Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aberdeen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aberdeen Bay is a fishing village more than a century ago, Hong Kong is also the first place, there are still hundreds of boatman to live here, retains the characteristics of traditional fishing village. Here, you can ride a sampan tour Harbor, each charge of about HK 50-70, if the number can be more bargaining power. In a boat off the , You can get as many of the beautiful scenery, the fishing port has a strong color, parked in the Gulf within a wide range of fishing vessels, the Sea Food supply of food, the old Chinese junk. Many visitors also made a special trip to the taste of seafood. Transport: take the subway to Central Station A exports Exchange Square, and then to the general bus 7 Road, or take bus 70, also from the Lamma Island in Hong Kong by boat to the Bay.

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