Sunday, February 8, 2009

Street Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There is a city southwest of Beijing Hui nationality living in the streets, by the name of Street. Street Mosque built on the east side of the middle of the street, Beijing City is the largest and oldest mosque. Street Mosque was built in 996 AD, the temple construction using traditional Chinese wooden structure, but its overall layout and small Decoration still keep the Islamic architectural features. By Simen, Moon House, House of worship, the House bunker, and Beiting shower room, etc., not large area, but the compact layout, the structure of the temple full of changes, China and the United States decorated with Buddhist temples, there are some other style. In accordance with Islamic rules, the Worship, places of worship in the West have to face Mecca, which sit Simen East west, the temple also to the west of respect for. Owing to the "Koran" to prohibit the image of animals used for decoration, the construction of the decorative patterns are Arab text and geometric patterns. Transport: Road 109,822 Street station ticket: 2 yuan Tel: 63532564 opening hours :8:00-16: 00

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