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Quan dream of eco-tourism zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Quan dream of eco-tourism scenic area of more than 1 acre, is located in Zichuan district town well-being of black slip top. Relying on the whole area of the village for the two-springs, formerly known as Dream springs, is known far and near the village of longevity. The village surrounded on three sides by mountains, 510 meters above sea level, since there are more than 300 years of history, is still in the village of Emperor Kangxi Between the village monument. The whole area and leisure sub-ecological zones, Xungu Exploring the area, high Tanqi area, longevity and cultural areas and tourist areas Folk five plate.

Casual-ecological zones in the distribution of Taoyuan, Zaoyuan, the garden pepper, Begonia Garden, Xingyuan, pear, persimmon Park, Hawthorn Park ten tourist picking . In this area, visitors are free to pick and sample freedom to fully understand the results obtained through the work of the fun. Since the park as dozens of features, naturally connected, so that visitors can be in different regions experience different taste for pleasure, formed in the spring to see flowers, enjoy the cool air in summer and autumn harvesting and winter ice-rewards linked to the scene Dream Stephen Hill from 40 different sets of style villa, built the mountain because it is structured, Cuolayouzhi, or hidden in the depths of Xinglin, or in the Zaoyuan surrounded by, or in 100 years of pear , Will enable visitors to live here away from the noisy city, enjoy the full beauty of the Shangri-la, elegant, is the rationale for The vacation place.

Xungu Exploring the area around the "Sun Bin Quan dream of" making an issue, including as Sun Bin, Chi-chuen, dream, dream-chuen, Stephen Dream House, my horse slipped, Sophorae Valley and many other attractions. In the spring of 341 BC, according to legend, Sun Bin achieve victory in the Battle of Ma-ling, the soldiers passing through here, Renkunmafa Sun Bin lying on a boulder, a dream by Xian Weng Kim as floating in the air from the south and was self-West division Nyorai subglottic Damo Zu, to this special place with a Shenquan, the officers and men of spring water for drinking, the long able to drink the water People live longer. Then finished off lightly. Sun Bin wake up and immediately told by soldiers pointing founder of the dredged position, not See a bit of fruit out of clear spring gurgle. A taste, the sweet spring water, the Baptist Heart people. Sun Bin rate of soldiers hurried to the sky Koubai and wrote the motion of wielding a sword, "Stephen dream". After stationed here more than in March, wrote the famous "The Art of War Sun Bin." Sun Bin Quan dream in the Office of the west side of a large valley, said his horse slipped, with Sun Bin has been in this exercise military force. In 1956, there have been unearthed in the Warring States period of sharp copper, copper sword. In this area, visitors taste of spring Ganlie, ancient and modern about the changes, when fully appreciate Sun Bin Quan dream of artistic conception.

Tan Qi Qi climb the Great Wall area, including sites, Shihmen years, the ancient water cellar, Yixian Tian, Yang Shi, Shi Yin, cottage alone, Luotuo Feng, natural bar, Qunying Taiwan, Feng Ting night, the Dragon King, and other attractions nose. The region's only 712 meters above sea level cottage is the highest point of the whole area. Qi Great Wall are here to preserve the site, Shek Mun millennium, the ancient water cellar, and other ancient cultural relics of the original Rather, it is the area where the charm of the humanities. Yin and Yang Shi is the nature of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial, is the origin of life of worship.

Fu Cultural District, including the main birthday Taiwan, Taiwan blessing of the two spots, with the gold still Xiangshan, scenic spots, such as Shan Damo. Taiwan birthday 677 meters above sea level, and praying 681 m above sea level, were engraved with the largest Shouzi, the word blessing. "Shou" word length 13.8 m, "fu" word length of 12 meters, Fu, Shou print the word in the distribution of 99 small-fu characters Shouzi small. With the attraction of tourists to fully meet the high life and praying for the desire, "Wan count map, to live to 99 , "Shi Fu loaded block, Sui Sui Ping An will live to 100 out of the first" will be saying to each and every visitor Fushou good luck.

Folk Village in tourist areas in the old courtyard house as the base, on display ancient stone roller, Shijiu, old spinning wheel, the plow and harrow, and other work tools, and share the pancake, Luo Bing Live folk shows. Here visitors can push a grinder himself, pancake share, fully experience the local folk customs. In the area, visitors can also dream of goods by the spring, pure sorghum brewing "scale weight" of liquor, drinking from the ground floor of 270 meters deep, "Stephen dream card" high-quality mineral water, eat vegetables, rice farmers do, to buy Ganxianguopin Hill, such as green eggs.

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