Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gu Zhi Baiquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sui, Tang and Baiquan county Baiquan temple ruins, located in Pengyang 10.2 km southwest of the city's Department Mizoguchi Tao Heung Hai Zi home.

Guzhicuishan shade, Blot out the Sun Yang Liu, Jessica Bicao, beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. For the drop in green plants, scores of small stream flows around as if wearing a huge green Grass-like, gurgling sound. Summer heat here, very cool. Every morning mist at dawn vast, look, you might see that the sky falls a bright moon, is particularly charming, Toyama Zhu Feng Yan Lan over a faint, like a covered Qingsha, when the time is hidden. Moonlight, water color, with the ancient city of Mountain View into the temple Constitute a wonderful landscape of the volume. In the afternoon, the sky wave white clouds, birds singing and dancing in the forest a bang, both game in the forest or river fishing; boulevard is a stroll, or bathing in the blue pool, is both refreshing, refined and aloof.

Shenyang is located in the ancient temple city of Jinchuan, By the West as a hub, a show beyond the Great Wall in the evolution of the vicissitudes of life, often war-devastated country. After the Ming Dynasty, the construction of the magnificent ancient buildings have been gradually into oblivion. Today, the ancient temple inside the only Bi-glazed roof tiles and brick Canyuanduanbi. In recent years, Baiquan in the construction of a temple on the ruins of several temples and Buddhist revival.

Temple Baiquan back Maor Eagle's Nest, Hai Zi west, about as if there are two dragon surrounded by the Cangshan, around the green and luxuriant willows Huai Yu Cheng Yin. Baiquan reservoir as a shining Hokyo will be reflected on its Baiquan Temple, in the shape of the Qingshitan clear spring water. Immersive late autumn, hit the sky to see eagles, fish Xiang light at the end of the scenic spots Shanqingshuixiu beauty of both southern and northern lion and the spectacular full moon.

March following temple in Yangchun the boulevard, Fan Chen lost, the iQue Hujue blurred, hear song birds Ming, Ming Di Cattle shepherd boy to see, not just blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and blue waters, Tao Li Jing Fang, Yan flowers , Another kind of can not explain in words the mood.

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