Tuesday, December 9, 2008

After Jijiaojiatai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to the "Historical Records this week Ji" set: Houji Timor is the Ku Yuanfeijiangyuan son, known as abandoned. Giants have childhood ambition, good trees planted by Ma, Shu, Michael, after the adult was a good farming, Jia Se Christians. Di Yao agricultural division for example, there are letters in the Tai (Guzhi martial arts in this city of Xianyang County), Haoyuehouji, do not Kyi's name. After the man-made The commemoration of the immortal ancestor of China's agricultural achievements, was set up after the delay to teach Taiwan Jia. On the Yangling Agricultural adjacent to the city and is now established in Yangling national agricultural high-tech demonstration zone, can be regarded as ancient China and Taiwan's Hou Ji Jia-teaching-pulse history.

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