Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yanchi Bay Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanchi Bay Nature Reserve is located 02 minutes east longitude 96 degrees -97 degrees 17 minutes north latitude and 38 degrees 13 minutes -39 degrees 06 minutes, subei Mongolian Autonomous County of south-east. High-lying territory, more than 4000m above sea level in general, the minimum for the 3300m, up to 5566m (Shule Nanshan); West Hill's Department of several parallel mountain ranges running through the whole territory of snow; mountains, valleys and white, flat open valley area. Yanchi Bay Nature Reserve to protect white-lipped deer and other hoofed mainly plateau has an area of 424800ha. It is the Qilian Mountains to the main white-lipped deer distribution, habitat, breeding areas For the white-lipped deer in the northern sector of the distribution of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The zone is also a wild yak, wild donkey, Tibetan Gazelle and other hoofed the original focus of the distribution area. Protected areas with a typical plateau nature of the natural landscape in cold desert mountains, the alpine meadow grassland as the main body, is representative of the Qilian Mountains to the West and cold mountainous nature of the complex.

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