Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Zhao Zhixin Memorial Hall (as a result of Park) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhao Zhixin Memorial Hall (as a result of Park), located in Zibo City Center Boshan District Road East in the first, after the Lok Bridge, adjacent to Fan Gongci, is a city-level key cultural unit. Zhao Zhixin, stretching the word Fu, No. Akitani, the late Shan-yee, the elderly, was born in the first year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1662 AD) and died nine years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1774 AD ), Zibo City, Shandong Province, Mount person. He is a famous Qing Dynasty poet of realism, poetics, calligrapher. 14-year-old Chinese scholar, in the 17-year-old Juren, 18-year-old in the examination, the right successor Spring Square and Zanshan right to review the Academy. 28-year-old for "Chang Sheng Dian," which was cut level. Since then, 50 years roaming the North and the South, wrote Many reflect the reality of the outstanding poems, leaving the "Shan-yee collection", "Shan-yee Collected Works", "On Long", "tone spectrum." Villa Park because of a back seat in their twilight years. Park as a result, only 24 years of Emperor Kangxi Dynasty (1685 AD), Zhao Zhixin Zhao's grandfather built the United States, containing more than 300 so far, the calendar Vicissitudes of life, Wu Yu collapsed. In 1994, Boshan District People's Government to invest 700 million yuan, according to historical records as a result of the reconstruction Park, and to organize and establish Zhao Zhixin Memorial Hall to commemorate the highly successful in the Qing Dynasty famous poet of realism. Zhao Zhixin Memorial Hall (as a result of Park), covers an area of 15,640 square meters, Building area of 3970 square meters, green area of 6940 square meters, the surface area of 3540 square meters. Its major buildings are: former residence of Zhao Zhixin, together about the deep, green Jingxuan, the empty floor of the rudder, autumn visit to Taiwan, Tse Ting Quan, smiled West Pavilion, the title of the Moon Gallery pavilion more than 10 pavilions and so on, and another stone Cliff, Yingbi stone, leave Ponds, streams Diepu attractions, and aragonite bonsai, the ancient and modern pottery sulfur, celebrity calligraphy and painting, Zhao Zhixin, such as exhibition on the life and academic achievement. Back here in accordance with Jingshan, under the provisional Akitani, overlapping rock, spring water around the house. Gaan Peach Blossom Spring Day, the red stream flow; Nongyin day summer heat, shaking green willow; autumn day Songtao Yinger, autumn Fragrance; Zhudanninghan winter day, Teng spring fog. Here, "both the natural landscape of Fun, who spent folder Xiuzhu, Meng Qing possession of good fruit, and Jin Lin Fu Lin Tiniao more."

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