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Yin Hudong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yin Hudong 70 km away from Beijing, a large group of cave, discovered in the world as a result of a rare cave in the shape of a large white fox named after calcite crystals. Travel here for the wedding day of the annual April-May 9-Oct. Yin Hudong holes over 5000 meters long, has now developed nearly 3,000 meters. One Dong, dong branch, the water tunnel, criss-crossing dry hole. Yin Hudong have two characteristics: First, North China's largest group of karst caves, holes can be seen everywhere at home and abroad in caves rare chrysanthemum stone, crystal flower, pearl stone, stone landscape, such as grapes, and dozens of other wonders of the Mass Transit Department. Wow most of that is nearly two meters long, like Fox Oxytropis Large calcite crystals, the visible body covered with white plush acupuncture, ice and snow like jade carving, cave in the world for the first time found that most Chinese treasures. Second, in the bottom Yinhu Dong, an in-depth 106 meters on the ground floor of the North China the only underground river. Clear the river bottom, identified as state-level high-quality natural mineral water Water flow through the magnetite magnetic bed for natural water, with obvious anti-inflammatory cells to enhance the vitality and sterilization of biological activity of the functions of a wide range of diseases with the magic of the role of health care. Yin Hudong 2 kilometers away from the Black Dragon Kwan water park, the scenic river dam the river, beaches, jungles, natural component of the leisure cottage music . Visitors can boating, swimming, fishing, and so on. Dining here, the snack bar can be found everywhere, the taste characteristics of wild food. Accommodation, the rest to the farmers can really understand what's simple and hard-working mountain people. Admission: 40 yuan (15 yuan tickets, tickets are 25 yuan) Transportation: 326-orchard , 917 road bridges have a train terminus.

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Yu mattress million mu of forest park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu is located in Daxing County near the mattress. Cong to a variety of trees in the park-like collection in the form of plant, is not ranked, non-array, reflects the pure beauty of nature, is in the eastern forest leaves. National Park has a wildlife breeding base in China's breeding a number of unique golden monkey, gibbon, python, tiger, leopard, and other endangered Objects. Tickets: 20 yuan traffic: Xian Nongtan by 943 East Lake Road to the village next.

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Pestle mortar valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Mortar pestle natural scenic valley" in the Ming Tombs, about 4 kilometers to the northwest. In the rough winds of 3 km inside the gully, around the plants, rocks Perfect Mount, a strong distribution of the Wild, mortar pestle rocks on both sides of the valley stand like a wall, a water flow and, therefore, Beijing North "Three Gorges". Wedding day trips 4 - on 10. Landscape At the "Welcome Music" and "high stratosphere Gap", "Kim Gap Sheng Jing" and "Valley of the Longtan" 4-part, to watch more than 50 points. From the scenic South Gate, 3,000 meters long in the valley clear sound of flowing water sounds, water hit with stones, such as strings struck greet visitors, go a long way "echo around the Valley three days" wonderful, high-Gap It is ecstatic. Kim Gap Shengjing the most attractive landscape in the region, when a narrow canyon when the wide, wide Cheongdam Pianpian Department, the water flow slowly; Department Podou narrow stream urgency, towering cliffs, and worthy of the Three Gorges match. Longtan travel to Valley, Tan Bian in the smooth rocks on sat on the floor, Song Zhi peaks, exotic plants and flowers do in the video Cheongdam in the mirror. Saying: "sitting on the banks of the Longtan, the public face of the mountain, and want to know interest here, all of the Longtan." You can rest if the farmers living room, eating rice farmers. Standard room and board about 40 yuan per person per day. Traffic: Changping by direct mortar pestle valley of the small end of the 5 way to get off that. Tickets: 20 Students 10 yuan.

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Hu Yu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hu Yu natural scenic area 40 km away from Beijing, is located in Changping county seat 12 kilometers north-west, covering an area of 90 square kilometers, the highest peak 1060 meters. You Shui Sau Valley area, Dong Jing deep, pleasant seasons, the ancient Yanjing, one of the Eight, "Hu Yu Jin-hui," landscape. There are around Ming Ming Tombs, the groove scenic cliffs, old miniature Beijing Park, and other attractions. Scenic mountains above Lake Hu Yu Red House Resort, the resort can accommodate 200 people stay at the same time, there are natural beach and restaurant, barbecue, evening bonfire and other tourism projects. Cents per cent of the original World of God inside of the four scenic areas including: the dinosaur era, the primeval forest area, pythons area, and On behalf of the ape-man zone. Dinosaur era reproduction of the world's image of the dinosaur extinction has been, feeding the plant-eating dinosaurs, the meat of the fighting dinosaurs, flying pterosaurs, are vivid, lifelike. Towering old trees in virgin forest in the region, rattan rock climbing, waterfalls, tigers, cheetahs, black bears, lions, animals such as gorillas and Health One. Pythons in the region in the bushes, rocks and tree pythons of different colors all over. Ancient ape-man show areas of the ancient man Zuanmuquhuo, manufacturing stone tools, hunting group, moved to a tree by land, by wearing animal skin and leaves were gradually transformed into the whole process. World raw modern sound, light, electricity and technology and life-like image Ruhuan the visitors into a dream, the magic of the original Piaomiao times. Admission: 15 yuan

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Dragon Xiaotangshan Hot Spring Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon Xiaotangshan Hot Spring Resort is located 26 km north of Andingmen, in order to be famous ancient hot springs, and the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square in Beijing with the central axis. Dragon Palace is the Hot Springs Entertainment Asia's largest indoor hot spring pool, the construction area of 14,000 square meters, can accommodate 2,000 people. There are international standards Swimming pool, diving pool or more; and 800 square meters of a leisure pool and 80 VIP room; sunshine bars, fast-food restaurant, billiards, table tennis room, disco, KTV rooms; there are high-temperature bath, a total of 9 health bath ; Men and women in the room of a medical spa with sauna, steam bath, bath, and other medical acupuncture Kin, 2, as well as health-care massage room. Resort has built 39 luxury villas, gardens like the Ming Dynasty, Beijing is the only indoor hot spring pool and the largest private garden and a beautiful environment surrounding the villa. Each villa can accommodate 20-30 people, set up an independent indoor hot spring swimming pools, karaoke O Hall, Chess Room, a small gym and conference rooms, is the best choice for holiday travel. Longquan Court is set meals, conferences, entertainment and business center into a multi-service centers, which can accommodate 300 people dining. Fishing center, race track, shooting range, mini-golf course and tennis courts, and other outdoor sports live Venue for leisure fitness friends from all walks of life. Traffic: Lishui Qiao Tai north around the island on the north side of Willow Road to the West that is. Xiaotangshan 912,984 to get off that.

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West Beijing city wall remains out side-door - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming orthodox four-year (1439), the site is here in the southwest corner of the city wall. As a result of disrepair, Qingta gradually, the "Cultural Revolution" in most of Chengzhuan were removed, leaving only the 100-meter-long remnants. 1987 Urban Cultural Heritage and the Xicheng District Government has allocated 1,500,000 yuan, the demolition of illegal buildings and temporary housing, Complex wall, to retain section 7 sites, and the repair of old buildings, transforming the environment and beautify the green into modern civilization, the ancient cultures of the Beijing Office in another landscape. Traffic: 9 Road, 44 Road, Changchun Road, 47 Street get off to that.

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Street Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There is a city southwest of Beijing Hui nationality living in the streets, by the name of Street. Street Mosque built on the east side of the middle of the street, Beijing City is the largest and oldest mosque. Street Mosque was built in 996 AD, the temple construction using traditional Chinese wooden structure, but its overall layout and small Decoration still keep the Islamic architectural features. By Simen, Moon House, House of worship, the House bunker, and Beiting shower room, etc., not large area, but the compact layout, the structure of the temple full of changes, China and the United States decorated with Buddhist temples, there are some other style. In accordance with Islamic rules, the Worship, places of worship in the West have to face Mecca, which sit Simen East west, the temple also to the west of respect for. Owing to the "Koran" to prohibit the image of animals used for decoration, the construction of the decorative patterns are Arab text and geometric patterns. Transport: Road 109,822 Street station ticket: 2 yuan Tel: 63532564 opening hours :8:00-16: 00

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Grand View Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Grand View Garden is a reproduction of classical Chinese literature masterpiece "A Dream of Red Mansions" in the "Grand View Garden" of the cultural landscape of the park. Nan Caiyuan located in the Xuanwu District (Xinan Yu moat banks of the urban area), site of the royal garden for the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Ming Dynasty set up in this, "Jia Shu Department." For the 1984 film drama "A Dream of Red Mansions", by Hong Xuejia Ancient architecture, landscape experts and experts to discuss History of the Qing Dynasty, according to the author of the book describes the use of classical Chinese architectural techniques and traditional gardening art of the construction methods. Garden of landscape architecture, Yamagata water systems, landscaping plants, decorative pieces, and so on, are trying to be faithful to the original trend of the times and details of the description, "Red Mansion "Grand View Garden for Miss Jia Fuda (the election was called the palace Princess) Yuanchun built the villa Sheng Qin, the garden held on a regular basis," Yuanfeishengqin "performance costumes. Grand View Garden with a total area of 12.5 hectares, the construction area of more than 1000 square meters 8. River opened up 24,000 square meters, 60,000 Die Dan Hill heap soil Side. The whole garden courtyard area there are 5, 3 natural scenic spots, a scenic Buddhist temple, a scenic temples, a total of more than 40 scenic spots. Two hundred years, people only from "A Dream of Red Mansions" read between the lines, look at the Grand View Garden on VideoStudio's description. Now, you can feel, freedom of access to Duochou The sense of Lin's bedroom, but also seriously explore the gem defiant to the environment. Perhaps you are "A Dream of Red Mansions" looking forward to the Grand View Garden, and perhaps you are attracted to, walk for admission, will not result in a waste of time. The main attractions: its winding streets, Qinfang Pavilion, the Jia Yi Hongyuan, the Xiaoxiang Guan Lin Po Chai Heng elements of the hospital, the Imperial Concubine Shengqin Villa, Tan Chun's cool autumn fasting, the Tao Heung Li Wan Village, as well as the Daguan Lou, Cui together Um, Di Cui Ting, purple Ling Chau, and so on. There are some spots inside the plastic wax figures, life-like image. Admission: 15 yuan, students 8 transport: Take bus route 19,59,10,351 Up.

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Jingshan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

National Palace Museum is located in the north. Beijing protection unit. For the Yuan, Ming and Qing 3 on behalf of the Regency. Beijing is located in the city center, it is located in Beijing City Wall in the north-south axis on the central point. Yuan Dynasty before the wilderness wild. In the land of golden years to build too near the palace Ning, China cutting of the West Lake (now the North Sea), Duicheng this hill. In the 13th century , The World Bank Group yuan to build most of Kublai Khan, is here in the city center for the emperor tours into the music "after the Court." Court Moreover, there are 80,000 square meters, the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty in this work in order to show the world, when the original hill, said that "the mountains." Wu Ming-hong in the early years, the doctor and Industry Yuan Xiao Xun involved in the demolition of the Palace, the King sent an open access after the Court And The Mirage, Jade Palace, spent booths, such as the Court carpets construction. Ming Yongle, Zhu Di Cheng-Zu large-scale construction of the city, palaces and gardens. According to the "Cang Long, White Tiger, Suzaku, Xuanwu, the four days of soul to the Quartet is", north of the Forbidden City is the location of basalt, when there are mountains, it will be digging cheese River and the Forbidden City is too fluid The accumulation of mud in the South China Sea, "Castle" and the formation of five peaks, become a "Hill Town" and "Long live the Hill." Yamashita had piled up as a result of coal, also known as the "Meishan." Yamashita planted fruit trees, known as the "hundred Orchard" (also known as the North orchard). Bei Yu Jian Ting in Shandong, such as Imperial Palace Museum Hall Pavilion floor for high emperor, banquets, archery Flowers. Park View of the north-east of Germany was Hall of the Ming Dynasty emperors "of the archery," Yamashita kept in groups of Cape deer, in order to live longer Yu, Chung Yeung Festival every emperor must ascend a height to this view, in order to Long live the long life. 17 Chong (1644) March 19, Li Zicheng's peasant rebel army into Beijing, Zhu thought were seized by the constriction in the death Shandong-year-old Laohuai a foot of the tree. Qingjunruguan, Zhao Xiang Ming for the official, said the tree for the crime of Cassia tree, chained locked, and that Qingshi members of the royal dismount must pass by here on foot. Tilt to the south of the original tree had been dead, after the set up. One side of the tree monument, engraved with "Ming Department were martyred." Junji 12-year-ching ( 655) will be renamed Long live the Jingshan Hill. 14 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1749) Imperial Palace life shift production to the north is Jingshan. Qing emperor abdicated, Jingshan once barren, and often the military presence. Opening to the outside world began in 1928. After 1949. To carry out a comprehensive repair and construction, into Jingshan Park. Silver has completed Park, Begonia Garden, Garden, Taoyuan, apple orchards, vineyards, Lin persimmon. Full ride south, the red walls Huangwa walls, occupies an area of 230,000 square meters. 43 m high mountain, 1015 meters circumference. Lawn in the park covers an area of 1100 square meters of flowers, there are nearly 10,000 strains of trees. The main building there are garden gate, watchtower Qi, Feng , The Imperial Palace complex life, Xingqing Court, Hall never thought that auspicious Court, Hall of view, such as Germany.

  Jingshan the main building: three doors Park (Jingshan door, Shan Zuo, doors, doors, Shanyou); worship of Confucius afford Qi; 5 Feng-ting (Miao-concept kiosks, kiosks week tour, Chunting million, access to the rich Ting, Ting-fang series); after the Jingshan Hill Imperial Palace; never thought on the eastern side of the hall and the concept of ethics and Temple Hall.


  Yuan Dynasty, where there is a small mound, known as Castle Peak, which Yuanta Inner Court. The construction of the Ming Dynasty Imperial Palace in Beijing, has been here heap of coal, also known as the Meishan so. Due to its location just in the city's central axis Imperial Palace is on the north side of a barrier, therefore, feng shui practitioners call it, "Hill in the town." Ming and Qing dynasties, when many species of fruit trees in the park, raised deer, cranes, and other animals, which have called a hundred foot of the mountain orchards, the mountain has been called Long live the Hill. Junji 12-year-ching (1655), changed its name to Jingshan. Jingshan name meaning there are three: First, the tall Meaning. "Poetry? Yan Wu, "" Peter Zhi Jingshan, pine and cypress pill pill "sentence, said that before the Shang Dynasty in 3000 of all the city has a Jingshan; Secondly, because here is the Empress were" Scenic "place; once again, admire Meaning. The park into the park in 1928.

Gate Park

Park Hill Gate Park 3. ? Jingshan door. Therefore, Beijing City Wall is located in central axis, is the park's south gate and the main entrance. The South for the North Gate National Palace Museum (Shenwu Men), the North-chi in the park to buy their own. Ride south. Glass Xieshan Ding Huang Tong Wa. Miankuo 5, into the deep 3. Danangsancai brackets, the spin-colored pattern. ? Shanzuo in the door East Gate Park, sitting east of the West. Glass Xieshan Ding Huang Tong Wa. Miankuo 3, into a deep. Danangsancai brackets, the spin-colored pattern. Shan You ? in the door. Simon Park, sitting East west. Shan Zuo and shapes in the same door.

Qi afford

Jingshan is located in the north north-south central axis. Was Emperor worship the memorial tablets of Confucius Department. Ride south. Huang Tong Wa glass Xieshan Ding, Zhong Yan Paris, Miankuo 5, into the deep 3. Aung canopies on a single three-step brackets, hanging out between the horizontal inscribed board with Man-Han instruments, "Qi afford"; under the eaves Aung single step on the five brackets, with the former Gallery, a small arch in the first Queti, spin-colored pattern. There are around the white marble stone parapets. Feng Ting

A total of 5, from east to west were wonderful view of kiosks, kiosk-week tour, Chunting million, access to rich-ting, Ting-fang series: 5 Tingzhong 5 of the original Buddha, known as Gomi God, no deposit. ? wonderful view of booths. Located on the eastern side of the mountain. 10 meters in diameter, the Blue glazed Tongwachongyan Cuanjian Ding round. On the canopy Aung seven foot brackets, under the eaves Aung single step on the five brackets, the two trough column, both inside and outside the 8. There are kiosks and the middle with one stone Xu Mizuo, 1-meter-high, 2 meters square. Its an original Tongfo, the Eight-Power Allied Forces have been stolen. ? week tour booths. East starting on the second peak. Diameter of 10.4 meters, 4 meters on each side. Green glass roof Tongwa Huang Tong Wa glass cutting edge, Zhong Yan-tip save 1.80. Aung heavy canopy on the seven foot brackets, under the eaves Aung single step on the five brackets, the two trough column, both inside and outside the 8. There are kiosks and the middle with one stone Xu Mizuo. ? million Chunting inch. Hill is located in the middle of the peak, it is the Beijing City Wall in the center of the axis and the highest point. Huang Tong Wa glass roof, green glass Tile cutting edge, 1.40-tip save, three canopies. A heavy canopy Aung seven foot brackets, two-story canopies and balconies three-step re-en-five brackets. The two tank columns, each of the outer surface 6, a total of 20; each layer 4, with a total of 12 root. Middle of the original wooden kiosks and paint a gold Buddha Pilu, with Angiopteris backlight, about 3 meters high. Lin Xu Mizuo for wood, and then the next right next to Xu Mizuo, waist, lacquer Jane Babao. Eight-Power Allied Forces destroying Buddhist statues were now only stone block. ? rich access kiosks. Built in the East Block, the fourth since the summit, the shapes of the week and reward the same booth.

  Jingshan Park, another famous scenic Chongzhen is hanging Department. Jingshan Dong Lu, the original Tilt to the east line of low-old tree, which is found hanging from Zhu Chong. The end of Ming Dynasty, Li Zicheng in the rebel army invaded in March 1644 in Beijing, Chongzhen March 19 Jingshan fled to consciously ashamed to face the heritage of ancestors in order to commit suicide belt on the concept of Miao-Ting Wai Bo under the tree on top. Shiniandongluan, the old tree was "Sijiu" cut, in 1981 at the site of a new transplant Guhuai.

Wong Shou Hall

Jingshan is located in the north of a group of construction, the main hall, around Temple Hill, East and West side hall in a palace, as well as the kitchen god, god library, Beiting, Jing Ting, and other construction subsidiary. Yuan Qiang was a square, sitting south. 4 column wood floor, 9 of St. Paul 3, sub-east, south, west on three sides are glass veranda Tongwa Dianding. Miankuo-16.2 meters, with all brackets, the middle of a decorated archway in front of the door arch-3. Dianding veranda yellow glazed tile, glass re-en-five foot brackets. Miankuo pass 20 meters, 4.2 meters deep into the pass. On both sides of each side 1 Huang Tong Wa glass veranda Dianding, single-glazed Ang Kiu single step on the five brackets. Wong Ting for the wall inside the door, yellow glass Xieshan Ding Tong Wa. Miankuo 5, into the deep 3. Re-en-five foot brackets, and Xi Dynasty. There are railings around the white marble stone, the eight time in the middle with Royal Road, Queen Gate TING on both sides of the side door there are yellow glass veranda Tongwa Top five single-Ang Kiu single step on a single Aung brackets. Wong Sau Mun around each equipped with a kiosk, Huang Tong Wa glass roof, each 6.1 meters wide, a cross-Doo 2 liters in the first cannabina brackets, under the stone fence. Wong Sau Mun things are the side hall in a palace 5, into a deep, yellow glass hanging Tongwa Peak transfer large ridge, a cross-Doo 2 liters in the first cannabina brackets, the spin - Painting. Wong Ting Shou Hall of Imperial Gate is located in the north, dedicated to Emperor Kangxi of the original "Royal God," as the Qing dynasty emperor worship statues of the premises. In years antiquities on display will be the "Royal tolerance" Shouchu. Hall of yellow glass cover Tongwazhongyan Dianding veranda, the heavy canopy Aung seven foot brackets, and Xi Dynasty. Miankuo 9, into the deep 3, with before and after , Before the platform around the barriers to the former, left and right each time 12, before the middle of a Royal Road, Erlongxizhu carving. Ming Yan Xia between hanging over Chinese "Imperial Palace life," reads wood. Yin Hing Temple, Jubilee Hall of cotton for the life of the Hall of Imperial Palace duo things are glazed yellow Tongwaxieshan transfer large ridge, Miankuo 3, into a deep, with before and after the gallery. Heavy Five step brackets, the spin-color painting, surrounded by stone barriers. Imperial Palace have their own life about a Beiting, yellow glass Tongwazhongyan Zanjian Ding 1.80, on heavy canopy Aung seven foot brackets, under the eaves Aung single step on the five brackets, surrounded by stone barriers. Wong Shou Hall of the side hall in a palace there are things 5, into a deep, yellow glass Tongwa Xieshan Ding, the band around the gallery, re - Five step brackets, and spin-colored pattern. East side hall in a palace in the south have a glass furnace Liao, are glazed yellow brick structure Fangmu. Sau Wong Tai Miao Temple modeled on the construction of all forms of strict layout, Chong Su-grand, self-contained. Queen of the West Hall of life have Xingqing Court, Huang Tong Wa green glass cutting edge Paris Zanjian Ding 1.40, 3 Miankuo, into the deep , The band around the corridors. On the ground floor for the masonry structure on the north side of the South tickets are stone gate. 1954 Hall of imperial life into the Beijing Municipal Children's Palace.

Si Yong Dian

Life at the Imperial Palace in the east, is the ancient emperor's premises after Tingling, own homes, sitting south. Never think of that before the door, Miankuo 3, Jin A, 13.8-wide, 8.1 meters deep pass into the green glass cutting edge Tongwa Xieshan Ding Huang Aung single step on the three brackets. Never think of the side hall in a palace gate things 3, hard-Hill ridge in the first hoop. Yong Dian think Miankuo 5, 3 deep into the now-free deposit. Yong Dian think what the side hall in a palace 3, the first hoop hanging Peak Ridge, a cross-Doo 2 liters in the first brackets cannabina Spin-colored pattern. Hall of the east wing think there are auspicious Court, sitting south, with the shapes of the Xingqing Court.

Hall of view of Germany

Pavilion is located on the south side of good fortune. In the middle of the wall has a door, glazed brick structure Fangmu, yellow glass Tongwa Xieshan Ding Qiao one single step on Aung five brackets, with each side of the wall to open a door. Before Dement 5, Huang Shan hard glass Tongwa transfer large ridge, a bucket 3 liters brackets, both before and after the gallery, the spin-colored pattern. Side hall in a palace of all things 3, Huang Tong Wa glass hard top, a cross-Doo 2 liters in the first cannabina brackets. 3 Houdian, hard Tongwa Hill ridge in the first hoop. Houdian the penthouse 3, Tongwa hard-top gold Hill, a former gallery, the spin-colored pattern. For the Children's Library.

  Jingshan In addition to the many scenic spots and historical sites, or here in the capital's largest peony garden view, the formation of a unique landscape of the season, the entire park in May each year 200 of the 20,000 varieties of peony in full bloom each other, a magnificent view. Jingshan of its peony flowers, Se Yan, plant height, Core Pacific crown of long, both species on the Royal Park Royal traditional peony Famous as well as famous Luoyang peony, Heze Peony. Among them, Kao, "Huang Yao," after the flowers, "Wei Chi," Black Peony "Blue Dragon lying Mexico pool," Green Peony "green beans," White Peony "white-board" is rare and rare, Chaziyanhong, ancient The Jingshan Park outside the scoring Jiaorao dress.

  Every summer, the South Gate Plaza, Yun-ching of the scenic spots, flickering red lotus, Hexiang filled the air, ponds Chaziyanhong with the string of red, Phlox, Verbena, Fengxian, capillaries, spent Xiangyingchengqu Xiaoli, an integral whole , Qing Yi quiet show of Cultural Relics.

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Beijing Clock Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the Dongcheng District in the street outside the security. Mannings for the former site of the Yuan Dynasty Temple Center Court. Wing-lok next 18 years (in 1420) to build, after a fire destroyed the Qing Emperor Qianlong of the Decade (1745) reconstruction. It was constructed on the tall brick city on the stage, the green ash Tongwa Xieshan Ding cutting edge, surrounded by open door tickets, about 33 meters high, all the masonry structure, fine Solid. The original building are hanging between the Yongle (1403-1424) of the large cast iron bell, hanging there after the title Yongle 27 cm thick section of a bronze bell. Dazhong Si iron bell keep this ancient bell museum. 10 minutes, the second floor of the drum at the northern end of Beijing's central axis, in the south and Jingshan echoed each other by King, is to study the regulation Beijing city The physical layout of the key. Traffic: 5,60,107,124,734,815,819 up.

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Deshengmen Jianlou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beiyuan is located on the west side of Beijing, Beijing is a city with one of the Shing Mun 9. Deshengmen with Weng Cheng Jian Lou together constitute a military fortress to protect the Shing Mun, was founded in 2002 Mingzheng Tong (1437). Since then, all the ages of the Shing Mun Jian Lou and maintenance. State funding the renovation in 1951. 1980 once again into Full repair. In 1982 the establishment of the Brunei capital, and opening to the outside world. Weng Cheng in 1992 to restore the Zhenwu Miao. Jian Lou is on hold long history of the ancient coin show. Transport: Bus 5,27,44,315,344,345,380 way ticket: 4 yuan

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