Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Zhao Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhao Ling is the tomb of Emperor Li Shimin, as the "Tomb of the world." Li Quanxian located in the north-east of the Wa Lane 45 9 Shan main peak, as a result of Shan hills. Magnanimous stand in the Guanzhong Plain, the clouds look into the distance wind around the nine-Jun Shan, the main peak towering attention, as did the Ming Dynasty poet Han Zhao described the "hills suddenly broken, a towering Peak. "

  Nine Jun Shan is the world famous mountain, 1188 meters above sea level. Weibei Hu Ju, air cover customs, nine cited arch beam, a single peak show. Wei-shui-be is so vast and his former band, the water surging through the subsequent Road, Ling Shan peak set off a large turned down a more solitary. Jun Shan nine main peak of its more volatile charm, from due south Looking direction, the cone was very "blue sky pierced startled not disabled it"; from the South East looked to ask, but sambong into a gathering of like a penholder, and therefore, Yang Keng, who called Mihara along the "Beacon Hill "; From the south-west of looking, and follow-up was fighting type, it is a bit like the Japanese Hill-rich soil. Some, Zhao Ling to have contracted the magic and romance of color. To the past, in the hills in the region Zhetianbiri Calocedrus pines, steep hills Yinyun in nine of the clouds and mist, since when added to the imperial tomb guarded by Xuanmi with the atmosphere. On top of hills, the breeze whistling, chaotic cloud Stagecoach. South Qinchuan bird's-eye view, looking north Shase left Han Men, I hope the right Qianling. Laid-think the situation, Hu Jin thoracic radiotherapy Ancestors Remembrance exploits, the section Zhi incentive life, was really a bit "suspect in recent days the way, the dream of Tour and white clouds," the feeling, at this time to find a time when leisure amenities, also did not Even music. So-called "Zhao Ling," Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty was the second emperor, but also the Tang Dynasty Jun country. His tomb of the Tang Dynasty Mausoleum is the largest one, is unique in the world's largest imperial mausoleum.

  Mausoleum covers an area of 300,000 acres, 60 km circumference, the jurisdiction of the four townships, cemetery, there are 187 Huangqinguoqi the generals and Wen-Chen Pei Zangmu
Zhao Cemetery is a rich treasure house of cultural relics. In recent years, archaeologists have discovered a 14 Peizang Mu, of which Princess Changle, Fei Wei, Yan Fei, and other tomb unearthed a large number of precious frescoes and antiques. Zhao Ling is a national key cultural unit. Zhao Ling Zhao Ling museum to display the Forest of Stone Tablets and unearthed a large number of Peizang Mu Zhen Cultural relics.

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