Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The original point of the earth - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Land of the People's Republic of the origin, is located in Xianyang City Wing-lok Jingyang town of Stone Village on the occasion.

  "Land of the origin," also known as the "geodetic datum", that is to control the level of national Geodetic Coordinate projected net effect of punctuation. In the early nation-building, China's use of the geodetic coordinate system is measured from the former Soviet Union, and its seat Bohr is the origin of the former Soviet Union Markov Observatory, and the situation of China's construction and development did not match. To this end, it was decided to establish the country's vast land of China's independent coordinate system. From the beginning of 1975, the organization of human, to collect a great deal of analysis of the data, and in accordance with the "square one", Zhengzhou, Wuhan, and Western , Lanzhou and other places of the topography, geology, tectonics, astronomy, geodesy and gravity field and other factors, a comprehensive analysis of China's last will be the starting point of the earth to determine Jingyang Wing-lok in the town of Stone Village occasion of the territory.

  The origin of the entire land of the facilities by the central symbol of equipment to Taiwan, the main building, projection Most of the four components. 25 meters above the ground more than a total of seven three-dimensional architecture, for the top floor observation room, equipped with instruments to Taiwan; at the top of the building is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic as a whole roof-garden and a half, electricity can be charged with observing celestial bodies in order to open; symbol laying Center In the basement of the central theme of the building. When completed in the near future, "the land of the original "It also created a national testing and the basic point of gravity and the astronomical basis points.

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