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Zhoucun ancient city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhoucun is a feudal society of economic restructuring in the latter part of the rise of the handicraft industry, business center, the Ming and Qing Dynasties developed into an important trading port in northern China, the Silk Road in the north of the location of the source. Urban functions, facilities, a clear division of labor markets, the most prosperous business, known as "the best in the world village", "Golden Zhoucun" Terminal drought. "

  China's ancient culture of excellence on behalf of the business - "old city", vertical and horizontal blocks, the streets quiet and simple, although a century after the storm, kept the ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties of the original character and history. Large-scale, unique architectural style and building a high-level, to the Shandong There are, Jiangbei rare, and is still playing its business functions, experts have been called the "living museum of ancient commercial markets group."

Zhoucun Zhoucun ancient city located in the central area, from Main Street, the silk town, silver, and other ancient commercial city street, the ancient commercial street with many shops, many monuments, was built in the Tang Dynasty Ming Temple, built on behalf of the Kuixing Court, the world famous "Eight-xiang" old business, "Eastern businessmen," Luo Chuan Meng's former residence, and so is the training Gelao Liu Hong, Li Gong Bao-Xi, Wu champion Wang should be such as the history of the Masters The home, business culture rich in human history goes back to ancient times, in order to focus on city-level cultural relics Intensive care unit at the provincial level outstanding historical buildings.

  The ancient city of the total area of 32.7 hectares, consists of two parts: first, focus on protected areas - security refers to the street to the west, Zhuo River to the east, New Road, south of Cotton Street to the north, covers an area of 19.7 hectares, from Main Street, Silk Street, silver Street, Silk Street, Rong Street, and other areas at Old Streets; Second, the Planning Control - Zhuo refers to the river to the west, security Street to the east, south, north of Ho Street, New Road to the south, as well as Qian Foge, Huilong bridge, a mosque, and other ancient buildings , Covers an area of 13 hectares.

In 2001 the ancient city in Shandong province were classified as major tourism development project, the whole Estimated total investment of 201,240,000 yuan. In the "overall planning, step-by-step implementation of scientific management, and rolling development" ideas and "repair the old as the ancient" building in phases.

  Old Streets in the main area to keep the original appearance on the basis of the old shops along the street for a comprehensive maintenance and restoration of Bangladesh's former home Luo Chuan, Samick Church printing , The expansion of Kuixing Pavilion area, a new Performing Arts Plaza, Silk Museum, Folk Hall, lantern exhibition hall, exhibition halls, banks votes, and so on, and put things in order Zhuo Ring River and improve supporting facilities, with two to three years to the ancient city into an all - Province as well as the national financial well-known intellectual, ideological, and interesting, as one artistic, and sufficient Display of ancient Chinese commercial culture of high-grade, high-grade history, folk culture to visit the Holy Land.

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