Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dry Lake Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yumen City of Gansu Province is located 70 km north-west zone, longitude 98 degrees 00 minutes -98 degrees 01 minutes north latitude and 40 degrees 20 minutes -40 degrees 21 minutes, covering an area of 4.33 square kilometers. Dry Lake (Lake) is located between Red Hill and Ma Zongshan vast Gobi desert frontier, is a natural lake water, salt water is . 1204 meters above sea level, Lake shrubs more weeks, the waters around the center and a small mud covered with reeds on the island, rich in aquatic life, habitat for birds, and multiply. In the waters around 2,000 hectares of fixed sand dunes and wind erosion mound. To the mild climate, drought, average annual precipitation is only 68 mm. The main protection against For migratory birds and their habitats. There are more than 10 species of mammals, 32 kinds of birds, 12 countries are there to protect the Mongolian Gazelle, geese and throat Ling goshawk, grassland birds, swans, Little Swan, the common kestrel, and so on.

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