Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mao Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mao Ling Liu Che is the Western Han Dynasty Emperor's tomb. Xi'an is located 40 km northwest of the north-south county Xing-Ping Mao Ling-rural village.

Emperor Wu Chien-yuan, 2002 (the year 141 AD) Emperor Liu Che here to build life-ling, BC 87 years after the death of Emperor buried here. Emperor Liu Che is the history of Qin Shi Huang and can be compared to The theory is only a little of the feudal emperors, he was in office when the Han Empire's heyday, he used the farming incentives, development of production, Fuguoqiangbing, the grand strategy to fight the Huns, to strengthen the centralized political system, in Economically, the implementation of boiling salt, iron rule, transport and trade in government-run system, irrigation, the Agriculture, to carry out foreign trade; in the military to fight the Huns, to break down a road leading to the Western Regions, the firm control of the Hexi Corridor, leading to the south of Hainan, and basically formed the pattern of the Chinese nation living space, so that a unified Chinese empire, Prosperous and powerful gesture in the world stand in the East. Mao Ling magnificent building Munei a sacrificial object extremely lucrative luxury, known as "property of money, Yubie birds, birds of Health Tiger Balm oxen and horses, all-Baijiu Shi, make possession of sacrifice."

Legend has it that the Emperor Gold Yi-hard steel, box-and-stick together, and so buried in the grave. At that time, the cemetery also has a ritual of Piandian, Qindian, as well as the lady-in-waiting, Shou-ling Housing, with 5,000 people in the management of the cemetery, in charge of water trees, such as Sasao job. And Mao Ling in the construction of the south-east county Mao Ling, a number of civil and military ministers, the door of the rich and powerful to move here, with a population of 277,000 people.

  Maolingfengtu bucket-shaped cover for the existing residual 46.5 meters high, the tomb Bottom-side 240 meters long, the cemetery was a square, while about 420 meters. So far east and west, north of the territory still Que, Ling Zhou Pei Zangmu there are Ms. Li, Weiqing, Huoqu Bing, Huo Guang, the Japanese Zen and others of the burial. It is the emperor of the Han Dynasty tomb in the largest and longest-built, most of the items buried with the dead of a Referred to as "pyramids of China."

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