Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oasis palace ruins - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Oasis at the palace ruins Chunhua Xian Xianyang City, north of the city's Hill south of Oasis for the provincial key cultural unit. According to historical records, Oasis Palace is the seat of the "Yellow Emperor Heaven has won Qiu of the" Yellow Emperor Shengxian. Also remember, "Hun Heaven, Yunyang of the Oasis Yamashita, Qin seize their land." Yellow Emperor worship the gods, North Korea Hou Ming Court of All Souls in the Oasis. In this light afforestation Qin Dynasty palace, next to the Han Dynasty from its Oasis Palace. "Jiao Si Han-chi," recorded as a result of Emperor Yan Weng Li Qi people, "Oasis Palace, in Taiwan for the room, drawing a ghosts Thai heaven and earth, and home to a festival of God worship Heaven." Account shows that these ancient god worship Heaven is a grand He is - The Yellow Emperor, Qin and Han imperial palace in the Oasis one of the major events.
  Oasis attention to the ancient mountain, Qin and Han Dynasties in the palace building, the Oasis is due to the ancient terrain in the vicinity of Xian Yao famous. Fansui "war policy" in the description: "The king of the country, the North has Oasis, Taniguchi." Oasis is a barrier Hill outpost of Xianyang In order to be humiliated defense of the First Qin Emperor, in the Oasis building Kuang Shan Temple, Oasis from Inner Mongolia to repair the original nine straight for the benefit of arms. Oasis Mountain High Qishuang is summer resort. Qin Shi Huang and Lin Tsun to the palace, not only to summer, more of an edge Hun deterrent effect. Western Han period, second only to the size of the Oasis Palace Chang Weiyang . Oasis historical records in the palace of Emperor Chien-yuan broaden, "back to the 19-week, 120-step, the palace has 12 Taiwan 11" (Guanzhong in mind). Another document said that the Oasis Palace, "the palace floor concept with a little Jianzhang, both Bai Guan Di homes" (including topology). From this we can see the magnificent palace of the. "Jiao Si Han-chi" in mind Oasis to the emperor of the Han Dynasty palace: "when the emperor five years, Wen 26, 26 Emperor, Emperor Wu to 75, 25 Xuan, the first year since the beginning of the yuan also twenties." "Mirror" records, Emperor Li Shimin Zhenguan 20 years (646 years) went to Oasis Palace. Tang decline in the Qin and Han, the emperor had to Oasis at the palace, because there are many important decisions in court here, have an audience with such leaders, foreign envoys, such as supper feast, and anti-foreign aggression, while security has always been important activities.

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