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Liao City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Strange Stories is the city of Zichuan to invest in the construction of Chuang Po. For the garden is in the form of performance to the theme of the story Liao group of 000 large landscaped area, which is located in Zichuan District of Zibo City, Hongshan Town, Chuang Po. Here is the world's short story King's native place Pu, a national AAAA class tourism area, Shandong Province, the five major tourism King One.

  Wong Po after the man-made to adapt to the requirements of the development of the tourism market has set up a Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Zibo Liao. They carry forward the cultural Po, Liao continued to increase cultural tourism resource development, and has formed Liu Quan, Liao palace, Hu Xian garden, rock garden hidden, full Temple, FOLK cafes, tourist attractions such as cemeteries, so that Liao City take shape.

Liao tourist attractions within the city's memorial Pu, a more comprehensive manner to retain the original appearance of Pu was living. House for the typical rural areas in the north courtyard, Guo wrote the "former residence of Pu" He Menbian, House door hoisted. Wong Po Hospital there was a book Strange Stories, the exhibit on the life of Po Wong, Wong Po aragonite very beloved Hall of the poet and scholar of contemporary calligraphy and painting exhibition hall.


  Liu Quan, also known as "well above", Wong Po was set up for tea and the folk songs. There is legislation written by Shen Yanbing, "Liu "Stone. Green stone on the I-chuen, overflowing spring, so that visitors away. Pu In addition to the" Strange Tales ", but also on the creative works FOLK 1000, FOLK FOLK cafes to watch the concert is good Place. Tea tourist stop, listen to a few paragraphs on FOLK, of course, a rare treat. Huxian Park to the story Liao Construction of the main design, set up on the life and works of Pu Pu laying open his museum, celebrities such as calligraphy and painting exhibition room.


  Stone Park was formerly the Pichia Hidden Garden, completed the setting up of Pugong House for 30 years and wrote a lot of information on the hidden garden of stone Jiapian poetry. Many rocks in the park, tree-lined. Park moved to the Po Wong , The reproduction of the pen-Yun Pu Gong tongue farming life experiences.


  Well over Temple for the reconstruction of the temple to Double-arch gate of St. Paul Rusi to the Mountain Gate, with King Hall, Main Hall, Temple III, the Clock Tower building, and so on. Liao palace location may Qionglouhengkong, Avon Castle, such as the palace in the sky. The use of intrauterine colorful, Stunt video, lighting and so on vocal performance of the means of art to reproduce the works of God Po Wong demon fox ghost of the image of the arts.

  Liao walk through the city, will Paoque all worried about trouble, trouble clearing the city of noise, the eyes and ears for a new one, your view, a profound understanding of people described by literary giant Pugong described demon god Fox World.

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