Thursday, January 1, 2009

Xuanbi Great Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiayuguan is located 8 kilometers north of the city customs clearance Stone Gap, on the north side of Montenegro's North Slope, about 14 km away from the urban areas, Jiayuguan is a military defense system. It was constructed on for 18 years before Ming Jiajing (1539), the original 1.5 km long, stone tablets for the folder walls, the Great Wall of the existing 750 meters, 231 meters of loess tamping Climbing wall at 150 meters high, the angle of inclination of 45 degrees on the ridge, like the air upside down, and thus named the "Great Wall Xuanbi." Shun top-wall rising, flat Rulvpingde Department, the Department, such as climbing steep cliffs. Tickets: 8 opening hours :08:30 - 20: 00 (summer and autumn ; 08:30 - 18: 00 (winter)

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