Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dragon Xiaotangshan Hot Spring Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon Xiaotangshan Hot Spring Resort is located 26 km north of Andingmen, in order to be famous ancient hot springs, and the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square in Beijing with the central axis. Dragon Palace is the Hot Springs Entertainment Asia's largest indoor hot spring pool, the construction area of 14,000 square meters, can accommodate 2,000 people. There are international standards Swimming pool, diving pool or more; and 800 square meters of a leisure pool and 80 VIP room; sunshine bars, fast-food restaurant, billiards, table tennis room, disco, KTV rooms; there are high-temperature bath, a total of 9 health bath ; Men and women in the room of a medical spa with sauna, steam bath, bath, and other medical acupuncture Kin, 2, as well as health-care massage room. Resort has built 39 luxury villas, gardens like the Ming Dynasty, Beijing is the only indoor hot spring pool and the largest private garden and a beautiful environment surrounding the villa. Each villa can accommodate 20-30 people, set up an independent indoor hot spring swimming pools, karaoke O Hall, Chess Room, a small gym and conference rooms, is the best choice for holiday travel. Longquan Court is set meals, conferences, entertainment and business center into a multi-service centers, which can accommodate 300 people dining. Fishing center, race track, shooting range, mini-golf course and tennis courts, and other outdoor sports live Venue for leisure fitness friends from all walks of life. Traffic: Lishui Qiao Tai north around the island on the north side of Willow Road to the West that is. Xiaotangshan 912,984 to get off that.

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