the city's Hill south of Oasis for the provincial key cultural unit. According to historical records, Oasis Palace is the seat of the "Yellow Emperor Heaven has won Qiu of the" Yellow Emperor Shengxian. Also remember, "Hun Heaven, Yunyang of the Oasis Yamashita, Qin seize their land." Yellow Emperor worship the gods, North Korea Hou Ming Court of All Souls in the Oasis. In this light afforestation Qin Dynasty palace, next to the Han Dynasty from its Oasis Palace. "Jiao Si Han-chi," recorded as a result of Emperor Yan Weng Li Qi people, "Oasis Palace, in Taiwan for the room, drawing a ghosts Thai heaven and earth, and home to a festival of God worship Heaven." Account shows that these ancient god worship Heaven is a grand He is - The Yellow Emperor, Qin and Han imperial palace in the Oasis one of the major events.
  Oasis attention to the ancient mountain, Qin and Han Dynasties in the palace building, the Oasis is due to the ancient terrain in the vicinity of Xian Yao famous. Fansui "war policy" in the description: "The king of the country, the North has Oasis, Taniguchi." Oasis is a barrier Hill outpost of Xianyang In order to be humiliated defense of the First Qin Emperor, in the Oasis building Kuang Shan Temple, Oasis from Inner Mongolia to repair the original nine straight for the benefit of arms. Oasis Mountain High Qishuang is summer resort. Qin Shi Huang and Lin Tsun to the palace, not only to summer, more of an edge Hun deterrent effect. Western Han period, second only to the size of the Oasis Palace Chang Weiyang . Oasis historical records in the palace of Emperor Chien-yuan broaden, "back to the 19-week, 120-step, the palace has 12 Taiwan 11" (Guanzhong in mind). Another document said that the Oasis Palace, "the palace floor concept with a little Jianzhang, both Bai Guan Di homes" (including topology). From this we can see the magnificent palace of the. "Jiao Si Han-chi" in mind Oasis to the emperor of the Han Dynasty palace: "when the emperor five years, Wen 26, 26 Emperor, Emperor Wu to 75, 25 Xuan, the first year since the beginning of the yuan also twenties." "Mirror" records, Emperor Li Shimin Zhenguan 20 years (646 years) went to Oasis Palace. Tang decline in the Qin and Han, the emperor had to Oasis at the palace, because there are many important decisions in court here, have an audience with such leaders, foreign envoys, such as supper feast, and anti-foreign aggression, while security has always been important activities.

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After Jijiaojiatai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to the "Historical Records this week Ji" set: Houji Timor is the Ku Yuanfeijiangyuan son, known as abandoned. Giants have childhood ambition, good trees planted by Ma, Shu, Michael, after the adult was a good farming, Jia Se Christians. Di Yao agricultural division for example, there are letters in the Tai (Guzhi martial arts in this city of Xianyang County), Haoyuehouji, do not Kyi's name. After the man-made The commemoration of the immortal ancestor of China's agricultural achievements, was set up after the delay to teach Taiwan Jia. On the Yangling Agricultural adjacent to the city and is now established in Yangling national agricultural high-tech demonstration zone, can be regarded as ancient China and Taiwan's Hou Ji Jia-teaching-pulse history.

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Zhao Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhao Ling is the tomb of Emperor Li Shimin, as the "Tomb of the world." Li Quanxian located in the north-east of the Wa Lane 45 9 Shan main peak, as a result of Shan hills. Magnanimous stand in the Guanzhong Plain, the clouds look into the distance wind around the nine-Jun Shan, the main peak towering attention, as did the Ming Dynasty poet Han Zhao described the "hills suddenly broken, a towering Peak. "

  Nine Jun Shan is the world famous mountain, 1188 meters above sea level. Weibei Hu Ju, air cover customs, nine cited arch beam, a single peak show. Wei-shui-be is so vast and his former band, the water surging through the subsequent Road, Ling Shan peak set off a large turned down a more solitary. Jun Shan nine main peak of its more volatile charm, from due south Looking direction, the cone was very "blue sky pierced startled not disabled it"; from the South East looked to ask, but sambong into a gathering of like a penholder, and therefore, Yang Keng, who called Mihara along the "Beacon Hill "; From the south-west of looking, and follow-up was fighting type, it is a bit like the Japanese Hill-rich soil. Some, Zhao Ling to have contracted the magic and romance of color. To the past, in the hills in the region Zhetianbiri Calocedrus pines, steep hills Yinyun in nine of the clouds and mist, since when added to the imperial tomb guarded by Xuanmi with the atmosphere. On top of hills, the breeze whistling, chaotic cloud Stagecoach. South Qinchuan bird's-eye view, looking north Shase left Han Men, I hope the right Qianling. Laid-think the situation, Hu Jin thoracic radiotherapy Ancestors Remembrance exploits, the section Zhi incentive life, was really a bit "suspect in recent days the way, the dream of Tour and white clouds," the feeling, at this time to find a time when leisure amenities, also did not Even music. So-called "Zhao Ling," Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty was the second emperor, but also the Tang Dynasty Jun country. His tomb of the Tang Dynasty Mausoleum is the largest one, is unique in the world's largest imperial mausoleum.

  Mausoleum covers an area of 300,000 acres, 60 km circumference, the jurisdiction of the four townships, cemetery, there are 187 Huangqinguoqi the generals and Wen-Chen Pei Zangmu
Zhao Cemetery is a rich treasure house of cultural relics. In recent years, archaeologists have discovered a 14 Peizang Mu, of which Princess Changle, Fei Wei, Yan Fei, and other tomb unearthed a large number of precious frescoes and antiques. Zhao Ling is a national key cultural unit. Zhao Ling Zhao Ling museum to display the Forest of Stone Tablets and unearthed a large number of Peizang Mu Zhen Cultural relics.

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Mihara God Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mihara God Temple is located in Sanyuan county Dongquanjie Central. Mihara Temple Ming Hongwu began eight years (Year 1375), 600 had been renovated over the years and 9th amendment, Mihara God Temple is China's most complete preservation of ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties, total construction area of 13,000 square meters . Shaanxi Province is now re - Protection unit.
Mihara Temple dedicated to the Samwon famous Tang Dynasty, Li Jing people. Mihara Temple is a large-scale construction of grand, second to none in the country in the Temple. Mihara Temple for the palace-style architecture, symmetrical balance with the way the floor, Hall Gallery, veranda, Square, the Pavilion more than 40 single - By building primary and secondary distribution in the vertical and horizontal axis. Academy Gallery with five sets of depth on both sides and extend. Central axis of cloth 3 door, four rearrangement Square, Temple House, Zhong Yan 5. The door, Xi Lou, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, Xiandian, Baidian, with Hall, the main architectural features, such as Qindian. Glass cover all construction, Diaolianghuadong, Wealthy Church , If the United States and palaces, ancient architecture in China reflects the plane contour is regulated, the overall arrangement is reasonable, well-structured, well spacing, hard steel carved exquisite, elegant decoration features.

Sanyuan County Museum of the City God Temple in Mihara, a collection of nearly 3000 more than 100 precious cultural relics and pass tablets, Yue Fei "Inst" and in the office of Mary Help of Christians (Mihara), World Bank praise for the authentic work of calligraphy.

  Mihara Temple is the provincial key cultural unit. In 1980, the Government has set aside two renovation show, the original remained, Sanyuan County Museum located in the temple, the collection and display of nearly 3000 precious cultural relics and a hundred 000 steles

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Mao Ling Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The museum, at the tomb of Mao Ling Huoqu Bing, a rich collection of artifacts, relics in 3730, 14 were designated as national treasures. There are near Weiqing, Ms. Li, Kim Il-Pei Zangmu cicadas, such as the size of more than 20 blocks. Museum pavilions, pontoon bridge pools Pro, Calocedrus pines, the Green Wave waves, three quarters of flowering, evergreen the four seasons every year Cited nearly 400,000 Chinese and foreign tourists.

  Mao Ling and Xing-Ping Xianyang Museum is located between the five hills on the Plateau, about 40 kilometers away from Xi'an, the Emperor is based on Mao Ling, Huo Qubing and large-scale tomb group of stone and famous at home, outside of the Western Han Dynasty dating history museum. Area of 121,486 square meters, the collection of cultural relics More than 100 pieces of cultural relics national treasure 14. One stone Fu-hu, Kinmen and Matsu-lau, jade shops in the first four of God hollow brick in the number of cultural relics, such as the United States, Britain, Japan, France, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, Monaco, Hong Kong and other countries and regions on display, caused a sensation.

  In addition, the museum has ten Maoling Pay attention to the development of unique national characteristics of tourism projects and investments 8,900,000 yuan to build a large-scale water culture, entertainment Mao Ling Han Palace, to tourists for fishing and travel out of the pontoon and appreciation of the ancient music of the Han Dynasty music and dance hall, floating restaurant There are multi-purpose entertainment room, like the Han courtyard has been opening to the outside world, and so on.
Mao Huoqu Bing and the Tomb of the country are key cultural unit.

  Over the years, the national model workers, national experts who have made outstanding contributions, curator Wang Zhijie (Fellow) under the leadership of the whole museum staff to carry forward the "hard work, dedication, visitor services, improve self" Maolingwoniu spirit of the original There are 3600 square meters area, 20 of the relics are small text control, developed into a cultural melting, paintings, garden in one well-known tourist resort. Today, the Library scenic landscape, like many Chinese buildings, pavilions, the rippling blue waves, Calocedrus pines, three quarters of flowering, evergreen the four seasons; tour is rich in content, Mao Ling concept of a no show, Lam Chi visitors chasing fish, "bells of the Millennium shows, listen to ancient music, Ambilight night, pontoon charming fountain; appreciate the" Emperor story statues art exhibition, "reverie that more than 2000 years ago Realm of the history of the Western Han Dynasty, people feel Lumpur. Take the sheep to pull carts, horses drawing the carts, and riding a camel , Riding a donkey roaming tourists, the unique taste, and Fun for all. Staff Service warm, patient and meticulous, and civilized norms, so as to give visitors a sense of home away from home. State leaders to Ruihuan visited Mao Ling, delighted: "Mao Ling not only have a very good museum, a beautiful environment, where I went, Mao Ling to promote there, all the museums should be built this museum. "Canadian head of the delegation of the National Culture and Fine Arts professor at the University of Hong Kong when the school after the visit, Mr. Yan in the guest book:" From Canada to China, Shaanxi Museum of Mao Ling, by plane, train, the car has gone the way miles to see Maoling work's success will be felt miles Zaipao also been a worthwhile trip, here is not only a valuable cultural relics, the exhibition is rich in content and the surrounding environment is also fully demonstrated the Chinese culture has a long history of working people, as well as China's great contribution. "

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The original point of the earth - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Land of the People's Republic of the origin, is located in Xianyang City Wing-lok Jingyang town of Stone Village on the occasion.

  "Land of the origin," also known as the "geodetic datum", that is to control the level of national Geodetic Coordinate projected net effect of punctuation. In the early nation-building, China's use of the geodetic coordinate system is measured from the former Soviet Union, and its seat Bohr is the origin of the former Soviet Union Markov Observatory, and the situation of China's construction and development did not match. To this end, it was decided to establish the country's vast land of China's independent coordinate system. From the beginning of 1975, the organization of human, to collect a great deal of analysis of the data, and in accordance with the "square one", Zhengzhou, Wuhan, and Western , Lanzhou and other places of the topography, geology, tectonics, astronomy, geodesy and gravity field and other factors, a comprehensive analysis of China's last will be the starting point of the earth to determine Jingyang Wing-lok in the town of Stone Village occasion of the territory.

  The origin of the entire land of the facilities by the central symbol of equipment to Taiwan, the main building, projection Most of the four components. 25 meters above the ground more than a total of seven three-dimensional architecture, for the top floor observation room, equipped with instruments to Taiwan; at the top of the building is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic as a whole roof-garden and a half, electricity can be charged with observing celestial bodies in order to open; symbol laying Center In the basement of the central theme of the building. When completed in the near future, "the land of the original "It also created a national testing and the basic point of gravity and the astronomical basis points.

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River Park style bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A witness to the "Jingle trucks, Ma Xiao Xiao" history of the bridge scene, a world found in the current era of the wooden structure of the first bridge, Wei several times a week should be standing here, to the ecstasy that as the rows of Black vertical down wood piles.
River bridge site, from Xianyang City, about 6 km, is located at Diaotai all areas south of the village of Wang Zhen. That was the orderly rows of vertical wood piles have been deeply buried in more than 10 m thick sand, the locals are digging in 1986 when they were taking the sand, some people find this hard wood straight rough , And Latin America made coffin home plate. Later, after cleaning up cultural relics departments to explore, only identified It is now more than 2,000 years ago, the wooden post.
These black bridge piling in straight vertical white sand of Life, appears to be particularly eye-catching. According to the provincial archaeological research institute further found that these bridges are supported by piles of the bridge, 10 meters in width should be more than the length is still not determined. Such a large scale The bridge is certainly not great for the passage of people, and must be carrying baggage vehicles Queen's Royal Bridge.
  The witness, "Jingle trucks, Ma Xiao Xiao, pedestrian bow and arrow in the back," the history of the bridge scene, is the world's currently found in the earliest era of the wooden structure of the bridge, a bridge in the world history A very important role. River bridge sites around the same time, unearthed a large number of precious cultural relics, bronze, iron, pottery and a rare big copper leaf.
Xianyang River bridge those found by State Administration of Cultural Heritage was listed as one of the top ten archaeological discoveries, which in 1992 Identified as provincial-level key cultural unit. CPPCC Chairman Li Ruihuan of the original have come here to visit, the magic of the old bridge piling expressed a strong interest and instructed relevant departments to properly protect as soon as possible. Xianyang on the Plateau Plateau, over and over is our heritage and how these scattered field of cultural heritage sites to implement effective protection ? Qin District Administration of Cultural Heritage argues repeatedly been carefully designed to raise funds in various ways in 2002 in Old Bridge on the River to build a spacious antique tall buildings, will cover the entire bridge piling up. At present, the total cost of more than 150 million "bridge River Museum," a shortfall of 500,000 yuan project, so that can not be Release operation.
50-year-old Wei Qin Xianyang is the area of celebrity, he thought fast and sensitive, known for its lively and witty language, Qin district departments of the cadres do not do not know of Wei. Wei's father was in Yan'an to take part in the revolution veteran, was down and return to the North Qin Du home. Wei After graduating from high school because the family element has been in the farming Murakami, the young man being honest, fair business, the production has also been selected as captain. Father Wei seek redress after the succession to replace Wei Qin entered the cinema as a member screened in 1992, hospital workers voted for him as a manager.
River bridge site made After the publication of Wei attracted great interest, he went to the ancient land bridge from time to time, feeling the bridge piles made some emotion. In 1996, Qin district organizations to the relevant departments of Guangdong Investment, Wei took part in the Mission Merchants in Shenzhen and visited the "Window of the World." He said that smart people in Shenzhen is not much of the local history and culture Sources, has come up with man-made landscape in order to attract mainland tourists, is located in Xianyang of the historical and cultural treasure, with the countless cultural heritage sites, it is not effectively use, it is a pity. He peers Qin said the district leadership, such as River bridge sites, should be implemented as soon as possible to develop protective, suction Many visitors, for the benefit of the people of Qin. To come back from the South, went to the Wei River bridge several times. He's protective of the development of the idea more and more strongly, so that rice does not think of tea, sit restless. In his report to the Bureau and the district leadership has repeatedly proposed, Qin district cultural and sports bureau finally agreed to his idea of development and called for He Wei Ling do this project into a style system of an economic entity. Wei actively preparing for the proper time, from top to the document, requires that all economic entities with separate government departments, government departments should not set up new economic entities. Watching in the country is beneficial to the people of the project is about bathing, Wei appears to be Becoming quite the heart. After days of thinking, he firmly said to myself: do not allow units to do, it would be the first pick by Wei individual contractors now. As a result, he will look for relatives to visit friends, find ways to raise funds from non-governmental.
Wei basic idea is that based on historical and cultural heritage, folk customs to show the Northwest Shahe in the development and construction of the bridge next to the set of cultural relics, folk customs, fashion and leisure, catering and entertainment as one of the "Old Bridge River Park style", with the Xi'an Xianyang to promote economic integration, this will be to the west of Xi'an, Xianyang south A new tourist destination. The project passed the examination, in May this year, Wei To lead his people into the ancient River Bridge. This is one of the original River water around the Xi river, even 20 years ago, Wang is also a water and then gradually reduce the water has completely dried up, he almost can not see the signs. Overgrown with weeds in the valley, the waves pile sand dunes, a desert. After several months of For the hard work, this has become an area of 200 acres of open space, a unique leisure and entertainment facilities have been completed, much can be received by the Quartet of the tourists. Wei said that not long ago, Xianyang City Mayor Zhang Yong Qin and Xu Xin-Rong district party committee secretary, made a special trip to River bridge construction site, to see here The new changes to the much praised Wei, said that the Lao Wei Well done, it is not easy, government departments should give full support, is to develop tourism in the form of real use to protect cultural relics. Wei's life by the construction of the park, nearly lost some of the items belonging to the non-physical in nature, need to save the cultural heritage, such as the fight , To fight a monkey, some very traditional regional projects, such as the Dog & Rabbit, cock fighting, donkeys pull water tankers, playing swing, the fire agency, Zhu Ma. Dog & Rabbit their performances are first home, 200 square meters of fighting cocks in the first Shaanxi Museum, built a modern sports facilities, rock climbing clear height of 12 meters, equivalent to the four-story building height, which Most belong to the Northwest, and the women's mud wrestling pool, and its very good performance. Wei said that the strange interesting entertainment projects must be able to Xi'an, Xianyang to attract tourists back. Only just been completed this year, the event in the autumn rain, currently is not a lot of visitors, but he was optimistic about the future development of the self-confidence. December 6, reporters at the bridge site to see Shahe, tall and spacious bridge piling in the protection of the Museum at the eastern end of the ancient river bed, to the west is a large garden style. Wei is a day in the bridge customs hall and back and forth between the winding Parks. Pak, pointing to his passion in the back of a vertical root and wood piles, poetic and told reporters that these lonely Wood piles and shows the long history and shows the ancient science and technology, witnessed the brutal military, has witnessed the change of time, they will not speak of black wood piles to hide a lot of people today and future generations answer to be opened one by one. Both the five-year, 10, 20, he is willing to be a lonely bridge watch, watch History, watch in the future.

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Mao Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mao Ling Liu Che is the Western Han Dynasty Emperor's tomb. Xi'an is located 40 km northwest of the north-south county Xing-Ping Mao Ling-rural village.

Emperor Wu Chien-yuan, 2002 (the year 141 AD) Emperor Liu Che here to build life-ling, BC 87 years after the death of Emperor buried here. Emperor Liu Che is the history of Qin Shi Huang and can be compared to The theory is only a little of the feudal emperors, he was in office when the Han Empire's heyday, he used the farming incentives, development of production, Fuguoqiangbing, the grand strategy to fight the Huns, to strengthen the centralized political system, in Economically, the implementation of boiling salt, iron rule, transport and trade in government-run system, irrigation, the Agriculture, to carry out foreign trade; in the military to fight the Huns, to break down a road leading to the Western Regions, the firm control of the Hexi Corridor, leading to the south of Hainan, and basically formed the pattern of the Chinese nation living space, so that a unified Chinese empire, Prosperous and powerful gesture in the world stand in the East. Mao Ling magnificent building Munei a sacrificial object extremely lucrative luxury, known as "property of money, Yubie birds, birds of Health Tiger Balm oxen and horses, all-Baijiu Shi, make possession of sacrifice."

Legend has it that the Emperor Gold Yi-hard steel, box-and-stick together, and so buried in the grave. At that time, the cemetery also has a ritual of Piandian, Qindian, as well as the lady-in-waiting, Shou-ling Housing, with 5,000 people in the management of the cemetery, in charge of water trees, such as Sasao job. And Mao Ling in the construction of the south-east county Mao Ling, a number of civil and military ministers, the door of the rich and powerful to move here, with a population of 277,000 people.

  Maolingfengtu bucket-shaped cover for the existing residual 46.5 meters high, the tomb Bottom-side 240 meters long, the cemetery was a square, while about 420 meters. So far east and west, north of the territory still Que, Ling Zhou Pei Zangmu there are Ms. Li, Weiqing, Huoqu Bing, Huo Guang, the Japanese Zen and others of the burial. It is the emperor of the Han Dynasty tomb in the largest and longest-built, most of the items buried with the dead of a Referred to as "pyramids of China."

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Yang co Stephen virgin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stephen Virgin co-located in the scenic County contact Chuanzhen, belonging to the tidal flats of the Yellow River wetland, the country's largest reed down one of the country is the only type of wetland tourism area, covers an area of 15 hectares, has been referred to as "the world No. A ring-down. " "Stephen Virgin," also known as the "East valley vapor carp," and also contact Kawasaki 7-chuen, one of the valley vapor. Stephen valley vapor, can be China never a "unique country, this" valley vapor ", can be found in the dictionary, it refers specifically to contact Kawasaki 7 valley vapor Stephen, Stephen valley vapor is the origin of ancient Sichuan contact with the people of irrigated valley vapor-chuen, even if found That there are no fertilizer, crops are growing well, said the fertilizer is so simple it took the ancient people called the hot 7 " Stephen ", the modern verify that the valley vapor-chuen, is the eruption hot springs, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other trace elements are indeed very beneficial to the growth of crops.

  Yellow River in the mother's arms, thick reeds, the hidden magic of the virgin-chuen. Stephen East, also known as virgin valley vapor carp, fish, Stephen V, "Virgin" in the name of the source A local old folk. In the girls before marriage should be accompanied by the mother or sister in the blue sky and white clouds, green screen to hide accounts in multiple wash away the dust and fatigue, to meet life on the road to a glorious moment.

  Stephen Quanqun is a virgin, the size of countless spring. To maintain the water temperature year round About 1 ? and rich in the trace element strontium beneficial to the human body, copper and selenium. Great power of water, people do not water Shen, moving sand Quan Yong, who Fu such as silk, known as sand waves bath. Quanbian have playgrounds, customs houses, and so on, can be fully aware of the Yellow River Wild.

  Stephen also known as the Virgin and 7-chuen, in the valley vapor Jiao, to maintain long-term water temperature 29 ? -31 ?, rich in strontium, copper, selenium to human health is very favorable, observant and thorough, Stephen around the spring, water, water is unsinkable, Quanyong moving sand, Such as silk body brush, known as "sand waves bath", especially in the winter, Stephen virgin mist floating air, stretching There is no way, do not have some fun. Mr. Jia Pingao well-known writer on several occasions in the bath in virgin Stephen, glad for Shiyi Shou Fu "mu reed wind up, the water ri virgins Ning Zhi, Hua Qing emperors only, and which group of folk music this tour."

  Stephen maiden name is the origin of ancient origin, China's first Song of the total set of "The Book of Songs" the first poem, "Guanju", "Guan Guanju Japan, in River Island, My Fair Lady, Junzihaoqiu" is the description of the famous ancient contact when Zhouwen Wang Chuan-chuan contact with the beautiful wife of older brother too Between the pure love. It is said that too married the former wife of older brother Stephen in the virgin bath, the more brilliant, walking among the reeds, even the Reed leaves the skin can not help but to caress her face, too angry Si, turned back to the teeth with bite leaves lightly. Now Qiachuan reed leaves in the middle of a shallow Chihen. From then on, the formation of such a contact Sichuan Folk: The girl must be married before the shower here, so that the pure spring water to wash away the immense Soil and fatigue, to meet life's happy moments. Since then, "Stephen Virgin," has become a common name.

  Stephen is a virgin line for the development of a number of visitors to tour the water, along Ludang to enjoy life, all kinds of rare birds and bird watching. Reed wetlands immense, as much as 15 million mu, is Reed is one of the largest swing. It was hailed as a "ring-down the best in the world" and "Natural Oxygen position," Jianjia over and over in the spring, summer, Green Wave 10,000 ares, Lu Hua autumn sky, the depth of winter migratory birds intoxicated, and confusing in the reed down, visitors entered Huangruo Space-time tunnel, it brings the people, not only eco-tourism and leisure mode . The newly developed "Ludang Labyrinth", visitors can hire rowing hand, the reed down in the depths of the reed boat tours. Stephen arrived virgin, visitors may feel far away from noisy city, to experience the magic of the virgin-chuen, an immersion in water to wash away the fatigue, return to the embrace of nature. At the same time, "Lo Court to hear" can be free Yang co-reward characteristics of local art, not a so-called Chinese "Shenyang co-Muppets" show, there are a number of scenic spots and entertainment services for visitors to choose the project.

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Seonjang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongfeng Northeast Department Shi Feng floor, there are peaks Dongbi Seonjang cliffs, ancient legend of the Yellow River have prevented the mountains, disaster year after year, He Shen Hua Shan left hand up, push right foot in the Mountain, to open up the Yellow river to the sea to save a million people. "Seonjang" He Shen was asked to leave when the Huashan original handwriting. Zhang Ya Shang-round with, say, optical mirror, " On. "Seonjang Huashan, Guanzhong has always been one of the Eight.

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West Yuemiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West Yuemiao is dedicated to the Great Xiyue Hua Shan temple of God, Huashan in the 5 km north of the town of Yue on the street. Temple was built in the Han Dynasty era of imperial dynasties became Huashan worship God places. West Yuemiao ride south, the door is on the Huashan. In the north-south central axis of lower priority Hao Ling-door Wufeng Lou, Star lattice door, the Doors, Hao Ling Temple, the palace, the floor of Yushu, Wan Kok. The entire building after a former high-low pattern. West Yuemiao a grand building. Wufeng Lou on the stage built in the high, up more than 20 meters, Wang Hua Shan Deng Lou, Wufeng fresh in our memory. Hall of the main hall Hao Ling Xie Shanding Danyan glazed tile for the building, located in a broad "convex" On the platform, 7 wide and 5 into the deep, surrounded by corridors, the momentum of the grand, ancient emperor worship Huashan more to live here. Kangxi hall are flying, light, the title of empress, "Zhao Jin-day side," "Sin Yun" horizontal inscribed board. The entire courtyard lush forests, craggy rocks, and interesting landscape of interest. Xiyue a temple tablets The existing Later Zhou Dynasty, "Hua Yue Miao monument," carved out heavy, "Hua Shan-Yu Tang inscriptions," carved out Wanli, "Hua Shan lying map", the first chart attached to Wang Wei, Li Bai, Du Fu, Chen Tuan, and other celebrities have Tang and Song of the Huashan Huashan map and poem. There Yushu Qianlong, "Yue Lian Shu-ling," the amount of stone.

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Yuquan Hospital - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuquan Hospital is located at the foot of Huashan, according to legend, when the Five Dynasties are built Laozu Chen Tuan. Yuquan Hospital back in accordance with the mountains, surrounded by towering old trees, a hospital-chuen, sweet spring water Qinglie, Yuquan named. Legend has it that this Stephen Peak and the town of the same Tamai Yue palace. Yuquan Temple Xiyi a hospital, the name comes from King Song Ci Chen Tuan, "Mr. Xi Yi," the title of Xi Yi at Temple before and after the Hall of the two. Qiandian the left side of the "Hua Shan monument map," is on the right side of the Song Dynasty calligrapher Mi Fu's hand-written "in the first mountains," Stone. Hou Dian Chen Tuan has a statue. Hill Pavilion built in the sun on a boulder, Chen Tuan legend, often to watch the Mountain View, the writing. Pavilion next to the old one, known as worry-free tree, Chen Tuan-for Hand-Flocked. Stephen Bitian shade house, winding corridors, Deng Hua Shan has always been the first in the number of visitors to this rest, then start climbing.

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North Peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Feng-feng, also known as the Northern Yunnan, the board is the hub of the other four peaks, and not the other high peaks, but the mountain is very steep, are cliffs on three sides, there is only one mountain to the south, the situation is very Xianyao is easily defensible on the Manner. "Outsmart the Mountain", the story took place here in 1949, the remnants of the KMT would like to take Huashan Feng risk put up a desperate struggle, the People's Liberation Army fellow at the show, with a rope and Zhugan from the Department impasse on North Peak, which annihilated Huashan Shoudi. North peak there Zhenwu Taoist Temple, and use nearby building, unique style and pleasant scenery.

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Xifeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xifeng Huashan is the most beautiful mountain in a critical situation. Cuiyun palace before the summit like a huge lotus, the Peak, also known as Lotus. Xifeng Hua Shan "Bao Liandeng" level off hilltops sinensis rescued three of Notre Dame. Now Cuiyun palace on the edge of a huge crack in the middle, who are Fupi, "Shi Fu Pi", also set a long next to the Tai Fu. The north-west, such as vertical cutting, no air miles, She Shenya said.

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Tourism Weinan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haidong in the western gate of Weinan City, located in the east longitude 108 � 50'-110 � 38 'north latitude and 34 � 13'-35 � 52', located in the eastern part of the Guanzhong Plain in Shaanxi Province, east near the Yellow River in Shanxi and Henan adjacent to the West and Xi'an, Xianyang phase, upon the South Qinling and for the community Shangluo, Yanan and the north bridge Hill Tongchuan border, 182.3 kilometers long from north to south, east 149.7 km wide, the highest in the New Eurasian Continental Bridge important of the lot is in Shaanxi Province and the western region in the east to enter the "door to the East." Lying to the Weihe River as the axis to form two north-south mountain, two in the central plateau and the landscape Hirakawa five types of areas. Weihe River in central Alluvial plain is 800 Qin Chuan, the most wide area. Jurisdiction of a district (Lin Weiqu), the two cities (Seoul, Huayin), eight counties (County, Tongguan, Dali, Pucheng, Chengcheng, Whitewater, co-Yang, Fu Ping), and 254 townships (Office of the ), 3236 administrative villages with a total population of 5,310,000 people, with a total area .3 10,000 square kilometers.


  Superior agricultural resources. Is a warm sub-humid and semi-arid monsoon climate, four seasons, adequate light and appropriate rainfall. Average annual temperature of 11.3-13.6 � C, annual rainfall of 529-638 mm , In 2144-2505 sunshine hours, frost-free period in 199-255 days. 2,006,000,000 cubic meters of water volume, flows through the city's yellow, Luo, Wei rivers an average annual passenger flow of water 48,692,000,000 cubic meters, the amount available to 555,000,000 cubic meters. The natural ecological environment suitable for The same types of plants and animals have provided favorable growing conditions, Shaanxi Province has always been the best agro-ecological zones. More than 300 kinds of wild animals, protected by the State of the red-crowned crane, black stork, Qingyang, 23 kinds of rare birds such as swans Jane animal well-known nationwide. Artificial rearing of more than 20 kinds of livestock and poultry, Qinchuan, Guanzhong donkey Goat milk equivalent great quality. More than 2500 kinds of wild plants, 87 kinds of agricultural and forestry crops, particularly wheat, corn, beans, apples, pear, cotton, peanuts, vegetables, flue-cured tobacco, pepper, watermelon, and so are the richest. There are 263,200 ha forest area, forest reserves 8,490,000 cubic meters of forest Cover rate of 15.9 percent. 148,000 hectares of natural grassland. Arable land area of 546,100 hectares, of which the effective irrigation area of 344,000 hectares. Rich mineral resources. Proven reserves of 38, in which reserves are large, easy-to 26 mining, coal, molybdenum, gold, stone, water is quite advantage. Raw coal 25,500,000,000 tons of quality reserves, has proven reserves 5,030,000,000 tons, are renowned for their "Weibei black belt" in china; molybdenum mine has proven reserves of metal 1,500,000 tons, ranking the second place, with an annual output of 15,000 tons of molybdenum powder , Accounting for about half the national output, is Asia's largest molybdenum powder production base; huge gold reserves Production accounted for more than half of the province, ranking the third; limestone has been proved reserves 108,000,000 tons, 2,283,000 tons of marble, with an annual output of 2,700,000 tons of cement; in 9 counties (cities, districts) of water to drink and use medical spa Duoliang water, mineral water which Dali sunrise 60,000 tons of water, and rich multi - The necessary elements of the human body, known as "the most Chinese." Resources to develop the huge potential for economic development to provide a solid foundation.

  Weinan is located in the Yellow River Basin is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation, rich cultural relics, history goes back to ancient times. Just over 80 Years ago, "Lam Tin man," has evolved in the city of the region; "Dali" fossil skull, is now about 20 million years ago the original human fossils; "Yumenkou accumulation cave" Paleolithic sites; Astragalus , The Longshan culture site of far-reaching implications. Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty two thousand years, has been the Weinan Shaanxi hub, eight provinces Tongqu "and the powerhouse Province, Agriculture, Industry and Trade, transportation is very well-developed; has always been vital importance for the military, the ancient Great Wall, ancient ruins found on the battlefield; included in the development and protection of the heritage tourism attraction 619, Among them, national and 58 provincial-level protection units, particularly known as the "five The first temple "Yuemiao West, the magnificent tomb of Tang Emperor, the generation of the history of St. tomb and shrine of Sima Qian, the north-south longitudinal Wei of the most well-known Great Wall and so on. Gave birth to a long history and splendid culture. Shaanxi Opera, with the state opera, bowl Cavity bowl, Hu fans, the Arab-opera drama and other cavity deep Yun Ji, China is the North Bangzi Tune birthplace; stone carving, wood carving, flower face, shadow, and other folk art originality, the famous Chinese and foreign. Created a splendid culture and outstanding talent, with the Ying-Hsien, on behalf of many people. St. Cangjie words, Dukang Jiusheng, the history of Sima Qian Sheng, Yang Jian Sui Wendi, the famous Tang Dynasty Guo Ziyi, the great poet of realism White Yi, KOU Zhun phase of the Song Dynasty, Wang Qing Dynasty scholar, Foreign Minister Ong Teng patriotic, modern patriotic general Yang, Xi Zhongxun party and state leaders, well-known political activists Qu Wu, the well-known writers such as Du Pengcheng a shining page in the history. A long history Canruo stars of the Chinese culture and magnificent mountains and rivers add radiance to each other rivers, the landscape of A Celebration of the Arts, created a unique tourism resources. Qi Xiu critical of the Huashan Xiyue, the proud home of the first Sacred Mountains of China, and out of the road is smooth, high-altitude cableway Fei Jia is the famous financial leisure, vacation, entertainment, sightseeing in one tourist destination;-Shan Plateau rivers and the natural landscape in the Yuan and Ming Gu Cultural construction of the Da Huang Longmen Scenic Spot, "Small Three Gorges in the north," said; the famous scenic spots Qiachuan, there are more than 160 square kilometers of tidal wetlands, red-crowned cranes, black storks, swans, mandarin duck, crane, and other 11 countries, rare II Bird, groups of habitats reproduce, the State Science and Technology Commission as the focus of rare birds Protection areas. There are a virgin Stephen, Stephen valley vapor, Calocedrus Fukuyama, as well as the modern grand draw yellow primary and secondary stations, and so is the bath, convalescence, fishing and tourism, a good place.

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