Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Qi Museum of History - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linzi, China's ancient history of both the East. From the early years of the Western Zhou Feng Qi Jianguo Jiang Taigong, Huangong dominate the Spring and Autumn Warring States claimed that Wei-hung, and create Ji Xia Xue Gong, with the topic of a hundred schools of thought, to waste the Western Jin Qi, Linzi, as leaders of the Kingdom of the accumulated capital of more than 1,300 years.

The passage of time, then Wei-Tai Xie magnificent palace complex is not kept, but it Qi wall and platform palace still exist, both within and outside the Old City still stands a 150-seat King of Qi as depicted and the famous mausoleum. Qi Old City renowned man-made landscape, famous cultural relics, on the ground floor on the ground there are very rich in cultural relics, known as "underground museum" reputation. State Has taken a variety of protective measures, city and district people's government to make full use of homogeneous culture, the development of heritage tourism, set up both cultural values, and watch the pleasure of heritage tourism attractions, such as the castle-like display of the history of Qi Hall, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty horse martyrdom Museum, Museum of Art stone Linzi, Qi drainage crossing Old City, Confucius Shao Department, in the form of different characteristics. Service from more than 10 cultural relics spots will be watching to the style of the great country, to see that the hegemony of the past glory.

The museum is located at Qi Qi Linzi district is resident in the town government, the country is one of the 10 museums of different types. It is the Qi in the Old City Museum site on the basis of cultural relics exhibition hall converted to city and town Qi Old City between the each other to produce special-shaped form, green brick base, the shape of the ancient castle, unique, in-house decorative flavor, with a total construction area of 2600 square meters , The top 15 meters high, and Miyagi the western part of the palace construction site Huangong Across the East and West, and add radiance to each other, even more magnificent.

  Qi is to display the contents of history as the key link to the times for the sequence after another, at first period, Qi, Zhou Qi, making it a priority, highlighted the Western Zhou Dynasty, Spring and Autumn and Warring States period of three and, finally, during the Qin and Han dynasties. Display in the form of a flexible, diverse, lively, Like, financial knowledge, art, interest in one, divided into 15 exhibition halls, orderly Hall, the Longshan Culture Office, the Office of the Western Zhou culture, tube-hwan BR Office, the Office of Shao music, Wuwei Office, the Office of city walls, Ji Xia Office, the Office of Science and Technology , Customs offices, the Office of Fire Bulls, a wide range of items on display more than 300 products (sets), supplemented by sculptures, die , The traditional art forms such as sand table and lighting, audio, video and other modern hi-tech approach, a comprehensive and detailed reflection of Qi 800 years of glorious history and splendid culture, to display the culture of Qi in the Chinese culture in an important position, is the museum Display in the form of an innovative and useful attempt.

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