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River Park style bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A witness to the "Jingle trucks, Ma Xiao Xiao" history of the bridge scene, a world found in the current era of the wooden structure of the first bridge, Wei several times a week should be standing here, to the ecstasy that as the rows of Black vertical down wood piles.
River bridge site, from Xianyang City, about 6 km, is located at Diaotai all areas south of the village of Wang Zhen. That was the orderly rows of vertical wood piles have been deeply buried in more than 10 m thick sand, the locals are digging in 1986 when they were taking the sand, some people find this hard wood straight rough , And Latin America made coffin home plate. Later, after cleaning up cultural relics departments to explore, only identified It is now more than 2,000 years ago, the wooden post.
These black bridge piling in straight vertical white sand of Life, appears to be particularly eye-catching. According to the provincial archaeological research institute further found that these bridges are supported by piles of the bridge, 10 meters in width should be more than the length is still not determined. Such a large scale The bridge is certainly not great for the passage of people, and must be carrying baggage vehicles Queen's Royal Bridge.
  The witness, "Jingle trucks, Ma Xiao Xiao, pedestrian bow and arrow in the back," the history of the bridge scene, is the world's currently found in the earliest era of the wooden structure of the bridge, a bridge in the world history A very important role. River bridge sites around the same time, unearthed a large number of precious cultural relics, bronze, iron, pottery and a rare big copper leaf.
Xianyang River bridge those found by State Administration of Cultural Heritage was listed as one of the top ten archaeological discoveries, which in 1992 Identified as provincial-level key cultural unit. CPPCC Chairman Li Ruihuan of the original have come here to visit, the magic of the old bridge piling expressed a strong interest and instructed relevant departments to properly protect as soon as possible. Xianyang on the Plateau Plateau, over and over is our heritage and how these scattered field of cultural heritage sites to implement effective protection ? Qin District Administration of Cultural Heritage argues repeatedly been carefully designed to raise funds in various ways in 2002 in Old Bridge on the River to build a spacious antique tall buildings, will cover the entire bridge piling up. At present, the total cost of more than 150 million "bridge River Museum," a shortfall of 500,000 yuan project, so that can not be Release operation.
50-year-old Wei Qin Xianyang is the area of celebrity, he thought fast and sensitive, known for its lively and witty language, Qin district departments of the cadres do not do not know of Wei. Wei's father was in Yan'an to take part in the revolution veteran, was down and return to the North Qin Du home. Wei After graduating from high school because the family element has been in the farming Murakami, the young man being honest, fair business, the production has also been selected as captain. Father Wei seek redress after the succession to replace Wei Qin entered the cinema as a member screened in 1992, hospital workers voted for him as a manager.
River bridge site made After the publication of Wei attracted great interest, he went to the ancient land bridge from time to time, feeling the bridge piles made some emotion. In 1996, Qin district organizations to the relevant departments of Guangdong Investment, Wei took part in the Mission Merchants in Shenzhen and visited the "Window of the World." He said that smart people in Shenzhen is not much of the local history and culture Sources, has come up with man-made landscape in order to attract mainland tourists, is located in Xianyang of the historical and cultural treasure, with the countless cultural heritage sites, it is not effectively use, it is a pity. He peers Qin said the district leadership, such as River bridge sites, should be implemented as soon as possible to develop protective, suction Many visitors, for the benefit of the people of Qin. To come back from the South, went to the Wei River bridge several times. He's protective of the development of the idea more and more strongly, so that rice does not think of tea, sit restless. In his report to the Bureau and the district leadership has repeatedly proposed, Qin district cultural and sports bureau finally agreed to his idea of development and called for He Wei Ling do this project into a style system of an economic entity. Wei actively preparing for the proper time, from top to the document, requires that all economic entities with separate government departments, government departments should not set up new economic entities. Watching in the country is beneficial to the people of the project is about bathing, Wei appears to be Becoming quite the heart. After days of thinking, he firmly said to myself: do not allow units to do, it would be the first pick by Wei individual contractors now. As a result, he will look for relatives to visit friends, find ways to raise funds from non-governmental.
Wei basic idea is that based on historical and cultural heritage, folk customs to show the Northwest Shahe in the development and construction of the bridge next to the set of cultural relics, folk customs, fashion and leisure, catering and entertainment as one of the "Old Bridge River Park style", with the Xi'an Xianyang to promote economic integration, this will be to the west of Xi'an, Xianyang south A new tourist destination. The project passed the examination, in May this year, Wei To lead his people into the ancient River Bridge. This is one of the original River water around the Xi river, even 20 years ago, Wang is also a water and then gradually reduce the water has completely dried up, he almost can not see the signs. Overgrown with weeds in the valley, the waves pile sand dunes, a desert. After several months of For the hard work, this has become an area of 200 acres of open space, a unique leisure and entertainment facilities have been completed, much can be received by the Quartet of the tourists. Wei said that not long ago, Xianyang City Mayor Zhang Yong Qin and Xu Xin-Rong district party committee secretary, made a special trip to River bridge construction site, to see here The new changes to the much praised Wei, said that the Lao Wei Well done, it is not easy, government departments should give full support, is to develop tourism in the form of real use to protect cultural relics. Wei's life by the construction of the park, nearly lost some of the items belonging to the non-physical in nature, need to save the cultural heritage, such as the fight , To fight a monkey, some very traditional regional projects, such as the Dog & Rabbit, cock fighting, donkeys pull water tankers, playing swing, the fire agency, Zhu Ma. Dog & Rabbit their performances are first home, 200 square meters of fighting cocks in the first Shaanxi Museum, built a modern sports facilities, rock climbing clear height of 12 meters, equivalent to the four-story building height, which Most belong to the Northwest, and the women's mud wrestling pool, and its very good performance. Wei said that the strange interesting entertainment projects must be able to Xi'an, Xianyang to attract tourists back. Only just been completed this year, the event in the autumn rain, currently is not a lot of visitors, but he was optimistic about the future development of the self-confidence. December 6, reporters at the bridge site to see Shahe, tall and spacious bridge piling in the protection of the Museum at the eastern end of the ancient river bed, to the west is a large garden style. Wei is a day in the bridge customs hall and back and forth between the winding Parks. Pak, pointing to his passion in the back of a vertical root and wood piles, poetic and told reporters that these lonely Wood piles and shows the long history and shows the ancient science and technology, witnessed the brutal military, has witnessed the change of time, they will not speak of black wood piles to hide a lot of people today and future generations answer to be opened one by one. Both the five-year, 10, 20, he is willing to be a lonely bridge watch, watch History, watch in the future.

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