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Ma On Shan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma On Shan, located in the town black Zichuan district, the main peak of 616 meters above sea level, the rough is a majestic mountain peaks overlap, the gurgling streams, sparkling waters, beautiful pastoral scene in the Hill and Ma On Shan site of the anti-Japanese revolutionary component of its natural beauty Area. Junqiao its mountain, towering peaks, such as the cliffs around the cut, only the front Article 132 of the stone chisel the stone path leading to the summit, easily defensible, there is a "clearance when Kazuo, Mo million opening of" risk, it is vital importance for the military. Shi Feng tens Mountain High, 2 things connected into a concave, looking like a saddle, named Ma On Shan. Shi Feng surrounded by cliffs, there is a southwest corner stone, The steep, like the Ladder, direct Nan Tianmen is the only risk to the peak of the Road. Ma On Shan around the rise amid ups and downs, the mountain forest gray, black water meandering down the mountain, criss-crossing the road, was the history of North-South transport throat. Winter in 1943, Zibo in the history of Sino-Japanese War of the famous Battle of the Ma On Shan took place here. For Read in the Battle of the heroic dedication, 1945 Mount in the creation of the "Anti-Japanese Martyrs Monument in Ma On Shan." Planning area of 51 square kilometers, the area of 8000 square meters built, the main attractions are the Memorial Hall, site of the fighting, Lin rocks, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, Huaguang Temple, and so on.

According to legend, the saddle The sky was a Dragon's steed, as a result of human longing for the freedom of touch Department made a regulation days, the ferocious law of God and cut off the limbs will be thrown into the boundless expanse of the desert, in a vain attempt to Shaisi. But this horse has had a strong belief: I have to live out! Where is the best place, where most of the people of good I go on! In this way, it do not know how much over the mountains, ford rivers and how much, and finally to be here now turned into the Ma On Shan.

When the history of the twentieth century into the 1940s, a bloody battle between justice and evil here occurred - November 9, 1942, the Japanese I cut off the road in Shandong Lunan, Shandong and other places of the traffic, the mobilization of more than 1000 troops to the Ma On Shan launched a frenzied attack. I Moriyama even the elderly, children, the sick and wounded, a total of only 30 people, weapons and ammunition would be minimal. However, the hero in a certain unit of the Eighth Route Army led by deputy head Wang Fenglin , In the face several times on my enemy, without fear, with the enemy carried out tenacity of the fighting. Danjinliangjue, Moriyama heroes pick up a primitive weapons - stones, fighting with the enemy. When the hills washed up on the enemy, the heroes took off a cliff. The tragic battle, showing the death of the Chinese nation against the enemy of the United Kingdom Spirit.

Now, after the baptism of war, Ma On Shan, has already Hull. Peak standing Jimuyuantiao: peaks overlapping peaks, green want to drop; 99 Yueyang Hill across the river with, a column of black Li Xin Tai train along the railway and the adverse; too Reservoir levels as a mirror, like a Eclisse less Liang Ya in the shade of Castle Peak ... ... People have not forgotten those revolutionary martyrs who donated the drive. Ma On Shan People's Government of Shandong Province were listed as key protection units and provincial urban youth patriotism education bases in the mountains fighting the Ma On Shan Li has monuments, ancestral halls and galleries of the martyrs; in the towering cliffs carved At that time, Ma On Shan in the fighting, he served successively as deputy commander of the Nanjing Military Region Liao Rong S, Qian Jun, general, as well as a 6 man-made this country the donations drive Sheng Wenlian former Vice-President Mr. Feng Yizhi and others wrote.

In recent years, the black town of nearly one million yuan to open the mountain roads, the restoration of the original mountain The Yuhuang Ge, Huaguang Temple, and other construction, rehabilitation of the ancestral hall of the martyrs, created "The Valiant Ones a" martyr sculptures, built Lingyun Ge, and other scenic spots, installed wind power generating units will be built into the revolutionary tradition of education and the humanities The natural landscape into a scenic resort in Ma On Shan. Throughout the year, ran. Last year, Municipal People's Government named the scenic resort city.

A miracle of peace and prosperity. What is even more magical and are pleased that this year it also found that the three new natural landscape: a peak in Shandong meters high on a cliff more than 10-meter-high portrait of the Eighth Route Army, awe-inspiring righteousness, life-like image As Ma On Shan in the fighting at the expense of the indomitable spirit of the martyrs, known as the "soul of a hero"; a Ma On Shan in the south of the "Three Mountain" on the main peak, like a sleeping Buddha Statue at the solemn nature, vivid, it was called "Three Thai Wofo"; a south-west of the Ma On Shan is a mountain, like a Maitreya's sit-in self-cultivation, single-minded expression, free calm, clear lines - is the natural magic of good fortune. Ma On Shan at the upper reaches of the reservoir too. In the summer, at the foot of the Ma On Shan, the vast water, was carried into a good place for water sports. Ma On Shan and the effects of the Lotus Hill neighborhood, Yixian Tian, Meng Quan Ferris column, and so magical and beautiful scenic spots. Here for a long time famous pool pears, garlic and date of production for agriculture and tourism have created unique conditions.

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