Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long Fusi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Fusi located in the North East Fourth Street West, was built in the Ming Dynasty Jingtai three years (1425) and Qing Emperor Yongzheng nine-year renovation. Long Fusi in the capital in the Ming Dynasty is the only fan (Lama), meditation (monk) in the same temple, become a full Lama Miao Qing Dynasty.
Long Fusi court was one of the House of incense, becoming the capital Of the big temple. As a result located in the East, and the relative Hu Guosi, commonly known as "Temple of the East." Qing Dynasty, the old calendar month on every one, two, nine, ten to open the temple, the solar calendar in 1930 to switch to one, two, nine, ten open the temple. Every temple, the critical flow of people, living near the Palace of the aristocracy, Dongjiaominxiang embassy district of foreigners, poor city And peri-urban farmers are driven to the temple. Here you can buy a wide variety of native products, you can eat a variety of local Beijing-style snacks, you can see the Beijing opera non-governmental. "Bamboo Beijing," said the temple was the peak "day be able to eliminate millions of money."

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