Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pu's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pu's former home in Zichuan District of Zibo City, Shandong Hongshan Town, Chuang Po, in 1938 the Japanese army were burned, people's government in 1954 to repair. In 1958 the Government set up a regulatory body, "Pu House Management Committee" to carry out proper protection. "Great Cultural Revolution" period, the former residence once occupied, but Not missing a serious matter. In 1973 was re-House, published in 1977 as a provincial-level key protection units in 1980 to build the memorial Pu, former residence, Liu Quan, the cemetery had Xiurong, expansion, acquisition of houses, a converted version of the book, painting Tiyong Galleries, library, reception room, Public rooms, creation of the southern gate, so that the former residence of the management better. Now, the former residence has become a study of Po's shape and position of the famous tourist spot. ?? today's former residence, is a tranquil courtyard. Several former residence is in front of Guhuai, shade light shade. Guo wrote in 1962's "Pusong Former Residence "He Menbian, hanging on the door of former residence. Break through the North door hatchback is one of the courtyard. 3 main building of which, what the rooms 2, 1954 for the construction. On both sides of the main building of Sabina, pomegranate, As well as rooms in front of the winter jasmine, red 100 days, and so on, were planted by people, the hospital is also the former residence of Taihu Dan After more complex. House for the main building with masonry, adobe houses and the general structure of the wood lattice windows, the room's hand-written Dahuang way, "Strange Stories," reads the door hanging Ying, Pu plaque hanging under the 74-year-old Jiangnan time scales for the well-known painter Zhu Xiang His portrait painting, Guo is a hand-written on both sides of the couplets, the room also displays Duan Yan had used a side in complete family book used a bed, a Shoulu; also on display with Pu is directly related to the well-off Ran Tong important, Lingbi stone, three stone, the stone Waming A In addition, the room tables and chairs, a few, planes, and the cabinet wood stoves are Pu Ying has been setting up more than 30 years to complete resurfacing of the West Old. ?? House East HS, Mao low canopy of small, simple and narrow, and in recent years for rehabilitation. Dongbei Yu's hospital, there's a gap, the author Pu and connected with them at the 3 tablets. Chuang Po, there are well-known Liu Quan and cemeteries. Chuang Po Liu Quan outside the east gate of the "full well "At the end. I Stephen Green on the stone, about 0.6 meters square, next to the Li-Shen Yanbing book," Liu Quan monument. "Liu Quan Quan is an underground wells, the legend he had set up the tea guests, collect material creation. ?? in the cemetery Chuang Po-dong, 40 meters long, 38 meters wide, with Cooper 37. Pu and his father, Sun's tomb were buried here. In 1980, ethnic Puzhang Pushi beginning of the tombstone in the cemetery also keep shifting. ?? In addition, the House also has a collection of contemporary celebrity Pu Ti Yong and former residence of calligraphy, for a total of more than 200 pieces, in which Guo's "ghost written banshee superior writing, barbed thorn greedy child-third of Such is Life" and Pu Goods made a more accurate assessment.

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