Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jiang Taigong Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang Taigong Temple is located in Linzi District, 1993 to Jiangtai Gong Yi Guanzhong built based on a total area of 30,000 square meters. Ancestral Hall is too a group of Chinese traditional axis of symmetry, the halls of the temple construction. Zhouwen Wang Yin's visit to Jiang Taigong encounter, was invited to Tai Shi Hui Bai, Wang Tai Gong known. Zhouwu Wang Ji-known division also Father. Zhou Jiang Taigong assist exterminate the Shang Dynasty, in order to deal Packet was to Qi. Tai Gong Qi governance, "as a result of customs and trade simple ceremony of workers, salt fish would benefit" policy, agriculture, engineering, Both companies, to develop production, Qi quickly become strong. Also assisting Jiangtai Gong was later put down Duke of Zhou Zhou's son G insurgency, Tai Gong reward for the second week of the Gong-an, Wang Zhou Jiang Taigong given to the "sea in the east, west river, Muling south, north Wu Di," the special cutting power to become and to jointly between the Haidai North Korea's power. Jiangtai Gong according to Zhou's death and burial weeks back, people miss Tai Gong Qi Ende, dressed buried here, from the passageway Zhudian , Is the Tai Gong Yi Guanzhong, Qi expressed to the people of the Qi Jiang Taigong of the pioneers and founders of the homogeneous culture of respect and miss, the tomb of Shihfang Hengmei "Zhou Zizou" is a highly condensed summary of his life Jiang Taigong Albert Feng of the gong. Jiangtai Gong Temple is on the eastern side of Qiumu Ancestral Hall, the Ancestral Hall Qiumu 1995 Mu Gong hundred behalf of the Sun, the Taiwan Association Qiushi Mr. Qiu Zhengji the construction of the donor. Jiangtai Gong in the camp closure hills, with support for Sun's, the public Qiumu Tai Gong is the third son, Feng Tai Gong Mu Gong Qi Jianguo and to get the town of Camp Hill , And its people for Hill's Sui Yi, Mu Gong is the ancestor of the Qiu Shi. ZHOU Qin, Qiu Shi Shi Yi re-clan, sub-branch Shu All over the descendants of the times in China. Shrine in the form of two adopted Chinese traditional architecture of the axis of symmetry sequence, the layout of the temple hall of the temple, the building appears to be Guxiangguse. Mugong Ci in the east side hall in a palace display of the Origins and the Chiang Jiang Xing Lineage, China's Jiang Xing is one of the oldest family name, a long period of time, Jiang Xing Family from generation to generation reproduction, distribution, not only in the land of China, but also all over the world, former South Korean President Roh Tae-woo is Jiangxing descent, had come too Ancestral Hall in 2000 to visit ancestral roots. After verification from the surname Jiang Xing 103. Address: Linzi District of Zibo City Huangong bus route No. 292 : 20 Zibo station by bus to Linzi Posts and Telecommunications Building, 300 meters off the eastbound Tel :0533-7182975 Fax :0533-7182975 Tickets: 8 children (about one meter) 2 yuan /person

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