Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yin Hudong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yin Hudong 70 km away from Beijing, a large group of cave, discovered in the world as a result of a rare cave in the shape of a large white fox named after calcite crystals. Travel here for the wedding day of the annual April-May 9-Oct. Yin Hudong holes over 5000 meters long, has now developed nearly 3,000 meters. One Dong, dong branch, the water tunnel, criss-crossing dry hole. Yin Hudong have two characteristics: First, North China's largest group of karst caves, holes can be seen everywhere at home and abroad in caves rare chrysanthemum stone, crystal flower, pearl stone, stone landscape, such as grapes, and dozens of other wonders of the Mass Transit Department. Wow most of that is nearly two meters long, like Fox Oxytropis Large calcite crystals, the visible body covered with white plush acupuncture, ice and snow like jade carving, cave in the world for the first time found that most Chinese treasures. Second, in the bottom Yinhu Dong, an in-depth 106 meters on the ground floor of the North China the only underground river. Clear the river bottom, identified as state-level high-quality natural mineral water Water flow through the magnetite magnetic bed for natural water, with obvious anti-inflammatory cells to enhance the vitality and sterilization of biological activity of the functions of a wide range of diseases with the magic of the role of health care. Yin Hudong 2 kilometers away from the Black Dragon Kwan water park, the scenic river dam the river, beaches, jungles, natural component of the leisure cottage music . Visitors can boating, swimming, fishing, and so on. Dining here, the snack bar can be found everywhere, the taste characteristics of wild food. Accommodation, the rest to the farmers can really understand what's simple and hard-working mountain people. Admission: 40 yuan (15 yuan tickets, tickets are 25 yuan) Transportation: 326-orchard , 917 road bridges have a train terminus.

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