Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jiayuguan City, Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiayuguan in the urban areas in the south-west 6 km, is located in Jiayuguan in the central valley of the most narrow, the walls on both sides of the Chengguan across the Gobi Desert, north of the Great Wall Xuanbi Montenegro, the south pier best in the world, the Ming Dynasty Great Wall is the western end of the barrier, Ha Tay since ancient times for the first pass.

Guan City, five years before Ming Hongwu ( 372), as a result of Xianyao terrain, architecture and the majestic "Xiongguan best in the world", "even Suoyue frontier."

It consists of the inner city, outer city, Cheng Hao composed of three lines of defense and overlapping Shou trend, the formation of a Wuli Sui, a ten pier, a Fort San Shili, a city of one hundred years of military defense system. Now Guan City, mainly within the city, 640 meters perimeter, with an area of 25,000 square meters, 10.7 meters high city, with loess from Ben Zhu, to the west side of the brick wall package, majestic solid. There are two things in the city, East as "Gwanghwamun", which means Zi Qi Dong, Guanghua shines; West "Rouyuan door", which means to Huairou and Zhi Yuan, an Xichui.

Two each in front of a building envelope Weng Cheng, in Jiayuguan city wall also has Jian Lou, Di Lou, turret, attic, floor, a total of 14 gates. Jiayuguan City customs clearance many of the Great Wall is in town to preserve one of the most complete.

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