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Gu Zhi Baiquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sui, Tang and Baiquan county Baiquan temple ruins, located in Pengyang 10.2 km southwest of the city's Department Mizoguchi Tao Heung Hai Zi home.

Guzhicuishan shade, Blot out the Sun Yang Liu, Jessica Bicao, beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. For the drop in green plants, scores of small stream flows around as if wearing a huge green Grass-like, gurgling sound. Summer heat here, very cool. Every morning mist at dawn vast, look, you might see that the sky falls a bright moon, is particularly charming, Toyama Zhu Feng Yan Lan over a faint, like a covered Qingsha, when the time is hidden. Moonlight, water color, with the ancient city of Mountain View into the temple Constitute a wonderful landscape of the volume. In the afternoon, the sky wave white clouds, birds singing and dancing in the forest a bang, both game in the forest or river fishing; boulevard is a stroll, or bathing in the blue pool, is both refreshing, refined and aloof.

Shenyang is located in the ancient temple city of Jinchuan, By the West as a hub, a show beyond the Great Wall in the evolution of the vicissitudes of life, often war-devastated country. After the Ming Dynasty, the construction of the magnificent ancient buildings have been gradually into oblivion. Today, the ancient temple inside the only Bi-glazed roof tiles and brick Canyuanduanbi. In recent years, Baiquan in the construction of a temple on the ruins of several temples and Buddhist revival.

Temple Baiquan back Maor Eagle's Nest, Hai Zi west, about as if there are two dragon surrounded by the Cangshan, around the green and luxuriant willows Huai Yu Cheng Yin. Baiquan reservoir as a shining Hokyo will be reflected on its Baiquan Temple, in the shape of the Qingshitan clear spring water. Immersive late autumn, hit the sky to see eagles, fish Xiang light at the end of the scenic spots Shanqingshuixiu beauty of both southern and northern lion and the spectacular full moon.

March following temple in Yangchun the boulevard, Fan Chen lost, the iQue Hujue blurred, hear song birds Ming, Ming Di Cattle shepherd boy to see, not just blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and blue waters, Tao Li Jing Fang, Yan flowers , Another kind of can not explain in words the mood.

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Fire Danzhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhai fire in the southern part of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in Xiji County, because of its mountain of a dark red, especially in the shade of trees, round and round like a burning flame, so named Danzhai fire. Every spring and summer season, the proliferation of flowers fill the fields, colorful, bee Splendor Love vitality. In the sparse vegetation, is also growing Cucu bamboo, mountains and rivers in the north to the south to add a little pretty. Danzhai fire in the area of hundred miles, the distribution of many large and small peaks Wu Li, of which there are well-known sweeping range of bamboo, Stone Temple Hill, Hill Zhaobi and so on, particularly the most unique natural Shicheng. Danzhai fire Shenmi is not only natural scenery, there are more than 10 caves built Service It is the same strain of Sumeru Grottoes.

Zen Buddhist temple located in the caves Xiji County Fire Zhai Xiang Yaocun cicadas, and their Guyuan County Sumeru linked to the Shan, also known as the "Sumeru Hill Zen Buddhist temple," as Zen Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty sent down the Holy Land.

Cutting-made caves in the steeple of a pagoda The Shi Feng, Shi Feng, about 120 meters high, as if the days of barbed spears, vacant walls, the strange anomaly. If the peak climbed, the clouds floating in the air at the foot. Shi Feng things caves existing 10-hole, remnants of wall paintings, stone carvings, such as Xu Mizuo. One of the biggest grottoes in the 15 meters from the peak, Cheng Chang-topping-out party, the local population for the clay statues Zun. Shi Feng in the second half of a grotto deep and 15 meters, 4 meters wide, 5 meters high, can accommodate more than 100 people inside the cave. Qi rocks around the main peak of caves or the rise of the air or fall Valley, the different patterns.

Ridge Grottoes is located in a broom Xiji county, 15 km north, fire Dan Zhaixiang 5 km south of Feng group, as a result of the mountain on the growth of bamboo broom to do so named, also known as "Yuntaishan", "Wudang West."

Here verdant forests, clear water, in particular the strange tall rock to give the "landscape of Guilin". Xianzi mountain air, the wind is quite color. Broom ridge surrounded by the main peak can However, it was the northeast corner stone chisel can be climbed, the magic of the natural landscape in the mountains and into the humanities building. Yu Huangge, permitted, Buddha Temple, Dian Niu, 30 caves, and so porous Wanshou Palace in about 330 meters east of the Shek Pik, Kushi more than the topping-out ceremony for the rectangular, round dome roof. Large rectangular permitted deep M, 6.1 m wide and 5.45 meters high. Grottoes in most of the statues had been destroyed, the remnants of stone Xu Mizuo, shrines and murals. More complete stone as 4, the largest is the height of 4.8 meters, 4.4 meters abdominal circumference of Oliver. There are caves within 3 copper statue of Buddha, one for the Northern Wei Dynasty too when Tuoba Shou (424 -- 52 years) created; the Song Dynasty is the second gold Buddha statue, 46 centimeters high and weighs 18 kilograms. Ridge caves cut a broom when there is no historical data to verify if the copper statue of Buddha is not a forgery, which is very likely that in the cut of the Northern Wei period.

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Anxi Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anxi Palace - Anxi Palace of very large-scale construction. In recent years, archaeologists in the Kaesong site inspection, there are exposed to the surface of yellow, green, white glazed three types of construction debris, especially in the green, glazed tile Huangyou the largest number, and Huang You-watt Dragon yen. China's feudal society, the dragon is a symbol of the emperor, There is the emperor's palace Huang You can use glazed tile decorated with dragon and the graphics. This shows that there was a palace building here. Xi'an Palace of the magnificent palace Fuku luxury, and the garden, aquarium and so on for Anxi Wang Princess and the place to play.

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Guyuan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guyuan area is located in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the south, west and south on three sides adjacent to Gansu in the north of this area Zhongwei, concentric border counties with a total area of 16,783 square kilometers, Guyuan jurisdiction, Haiyuan, Xiji, Lund, Pengyang, Jing source County, with a total population of 1,868,500 people, accounting for 47.6 percent of the Hui is Ning Hui Nationality Autonomous Region, one of the main inhabited areas.

Guyuan County has a long history, ancient Silk Road, North Road, the eastern section of the necessary land. Guyuan it is known as the "eight, according to Shao's family background, three tubes of the town", North Korea had seven states located in the county building, military history is the use of force against the fortress city, North Central Plains culture and the nomadic culture of farming junction. Guyuan Museum up to 10,000 cultural relics, the Northern Wei Dynasty tomb unearthed in the coffin of domestic rare painting, the Northern Zhou Dynasty tomb discovered the pot of gold and silver Persian Baoliu only in the world.

  Although the passage of time, earthshaking passage of time, but Chi-ming, the ancient Silk Road history, the legendary story Qin Great Wall winding trails Barry Armstrong, still ringing in our glory. Founded in the Northern Dynasties, the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty in the Sumeru Grottoes large-scale, beautiful statues, is well-known caves one of the top 10, is also well-known Buddhist holy sites, known as the "Dunhuang Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region." Mountain is both a strategic and a summer to Sheng. 1935 10 , The rate of Mao Zedong's Red Army after the Central Mountain, wrote the magnificent "Qingping Yue. Mountain", in September 1961 and had personally written Zheshou Ci, the flamboyant calligraphy, a strong vigorous, absolutely I can be, the monument is the word Mountain stand in the shop under the monks on the streets. Mountain is also the famous "Bird 6 "" Xiao Cui Panshan "" the United States and pines high "and other scenery.

  Mountain Tourism Zone, also known as Long Mountain, located in the southern part of Ningxia, located in Xi'an, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, the capital city of three of the triangle formed by the center. Guyuan in the main peak, two counties in the territory Lund, 2928 m altitude. Mountain for more or less To the north, about 240 kilometers long and is in the Loess Plateau in northern Shaanxi and the Loess Plateau Longxi Chiang, and the Jinghe River and Weihe River watershed, steep ups and downs. Six ancient winding mountain path before re-up to the peak named. Hill, south-east down old Longtan sites, one of the sources of water for Jing.

  Source Jing Jing River originate in the tourist area Panshan hinterland of the horse's tail Leung, Hong Dayong its water potential, Tuan Tuan Rapids, in the vein of Mountain is the largest river. Jinghe said in a clear, turbidity and pour thousands of miles with the Department of the Weihe River, it is still clear to see that half of the "clear", "Wei Jing Qing cloud" of the idiom for us. Liupanshan created Jinghe, Mountain River gave birth to the birthplace of Jinghe stretching hundreds of years, Lam Xiuzhu, green and luxuriant, and thrive, the calling of birds Niaoque calling of birds, the country was classified as nature reserves.

  Sumeru Grottoes alias round-ji Grottoes, located in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Guyuan County, 30 kilometers northwest Sumeru South. Sumeru Hill is a red sandstone mountain pose, majestic mountains and spectacular, more than 20 caves preserve more complete. Sumeru Grottoes of the grottoes relics, reflecting China's Northern Dynasties from the mid-to Sui and Tang dynasties since the Buddhist stone carving art of the Silk Road is the North line of precious cultural relics, the Chinese economy is Integration of the exchange of historical evidence.

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Yi Yuan cave scenic areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yiyuan County located in the cave base 12 km north-west city's Department of Yang Lushan, to 1,000 as the center hole, around 1.5 km within the framework of natural caves there are more than 40 months. Yi Yuan is a group of Ordovician limestone cave cave, 500,000,000 years ago, to the north of the Yangtze River is the most concentrated natural cave, experts have been referred to as "the largest of the North Hole group. "Has now been developed into tourist attractions are the 1,000-dong, dong repose, coral-dong, Dong Hyun-yun, such as more than a dozen Jiutian Dong cave. Qi wonderful scene inside the cave, insurance, outside the Valley with Lushan Cueifong, it is a pleasure to look away.

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Meng Shan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meng Shan Scenic Area located in the silk town Zhoucun 9 km to the south, away from Jinan, capital of less than 75 kilometers, covers an area of 150 hectares. Hill here alleviate water wide and beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, is an easily accessible, pleasant climate tourist resorts in the region Huguangshanse, Cheng Ying-pay interest, style, the lake Plot for the 5.3 square kilometers of Lake Meng, open water, the rippling blue waves. Meng Shan mountains on land and downs, still monuments, the Temple Meng, Shifosi, such as the famous Temple of The Promise has a long history and many folk legends, in particular, the annual temple fair Meng Shan, the large number of pilgrims, tourists gathered so famous Meng Shan, That was Shandong is one of the four famous mountains. Meng Lake Scenic Area is the set mountain scenery, historical sites and cultural landscape into one comprehensive tourist area, set up in recent years, Meng Shan park, lake beach, recreation center and other tourist facilities, tourist and leisure resort , Tourism, sports and entertainment good place.

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Zi bare hill scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zi Zichuan bare hill at the north training, Azusa Road, Zhang Bogong bare hill station three kilometers to the east, bare hill Zi Gui hole that is located in this scenic spot. Area of 1,500 mu. In a beautiful scenic spot, Lin You-Valley, famous relics, folk stories, abound, the natural landscape and human landscape where harmony. The incumbent of the Central Military Commission Madam President, the defense minister personally wrote the "Gui in Wonderland" characters 4, to give a high evaluation.

The National Scenic Area is located in Zibo paragraph 205 Azusa bare hill station 3.5 km to the east of the Tibetan Department of Zi Village, covers an area of 100 hectares. The scenic area has been reproduced in the sub-Gui Gui Zi bare hill Lectures and apprentices, dominated the history of the Northern Song Dynasty style and child-chiao, Wang Chung Lau-fong, to the thousand-Yi Yun, the whole area surrounded by mountains, tree-lined, water gurgling, Jade, natural scenery and landscape the text integral whole, Huguangshanse add radiance to each other, red Filled the air, green glazed tile walls, around scenic spots Cuolayouzhi. The main attractions are:

Dragon Gate: Azusa Yamashita children have Broom Hill, the old Wo Long, since ancient times was known as Yang Xiu Xian Feng Shui of the treasure, the first scenic spot into the eye of the Southern North is sitting antique, unique style of Beaulieu door, the door of the West Kowloon have Wall, the magnificent, unique evil, 9 into the dragon Heaven, belch out smoke, and vivid.

  Zi bare hill giant monument: get into the door, the back of high monument stands facing the morning sun in the west side of the door, Cibei eight meters high and weighing 60 tons, spectacular Weiwei, the monument has been recorded from as early as the first Chinese military To the College of Sino-Japanese War, Liberation War A large number of epic heroes, such as: the first underground mine in Zibo responsible for many bright people, the first county Zichuan Yan Xing Tong, Xu Han, such as a national hero.

Gui Quan: Legend has it that the Warring States period Gui Xian Shi here to give lectures during the excavation for the rock-chuen, Mr. Gui years of drinking this spring, the 130 year-round One-year-old, it is known as Gui Shenquan has Shenquan enjoy the reputation as a result of the Stephen underground mineral resources rich in water containing strontium, zinc, magnesium, iron and other minerals and trace elements, long-term drinking can develop intelligence, benefits Yan Ting, Gui Quan Zibo City, the famous monument by the huge book to write a master Xin Sun.

Temple child: Chuihua walking into the door, is the dutiful son Temple, the Temple to the west of dutiful son, 40-meter corridor, the plants grow, and there is addressed to the bend in the middle of the Jiuqu Qiao, the lotus pond under the bridge groups of red carp, Play pool, a pool famous, only nine Safflower Yeh Huai Tingtingyuli, electronic music with a fountain Young gifted array of visitors into the dutiful son Music Hall - child Wang Qiao moving story twists and turns that will be a live show in front of the door. According to the "History of Song" and set records Zichuan, the dutiful son Temple was built in the North Song Dynasty, after the Yuan, Ming and Qing previous repair, reconstruction in 1995. Wang child-chiao, the word shoulder look superfluous, the World . Yong Xi, born in the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty Zizhouzitong Villa. Wang Qiao intelligent learning at an early age, the man Zhixing, courage, both civil and military, Chung is to praise the year 1999 Khitan army of invaders state Zi, Wang Qiao parents and most of the Khitan people have been abducted by soldiers, Wang Wen-chiao After the hearing Bajian to catch up, many times into enemy camps, Health into the death of soldiers to deal with the Khitan several years, travel thousands of miles, can not find their parents, parents with the loss of the invasion of the country, to the king a heavy blow to the spirit of Qiao, Qiao Wang then return home to their parents as burial of wood and Mourning for six years, the mourning period, Qiao Wang summed up by the country invaded, humiliated people and their reasons for the North First-hand experience of tracing, and also dampen the book, there is a "three-side tour", "An Edge 3", "History says 10" and other books, hoping to arouse the attention of the imperial court, to protect the country Min, but court corruption Not accepted, no place to hate the country Choujia done, worried and indignant at the disease into a bare hill of Yin Tsz-base blocks from Central Office said cocoon with a long sword in Bingshu , The Chung Mu later, the temple built by the festival. The Temple Gallery with modern electronic sound and light technology, lifelike picture of the life of Wang Qiao, realistic pictures, the plot is moving Leixia ran poorly, three-step sigh.

Buyun Bridge: After a child Temple, Azusa youngster lake like a mirror in front of people in the show, in Over the water to set up a unique connection with the child Temple Gui wooden temple of the iron chain, the bridge a total length of 50 meters, more than 2 meters wide, cross-over 10 meters from the surface of the cliff between the two sides, to the Department of neatly to Qi 5 recline large chains, wooden floor and handrails on both sides of the zipper has a fixed, as if people walk on the bridge into the chatter You, of the Qing Piaopiao clouds, the distillation of thinking, such as boarding in Wonderland.

Tong Zi Lake: The area of 50,000 square meters, clear lake, the level of the lake as a mirror, Castle Peak Lvliu reflected on the lake, the water lotus Xiaoying tourists, the fish play in the water, boat line flies, tree-lined both sides of the strait, visitors to this fishing , Zhou more Some fun.

Robusta Monument: Cibei 5 meters high and weighing 20 tons, was built in Wanli of the Ming dynasty, according to the research, also known as Cibei no word monument for the eight Zichuan squire to commemorate the millennium of the birth of Gui-old donor, not the Department of words Proof of boundless beneficence, Cibei in-situ redevelopment in 1995, is still the original Monument cap.

Carved porcelain Yingbi long: a Guinness Book of World Records, a total length of 66 meters, the book-Han Li, the choice of building materials Qin Han brick tile, binding with high-quality building materials, construction of the whole modeling flavor, embodies the well-known aspect of China's Warring States period, Yin Yangjia, military, Gui Xian Shi Tao's life 23 dollars a three-volume 8368 words, is to promote cultural Qi extremely valuable documents.

Temple Gui, Gui-dong: Gui is the son of self-cultivation, and apprentices of lectures, and in ancient China known as the first military academy. The tall and magnificent temple, Huangwa red walls, Xieshan corner, colorful brackets Diaolianghuadong, Cinei millet was something fishy about the seated apprentices and a series of lectures to introduce the story. Bai Yumi hole deep, inscrutable You Mi, Dongnuanxialiang. As far as the exhibit inside the cave, strange, different circumstances compact design with the stone, reliefs, frescoes shape of a variety of characters, lifelike, vivid, the use of sound, electricity, light modern electronic techniques, Gui is a sub-array based layout, the workshop Art of War, train and bring up the military Sun Bin, General Pang Juan, the six-phase closure of Su Qin, Qin unified to help the seven countries of Zhang Yi, and so on a large number of outstanding military strategist, political , Deduced the Spring and Autumn Period alliances, Gongfa history of the war. Such as: Sun Bin requested the division out of the house, ai Battle of wits, race Tian Ji, Pang Sun battle of wits, such as the Battle of Maling; harder to study the Su Qin cited piercing cone, with a vertical into the beginning, Jane Su Qin back; Wang Yi's even good ideas, including the seven countries such as the EC. In Gui east of the temple there is an area of more than 10 acres of rock platform, called the book out of Taiwan, is said to Gui-drying to the Bing Shu.

Star Tower: It is a three-storey high clock tower, the area is the highest point of view can enjoy the beautiful scenery area, it is refreshing, the Court placed the top-level security Zibo only antique clock, and that made Zhener deaf sound, Hui Qi of the human world and cleaned up with the numerous worry, Muran changed in a breeding, growth and decline of drift along in life The vague feeling of power, the bell used safely say, had the honor three times, six Dashun voice, the voice of one of the nine auspicious sound encouraging people to strive upward, and forge ahead in unity, courage and hard work, dedication own heart.

In addition, the Jade Emperor, hon Ling Monastery. Legend has it built in the Sui and Tang dynasties, and later repaired several times, temples than Chlamys Tall and magnificent. In the early days Zhong drum, wind around Yunyan, were ready Department, in the stream, shows the bare hill Zi's bustling one, in order to promote the history, culture, to keep track, the right of public opinion, Jizu, looking spectacular in 2094 to be in-situ redevelopment And from Myanmar to take home a rare jade Buddha Light ice more than respect, the small white , And life, respected by tourists.

Wildlife Park: a wide variety rare birds and animals, bears, monkeys, camels, deer, peacocks, ostrich, golden pheasant, snakes, turtles, lizards and so on with the gesture, set for the study of medicinal and ornamental one.

Children's amusement park: a variety of play equipment facilities, There are manned aerial ropeway, it is ideal for pleasure.

Zi Shanqingshuixiu bare hill since ancient times, Lin Mao in a deep valley, over spring water and beautiful scenery and rich cultural, development and construction has now been revealed that the ancient culture and modern civilization intersection of a miracle, really want to deal with the concept of a shopping destination to visit.

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Zhao Zhixin Memorial Hall (as a result of Park) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhao Zhixin Memorial Hall (as a result of Park), located in Zibo City Center Boshan District Road East in the first, after the Lok Bridge, adjacent to Fan Gongci, is a city-level key cultural unit. Zhao Zhixin, stretching the word Fu, No. Akitani, the late Shan-yee, the elderly, was born in the first year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1662 AD) and died nine years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1774 AD ), Zibo City, Shandong Province, Mount person. He is a famous Qing Dynasty poet of realism, poetics, calligrapher. 14-year-old Chinese scholar, in the 17-year-old Juren, 18-year-old in the examination, the right successor Spring Square and Zanshan right to review the Academy. 28-year-old for "Chang Sheng Dian," which was cut level. Since then, 50 years roaming the North and the South, wrote Many reflect the reality of the outstanding poems, leaving the "Shan-yee collection", "Shan-yee Collected Works", "On Long", "tone spectrum." Villa Park because of a back seat in their twilight years. Park as a result, only 24 years of Emperor Kangxi Dynasty (1685 AD), Zhao Zhixin Zhao's grandfather built the United States, containing more than 300 so far, the calendar Vicissitudes of life, Wu Yu collapsed. In 1994, Boshan District People's Government to invest 700 million yuan, according to historical records as a result of the reconstruction Park, and to organize and establish Zhao Zhixin Memorial Hall to commemorate the highly successful in the Qing Dynasty famous poet of realism. Zhao Zhixin Memorial Hall (as a result of Park), covers an area of 15,640 square meters, Building area of 3970 square meters, green area of 6940 square meters, the surface area of 3540 square meters. Its major buildings are: former residence of Zhao Zhixin, together about the deep, green Jingxuan, the empty floor of the rudder, autumn visit to Taiwan, Tse Ting Quan, smiled West Pavilion, the title of the Moon Gallery pavilion more than 10 pavilions and so on, and another stone Cliff, Yingbi stone, leave Ponds, streams Diepu attractions, and aragonite bonsai, the ancient and modern pottery sulfur, celebrity calligraphy and painting, Zhao Zhixin, such as exhibition on the life and academic achievement. Back here in accordance with Jingshan, under the provisional Akitani, overlapping rock, spring water around the house. Gaan Peach Blossom Spring Day, the red stream flow; Nongyin day summer heat, shaking green willow; autumn day Songtao Yinger, autumn Fragrance; Zhudanninghan winter day, Teng spring fog. Here, "both the natural landscape of Fun, who spent folder Xiuzhu, Meng Qing possession of good fruit, and Jin Lin Fu Lin Tiniao more."

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Pu Library - Chinese tourism scenic spots

As the "king of the world's short story" of the literary masters of the Qing Dynasty, Pu teaching and writing before his death, Mr. areas ? ? Pu School, built in 1992 and opened to visitors after receiving numerous tourists to the visual impact. Mr. Shushi his testimony ? ? Library is located in Pu Eastern Province city of Zibo Zhoucun Xinankunlun street, Pu Cun Town Village West Main Street shop. Former all households in the late Ming Shang Shu Yan Bi from the House. Mr. life is a teaching career, in his 32-year-old should be the occasion of completion of the Friends of Friends [Year 1679 (eight years of Emperor Kangxi) to 1709 (Kangxi 48)] of recruits Zichuan District home to open Chuang Po, in the setting up of private school to teach more than set. Kangxi was not until 1960 (1711), Mr. spent nearly 40 years of his career Shushi, the 71-year-old, was evacuated to the account in retirement, taught 38 years in a row of books . In a long 38 years, with Mr. themselves in the future Living in the West Village shop's walls, complete home resident in the Songling College, with the lead time in the well-off ran together, we can say that the West is the shop's second home. This is a rich with ancient Ming and Qing dynasty style buildings. 2 covers an area of 1000 square meters, 765 square meters floor space available. There are great museum Building 22. Eyes looking through the front door hung a black cross on the glossy black plaque, letter, "Pu Museum Sook," the five-Mei Zi Jin UAE, free and natural Rushen's gold-filled characters, and shine Yiyi, who capture the eyes and ears. There is next to the community owned loss tablets.

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Quan He first scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the southern city of Mount source of black against the river and about 1.5 km, Castle saw large Tsui, Bibo imaging, Shanguangshuise, such as painting throughout, which is being praised as "Quan Shi Wonderland," Quan He's the first scene Area. Quan He first scenic areas, mainly on Longwan, Ha Long Bay and Quanqun Qinglongshan composition of the ancient buildings "Banmufangtang deep Bi Jian, Lee High Mountain and Flowing Water voiceless." At first from the water shortage in the mountain city of Bo, here to see water vapor Fei Wu, the current Quanbao, especially excited visitors. Quanhe area wide on the surface of the water with reflect the Qinglongshan reflected, clear-bottom, fish banks, ducks and geese play, it is refreshing. Two source -- Longwan and Ha Long Bay, the dredging has been renovated into a ten square meters deep pool, surrounded by security guards back to the stone pillars, green pool Sham, over spring, spray-thomsonae, inexhaustible year, and perennial water temperature kept at about 15 ?, suitable for tropical fish breeding Category. City, district water sector to invest in the completion of several acres of fish ponds, keeping imported from the Trout. River silver-gray building new ones, restaurants and rainbow trout. People make a sightseeing tour, this taste of seafood, do not have some fun. ?? from Ha Long Bay and along the mountain road circling, a group of ancient buildings can be seen mounted on the cliffs, in the shade under flowers trees. The first is an old people Prayer weather, Wugufengdeng Temple of the Dragon. East television and then climb to the Mountain Gate - an Danyan three brick arches, the width of 6 meters high, stands the air, the letter "voiceless forever." Into the decorated archway, in the face of the larger buildings are temples - three palaces. According to Shek Pik through Dian Qian Long monument records, the 12-year Hall of the Department of Wanli Ming Xiu , Has more than 400 years ago. "Long monument through" relief Shilong, smooth as a mirror. The first local folk: "before a river Qinglongshan both mandarin duck and geese, seen through the rise of long monument, a Waterloo to see the sun." Stone legend who can touch Fengxionghuaji. Xi Ying sunset, the end of the monument to see as high a trace of the Hill Three bypass the palace, stone through the hole, came to this group of ancient buildings - a pavilion. The 1.40-ting eight columns, cornices mid-air, the mountain top. On the pillars engraved with "Yantian no heat, there Qingye Stephen was" linked poetry. Tang Ting view, criss-cross paths countryside, vividly, black Flows, panoramic view. From the pavilion Pan, is a mountain cliff near the two-tier mezzanine, the top White House is, the bottom one is the arch-Dragon, the wide outside in a narrow, winding deep, craggy rocks. The eastern side of the White House, is also a two-tier architecture, cornices cylinder, for the Hall of Guanyin, under the Housing for the Road, which is also opening the mountain pass. This group of ancient buildings in accordance with force structure , Cuolayouzhi, compact layout. These landscape and construction Quan He is in the vicinity of the masses to raise funds to repair and maintain the basic architecture of the Ming and Qing style.

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Qi Old City site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi Linzi District Old City site is located 7.5 km north Xindian Zhen, according to Zi East River, the west line of water for the capital of the Zhou Qi, the capital of the Western Han Dynasty when King of Qi as depicted as a rule, which lasted more than 1,000 years. In 1961 the State Council for the first batch of national key cultural unit from the Old City, two small city, big city near the North-South 4 5 km from east to west, about 3.5 km, the largest city in the southwest corner of a Small Town, the largest city into the north-east of Xinan Yu, 2 km long from north to south, west width of 1.5 km. Two city with a total area of approximately 15.5 square kilometers, about 21 kilometers week. Most of the Old City walls have been obliterated on the ground floor, as a result of a small number of earth-moving river and And no signs of erosion, are the only remnants of some of the rubble as a reminder. By the cultural relics research drilling departments, city walls as early as on the existence of the Western Zhou period, the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period, when many patches of the Western Han Dynasty. Rammed earth from the Department of wall, built in accordance with the terrain, do not take shape in a straight line, there are 24 at the corner of the existing 14 intact. 727 perimeter of a Small Town M-wide wall 20 to 30 meters, 67 meters up widest point; city of 14,158 m circumference, wall-wide in more than 20 meters or more, up to 43 meters widest point. ?? According to the "Let's remember," set, Qi Town Gate 13. The history books are seen at the door Yong, Shin Mun, Jan door, the door millet, Lumenshan, Zhang Hua Gate, East Gate Lu Wide doors and so on. But did not remember the exact location, it is split later said that he is relatively sure that there is Simon Shen door, the door Yong; East Gate have wide doors. 11 is now proven, yet small town in which 5, 6 cities. Yue Mun Road in the span of more than 8.2 meters and a maximum width of up to 20.5 meters. The city's roads are structured 10 roads have been proved, in a Small Town 3, 6 to 8 wide-General meters and a maximum width of 17 meters; big city 7, 10 to 20 meters wide-ranging. These roads with the same Shing. ?? Qi Old City is a small town living monarch, also known as Miyagi. In the north-west there is a platform compactor, local - "Huangong Taiwan," Qi is the platform of the palace building, the existing 14 meters high, on the ground floor platform Rammed earth was rectangular, 86 meters North and South, East and West 70 meters. "Huangong Taiwan" around a large compactor and drilling platform, is estimated at the time of the palace ruins. This site accounts for almost half of the town square, this yields a square Paving brick patterns, and the brick pattern Wadang roof. In the southern town (in this peaceful village) is a crafts area and found that Mint "Let's law," a site, the site of Iron 2, a copper factory site. ?? is the largest city officials, civilians and businessmen living in the area, also known as the city profile. A lot of hands on workshops This cloth has been found in the large city ruins iron 4, a copper smelting site, a mint site, the site of bone-4, Qi was the most important areas of the handicraft industry. In the largest city on the ground, there are also a number of architectural platform, was the King of Qi as depicted construction of the Imperial Villa Villa, there are "snow palace Taiwan", "Wu Taiwan," Trent Taiwan. "Big two in the city cemetery, a city in the north-east (Yatou this village along the river), Qi was the nobility of the cemetery have been found in large and medium-sized tombs more than 20 blocks in the Tomb of 5 Around, and found martyrdom of a large-scale Ma Hang. Also in the South (this FORMATION Liu Shao homes in Southern Village) is also a cemetery Is the period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty tombs. ?? in the big city there Ling Han, Wenshao Confucius, Tsukamoto Yan Ying, Ji Xia Xue Gong, and other sites. Han Ling largest city in the north-east, is the legendary Han Qi time to build this palace. The existing site was basically a square, 4 meters above the ground, surrounded by 3-step. After drilling, culture 3 to 4 meters thick, inclusive from the late Western Zhou Dynasty to the Han culture of accumulation of 4 to 5 layers. And live, iron, copper, and so on-bone relic of the city is the cultural accumulation Guoqi it first, the thickest and most complex. Ji Xia palace on the school building is now no deposit, and its location vary, "Linzi County," said Qi as the Chengji Gate City South Gate; "Let's take," said Qi as the Chengji Gate City, Simon, "Liu Xiang was recorded in other," says: "Let's have a door millet, Simon is also a city of Qi, outside school, that is, Li Xuan Wang is also the school, it's known as Ji Xia School. " In 1946 in the west wall of the large circle Department of Justice village stone digging a side letter "Ji Xia", after the whereabouts of the monument no.

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Pu's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pu's former home in Zichuan District of Zibo City, Shandong Hongshan Town, Chuang Po, in 1938 the Japanese army were burned, people's government in 1954 to repair. In 1958 the Government set up a regulatory body, "Pu House Management Committee" to carry out proper protection. "Great Cultural Revolution" period, the former residence once occupied, but Not missing a serious matter. In 1973 was re-House, published in 1977 as a provincial-level key protection units in 1980 to build the memorial Pu, former residence, Liu Quan, the cemetery had Xiurong, expansion, acquisition of houses, a converted version of the book, painting Tiyong Galleries, library, reception room, Public rooms, creation of the southern gate, so that the former residence of the management better. Now, the former residence has become a study of Po's shape and position of the famous tourist spot. ?? today's former residence, is a tranquil courtyard. Several former residence is in front of Guhuai, shade light shade. Guo wrote in 1962's "Pusong Former Residence "He Menbian, hanging on the door of former residence. Break through the North door hatchback is one of the courtyard. 3 main building of which, what the rooms 2, 1954 for the construction. On both sides of the main building of Sabina, pomegranate, As well as rooms in front of the winter jasmine, red 100 days, and so on, were planted by people, the hospital is also the former residence of Taihu Dan After more complex. House for the main building with masonry, adobe houses and the general structure of the wood lattice windows, the room's hand-written Dahuang way, "Strange Stories," reads the door hanging Ying, Pu plaque hanging under the 74-year-old Jiangnan time scales for the well-known painter Zhu Xiang His portrait painting, Guo is a hand-written on both sides of the couplets, the room also displays Duan Yan had used a side in complete family book used a bed, a Shoulu; also on display with Pu is directly related to the well-off Ran Tong important, Lingbi stone, three stone, the stone Waming A In addition, the room tables and chairs, a few, planes, and the cabinet wood stoves are Pu Ying has been setting up more than 30 years to complete resurfacing of the West Old. ?? House East HS, Mao low canopy of small, simple and narrow, and in recent years for rehabilitation. Dongbei Yu's hospital, there's a gap, the author Pu and connected with them at the 3 tablets. Chuang Po, there are well-known Liu Quan and cemeteries. Chuang Po Liu Quan outside the east gate of the "full well "At the end. I Stephen Green on the stone, about 0.6 meters square, next to the Li-Shen Yanbing book," Liu Quan monument. "Liu Quan Quan is an underground wells, the legend he had set up the tea guests, collect material creation. ?? in the cemetery Chuang Po-dong, 40 meters long, 38 meters wide, with Cooper 37. Pu and his father, Sun's tomb were buried here. In 1980, ethnic Puzhang Pushi beginning of the tombstone in the cemetery also keep shifting. ?? In addition, the House also has a collection of contemporary celebrity Pu Ti Yong and former residence of calligraphy, for a total of more than 200 pieces, in which Guo's "ghost written banshee superior writing, barbed thorn greedy child-third of Such is Life" and Pu Goods made a more accurate assessment.

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Quan dream of eco-tourism zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Quan dream of eco-tourism scenic area of more than 1 acre, is located in Zichuan district town well-being of black slip top. Relying on the whole area of the village for the two-springs, formerly known as Dream springs, is known far and near the village of longevity. The village surrounded on three sides by mountains, 510 meters above sea level, since there are more than 300 years of history, is still in the village of Emperor Kangxi Between the village monument. The whole area and leisure sub-ecological zones, Xungu Exploring the area, high Tanqi area, longevity and cultural areas and tourist areas Folk five plate.

Casual-ecological zones in the distribution of Taoyuan, Zaoyuan, the garden pepper, Begonia Garden, Xingyuan, pear, persimmon Park, Hawthorn Park ten tourist picking . In this area, visitors are free to pick and sample freedom to fully understand the results obtained through the work of the fun. Since the park as dozens of features, naturally connected, so that visitors can be in different regions experience different taste for pleasure, formed in the spring to see flowers, enjoy the cool air in summer and autumn harvesting and winter ice-rewards linked to the scene Dream Stephen Hill from 40 different sets of style villa, built the mountain because it is structured, Cuolayouzhi, or hidden in the depths of Xinglin, or in the Zaoyuan surrounded by, or in 100 years of pear , Will enable visitors to live here away from the noisy city, enjoy the full beauty of the Shangri-la, elegant, is the rationale for The vacation place.

Xungu Exploring the area around the "Sun Bin Quan dream of" making an issue, including as Sun Bin, Chi-chuen, dream, dream-chuen, Stephen Dream House, my horse slipped, Sophorae Valley and many other attractions. In the spring of 341 BC, according to legend, Sun Bin achieve victory in the Battle of Ma-ling, the soldiers passing through here, Renkunmafa Sun Bin lying on a boulder, a dream by Xian Weng Kim as floating in the air from the south and was self-West division Nyorai subglottic Damo Zu, to this special place with a Shenquan, the officers and men of spring water for drinking, the long able to drink the water People live longer. Then finished off lightly. Sun Bin wake up and immediately told by soldiers pointing founder of the dredged position, not See a bit of fruit out of clear spring gurgle. A taste, the sweet spring water, the Baptist Heart people. Sun Bin rate of soldiers hurried to the sky Koubai and wrote the motion of wielding a sword, "Stephen dream". After stationed here more than in March, wrote the famous "The Art of War Sun Bin." Sun Bin Quan dream in the Office of the west side of a large valley, said his horse slipped, with Sun Bin has been in this exercise military force. In 1956, there have been unearthed in the Warring States period of sharp copper, copper sword. In this area, visitors taste of spring Ganlie, ancient and modern about the changes, when fully appreciate Sun Bin Quan dream of artistic conception.

Tan Qi Qi climb the Great Wall area, including sites, Shihmen years, the ancient water cellar, Yixian Tian, Yang Shi, Shi Yin, cottage alone, Luotuo Feng, natural bar, Qunying Taiwan, Feng Ting night, the Dragon King, and other attractions nose. The region's only 712 meters above sea level cottage is the highest point of the whole area. Qi Great Wall are here to preserve the site, Shek Mun millennium, the ancient water cellar, and other ancient cultural relics of the original Rather, it is the area where the charm of the humanities. Yin and Yang Shi is the nature of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial, is the origin of life of worship.

Fu Cultural District, including the main birthday Taiwan, Taiwan blessing of the two spots, with the gold still Xiangshan, scenic spots, such as Shan Damo. Taiwan birthday 677 meters above sea level, and praying 681 m above sea level, were engraved with the largest Shouzi, the word blessing. "Shou" word length 13.8 m, "fu" word length of 12 meters, Fu, Shou print the word in the distribution of 99 small-fu characters Shouzi small. With the attraction of tourists to fully meet the high life and praying for the desire, "Wan count map, to live to 99 , "Shi Fu loaded block, Sui Sui Ping An will live to 100 out of the first" will be saying to each and every visitor Fushou good luck.

Folk Village in tourist areas in the old courtyard house as the base, on display ancient stone roller, Shijiu, old spinning wheel, the plow and harrow, and other work tools, and share the pancake, Luo Bing Live folk shows. Here visitors can push a grinder himself, pancake share, fully experience the local folk customs. In the area, visitors can also dream of goods by the spring, pure sorghum brewing "scale weight" of liquor, drinking from the ground floor of 270 meters deep, "Stephen dream card" high-quality mineral water, eat vegetables, rice farmers do, to buy Ganxianguopin Hill, such as green eggs.

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John E cataractes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Township is located in Mindanao in the mountains, 40 kilometers east Zichuan. Castle here, the clear water, blue sky, fresh air and pleasant, is a well-known provincial protected areas and ecological tourism spots. An average of more than 450 meters above sea level, the annual precipitation in the 500-900 mm, the average annual temperature of 11.3 degrees Celsius. John E waterfall Government to leave the northern end of the group of more than 600 meters south of the resident. Scenic north-south elevation over 200 meters. 12 Village along the river long, even the waterfall pond, waterfall pond even, Xiushui Lau Tong Wan Fei Bao continued. Verdant forests along the river, there are other wind-induced. It has the natural beauty of Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan Province, along the six old village in southern Jiangsu have Zhouzhuang classical it. Along Castle Peak area Changeable color mian. Picturesque. Spring flowers Rime sea, the concept of Xia Fei Yu falls, falls Baiwu look at the fall and winter snow Ice goods sector. The main attractions and leisure Department: soil Stephen Great Falls, fishing, Wo Hu Shan Shang Jing, Stephen marsh soil; Osprey, flying ducks, rabbits Ben; Quanqun Zodiac, Liu Song Dynasty ancient stone floor, stone mill Old trees. Quanqun garden pavilion, ring-chuen, Great Falls, a natural swimming pool, boating hu Qin, without island of the three rest, amusement park, Longwan Guanbao Gap, five fishing Lake, Tibetan wild reeds, flowers Valley Heng Fa Chuen, Yan Liu river rafting, Amoy Recalling the ancient stone-meter Bay, Shi viewing, rafting falls source, Lung Poon Chi-yu, and so on. Tel: 05 3-5030333 13054881999 Address: Zichuan District of Zibo City, Mindanao Township traffic routes: from Zibo station by road to a Zichuan, 39 Road interchange (of the West Building of the Regional Traffic) to Mindanao village

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Ling-chiao before the Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ling-chiao before the Scenic Area is located in Zibo City in the mountain city of Bo 8 km south-west of the village along the former Ling-chiao, Tsui area within which rise amid Diego, Feiliudiebao, known as "natural park." By Chaoyang Dong, the Queen Mother of the pool and lake dripping of the three components of the natural scenic spots. Three spots from a tortuous, dangerous Jun Qi fans to connect the valley, on both sides of the rock Qiao up to more than 40 meters, the bottom of a road, on foot or by car or public, such as Li River, the road side of the valley is a stream, so that visitors stop Shanguangshuise praise.

Mount cave, formed in 1200 million years ago, have a stalactite cave in between 20-30 million years. The hole was South Direction, depth of more than 1500 meters, inside the cave peculiar structure, there are hole-dong, the level of different width. Wide-General of 10 meters, maximum width of 20 meters, the Department narrow one side adopted will be difficult. High-general about 3 meters, the highest point reached more than 40 meters, the lower would crawl passage. Inside the cave, stalactite, stalagmite like birds Plastic, blurred fantasy, the Meteorology Series. The "Ocean's 18 toward the South China Sea" and "immortal Pavilion", and other wonderful scenery, stunning. Gurgling water everywhere-wide hole, the air fresh and cool and pleasant, elegant to give a sense of mystery.

Queen Mother of the pool is located in the south of the village before Ling-chiao, is about 1 1 week 0 meters, 2 meters deep rectangular pond dam. Waterfalls pouring down from the canyon, the water curtain hit cliffs, scattered Yin-hua. 7 10-meter-high stone tower falls in the upper left corner, fairy may be lost in thought in the head. Legend has it that in ancient times, the Queen Mother of the lower bound of the cruise, Xianci to smooth rock, Fei Bao turbulent flow, it came to a halt cloud, Tam into the shower, "Queen Mother of the pool."

Qiao Ling lake dripping at the former West Village, Village 5, is an artificial lake, built in the mountain valleys, peaks in the mosaic of overlapping mountains. Long lake overflowed, again and again around the mountain Tsui, the attractive scenery. Visitors can Dangzhou or pan-shore fishing lake, fun.

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Ma On Shan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma On Shan, located in the town black Zichuan district, the main peak of 616 meters above sea level, the rough is a majestic mountain peaks overlap, the gurgling streams, sparkling waters, beautiful pastoral scene in the Hill and Ma On Shan site of the anti-Japanese revolutionary component of its natural beauty Area. Junqiao its mountain, towering peaks, such as the cliffs around the cut, only the front Article 132 of the stone chisel the stone path leading to the summit, easily defensible, there is a "clearance when Kazuo, Mo million opening of" risk, it is vital importance for the military. Shi Feng tens Mountain High, 2 things connected into a concave, looking like a saddle, named Ma On Shan. Shi Feng surrounded by cliffs, there is a southwest corner stone, The steep, like the Ladder, direct Nan Tianmen is the only risk to the peak of the Road. Ma On Shan around the rise amid ups and downs, the mountain forest gray, black water meandering down the mountain, criss-crossing the road, was the history of North-South transport throat. Winter in 1943, Zibo in the history of Sino-Japanese War of the famous Battle of the Ma On Shan took place here. For Read in the Battle of the heroic dedication, 1945 Mount in the creation of the "Anti-Japanese Martyrs Monument in Ma On Shan." Planning area of 51 square kilometers, the area of 8000 square meters built, the main attractions are the Memorial Hall, site of the fighting, Lin rocks, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, Huaguang Temple, and so on.

According to legend, the saddle The sky was a Dragon's steed, as a result of human longing for the freedom of touch Department made a regulation days, the ferocious law of God and cut off the limbs will be thrown into the boundless expanse of the desert, in a vain attempt to Shaisi. But this horse has had a strong belief: I have to live out! Where is the best place, where most of the people of good I go on! In this way, it do not know how much over the mountains, ford rivers and how much, and finally to be here now turned into the Ma On Shan.

When the history of the twentieth century into the 1940s, a bloody battle between justice and evil here occurred - November 9, 1942, the Japanese I cut off the road in Shandong Lunan, Shandong and other places of the traffic, the mobilization of more than 1000 troops to the Ma On Shan launched a frenzied attack. I Moriyama even the elderly, children, the sick and wounded, a total of only 30 people, weapons and ammunition would be minimal. However, the hero in a certain unit of the Eighth Route Army led by deputy head Wang Fenglin , In the face several times on my enemy, without fear, with the enemy carried out tenacity of the fighting. Danjinliangjue, Moriyama heroes pick up a primitive weapons - stones, fighting with the enemy. When the hills washed up on the enemy, the heroes took off a cliff. The tragic battle, showing the death of the Chinese nation against the enemy of the United Kingdom Spirit.

Now, after the baptism of war, Ma On Shan, has already Hull. Peak standing Jimuyuantiao: peaks overlapping peaks, green want to drop; 99 Yueyang Hill across the river with, a column of black Li Xin Tai train along the railway and the adverse; too Reservoir levels as a mirror, like a Eclisse less Liang Ya in the shade of Castle Peak ... ... People have not forgotten those revolutionary martyrs who donated the drive. Ma On Shan People's Government of Shandong Province were listed as key protection units and provincial urban youth patriotism education bases in the mountains fighting the Ma On Shan Li has monuments, ancestral halls and galleries of the martyrs; in the towering cliffs carved At that time, Ma On Shan in the fighting, he served successively as deputy commander of the Nanjing Military Region Liao Rong S, Qian Jun, general, as well as a 6 man-made this country the donations drive Sheng Wenlian former Vice-President Mr. Feng Yizhi and others wrote.

In recent years, the black town of nearly one million yuan to open the mountain roads, the restoration of the original mountain The Yuhuang Ge, Huaguang Temple, and other construction, rehabilitation of the ancestral hall of the martyrs, created "The Valiant Ones a" martyr sculptures, built Lingyun Ge, and other scenic spots, installed wind power generating units will be built into the revolutionary tradition of education and the humanities The natural landscape into a scenic resort in Ma On Shan. Throughout the year, ran. Last year, Municipal People's Government named the scenic resort city.

A miracle of peace and prosperity. What is even more magical and are pleased that this year it also found that the three new natural landscape: a peak in Shandong meters high on a cliff more than 10-meter-high portrait of the Eighth Route Army, awe-inspiring righteousness, life-like image As Ma On Shan in the fighting at the expense of the indomitable spirit of the martyrs, known as the "soul of a hero"; a Ma On Shan in the south of the "Three Mountain" on the main peak, like a sleeping Buddha Statue at the solemn nature, vivid, it was called "Three Thai Wofo"; a south-west of the Ma On Shan is a mountain, like a Maitreya's sit-in self-cultivation, single-minded expression, free calm, clear lines - is the natural magic of good fortune. Ma On Shan at the upper reaches of the reservoir too. In the summer, at the foot of the Ma On Shan, the vast water, was carried into a good place for water sports. Ma On Shan and the effects of the Lotus Hill neighborhood, Yixian Tian, Meng Quan Ferris column, and so magical and beautiful scenic spots. Here for a long time famous pool pears, garlic and date of production for agriculture and tourism have created unique conditions.

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Jiang Taigong Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang Taigong Temple is located in Linzi District, 1993 to Jiangtai Gong Yi Guanzhong built based on a total area of 30,000 square meters. Ancestral Hall is too a group of Chinese traditional axis of symmetry, the halls of the temple construction. Zhouwen Wang Yin's visit to Jiang Taigong encounter, was invited to Tai Shi Hui Bai, Wang Tai Gong known. Zhouwu Wang Ji-known division also Father. Zhou Jiang Taigong assist exterminate the Shang Dynasty, in order to deal Packet was to Qi. Tai Gong Qi governance, "as a result of customs and trade simple ceremony of workers, salt fish would benefit" policy, agriculture, engineering, Both companies, to develop production, Qi quickly become strong. Also assisting Jiangtai Gong was later put down Duke of Zhou Zhou's son G insurgency, Tai Gong reward for the second week of the Gong-an, Wang Zhou Jiang Taigong given to the "sea in the east, west river, Muling south, north Wu Di," the special cutting power to become and to jointly between the Haidai North Korea's power. Jiangtai Gong according to Zhou's death and burial weeks back, people miss Tai Gong Qi Ende, dressed buried here, from the passageway Zhudian , Is the Tai Gong Yi Guanzhong, Qi expressed to the people of the Qi Jiang Taigong of the pioneers and founders of the homogeneous culture of respect and miss, the tomb of Shihfang Hengmei "Zhou Zizou" is a highly condensed summary of his life Jiang Taigong Albert Feng of the gong. Jiangtai Gong Temple is on the eastern side of Qiumu Ancestral Hall, the Ancestral Hall Qiumu 1995 Mu Gong hundred behalf of the Sun, the Taiwan Association Qiushi Mr. Qiu Zhengji the construction of the donor. Jiangtai Gong in the camp closure hills, with support for Sun's, the public Qiumu Tai Gong is the third son, Feng Tai Gong Mu Gong Qi Jianguo and to get the town of Camp Hill , And its people for Hill's Sui Yi, Mu Gong is the ancestor of the Qiu Shi. ZHOU Qin, Qiu Shi Shi Yi re-clan, sub-branch Shu All over the descendants of the times in China. Shrine in the form of two adopted Chinese traditional architecture of the axis of symmetry sequence, the layout of the temple hall of the temple, the building appears to be Guxiangguse. Mugong Ci in the east side hall in a palace display of the Origins and the Chiang Jiang Xing Lineage, China's Jiang Xing is one of the oldest family name, a long period of time, Jiang Xing Family from generation to generation reproduction, distribution, not only in the land of China, but also all over the world, former South Korean President Roh Tae-woo is Jiangxing descent, had come too Ancestral Hall in 2000 to visit ancestral roots. After verification from the surname Jiang Xing 103. Address: Linzi District of Zibo City Huangong bus route No. 292 : 20 Zibo station by bus to Linzi Posts and Telecommunications Building, 300 meters off the eastbound Tel :0533-7182975 Fax :0533-7182975 Tickets: 8 children (about one meter) 2 yuan /person

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Wang Yu-yang memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Yu-yang, son of the word truth, No. Ruanting, alias Shan Ren Yu-yang, Shandong County Metro (Huantai today), the early Qing Dynasty famous poet, tired Guanzhixingbu the Book of History. He committed to public service while writing poetry, and poetry presided over the 50-year-old, Emperor Kang Xi had 300 sign their poetry as "Yu Lan" and his poetry, text, the words were dozens of 56 Multi-volume, as a generation of these poems. Wang Yu-yang memorial is located in the town of Huantai County, covers an area of 10,000 square meters, construction area of 2600 square meters. Jhongcin Fort Temple was originally a 16-year-Ming Wanli (1588) in memory of Wang Yu-yang Wang Chung-kwong, the emperor built, more than 400 years ago. The whole group of the Department of Architecture Zhuanmu knot , At the two main span East and West, maintained a typical Ming Dynasty architectural style. 7 galleries for the museum and stone garden. One stone galleries display the country for more than three-stone 185; Wang Yu-yang life galleries, details of Shi and Li Wang Yu-yang up do not recite life. Park is a stone in the temple Jhongcin Kuayuan East on the basis of ancient and Landscape architecture combined with the construction. Park in the Park, set in the King King. Libushangshu the Yuan Dynasty, Zhang Yang San-ho's "Cang cloud", "Zhenyu" and the two countries Taihu Dan a giant stone, "Moon Water Wind" is also on display in the park for visitors to watch. Jhongcin and adjacent to the Temple IV Gong Bao Square, Ming Wanli 1958 (16 9), is the only remaining brick Square, sitting south, magnificent momentum, set in ancient architecture, sculpture, calligraphy and art in one, a very high cultural value. Wang Yu-yang at the Memorial Hall on December 9, 1986 hall opening to the outside world and, in 1992 was classified as provincial-level key protection units in 1995 Shandong Province for outstanding community education base, in 1998 published the first batch of Shandong Province for patriotism education bases. Address: Zibo City Huantai County town bus: 71 Zibo station by road to a new town Tel :0533-8880148 Fax: 0533 -- 880148 Tickets: 20 yuan

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Qi Museum of History - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linzi, China's ancient history of both the East. From the early years of the Western Zhou Feng Qi Jianguo Jiang Taigong, Huangong dominate the Spring and Autumn Warring States claimed that Wei-hung, and create Ji Xia Xue Gong, with the topic of a hundred schools of thought, to waste the Western Jin Qi, Linzi, as leaders of the Kingdom of the accumulated capital of more than 1,300 years.

The passage of time, then Wei-Tai Xie magnificent palace complex is not kept, but it Qi wall and platform palace still exist, both within and outside the Old City still stands a 150-seat King of Qi as depicted and the famous mausoleum. Qi Old City renowned man-made landscape, famous cultural relics, on the ground floor on the ground there are very rich in cultural relics, known as "underground museum" reputation. State Has taken a variety of protective measures, city and district people's government to make full use of homogeneous culture, the development of heritage tourism, set up both cultural values, and watch the pleasure of heritage tourism attractions, such as the castle-like display of the history of Qi Hall, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty horse martyrdom Museum, Museum of Art stone Linzi, Qi drainage crossing Old City, Confucius Shao Department, in the form of different characteristics. Service from more than 10 cultural relics spots will be watching to the style of the great country, to see that the hegemony of the past glory.

The museum is located at Qi Qi Linzi district is resident in the town government, the country is one of the 10 museums of different types. It is the Qi in the Old City Museum site on the basis of cultural relics exhibition hall converted to city and town Qi Old City between the each other to produce special-shaped form, green brick base, the shape of the ancient castle, unique, in-house decorative flavor, with a total construction area of 2600 square meters , The top 15 meters high, and Miyagi the western part of the palace construction site Huangong Across the East and West, and add radiance to each other, even more magnificent.

  Qi is to display the contents of history as the key link to the times for the sequence after another, at first period, Qi, Zhou Qi, making it a priority, highlighted the Western Zhou Dynasty, Spring and Autumn and Warring States period of three and, finally, during the Qin and Han dynasties. Display in the form of a flexible, diverse, lively, Like, financial knowledge, art, interest in one, divided into 15 exhibition halls, orderly Hall, the Longshan Culture Office, the Office of the Western Zhou culture, tube-hwan BR Office, the Office of Shao music, Wuwei Office, the Office of city walls, Ji Xia Office, the Office of Science and Technology , Customs offices, the Office of Fire Bulls, a wide range of items on display more than 300 products (sets), supplemented by sculptures, die , The traditional art forms such as sand table and lighting, audio, video and other modern hi-tech approach, a comprehensive and detailed reflection of Qi 800 years of glorious history and splendid culture, to display the culture of Qi in the Chinese culture in an important position, is the museum Display in the form of an innovative and useful attempt.

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Chinese Ceramics Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China Zibo Ceramics Museum, located in Zibo City Cultural Square, the national AAA level tourist attractions, is the largest and highest grade, exhibits the most professional of all-ceramic museum.

China Zibo Ceramics Museum of the total exhibition area of over 10,000 square meters, to display the sub display and sales operation Most of the. One part of the display sequence, including Office, Office of Integrated, Office of ancient, modern rooms, high-tech Office, the International Office, more than 3,000 exhibits on display (sets), all-round display from the Neolithic culture, so far, after Lee in 8000 to China's ceramic culture , Reflecting in particular since the founding of the reform and opening up, I Ceramic industry the highest level of artistic and latest achievements in the development, as the carrier with ceramic exhibits, a vivid visual display of Chinese civilization with a long history and profound. The theme of the exhibition hall integrated ceramic-painting King, 4 meters high, 30 meters long, tourists stay during which seem to take much time and space shuttle train in ceramic art from over Hyundai into the future course of glory.

  Hall of ancient flavor, a collection of many valuable national relics, ancient treasures include more than 450 pieces; Modern Office, the Office of International simple crisp, renowned contemporary Chinese master of arts and crafts, ceramic art works on behalf of the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions famous potters of the total work of art of more than 2600. Set of popular science, and fun to participate in one of the Office of high-tech ceramics, using sound, light, electricity, and the actual situation as to simulate a combination of modern technology to display a comprehensive display of the new ceramic materials in space, military, environmental, life Branch , Electricity and energy in the field of six-to-date R & D results. The main part of the business operated by the Department of ceramic, porcelain painting and calligraphy auction hall, leisure Taoba composition.

Zibo Qi is the birthplace of culture, Chinese ceramics is one of the five major producing areas. With a long history of ceramic production in China has an important role. According to historical data in mind And archaeological excavations have proved that as early as 8000 years ago before, "Li Culture" period, the Zibo area began production of ceramics. In the early Western Zhou Dynasty, Qi before a special "Tao is" official, the management of pottery production, and Qi in the city have set up pottery workshops, to engage in specialized production of pottery. Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties around the black The region completed the production of ceramic pottery from porcelain to the transition. Tang and Song Dynasties, pottery production techniques become more refined, have been expanding.

Chinese ceramics that you visit the museum will be an in-depth understanding of the Zibo Ceramics 8000 years of splendid culture and the latest developments in Zibo Ceramics achievements. Of the Chinese nation has a long history of civilization and knowledge will be a distillation of quality. Expansion of sites spread all over, and gradually formed a feature of Zibo, produced a number of influential brands of ceramic, porcelain kiln Walled Village, the village of magnetic and the Blue and White Porcelain kiln, the kiln Mount strangulation and child were both ceramic and so on 1:00 noise. Ming and Qing Dynasties, black Ceramic-based products, heavy, unique decoration, booming production and sales, formed the Mount as the representative of ceramic production and sales center. After the founding of New China, the Zibo Ceramics inherit and carry forward the tradition on the basis of skills, based on local resources, exploration and innovation, has developed a porcelain-like quality, high-long porcelain stone, quartz high-quality porcelain, bone And other new types of porcelain ware, porcelain carving art is unique, created a new feature of Zibo Ceramics, daily-use ceramics, art ceramics, industrial ceramics, building ceramics even with the development of products that are sold in more than 70 countries and regions of our country The production of ceramic technology and ceramic arts has made due contributions.

Chinese Ceramics Museum located in Zibo City exhibition hall on the third floor, display area of more than 4000 square meters. At present, is the largest display, the most complete varieties, displayed the highest level of modernization of one of the ceramics museum. Show from the Neolithic culture, after Lee has more than 8,000 Since the discovery of Zibo, production and collection of various types of more than 2,500 pieces of ceramic products (sets), which exhibits the ancient 249. Hall sub-district foreword, comprehensive exhibition, exhibition of ancient and modern, contemporary galleries, ceramic art district, ceramic products and advertising sales area most of the seven areas.

  Ancient ?????exhibits in the lotus statue dates from the fifth green-glazed, glaze rain in the Song Dynasty, tea at the end of enamel, porcelain fetal twist, such as porcelain powder bar Zibo Famous ceramics as well as the Longshan Culture eggshell pottery of the Song Dynasty and Qing Zhi Ying pot, set Kiln bowl, Ge ware bowl, and other rare treasures. Exhibits of modern art and uses different sub-style building ceramics, garden art Porcelain, sanitary ceramics, daily-use ceramics, art pottery, modern pottery, porcelain and engraved several Ceramic high-tech most of the classified display, demonstrating porcelain of Zibo and the highest level of artistic achievement. Ceramic art in the area - "Lithuania", the audience through on-site hands-on production, be able to enjoy a taste of the fun of ceramic art, Strong perceptual knowledge of ceramics culture.

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Liao City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Strange Stories is the city of Zichuan to invest in the construction of Chuang Po. For the garden is in the form of performance to the theme of the story Liao group of 000 large landscaped area, which is located in Zichuan District of Zibo City, Hongshan Town, Chuang Po. Here is the world's short story King's native place Pu, a national AAAA class tourism area, Shandong Province, the five major tourism King One.

  Wong Po after the man-made to adapt to the requirements of the development of the tourism market has set up a Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Zibo Liao. They carry forward the cultural Po, Liao continued to increase cultural tourism resource development, and has formed Liu Quan, Liao palace, Hu Xian garden, rock garden hidden, full Temple, FOLK cafes, tourist attractions such as cemeteries, so that Liao City take shape.

Liao tourist attractions within the city's memorial Pu, a more comprehensive manner to retain the original appearance of Pu was living. House for the typical rural areas in the north courtyard, Guo wrote the "former residence of Pu" He Menbian, House door hoisted. Wong Po Hospital there was a book Strange Stories, the exhibit on the life of Po Wong, Wong Po aragonite very beloved Hall of the poet and scholar of contemporary calligraphy and painting exhibition hall.


  Liu Quan, also known as "well above", Wong Po was set up for tea and the folk songs. There is legislation written by Shen Yanbing, "Liu "Stone. Green stone on the I-chuen, overflowing spring, so that visitors away. Pu In addition to the" Strange Tales ", but also on the creative works FOLK 1000, FOLK FOLK cafes to watch the concert is good Place. Tea tourist stop, listen to a few paragraphs on FOLK, of course, a rare treat. Huxian Park to the story Liao Construction of the main design, set up on the life and works of Pu Pu laying open his museum, celebrities such as calligraphy and painting exhibition room.


  Stone Park was formerly the Pichia Hidden Garden, completed the setting up of Pugong House for 30 years and wrote a lot of information on the hidden garden of stone Jiapian poetry. Many rocks in the park, tree-lined. Park moved to the Po Wong , The reproduction of the pen-Yun Pu Gong tongue farming life experiences.


  Well over Temple for the reconstruction of the temple to Double-arch gate of St. Paul Rusi to the Mountain Gate, with King Hall, Main Hall, Temple III, the Clock Tower building, and so on. Liao palace location may Qionglouhengkong, Avon Castle, such as the palace in the sky. The use of intrauterine colorful, Stunt video, lighting and so on vocal performance of the means of art to reproduce the works of God Po Wong demon fox ghost of the image of the arts.

  Liao walk through the city, will Paoque all worried about trouble, trouble clearing the city of noise, the eyes and ears for a new one, your view, a profound understanding of people described by literary giant Pugong described demon god Fox World.

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Zhoucun ancient city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhoucun is a feudal society of economic restructuring in the latter part of the rise of the handicraft industry, business center, the Ming and Qing Dynasties developed into an important trading port in northern China, the Silk Road in the north of the location of the source. Urban functions, facilities, a clear division of labor markets, the most prosperous business, known as "the best in the world village", "Golden Zhoucun" Terminal drought. "

  China's ancient culture of excellence on behalf of the business - "old city", vertical and horizontal blocks, the streets quiet and simple, although a century after the storm, kept the ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties of the original character and history. Large-scale, unique architectural style and building a high-level, to the Shandong There are, Jiangbei rare, and is still playing its business functions, experts have been called the "living museum of ancient commercial markets group."

Zhoucun Zhoucun ancient city located in the central area, from Main Street, the silk town, silver, and other ancient commercial city street, the ancient commercial street with many shops, many monuments, was built in the Tang Dynasty Ming Temple, built on behalf of the Kuixing Court, the world famous "Eight-xiang" old business, "Eastern businessmen," Luo Chuan Meng's former residence, and so is the training Gelao Liu Hong, Li Gong Bao-Xi, Wu champion Wang should be such as the history of the Masters The home, business culture rich in human history goes back to ancient times, in order to focus on city-level cultural relics Intensive care unit at the provincial level outstanding historical buildings.

  The ancient city of the total area of 32.7 hectares, consists of two parts: first, focus on protected areas - security refers to the street to the west, Zhuo River to the east, New Road, south of Cotton Street to the north, covers an area of 19.7 hectares, from Main Street, Silk Street, silver Street, Silk Street, Rong Street, and other areas at Old Streets; Second, the Planning Control - Zhuo refers to the river to the west, security Street to the east, south, north of Ho Street, New Road to the south, as well as Qian Foge, Huilong bridge, a mosque, and other ancient buildings , Covers an area of 13 hectares.

In 2001 the ancient city in Shandong province were classified as major tourism development project, the whole Estimated total investment of 201,240,000 yuan. In the "overall planning, step-by-step implementation of scientific management, and rolling development" ideas and "repair the old as the ancient" building in phases.

  Old Streets in the main area to keep the original appearance on the basis of the old shops along the street for a comprehensive maintenance and restoration of Bangladesh's former home Luo Chuan, Samick Church printing , The expansion of Kuixing Pavilion area, a new Performing Arts Plaza, Silk Museum, Folk Hall, lantern exhibition hall, exhibition halls, banks votes, and so on, and put things in order Zhuo Ring River and improve supporting facilities, with two to three years to the ancient city into an all - Province as well as the national financial well-known intellectual, ideological, and interesting, as one artistic, and sufficient Display of ancient Chinese commercial culture of high-grade, high-grade history, folk culture to visit the Holy Land.

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XIONGERSHAN National Geopark - Chinese tourism scenic spots

XIONGERSHAN 483 meters above sea level, was east-west, stretching 6 km East-West, North and South 2 km wide. Recline in North Town. Is a typical hilly from afar, XIONGERSHAN like a big white bear, the end of the first East to West, a recline; peak as an open ear bear, named XIONGERSHAN.

Li Bear ear to the foot of the mountain view, in the mountains, the peak of a process, protect the mountains, pines Bai Yu, Gushan cloud around the stone, magnificent, magnificent. From the foot of the mountain top looking down, the public water network pay, BUZZ spring water, green Yamahana, shaking light sticks language, a Xiuse show. XIONGERSHAN area was divided into 3: Group cave scenic areas, Huanglong scenic hole, double - Great Rift Valley area.

Yixian Tian Yong. XIONGERSHAN near the top of a large-scale crack-Zhang, the risk is very long, local residents referred to as "the Great Rift Valley Ssangyong," but the popular call for "Yixian Tian Yong" or "XIONGERSHAN Yi Xiantian "; XIONGERSHAN's to Ssangyong has Yixian Tian 4 characteristics:

1. Ssangyong is the Yixian Tian Tan-Lu fault of the product. Tan at (Tancheng, located southeast of the city of Zaozhuang, a city of Linyi in Shandong Province jurisdiction) House (Lujiang, located in Anhui's Chaohu Lake area) in the vicinity of major fault zone, the Tan-Lu is the fault of the product. So that the movement of rock fracture occurred Zhang of crack This is XIONGERSHAN Yixian Tian geological formation of the reasons, there is a strong scientific.

2. Yixian Tian Yong-scale rarely seen. 1,000 meters long 2-5 meters wide, about 20-40 meters high on both sides. Fujian Wing of the Yixian Tian Tao Dong, Yi Xiantian is a well-known, although high Wide better than XIONGERSHAN, but far less than the length of XIONGERSHAN. The length of a long, the sexual thriller on the increase, to the irritation of the visitors to raise a lot of times.

3. Ssangyong Yixian Tian volatile ups and downs. China's many scenic spots and places as Xiongershan Yixian Tian Yi Xiantian such volatile ups and downs , Is open 500 meters, the author has spent half an hour before study end. The main variable is that it twists and turns, Zhetianbiri from time to time, sometimes suddenly, sometimes dramatic changes suddenly, as if Street Promenade days.

4. Ssangyong XIONGERSHAN Yixian Tian Liang Bi-rich limestone modeling more As lively as possible.

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Museum of Chinese and foreign wine bottles - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chinese and foreign wine museum is located in Longquan Tengzhou City Cultural Square, Building Design Institute of Tongji University, is designed for Chinese and Western-style four-story buildings with a total construction area of 2350 square meters, fixed assets of 700 million yuan, the Museum's collection Diogenes creator of World Records, the well-known scholar Li Fumin first wine culture More than just a collection of art bottle. The Library has ancient, modern five galleries, the long-awaited set, the Spring and Autumn figures, Jane, and other exotic collection of 15 series. Set the Museum collection, exhibition, research, promotion, design, production in one, is a modern, multi-function museum professionals. It's built Chinese and foreign wine in the promotion of cultural exchanges will play a positive role. Li Fumin in July 1955 was born in Tengzhou City, Shandong Province. Tengzhou City, former employees of commercial secondary school principals, senior lecturer in Tengzhou City, the incumbent deputy director of the National Bureau of Religious Affairs, curator of the Museum of Chinese and foreign wine bottles, "China's largest fine wine "The author, for our present-day well-known art collector bottle, bottle art theorist. More than two decades, arts Jicang 10,026 bottles to create a new world record of Diogenes; advocacy, the establishment of the first bottle of the World Heritage Museum; held a bottle of China's first Chinese and foreign art exhibition; advocacy, the contractor The first national seminar on culture bottle; and "bottles", the creation, publication of "a hundred bottles", "A Better Wine" seal characters Billiton plans, papers, poetry, couplets, and so on.

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A Wangting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

One is located in Zaozhuang Wangting tatarinowii 5 km West Temple, built in 1984 for a two-tier hexagonal pavilion 350 degrees in the wind, wood and steel and concrete mixed structure of the yellow glass roof tile, high panoramic view may look. From the pavilion down in Genei teas. North Pavilion has an exhibition hall, visitors to the introduction of the all-mu Dan Liuyuan Shiliu Yuan and the construction of the development process. Dan Liuyuan another video presentation, the record of four seasons in the park scenery.

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