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Mingsha Shan, Crescent Moon Spring - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mingsha Shan - Crescent Lake scenic area, located in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, 5 km south of the city. In the past the "coexistence spring, sand water symbiosis," said the wonderful landscape of the world, known as "absolutely one of the scenery beyond the Great Wall" in 1994 was designated as national key scenic spots.

  Mingsha Shan, Crescent Moon Spring and the high-Mo Art into the landscape is Songnam Dunhuang myself, "must b" and a longing for the people of China and the world tourist destination.

Mingsha Shan, as a result of moving sand are named after the sound. Gu Cheng, "Sha Shan", "Dune God." Hill has accumulated sand from east to west about 40 km south 20 km wide, the maximum altitude of 1715 meters. Sand Hill ridge of its back-to-back, where they are needed most, such as Feng, Qiu From a distance, fell into the long winding down, You Si in the sea waves coming down, is spectacular. Sand pink, yellow, green, white and black colors do not flash James Yi-Chen Ching-ying. In case of vibration friction, hopes it will sound, if light silk , Such as heavy thunder. Therefore, "Ling Qing Ming" as dunhuang "Eight".


Crescent Moon Spring is surrounded by Mingsha Shan, its crescent-shaped like Yi Wan named after. Gu Cheng, "manhole", also known as "drug-chuen," was circulating around town, "Ottawa pool depression," rectifying the name of the Qing Dynasty, "Crescent Moon Spring." Area of 0.8 Ha, with an average water depth of about 3 meters, Ganlie water, clear as a mirror. Dune thousands of years without being buried Stephen ring, located in the arid desert and not muddy spring water does not dry up, real rare. Stephen stars in grass containing Mans, Gulang iron fish, scenery Xiangyingchengqu Shui-Guang, the scenery is very beautiful.

  Crescent Moon Spring is about 300 meters, About 50 meters and was surrounded by around Mingsha Shan, Topol Quanbian arch, Stephen leisurely fish in water, spring water Light blue, clear, mellow, sweet taste, similar to the surface as a result of Yi Wan named after the crescent. Crescent Moon Spring, the dream of fans. For thousands of years for the non-submerged and around the quicksand, not because of drought and the depletion of the world can be sand The first-chuen, wow amazing.

Mingsha Shan, Crescent Moon Spring is the Gobi desert in a pair of twin sisters, "Shan-ming to Ling and therefore, water and spirit to show benefit." Visitors to this, whether a bird's eye view from the top, or to walk through Quanbian will Shen Chi Wai, Xiasi million, there are "Mingsha Shan Yue, Crescent Moon Spring cleaning "Feeling.

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Hashihaer international hunting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

1988 by the People's Government of Gansu Province approved the establishment, located in the southeastern Subei County, 280 kilometers from the county seat, with a total planning area of 8292 square kilometers, of which the core area of 500 square kilometers. Hunting above sea level on average 3500 ? ? 4000 meters, the average annual temperature of 6.5 � C, Desert hills and cold areas, for hunting animals, mammals, five heads of as many as 27 kinds of Section 12, argali, blue sheep, oh Ling throat, white-lipped deer, wild camel, and so on. Hunting of animals can be distributed to the density of 0.45 /sq km. Hunting to be on his way to visit the temple of the five caves, the party's city ruins, black trench rock salt Bay, and other hot spots.

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Subei People's Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Subei People's Park was built in 1987, Subei People's Park covers an area 28.8 hectares, the People's Park subei A state-level scenic spots, subei the people of lush tree-lined park, fresh air and pleasant weather, the people of subei Park is a tourist, tourism, summer, entertainment, leisure, sports a good place Into the unique decoration, a national door charm, is surrounded by an elliptical-shaped flowers backed the artificial fountain, Stephen stands in a rockery, gurgling water, the mountains of stone 2 expression of different deer statue, waiting to greet the guests from afar ; To jet around the water, in the sun after the rain like a Hong, has embraced the blue skies and green water.

Bypass the fountain is a promenade level, on both sides of the flowers, go weeping willow, the depths of the gallery colorful flower bed, for fight Qi Yan, an arch dressed in national costume, the small arms of the Mongolian goat girls statue, Jie Hada to welcome visitors from afar.

Promenade on the left side of 8000 square meters of entertainment platform, an array Zuozuo white yurts, catering for tourists, leisure, entertainment, to experience the Mongolian folk customs. There are arid regions in northwest China zoo of rare wild animals and breeding center Keeping the state primary and secondary rare animals ass, red sheep, lynx, snow leopard, and other 21, only 60 long.

Promenade on the south side of a rockery is next to the lake, the clear bottom. By boat across the South Bank, on the way Lama Miao can watch, listen to the chanting followers. On the right side of the promenade is a natural forest, Lin Located at the national level a wildlife museum, displaying a wild camels, wild donkey, wild yak, ibex, argali, and other rare wildlife specimens.

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Bay Bridge Old City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bay Bridge, Old City is located 88 km east Anxi, the National Highway on the south side of Highway 312. Even here East Jiayuguan in the west of Dunhuang International Tourism City, the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty from the East and West, from across the north of the city. City Gallery was rectangular, 320 meters east, 122 meters north-south, the Loess version of the building, the wall to preserve a more complete, high residual 5-8 , The two north-south, yet both stack and the tower remains of the wall, the city has 1.40 Kok pier, the city's Road East and West have the housing and construction of the temple ruins, west, south, etc. are housing construction sites. Kangxi Bay Bridge Night's Dream City, cutting off corrupt officials angry at his son's Chen Jin-shan legend, the famous Old City.

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The Eastern Jin Dynasty murals - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan city of Gansu Province is located 42 km northwest of the Gobi Desert Office, where there is a sixteen countries in the Wei and Jin (220-420 years) during the great Graves. The Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420 years) tomb murals at the southern end of the Tombs of the Tao Chuang. Since the age of 70 is the only begun to tap, so it would not be familiar with the outside world. Wall Jude Biao Tomb of 12 meters, 2 meters high residual Feng Tu, 33 meters long ago, and 1.42 meters wide slopes through Mudao tomb, the tomb with the whole stack brick-built, two rooms before and after hours, the former chamber and the walls covered with color at the top of the screen , Only after the room in the posterior wall painting facilities. As the dry climate here, the basic well-preserved wall paintings, found in the Cimu Hexi Corridor is the first time the Eastern Jin Dynasty tomb murals. One of the myths and the people depicted so vividly in the portrait of life and work, in particular the adoption of the Sandinista murals, it is eye-catching. The tomb of the existing work as early as the Dunhuang frescoes.

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Jiuquan ancient tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The renowned Chinese and foreign Jiuquan gate Ding Wei and Jin tomb murals, painted in the Tang Dynasty Xigou Moyin brick tomb paintings are located in rural orchards Ding Village Gate and the second group of six West Village. Ding Bang Bo in his tomb murals gate of the momentum, dashing brush strokes Lik Lin outlined the East serene nobility, love the Queen Mother of the West, Teng drive to the fog Pegasus, the long Yannian White Deer The graceful flowing feathers, together with the owner of a large map Yanju fling, and that the Chuilatanchang Leji concentrate attentively look, as if to enable visitors to hear the melodious tune of the millennium. Rest for the time being, let us return as a tomb, Xigou Moyin brick tomb of the Tang Dynasty style fascinated even more, it's absolutely sophisticated signs, power and prestige shiver with fear Knights of the guards of honor, Chuixiao shells of Phyllostachys Leji, the Hantaikeju Zhu Chu, the face of fierce defender, and a lotus flower shop where the pieces of brick, in the full mosaic of two rooms before and after the fight took top with gorgeous palace. A rough count, before and after only two indoor processed more than 1,400 pieces of bricks there. Since 1990, the national City and provincial departments of culture and support the efforts of the Jiuquan Museum, a few hundred thousand dollars to invest in the gate Ding, Xigou build a visitors reception room, office facilities, and so on, each year from May 1 to October 15, scenic areas There are professionals involved in on the reception to welcome friends from all sectors of the community tourism.

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Yanchi Bay Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanchi Bay Nature Reserve is located 02 minutes east longitude 96 degrees -97 degrees 17 minutes north latitude and 38 degrees 13 minutes -39 degrees 06 minutes, subei Mongolian Autonomous County of south-east. High-lying territory, more than 4000m above sea level in general, the minimum for the 3300m, up to 5566m (Shule Nanshan); West Hill's Department of several parallel mountain ranges running through the whole territory of snow; mountains, valleys and white, flat open valley area. Yanchi Bay Nature Reserve to protect white-lipped deer and other hoofed mainly plateau has an area of 424800ha. It is the Qilian Mountains to the main white-lipped deer distribution, habitat, breeding areas For the white-lipped deer in the northern sector of the distribution of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The zone is also a wild yak, wild donkey, Tibetan Gazelle and other hoofed the original focus of the distribution area. Protected areas with a typical plateau nature of the natural landscape in cold desert mountains, the alpine meadow grassland as the main body, is representative of the Qilian Mountains to the West and cold mountainous nature of the complex.

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Dry Lake Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yumen City of Gansu Province is located 70 km north-west zone, longitude 98 degrees 00 minutes -98 degrees 01 minutes north latitude and 40 degrees 20 minutes -40 degrees 21 minutes, covering an area of 4.33 square kilometers. Dry Lake (Lake) is located between Red Hill and Ma Zongshan vast Gobi desert frontier, is a natural lake water, salt water is . 1204 meters above sea level, Lake shrubs more weeks, the waters around the center and a small mud covered with reeds on the island, rich in aquatic life, habitat for birds, and multiply. In the waters around 2,000 hectares of fixed sand dunes and wind erosion mound. To the mild climate, drought, average annual precipitation is only 68 mm. The main protection against For migratory birds and their habitats. There are more than 10 species of mammals, 32 kinds of birds, 12 countries are there to protect the Mongolian Gazelle, geese and throat Ling goshawk, grassland birds, swans, Little Swan, the common kestrel, and so on.

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Jiuquan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan Park, also known as Stephen Lake Park, located in Jiuquan City, 2 km east, as a result of the garden there is named after Jiuquan, has been more than two thousand years of history, is set to a classical gardens, the lake of natural and cultural recreation, fun and entertainment in one Comprehensive park.

  Jiuquan, as a result of legend in the Stephen King, so also known as "Gimcheon." History Emperor Yuanshou 2002 (AD 121), riding a white horse, General Huo Qubing Hun Western Expedition, this victory, the Emperor Yu Jiu thanks to reward, to Huoqu Bing Gong in the armed forces, less liquor and more people, then Stephen dump in the wine, and the officers and men of Gongyin, it is "Jiuquan" in the name.

  Imaizumi in Utah, landscape architecture, has decorated archway Fluffy, well-preserved. Park of the Qing Dynasty, "Jiuquan sites of the Western Han Dynasty" and "Ancient Chinese Jiuquan County," Stone, and General Tso hand-written "The Good Earth Daigo" horizontal inscribed board, Jiuquan become a tourist trip and must visit. Jiuquan bell in the Drum Tower stands in the city of Jiuquan Cross Street, a brick pier on the high. For the three-tier structure of the wooden floor of the tower, Liang Dong paintings, antique, magnificent. Gulou under 4 to Dongnanxibei, pedestrians will be allowed through. Doors were title, "The North-Desert" (Badain Jaran Desert), "South Qilian hope," "East Hua Yue Ying", "Yiwu west" (Hamid), appropriate to indicate the geographical location and Jiuquan Italian transport .

  Ice-free winter, spring, summer, cool and delicious, suitable for drinking. Sunrise, about 30,000 cubic meters of water over spring water to infiltrate into a small lake to the north. Quanbian bypass along in the song by going inside, a rockery around the block a clean out of the lake as a mirror. A tall stone arch bridge, the lake into two. There lake Quqiao, rockeries, and other scenery. In the winter, the lake ice, where they became very good skating rink. Park on the west side of the zoo, there are a variety of birds, deer, bear, monkey, and so on, and in the middle of the Gansu panda, golden monkey, wild camel, yak and so on for visitors to watch.

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Bay City bridge site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anxi located 80 km east of the Gansu-Xinjiang highway, 320 meters from east to west and 122 meters wide north-south, residual 5-8 meters high, 1.40 horned pier, the city housing construction sites. Shule said Tianshengqiao on the original bridge, busy here as a natural river bend and called Bay Bridge. Kang Xi had a dream to come to a Oasis could see continuous, clear water, the river there are two giant trees and branches flying the shining crown, jade belt, for the real world in Wonderland. Kangxi life that people try to locate smth, found the Bay Bridge, to raise craftsmen, large-scale construction. Is expected to be a minister in charge of corrupt officials, the deduction of silver. Kangxi was furious, and publicly beheaded, made of Li Shi's Pigu people, there's such a big Tang Wan, only a small rice-like size, color and a little cinnamon fouling. If you lightly tap on the people to hear Pi Bobo, heavy drum, suspended Yongning Temple. Bay Bridge City Museum there, on display in the Gobi Desert has a variety of specimens of wild animals and plants, antiques and Gan Shi, the There are rare treasures ivory replicas of the Buddha and Yulin Cave of cream 1:1 copying murals.

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Annan Dam Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Annan Dam Nature Reserve is located in Jiuquan Aksay Kazak Autonomous County in the western region, and Qinghai, Xinjiang border, belong to the Altun Mountain, Mu Tage desert to the south bank of the landlocked Central Asia, about 2000m above sea level in general, the highest Up to 2923m, temperate climate types of drought, lack of drought Is the geographical area of the main features of the environment. Annan Dam Nature Reserve area of 396,000 ?O.

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Jiuquan Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan City Museum is located in Jiuquan in the urban areas, 56 East Main Street, not far from Jiuquan Park on the west side, built in October 1979, is a heritage, the collection of research, publicity and education in one comprehensive museum. At present, the Library has 13 staff members, more than 6,000 pieces of cultural relics collection, is divided into the New Stone Age The Han, Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties and the Sui and Tang Dynasties period, and so on. Display "Jiuquan historical relics exhibition," "human Jiuquan topology of the exhibition", "Jiuquan exhibition of ancient agricultural development" of the three exhibitions.

  Jiuquan Museum was founded in 1978, is a collection of cultural relics, protection, research, advocacy, Education and other functions into one comprehensive museum. In 2004, the new museum is located in the western suburbs of Suzhou area seven kilometers, covers an area of 11,000 square meters, at a public reception area, the Central Hall, the historic hall, heritage and the Treasury of the five geographical constituencies, such as office space. Adjacent to the state-level protection unit D Gate 5, the tomb murals.

  Collection of a wide range of items 4138, contains pottery, stone, bronze, jade, gold, silver, stone, silk, the volume, calligraphy and painting, brick, brick, and other types of painting. 268 units in the field of heritage, of which the country a key cultural unit, the focus at the provincial level text Protection of 13 units. Suzhou museum to display relics of the long years of excellent opening to the outside world. The cultural relics on display prominent local features, reflects the sense of quality. Starting on prehistoric culture, down to the era of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, represents the full history of Suzhou, political, economic, science and technology, culture and the arts, agriculture and animal husbandry production, religious beliefs and living habits And so on, can be felt thousands of years of civilization history of the development of Suzhou.

  Of engaging in Jiuquan City in more than 260 ancient culture, ancient tombs, ancient architecture protection and management of the site investigation and research. Each year from May 1 to October 15, regardless of holidays to foreign tourists and opening up, On the provision of services.

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Jiuquan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan in northwestern Gansu Province, located in the city, the western end of the Hexi Corridor, according to the South Qilian Mountains, Inner Mongolia, north, east Lanzhou-west end of the Great Wall of Jiayuguan; high-lying south-west, north-east lower basin was tilted, 1340 ~ 2200 meters above sea level. The city has 17 large and small rivers, originated in the Qilian Mountains, the annual average Traffic 698,000,000 cubic meters, the average annual groundwater reserves of 852,000,000 cubic meters. The average annual temperature is 7.3 ?, the average annual precipitation 85 mm. Jiuquan city is an emerging new type of open cities, Jiuquan is also the region's political, economic and cultural center.

  Jiuquan since Emperor Kano 2002 (the year 121 BC), when they set up Jiuquan County, since 2100 has been years, was leading to Central Asia, West Asia, and Europe's transport hub, is the ancient "Silk Road" on the throat. There are many scenic spots and historical sites, there are well-known sites of the Western Han Dynasty - the ancient Jiuquan; on the ground floor gallery - murals of the Eastern Jin Dynasty; On behalf of the Building - Bell-Drum; "Xiao Xitian" - Monju Hill; and a vast area of the Han, Jin and Han Tombs, Tang, Yuan, Ming and the ancient city, and other historical sites and cultural relics. Tang Dynasty poet Wang Han made by the "grape wine Remanbar want to drink at once a reminder pipa, the battlefield Zuiwo-Mo laugh, a few people back to the ancient battle," the poem referred to Light Cup is from Jiuquan in the beginning of the Qilian Yu Sato from the Qilian Mountains, a large number of tourists come here especially, to see each other soon and to purchase, have been selling more than 40 countries and regions. Jiuquan city of Gansu Province is an important grain production bases and north to Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, to the west of the commercial center of agricultural and sideline products is also set , Is also opening up new tourist cities.

  Jiuquan "under the city-chuen," "If the water wine," so named. , Fell across the territory of mountains, vast deserts, adjacent to the basin, constitute a powerful unique scenery in the northwest. Silver-wrapped only adornment of the glacier snow as well as streams of blue plain oasis There's Gobi desert mirage. The unique scenery of scenic spots, is a desirable tourist's paradise.

  Since the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty, this is leading to the Central Plains to the Western Regions of Central Asia, Europe and the gateway to the throat, transportation has a long history of the famous Silk Road running through the whole territory. Jiuquan in the brilliant Culture, architecture is the most brilliant page in the stands proudly Han Feng Sui Great Wall, has also kept the same wall with the soil to become China's history of the building in line with local conditions using a model of technical measures. A beautiful city, the pursuit of modern and ancient art add radiance to each other.

  Jiuquan With boundless natural charm. And the vast Gobi Desert on each stone, Nengjiang Chu has a story. Immense black gravel, I do not know the scorching sun or the ancient battlefield of the war burned it emitted light of the ancient and charming. No-day birds, to no vegetation on the golden sand, soft flowing lines, Solidification of the mud waves, the flow of the sky. Apart from the fact Sanweishan, Mingsha Shan, the god of Crescent Moon Spring, the surprising beauty of modern glaciers is enough to make pleasant nostalgia. Here a crystal-like stones in the world, so that Feelings of the ancient Silk Road oasis to be linked, like a bunch of emerald hung in front of the Great Gobi magnanimous. Pass along the Qilian Mountains in the south by the formation of a higher number of alluvial fan, resulting in Novaya, Red Hill, the Buddhist temple, at Fung Lok, clean water, upgrade the Tuen Mun Oasis. Oasis for the flood plain and gravel beaches. To the east of the ancient sediment-arid desert wind erosion and residue Hill. The northern and central parts of the river and spring water for the river landscape interwoven Into an oasis, relatively flat surface. For the western edge of the Gobi Gravel. Shengongguifu nature, to create many win-shaped mountains and rivers, sight. Qilian Mountains in the south, range upon range of hills peaks again and again, thousands of miles Miangen, Heng Kong born, high-rise skyline; the northern part of Ma Zongshan, rocky, desert widespread; corridor in the central plain of each piece of oasis Fruit is a rural, each field is a 1 m granary. Such as the Bi-like blanket beautiful grassland, Gunma sheep and white clouds drift like white clouds in the sky after another. All this constitutes a beautiful picture.

  After the founding of the PRC, especially since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Party, Jiuquan City, people of all ethnic groups Holding reform, opening up and enliven the policy to carry out a large-scale economic construction and reform. Industrial development in the city adhere to the new expansion of both large and small projects simultaneously, combined with the connotation of the road extension, effectively increasing the potential for industrial development. At present, paper, printing, box system, asbestos products, production, construction Materials, textile, metal, arts and crafts, rubber, daily-use chemicals, machinery processing, food and drink, clothing and footwear, wood furniture, and other industrial sectors, nearly 200 kinds of products. Remanbar which, mixed with water gas producer, were Jiuquan liquor by the Ministry of Light Industry, Department of Commerce Award for quality products, 12 kinds of products won the province Title. Traffic in the city very convenient, Lan-Xin Railway, the Gansu-Xinjiang Highway, the road runs through the payment of wine throughout, leading to civil aviation flights around the country, local roads criss-crossing, extending in all directions, the opening of passenger and cargo village in the city up to 100%.

  The spring market economy, and ushered in the business of reform and opening up A good time, Li Xin City, New Century Commerce Building, New Asia, such as shopping centers built Nanyuan delivery, to further improve commercial facilities, Gansu west for the establishment of regional trade laid the foundation for the city.

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Qilian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The average in the Qilian Mountains 4,000 meters above sea level -5000 m, the landscape spectacular CMV.

The Qilian Mountains forest area, 157,000 hectares, more than 200 million cubic meters of forest resources, spruce, juniper, poplar trees and so on and whip Ma, black gill, Liu Shan, and other shrubs. Green is Province, one of the larger forest. The Qilian Mountains have a deer in the forests Setsurei; Xuelian, is made up of silkworm, Snow Mountain for the Qilian snow line, "Friends of the three Suihan."

  The Qilian Mountains have never quite clear four seasons, spring does not like spring, summer, unlike the summer. The so-called "Sabina Liuyuexue" is the natural landscape and climate in Qilian Mountains of writing .

  The Qilian Mountains forest area is even more fascinating scenery, the beginning of summer, the mountains in an endless ocean of green. The Qilian Mountains forest area, 157,000 hectares, more than 200 million cubic meters of forest resources. Qinghai Province is one of the larger forest. There are spruce, juniper Poplar trees, such as Ma and the whip, and stabbed, Liu Shan, and other shrubs. In addition, the Qilian Mountains Setsurei dense forest, much of wandering or running deer, or around the meantime, the Wild strong, beautiful ecology.

  Qilian Mountains in the Valley and low-lying land, an average of more than 3000 meters above sea level; and Qilian Lang Feng as a high peak in 4000-5000 m above. Lu snow on the ice all the way, Hanfengcigu. However, you have a dizzying can enjoy viewing the natural beauty. Each of the Qilian mountain was magnificent momentum appears to be, is called "Shi Zhengrong bones, birds Road site wrong." By snow and ice and rock Cemented strangely shaped, clear edges and corners of the ridge veins, like a giant with carved Fupi general. As a result of high mountain snow and the formation of broad-suk of glaciers, snow-capped mountains that is a must! Glacier melting is not long, as if the gods who go in the snow-capped mountains, were the white "hada." Thousands of them, lying in the snow-capped mountains Such as white tiger hide, such as Yin Yi coil; in the midday sun exposure, like a diamond cluster million issued by the radiance; in the rays of color dyeing, the glaciers have not describe the magnificent!

  Qilian Mountains in more than River, because this is a year-round coverage of the snow-capped mountains, endless glaciers; every time came to the warm, sunny Association Out of the top layer of snow and ice; coupled with the rain forest, the water-Pei, is not the source of many river.

Low-lying land along the river valley, into the wild is a piece of willow, poplar, and Congcongcucu the locust. They are only appears to be ancient, vigorous and distorted, so you get old without They estimated the ring. From their sparkling stream in the middle of the river Babao, the quality is not very harmonious. However, this does not hurt Babao River Daya.

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Xiongguan best in the world - Chinese tourism scenic spots

That is, Jiayuguan, the western end of the Great Wall, according to end-hung, Qiaolijiayu foot of hills. Towering grand, natural steep, magnificent, "even lock frontier Yin", the ancient Great Wall is an important line of defense for military fortress, Hexi the first pass, but also the ancient "Silk Road" on the necessary pass. Now the "first Xiongguan Tower and rebuild in 1372 (Wu Ming-hong years), the square was based, the East-West 2, 1.40 for the first city have a "turret", the South and the North have in the middle of a city wall, "Di Lou." Closely guarded, and sturdy magnificent. Montenegro Xuanbi the Great Wall north, the south pier best in the world, the two wings of the Gobi desert across the wall, and North and South Closely linked to the edge peaks, such as the giant standing Shenbi, majestic, the magnificent Yu Xuan. From the inner city, outer city, Cheng Hao line of defense into three overlapping and Shou-trend, the formation of a Wuli Sui, a ten pier, a Fort San Shili, a city of one hundred years of military defense system "in the first Xiongguan" within the main city , To the west side of the brick wall package, with Open two things, for the East, "Gwanghwamun", which means Zi Qi Dong, Guanghua shines; West "Rouyuan door", which means to Huairou and Zhi Yuan, Xichui stability. On the stage door has a three-Xieshan Ding-building. Weng Cheng-door thing each envelope, one outside the western city, and outside the city walls connected to the North and the South, "Pass" to the door , Built on the floor of Jiayuguan.

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Jiayuguan glider base - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiayuguan City is located 12 km north-east of the Department of Civil Aviation Base, is one of the world gliding of the three bases. France in 1980 through the first meteorological satellite found that the rising air currents Jiayuguan, the National Education Committee organized, Jiayuguan in the establishment of a unique natural conditions are very favorable gliding base, at present, the base has been For gliding to a comprehensive aviation-based club a year will be held here in July of the international activities of the gliding section. Jiayuguan glider base covers an area of 100 acres, 8 of the existing campaign plane, a glider 10, including the progress made No. 7, Yang Jin-day Tartu 2, a two-seater Romania 28; In addition Bees have an aircraft, 2 hot-air balloon and glider equipped with a slope, the slope umbrella, high-altitude flight oxygen equipment, gliding facilities. The base has a high level of professionalism flight team, to carry out multi-gliding tourism.

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"Xiongguan the world" monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Xiongguan the world," the monument, Jiayuguan in the west tower. Chia-ching of 14 years (1809), Suzhou Zong Bing Li Tingchen defense to Jiayuguan inspection, customs, see the magnificent potential, they wrote "the world Xiongguan" words later inscribed into the monument, an Jiayuguan Square in Dongguan Road left. And then moved to the Kansai 165.7 m Department. Ride south to north, the monument 3 meters high, 85 cm wide. "Xiongguan the world," words, words each 59 cm high, 45 cm wide. Right upper cut and his small print: "14 years Jiaqing Suzhou Zong Bing Li Tingchen the fourth book."

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Xuanbi Great Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiayuguan is located 8 kilometers north of the city customs clearance Stone Gap, on the north side of Montenegro's North Slope, about 14 km away from the urban areas, Jiayuguan is a military defense system. It was constructed on for 18 years before Ming Jiajing (1539), the original 1.5 km long, stone tablets for the folder walls, the Great Wall of the existing 750 meters, 231 meters of loess tamping Climbing wall at 150 meters high, the angle of inclination of 45 degrees on the ridge, like the air upside down, and thus named the "Great Wall Xuanbi." Shun top-wall rising, flat Rulvpingde Department, the Department, such as climbing steep cliffs. Tickets: 8 opening hours :08:30 - 20: 00 (summer and autumn ; 08:30 - 18: 00 (winter)

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Jiayuguan City, Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiayuguan in the urban areas in the south-west 6 km, is located in Jiayuguan in the central valley of the most narrow, the walls on both sides of the Chengguan across the Gobi Desert, north of the Great Wall Xuanbi Montenegro, the south pier best in the world, the Ming Dynasty Great Wall is the western end of the barrier, Ha Tay since ancient times for the first pass.

Guan City, five years before Ming Hongwu ( 372), as a result of Xianyao terrain, architecture and the majestic "Xiongguan best in the world", "even Suoyue frontier."

It consists of the inner city, outer city, Cheng Hao composed of three lines of defense and overlapping Shou trend, the formation of a Wuli Sui, a ten pier, a Fort San Shili, a city of one hundred years of military defense system. Now Guan City, mainly within the city, 640 meters perimeter, with an area of 25,000 square meters, 10.7 meters high city, with loess from Ben Zhu, to the west side of the brick wall package, majestic solid. There are two things in the city, East as "Gwanghwamun", which means Zi Qi Dong, Guanghua shines; West "Rouyuan door", which means to Huairou and Zhi Yuan, an Xichui.

Two each in front of a building envelope Weng Cheng, in Jiayuguan city wall also has Jian Lou, Di Lou, turret, attic, floor, a total of 14 gates. Jiayuguan City customs clearance many of the Great Wall is in town to preserve one of the most complete.

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Jiayuguan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, located in the north-west, central Hexi Corridor, west to the east city of Jiuquan City, 776 kilometers from Lanzhou, the capital; even the oil city of Yumen City West, 650 kilometers from Xinjiang Hami; South snow upon the Qilian Mountains and Nationality Sunan Autonomous County, which borders, and more than 300 kilometers away from the Qinghai; pillow color, such as North Copper Montenegro, with the urn Jiuquan Prefecture, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base in Inner Mongolia and connected to Ejin flag, as in the central western border of Jiuquan oasis. Center for east longitude 98 � 17 ', latitude 39 � 47'. 1412-2722 meters above sea level in the city, located in an oasis above sea level 1450-170 M, 1462 m above sea level city. The territory of flat terrain, land types. In the central and western cities for more than Gobi, is the location of urban and industrial enterprises; south-east, north-east for the Oasis, agricultural areas, desert oasis with the landscape was divided into points, block, strip of the total land area of 1.9 .

  Jiayuguan City, is the starting point for the western end of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall - named after the Jiayuguan city, a thousand miles south of the Qilian Mountains have Miangen Xuefeng, the north is the first Dragon Hill and Ma Zongshan, due to its special geographical location, since the Qin and Han dynasties Dynasty troops are stationed here. "The world Xiongguan a "clearance Jiayuguan City, towering castles, majestic spectacle, with miles of remote," Kwan best in the world, "echoed Shanhaiguan, who move the world. Jiayuguan is the ancient Silk Road on the important points, leaving many precious monuments and Heritage: Guzhuo rough stone portrait of Montenegro, reflecting the Wei, Jin, when working people Production activities of the Wei, Jin, Metro mural painting brick tomb, as well as China's first comprehensive, systematic display of the Great Wall of thematic museums - the Museum of the Great Wall and so on.

  The ancient Silk Road culture, glaciers and snow together form the vast Gobi local rich tourism resources. Jiayuguan City in the Ming-hong Five years (Year 1372), 600 years ago. The construction of Jiayuguan, spent a great deal of manpower and material resources, then perform a set Chengzhuan, Ice Road stone, brick pack goats, Shi Yan-Ming hit a touching story, and so on.

  Jiayuguan is the ancient "Silk Road" traffic hub, is also out The starting point for the western end of the Great Wall. Here, more than 2000 years ago to open up the economic and cultural exchanges between China and the West's "Silk Road" and the history of military conquests, "the ancient battlefield," Feng Sui faintly visible. This is the Silk Road Chinese culture and the cultural crossroads of the Great Wall, known as "city of Ha Tay," Suoyue border. " Jiayuguan is the world-famous "Xiongguan best in the world" - named after the Jiayuguan City tourism industry. He is due to the Northwest's largest iron and steel enterprise - Jiuquan Iron and Steel (Group) Company is located, it is also known as the "steel city Gobi", and therefore is known Chinese and foreign. After more than four decades of construction , Especially since the reform and opening up, economic construction of Jiayuguan City has made the development has been basically formed in the lead for the metallurgical industry, tourism and trade as a pillar of suburban agriculture featuring the pattern of economic development.

  Xiongguan light sculpture of the total 39 meters high, the Department of stainless steel materials Cheng, the moral of Jiayuguan City will rely on Jiuquan Steel Company, in the reform and opening up new forms, prosperity and rapid development, and based on the Hexi Corridor, to show the beauty of Xiongguan become the western city of Pearl. The lower part of the symbolic sculpture gem Jiayuguan City, rich in natural resources and urban development of the power lies; part of the column Xiong Guan Gate, the sun and backed by the snow-capped mountains, colorful glory, and indicates a bright future of the city; base of the sculpture "ten" Great Wall font support, in the middle of things battlements by the Wei and Jin tomb of the "agricultural map" and "inspection tours Map "relief, a symbol of civilization Road Hexi Corridor on the city's tourism industry a new bright tomorrow More a symbol of the new historical period, Xiongguan sons and daughters work together to create a steel city Xiongguan glory.

  Jiayuguan is located in the ancient "Silk Road" of the transport hub of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall is the starting point at the western end. Here in the Great Silk Road culture and cultural integration, add radiance to each other, known as "Ha Tay Town, "" Suoyao frontier "of rich tourist resources.

  There are magnificent in the Han Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, Jiayuguan City, Kwan, the first pier of the Great Wall, Xuanbi heart of the Great Wall, as well as to show the social life of ancient nomadic rock Montenegro, the state's key protection unit Jin cemetery under the gallery, and so on human monuments; Asia have recently from the city of Qilian snow and glaciers on July 1, Han Hai mirage floor, and other unique scenery of the western region, there is extensive and profound Chinese first "Great Wall Museum" and hailed as the world's three major Glider base, one of the glider base Jiayuguan international and national-level customs AAAA City Of tourism; Northwest has discussed tourism and customs, r. Grand Canyon adventure, desert exploration, adventure Mo Guicheng flowers such as the western style adventure tourist destination; there is a round stem Hill, Caohu Metro, and other leisure good place; In addition There are stone Gorge, Lake and so on is developing a number of tourism resources, the formation of a Jiayuguan City for the clearance of the four leading resources (wind resources in the air, mountain glaciers resources, land resources and resources on the ground floor), the eight spots (Kwan Jiayuguan City, Jiayuguan international gliding base, the first pier of the Great Wall, Great Wall Xuanbi, shallow stone rock Montenegro , The Great Wall Museum, the cemetery under the Wei, Jin Gallery, 71 glaciers) For the development of tourism resources and has laid a foundation for.

  Local production of tourism products are: Remanbar, birds with wind and rain, camel hair painting, carving Qilian Yu, Jia Yu Inkstone, artifacts and replicas to reflect the times in the Wei and Jin Muzhuan the human landscape painting, and so on.

  New century, Valley City party committee and government related to the people of the city issued a call to firmly establish the idea of development is the absolute principle, to establish big industries, tourism, the largest market in the sense of developing the western region to grasp the historical opportunity to make full use of various favorable conditions and , To "strengthen the tourism infrastructure construction and development of scenic spots, Yang-quality tourism products and attractions line, the implementation of all the people run the whole tourism, "the three major tourism development strategy, strive to Jiayuguan City Star as an international tourist city.

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Jiedexiuzhen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qushui from the bridge walk 36 kilometers to the east, or the eastbound Gongga Airport less than 10 km, to Gonggar county seat of the Guichon. Gonggar Airport is located in the rural county a bamboo forest in the territory. Gonggar County area of 2288 square kilometers with a total population of nearly 44,000. Gong, above the upper part of the meaning; Ga, which means white. This County has two of the most famous place, one of Tibetan Buddhism Nyingma Ming Si - Duo Jizha Temple, Tibet and the other is the most famous "Code of the State of the Township" - German sister show. Duo Jizha Temple in the former Tibetan Nyingma Temple and the main road games, has a long history in 1717 by the Mongolian Ministry of Junggar destroyed, reconstruction in 1718 Hong Chuan Monastery monks to "possession of the North," the main transmission and the "three-Seoul" books. Main incarnation of Temple inherited. Monastery is located in Jiangbei, Chang-Yong Guo rural territory in the mountains and inaccessible. De sister show in the town of Gonggar county, 16 km to the east, to Zetang at the side of the road. In the Tibetan language, the "Jade" is intended to articulate Ling "Show" that is below the lower part of the position of the word. Convenient traffic, beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, national handicraft products of the state Code of the main origin, "the state Code of town" reputation. Code states that Tibet Tibetan women of color waist Wai Wei Yao, very beautiful, very popular Tibetan women, but also tour Fans of the hot item. In Tibet, weaving Code states have been more than 500-year history, the middle sister and Germany Show Code states brilliant, enduring, washing wear, long enjoyed a good reputation, the majority of the people of this city craft. De sister show to be approved by the General scouring aprons, hair drying, carding, twisting (as for the small twist, twist rough Wei), weaving looms on the plans, coloring, dye paste, rubbing, faded wash, drying processes, and so on from. Color pattern and diverse types of products for girls, older women and in normal times, different holiday needs. Also diverse. Not only in the Tibetan areas for the popular, but also exported to Nepal, India, Bhutan, as well as Western Europe . De sister show in the town built a state Code of plants, can produce more than 20 varieties.

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Chu Teh Qiaga Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chu Teh Qiaga Temple is located in County Down on Mulberry township government in the west foot of the mountains in the south bank of the Brahmaputra, for the site were just standing alone, with a total area of 2000 square meters. Was built in the late 16th century, the Gelug Sect is a temple. Temple Church as a gateway to the wall-chi said: AC adapter Tibetan calendar year (Year 1577), Dalai Lama Southern California measures to Qinghai and span up to Khan during a meeting here pass by, and authorized in the Egyptian wing (down this township) the establishment of the Gelug Sect gym, the king of La Jiali Monastery provides for the establishment of funding. Zhudian are well-preserved, the Tibetan Buddhist carvings and statues known Gudiao; Songtsan Gambo and description of the history of the series of frescoes on the life monks, as well as the ten Ocean murals, frescoes law of God is very beautiful. Qu Qiaga in Germany near the Temple of the Palestinian village of Lang, also a long history of the sites - but the Palestinian Lang, Culture and Sport. Pakistan Lang, Culture and Sport has Tubo period for the existing built by one of the Church, an area of 280 square meters, still in possession of many of the Tubo period of hand-written books by Cheng and Percutaneous

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