Thursday, February 26, 2009

Museum of Tea Ware - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At the Cotton Tree Drive, built in 1846, was Victoria Barracks Flagstaff House. At that time, the commander of British Forces, Major-General D'Aguilar first of all to live. In 1981, becoming the specialized sections of the exhibition and collection of the Museum of Tea Ware. But also by the construction of the official residence, at the end of 1983 and are open to the public. Museum There are nine exhibition rooms, the furnishings were the Ming and Qing and early Republican period Yixing tea set made treasures and tea sets, introduced the production process. Chinese antique tea set in the exhibition here. Visitors to watch in ceramic tea set apart by the way can also buy some of the finest tea. Traffic: Admiralty MTR Station Road, Pacific Place export F Along with the signs go shopping, take the escalator on the two-up. Tickets: Free to remind: the museum is closed every Tuesday

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