Tuesday, January 6, 2009

XIONGERSHAN National Geopark - Chinese tourism scenic spots

XIONGERSHAN 483 meters above sea level, was east-west, stretching 6 km East-West, North and South 2 km wide. Recline in North Town. Is a typical hilly from afar, XIONGERSHAN like a big white bear, the end of the first East to West, a recline; peak as an open ear bear, named XIONGERSHAN.

Li Bear ear to the foot of the mountain view, in the mountains, the peak of a process, protect the mountains, pines Bai Yu, Gushan cloud around the stone, magnificent, magnificent. From the foot of the mountain top looking down, the public water network pay, BUZZ spring water, green Yamahana, shaking light sticks language, a Xiuse show. XIONGERSHAN area was divided into 3: Group cave scenic areas, Huanglong scenic hole, double - Great Rift Valley area.

Yixian Tian Yong. XIONGERSHAN near the top of a large-scale crack-Zhang, the risk is very long, local residents referred to as "the Great Rift Valley Ssangyong," but the popular call for "Yixian Tian Yong" or "XIONGERSHAN Yi Xiantian "; XIONGERSHAN's to Ssangyong has Yixian Tian 4 characteristics:

1. Ssangyong is the Yixian Tian Tan-Lu fault of the product. Tan at (Tancheng, located southeast of the city of Zaozhuang, a city of Linyi in Shandong Province jurisdiction) House (Lujiang, located in Anhui's Chaohu Lake area) in the vicinity of major fault zone, the Tan-Lu is the fault of the product. So that the movement of rock fracture occurred Zhang of crack This is XIONGERSHAN Yixian Tian geological formation of the reasons, there is a strong scientific.

2. Yixian Tian Yong-scale rarely seen. 1,000 meters long 2-5 meters wide, about 20-40 meters high on both sides. Fujian Wing of the Yixian Tian Tao Dong, Yi Xiantian is a well-known, although high Wide better than XIONGERSHAN, but far less than the length of XIONGERSHAN. The length of a long, the sexual thriller on the increase, to the irritation of the visitors to raise a lot of times.

3. Ssangyong Yixian Tian volatile ups and downs. China's many scenic spots and places as Xiongershan Yixian Tian Yi Xiantian such volatile ups and downs , Is open 500 meters, the author has spent half an hour before study end. The main variable is that it twists and turns, Zhetianbiri from time to time, sometimes suddenly, sometimes dramatic changes suddenly, as if Street Promenade days.

4. Ssangyong XIONGERSHAN Yixian Tian Liang Bi-rich limestone modeling more As lively as possible.

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