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Man Mo Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hollywood Road, Hong Kong is the most historical temples, created history can be traced back to the early history of Hong Kong. Wu Di and the temple dedicated to Guan Di, possession of the temple is 27 light years of a bronze bell is evidence of the temple, according to this 150-year history. It is said that years of the Qing Dynasty, began cutting off the head and yellow, such as burning ceremony to present However, to be recognized by the Hong Kong Government. Cimiao despite repeated construction, the old general still has a large incense. Transport: Central Des Voeux Road Central, The Landmark by the former 26 bus line, the second in the Hollywood Road Station, within walking distance

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Hong Kong Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cotton Tree Drive, located near Admiralty MTR Station. This park has simulated tropical rain forest environment Aviary, keeping the more than 150 kinds of birds. Park has 200 m long wooden bridge, and high-crown, wide meandering park, visitors can enjoy a stroll. Rich water features and characteristics of a terraced garden, for impromptu performances Square Garden and the sculpture, pottery Center drawing board and give visitors a fresh experience. Traffic: Admiralty MTR Station F exported to Pacific Place, along with signs go shopping, take the escalator on the second floor. Admission: Free opening hours :7:00-23: 00

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Museum of Tea Ware - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At the Cotton Tree Drive, built in 1846, was Victoria Barracks Flagstaff House. At that time, the commander of British Forces, Major-General D'Aguilar first of all to live. In 1981, becoming the specialized sections of the exhibition and collection of the Museum of Tea Ware. But also by the construction of the official residence, at the end of 1983 and are open to the public. Museum There are nine exhibition rooms, the furnishings were the Ming and Qing and early Republican period Yixing tea set made treasures and tea sets, introduced the production process. Chinese antique tea set in the exhibition here. Visitors to watch in ceramic tea set apart by the way can also buy some of the finest tea. Traffic: Admiralty MTR Station Road, Pacific Place export F Along with the signs go shopping, take the escalator on the two-up. Tickets: Free to remind: the museum is closed every Tuesday

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Victoria Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Victoria Park is located in Gloucester Road, opposite the entrance to the Park Lane Hotel, Hong Kong's largest park, was built in 1955, mainly to sports venues, swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer and other sports venues. Park at the entrance there is a bronze statue of Queen Victoria.

Every morning we can see very Hong Kong people in this morning exercises every Sunday at noon, the park held some characteristics of the current debate ? ? Urban Forum. This assembly is similar to London's Hyde Park, the public can debate with the speakers, the course will be broadcast live on television.

  Victoria Park during the annual Lantern Festival Hong Kong's largest market Lantern, this is the best place to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Aberdeen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aberdeen Bay is a fishing village more than a century ago, Hong Kong is also the first place, there are still hundreds of boatman to live here, retains the characteristics of traditional fishing village. Here, you can ride a sampan tour Harbor, each charge of about HK 50-70, if the number can be more bargaining power. In a boat off the , You can get as many of the beautiful scenery, the fishing port has a strong color, parked in the Gulf within a wide range of fishing vessels, the Sea Food supply of food, the old Chinese junk. Many visitors also made a special trip to the taste of seafood. Transport: take the subway to Central Station A exports Exchange Square, and then to the general bus 7 Road, or take bus 70, also from the Lamma Island in Hong Kong by boat to the Bay.

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Hong Kong Ocean Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deep Water Bay on Hong Kong Island between the Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long in the mountains, an area of 150 acres. Highland Park is divided into two parts with the low-lying, low-lying parts known as the "Park Wong Chuk Hang," Ocean Park is the entrance to the main entrance; part of the high ground known as "Nam Long Shan Park", located in the south of Nam Long Shan, the high and low Providing hanging in the air For use by tourists. As early as 1955 that the proposed construction of the park, the authorities initially agreed to allocate 30 acres, the Jockey Club and the Hong Kong dollar investments 78,000,000, after the allocation of land to 150 acres, the Hong Kong dollar investment to 150,000,000. Initially only intended to build a "Marine Aquarium", only to be re-construction For a marine park and in January 10, 1977 completion of the formal opening.

Ocean Park Nam Long Shan Heights has three major venues, namely the marine animal performances Museum, Museum Haitao, the Atoll Reef. Marine Animal Museum show has a huge pool, Ikegami has a capacity of more than 3,500 spectators stands Here's performing animals, there are specially trained sea lions, dolphins and whales to kill, and so on, their performances have often been Huanshengleidong audience, and clapped their hands in applause. Hai-Tao House with rock-like artificial hills and coastal water, electric switch on a wave machine, rolling wave, fluctuating up to one meter high, where there is a At the end of the glass room to watch through the glass to watch the underwater marine animals roaming in the various Timmia. Atoll Reef in two parts, namely, light lake lakes and deep, there are more than 300 kinds of fish a total of 30,000 fish living in the lake, sharks, devil fish, grouper, and so on more than help them. Lake 3 weeks have thick layer of the glass wall, visitors In the bottom of the glass wall outside to watch the activities of the fish taste.

Ocean Park is an important indicator of the aerial ropeway (cable car), the total length of 1.4 km, it will foot of the mountain and lowland Nam Long Shan Heights linked to the high altitude of 200 meters walk, 6 minutes way along the road, visitors can view high in Deep Water Bay And shallow Bay Park and low-lying landscape. Here there are 250 cable car, each 6-seat, 5,000 passengers per hour. In recent years, in order to attract more visitors, the park constantly add new facilities, including a variety of video games, such as the Ferris wheel and roller coaster, and so on, but also to open up - a large-scale water park. Tour highlights: Ocean Park to play, can not ride a cable car, Mid-levels overlooking the ocean's beauty. Other attractions not to be missed: the Atoll Reef, Ocean Theater, Museum Haitao, Shark Aquarium, crazy roller coaster Elevator climbers, the Pacific Coast, Ocean Park Tower, the ultra-theater movement, the paradise of birds, Butterfly house, the dinosaur trail, children of the Kingdom, the journey speed, the oldest in the world-adventure fans and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat.

And the cable car lift: Ocean Park is divided into two parts: high and low. Both connect to a cable car, a total of 252 cable car, a one-way per hour to pick up 4,000 people. The entire cable car 1.5 km-long journey, to sit through the whole journey takes about 8 minutes. In the cable car, visitors can view from the air Deep Water Bay and Aberdeen, most out pleasant scenery. In addition to travel by cable car, another way to the high ground from a tree at the entrance to Bay, take the second-longest in the world covered the escalators into the high ground. The long-2 5 meters of climbing elevators, and can carry 4,000 people per hour in 30-degree slope up and down, I believe that in addition to Wei Gao's disease, take the escalator is also an interesting and stimulating programs.

Ocean World: most of the marine life in the exhibition are high, the Atoll Reef Marine Park is one of the most Visitors welcome. HK cost 65,000,000 yuan renovation work, the new Aquarium of the Pacific to the Indian Ocean coral reef environment for the new theme. Atoll Reef is not only more than 4000 belong to 400 species of fish, is the world's largest of its kind in one. Atoll Reef at the same time be able to accommodate Up to 600 tourists visited the approach, visitors can be divided into four of the Atoll Reef, through the glass from different angles to appreciate the beauty of a variety of fish posture.

Pacific Coast: Ocean Park's new Pacific coast of California, modeled on the natural environment, keeping the coast of California sea lions and seals, and write another "Sea World's unique process of" tourists unprecedented interactive fun.

Marine Theater: Theater ocean marine mammals is a good place to test their abilities. In the theater with a seating capacity of 3,500 per day for the visitors a few exquisite, interesting and lovely performances of dolphins and sea lions. Shark: In the Heights, the construction of the Hong Kong dollar spent 40,000,000 Shark feeding nearly 70 sharks, a total of about 35 species, including Xiequ form, known as "Fei Zi" brown shark care. There is a long 11.5 meters of fiber transparent viewing tunnel, which the tourists stay, as if in deep sea, and travel around the The Sharks also like reach.

Amusement: crazy roller coaster is located on high ground, to stimulate an extremely fun, but also the world's longest and fastest roller coaster. In addition, other mobile games such as the Flying Swing, the Ferris Wheel and the Eagle Fan Tian, and so on are also very good, like it can not stimulate the tourists miss. Scenic view - Ocean Park Tower: In addition to the dynamic of the game, like viewing the visitors will be able to 30,000,000 yuan into Hong Kong dollars to the construction of the Ocean Park Tower, 72 meters away from the land around the bird's eye view of the tower. Ocean Park Tower in 1992, built on high ground, the whole tower with air-conditioning, is the highest in the Southeast conception Tower. Park Tower at the top level, visitors from 360 degrees, there is no barrier to look Aberdeen, the Peak, the island of Lantau, Lamma and Cheung Chau's charming scenery.

Paradise of birds: birds home is located in Tai Shue Wan, is the world's largest home one of the birds. Home birds, there are only more than 2,000 A 200 species of birds fly arbitrary, visitors can also here without any interval with Lin's move. Habitat also has birds parrot garden, birds Theater, Flamingo pool and artificial lakes.

Green garden: Super Cinema City covers an area of 900 square meters of the theater with a total of 100 seats, with seat-oil 5 meters high on the screen swings up and down the screen, along with vivid images and high fidelity sound effects, which the tourists stay, there will be unlimited to stimulate the "super-dynamic feel."

Butterfly house: in the low-lying green garden. Butterfly House is a cocoon-shaped glass greenhouse, and the temperature inside the optimum environment Butterfly life. Butterfly house has more than 25 species of butterflies, more than thousands.

In the dinosaur trail, making a dinosaur model 17. Visitors can follow the footprints of dinosaurs, stepping slowly to the original era of the dinosaurs back to the law of the jungle in the world: a look at dinosaurs hatch from the Health, has grown to adulthood Health Circumstances. In the green garden, ancient-adventure fans will take you back to the ancient ruins of the rain forest. In the course met all the wild animals and plants are all in-kind original, vivid, and high-altitude diving performances, you can set refreshing.

Kids: wide area of 3.5 acres of the "child of the Kingdom of In the summer of 1993 opening for the whole family (especially children) not only provides a novel and interesting thing. Children in the Kingdom, there are tourist trains, "Happy Little Theater," "happy sea lions stand" performances, remote control cars and remote-controlled boat, there are technical of the game "the game happy city", and "school of dolphins" Style.

"Amazing Journey" downhill machine: "The Amazing Journey" downhill plane to provide passengers with first vertical rise slowly, in 20-25 seconds of up to 60 meters high tower, and then stay in the air a few seconds, followed by Speed dropped to 40 miles on the ground, the whole downhill about 30-40 seconds, very dangerous.

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Repulse Bay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Repulse Bay in Hong Kong is still the highest residential area, located in southern Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong is the most representative of the beautiful bay, but also Hong Kong's most popular and most convenient transport the most representative of the beach, visitors will be to the Well-known scenic spot. Repulse Bay Beach long, wide beach bed, sand and clear-young, wave-wave static. Sand China's Zhenhai Lou classic colors in the park have Niangniang days, the Merciful Guanyin statue, there are long scenic spots Bridge. The waterfront dining is to enjoy red Xi Chen, Tao Sheng good place to shore.
Repulse Bay's beautiful scenery, making it Hong Kong's well-known high-level one of the residential areas, including Hong Kong Li Ka-shing companies, Pao Yue Kong's luxury private residence.

  Repulse Bay Beach long, wide beach bed, sand and clear-young, wave-wave static. Beach area with changing rooms and shower facilities, and more in the summer lifeguards on duty. Beach is also next to the fast-food restaurants, supermarkets and restaurants, the famous Repulse Bay Hotel site has become a In shopping malls - Shadow Bay Park, there are high-level shops and restaurants. On the beach has a classical Chinese color of the Zhenhai Lou Park, with a dozen plastic-meter-high days and Merciful God Guanyin statue, next to the scenic spots there are bridges and longevity. There are in the vicinity of Deep Water Bay, Middle Bay and South Bay, the resort are welcome to join.

If you tired to play on the beach, next to the fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, restaurants and dining, shopping, once a well-known Repulse Bay Hotel has now become a shadow of the Bay Park Shopping Center. In the vicinity of Deep Water Bay, Middle Bay and South Bay, the resort are welcome to join.

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Beijing to stay private eco-farms - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To remain private eco-farm located in the southern suburbs of east Beijing's Daxing County, the land area of 2120 mu, 1,650 mu of arable land, the village is located in the Yongding River Alluvial Plain region, for the Quaternary cover areas of the south Feng River, North River to Hong Kong in accordance with feng , The low-lying, rich in underground water sources, the annual groundwater level about 1.5 meters 5 meters of drought years, but the resumption of faster, more convenient ground water. Soil organic matter content of about 1.7 percent, soil (from north to south) for the tide of sand to two parts soil, two parts of salt in the soil, Paul fertilizers ability, the climate is warm temperate sub-humid monsoon climate, the winter monsoon control of the mainland belong to the Northwest in summer Belong Southern coastal impact of the monsoon is characterized by hot and wet summer, cold and dry winter, less wind and more rain in the spring and autumn days Qishuang high, the four seasons. But the long summer and winter, spring and autumn short, light enough, the average annual sunshine duration for 2771.32N, the average temperature of 11 to remain non-ecological farms in rural areas in the suburbs of Beijing is the first into tons Village co-billion ranks of the rural village of one. Now the remaining non-ecological farms have been formed by methane as the center of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fisheries ecosystems. In order to promote a gas-centric, "Sweet green tourism" to accelerate development. Daxing district in the Inland Revenue Department through the local administration according to law, to take on-line declaration, the tax law to carry out propaganda Activities, the organization Banshui staff will be networking and other services in the form of taxes, give full play to the attention of the tax-conditioning work for economic development leverage for the Daxing district, "Sweet green tourism" development of a strong push into the agent. Daxing District to cultivate the Inland Revenue Department, with support Daxing advantage of the characteristics, "Sweet green tourism" and "Green Travel "the brand of intangible assets increased to effectively lead the Daxing tourism and related industries to speed up the development of style to create the" Golden Tax. "

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Beijing palace tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Geothermal World Exposition Garden Palace is located in Fengtai District, Wang palace in the town village, an area of 800 mu. The main attractions include: geothermal science exhibition center, spa special aquaculture, fishing hot springs spa center and pick cultivation base. Next Court Palace plans to use the beautiful natural environment, building geothermal ore treatment center. Palace and the village of Beijing Academy of Geological Engineering Investigation cooperation, in October 2000 successfully developed high-quality geothermal hot water. Hot Springs 2980 m depth, born 2700 tons of water, the water temperature of 72 ?, the human body is rich in a variety of useful minerals and trace elements. Professionals are hired for the Exposition Garden Well-designed using computer control and management of geothermal hot spring water, "a development, use of the echelon." First of all, high-temperature water for heating in winter, purified water used in hotels, entertainment city, hot spring water in the world and the villagers family fitness and sports, swimming and bathing, low-temperature water and then processed for special aquaculture and Fishing, the last of the cold water for agricultural irrigation of the park. By the State Department and the Department of Geology and Mineral Resources of geothermal specialists in the field to identify the "palace geothermal utilization has reached the world advanced level," palace also known as "China fever in the first village."

  Geothermal science exhibition center construction area of 300 m2, a layer of the workshop is to deal with hot water and green agricultural supermarket, two-story full advantage of modern sound, light, electricity and domestic technology around the world in low-temperature geothermal application of the display, oriented to primary and secondary school students and the general public popularity of geothermal knowledge ; At the same time, two-story visitors also set up a set break, video, medical Integrated communications functions of the visitor center.

Aquaculture Centers in Hot Springs special floor area 5000m2, a total of four indoor and two outdoor hot spring culture workshop was mainly carried out, special, superior, aquatic products and new tropical ornamental fish breeding and seed breeding adults.

Wen Fishing Center area 12000m2, a five ordinary fishing pond, two high-end fishing pond at the same time with domestic touch of rare fish and the fish pond of a fork, and for children with a goldfish pond fishing; VIP Lounge and The establishment lounges general, on the second floor, as well as catering services are greatly facilitate Angling customers and tourists.

Hot pick cultivation base covers an area of 350 acres, mainly for special planting flowers and vegetables and a variety of seasonal fruit picking, the garden is full of rich flavor; and 20,000 square meters of greenhouse to build smart, rich base for the overall function.

Plan The geothermal mineral-based treatment center, will be widely used at home and abroad geothermal hot spring a new form of fitness, new ways to carry out fitness spa, spa treatment and mineral hot springs, and so on medication variety of sports and recreational projects.


Taking an overall view of Exposition Garden, both participatory and entertainment attractions, and music-program-controlled fountain, large-scale On behalf of the sculptures, colorful lighting in one spot to watch; coupled with the beautiful background music, like a fairyland again.

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Long Fusi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Fusi located in the North East Fourth Street West, was built in the Ming Dynasty Jingtai three years (1425) and Qing Emperor Yongzheng nine-year renovation. Long Fusi in the capital in the Ming Dynasty is the only fan (Lama), meditation (monk) in the same temple, become a full Lama Miao Qing Dynasty.
Long Fusi court was one of the House of incense, becoming the capital Of the big temple. As a result located in the East, and the relative Hu Guosi, commonly known as "Temple of the East." Qing Dynasty, the old calendar month on every one, two, nine, ten to open the temple, the solar calendar in 1930 to switch to one, two, nine, ten open the temple. Every temple, the critical flow of people, living near the Palace of the aristocracy, Dongjiaominxiang embassy district of foreigners, poor city And peri-urban farmers are driven to the temple. Here you can buy a wide variety of native products, you can eat a variety of local Beijing-style snacks, you can see the Beijing opera non-governmental. "Bamboo Beijing," said the temple was the peak "day be able to eliminate millions of money."

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