Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quan He first scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the southern city of Mount source of black against the river and about 1.5 km, Castle saw large Tsui, Bibo imaging, Shanguangshuise, such as painting throughout, which is being praised as "Quan Shi Wonderland," Quan He's the first scene Area. Quan He first scenic areas, mainly on Longwan, Ha Long Bay and Quanqun Qinglongshan composition of the ancient buildings "Banmufangtang deep Bi Jian, Lee High Mountain and Flowing Water voiceless." At first from the water shortage in the mountain city of Bo, here to see water vapor Fei Wu, the current Quanbao, especially excited visitors. Quanhe area wide on the surface of the water with reflect the Qinglongshan reflected, clear-bottom, fish banks, ducks and geese play, it is refreshing. Two source -- Longwan and Ha Long Bay, the dredging has been renovated into a ten square meters deep pool, surrounded by security guards back to the stone pillars, green pool Sham, over spring, spray-thomsonae, inexhaustible year, and perennial water temperature kept at about 15 ?, suitable for tropical fish breeding Category. City, district water sector to invest in the completion of several acres of fish ponds, keeping imported from the Trout. River silver-gray building new ones, restaurants and rainbow trout. People make a sightseeing tour, this taste of seafood, do not have some fun. ?? from Ha Long Bay and along the mountain road circling, a group of ancient buildings can be seen mounted on the cliffs, in the shade under flowers trees. The first is an old people Prayer weather, Wugufengdeng Temple of the Dragon. East television and then climb to the Mountain Gate - an Danyan three brick arches, the width of 6 meters high, stands the air, the letter "voiceless forever." Into the decorated archway, in the face of the larger buildings are temples - three palaces. According to Shek Pik through Dian Qian Long monument records, the 12-year Hall of the Department of Wanli Ming Xiu , Has more than 400 years ago. "Long monument through" relief Shilong, smooth as a mirror. The first local folk: "before a river Qinglongshan both mandarin duck and geese, seen through the rise of long monument, a Waterloo to see the sun." Stone legend who can touch Fengxionghuaji. Xi Ying sunset, the end of the monument to see as high a trace of the Hill Three bypass the palace, stone through the hole, came to this group of ancient buildings - a pavilion. The 1.40-ting eight columns, cornices mid-air, the mountain top. On the pillars engraved with "Yantian no heat, there Qingye Stephen was" linked poetry. Tang Ting view, criss-cross paths countryside, vividly, black Flows, panoramic view. From the pavilion Pan, is a mountain cliff near the two-tier mezzanine, the top White House is, the bottom one is the arch-Dragon, the wide outside in a narrow, winding deep, craggy rocks. The eastern side of the White House, is also a two-tier architecture, cornices cylinder, for the Hall of Guanyin, under the Housing for the Road, which is also opening the mountain pass. This group of ancient buildings in accordance with force structure , Cuolayouzhi, compact layout. These landscape and construction Quan He is in the vicinity of the masses to raise funds to repair and maintain the basic architecture of the Ming and Qing style.

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